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  1. How does this work siberian husky question?
  2. Samoyed's fur not growing back after shaving?
  3. How to get my spoiled Chihuahua to jump on her own?
  4. What is a good name for a white boxer with a brown patch on his eye?
  5. How will an abused siberian husky act?
  6. What is your opinion on jack russell/beagle mixes?
  7. How do I get my 7 months old shiba inu to stop peeing everywhere?
  8. Teens: Later on in life would you ever consider owning a Great Dane?
  9. Cairn terrier with potty problems!?
  10. How much dog food do I feed my 10 lbs. Cairn Terrier?
  11. What is some good info about Boxer dogs and puppies?
  12. My Shiba Inu Puppy barked, growled, bit, and tried to fight an older Rottie.?
  13. Is it okay to feed my shih tzu chicken breast with rice and veggies
  14. Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Bloodhound or any other suggestions?
  15. How to tell age of Shiba Inu that we rescued?
  16. How many dalmatians were used in making 101 Dalmatians?
  17. What is the best name for a border collie yellow lab mix girl puppy?
  18. Would a pug be a good breed of dog for me?
  19. Info about the Chow chow....?
  20. I have a Pomeranian and Cavelier mix and he barks all the time how do I control it?
  21. My schnauzer just ate a chocolate cupcake, what do i do!?
  22. my boston terrier leaves stains where he sits?
  23. question about samoyed dogs?
  24. where can you find cavalier king charles spaniel puppies in new england?
  25. What are the odds of me becoming a proffesional boxer?
  26. female german shepherd in heat & fighting with our other dog?
  27. My beagle is making fun of my jack russel?
  28. What is Newfoundland and Labradors Environment like?
  29. Did anyone see the 1yr Shar Pei on the news?
  30. what do english cocker spaniels realy like to do?
  31. Shar Pei has darker head and legs?
  32. Why do some pekingese look like mops (their fur) and others don't?
  33. How can I persuade my mum to get me a chihuahua?
  34. Pomeranian or American Eskimo Dog?
  35. How long will my Lhasa Apso's fur take to grow back!?
  36. I might own a Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  37. How can i make my Pomeranian stop barking?
  38. Questions about afghan hounds?
  39. Is the Labrador Retriever good for blind people?
  40. Toy poodle uncontrollable chattering teeth?
  41. I need information about Bichon Frise Dogs Help?
  42. What Is A Good Toy For A Fox Terrier?
  43. Need help with my french bulldog puppy?
  44. What is wrong with my beagle?
  45. Lakeland Terrier question? Is she sick?
  46. What is it like living with a West Highland White Terrier?
  47. I have a labrador retriever thats not interested at playing fetch. Can I train him?
  48. We have a timid 7 month golden retriever that will not use the dog door...
  49. How much should I feed our Golden Retriever?
  50. I have a Bichon Frise and in the past couple of months he has been attacked by
  51. So for the past 3 nights my 1 yr basenji/Jack russel mix has been whinning in her
  52. Black or White french bulldog?
  53. Is this dog a doberman pincher puppy or manchester terrier? please help?
  54. where can i find a poodle skirt online?
  55. Can a Dalmatian fish and a Sunset fish live together?
  56. Can a female beagle have a male labs puppies?
  57. does anyone know of any good game sites that get past saint bernard firewall?
  58. Would a Siberian Husky be a a good dog for me?
  59. Question Concerning Irish Setters?
  60. "How do you house train a 9 year old yorkshire terrier who goes to the loo
  61. Pekingese. The proper care of them. What do you think of them?
  62. Chow chow or German Shepherd?
  63. How do i stop a whippet from chasing a cat?
  64. Why are Weimaraner's harder to housebreak than other dogs?
  65. Training some aggressive out of Jack Russell Terrier?
  66. American Eskimo Ears?
  67. crazy pekingese...PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
  68. Are american eskimo-pomeranian mixes hypallergenic?
  69. Where can I find a Mini American Eskimo breeder website?
  70. Why does my rottweiler lose his balance and fall over?
  71. What should I know about Bloodhounds?
  72. How much food are you supposed to give a Boston Terrier puppy?
  73. How to train my doberman mastiff?
  74. Any suggestions on training shiba inu puppy, clicker training, good apartment dog?
  75. Please help me find a real working Line Irish Red Setter pup/breeder in North
  76. Is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi a good first dog?
  77. How far away is the Greyhound Station from Miami International airport?
  78. How does it feel to have kuvasz as pet?
  79. Would a American Eskimo be a good first dog? If you have any more suggestions?
  80. Six year old Mini Schnauzer has teeth falling out?
  81. I m looking for blue french bulldog to stud in UK!?
  82. How big do you think my puppy will get; he is a Saint Bernard German Shepard mix?
  83. HELP my guinea pug is eating the other guinea pigs hair is that normal HELP?
  84. Winder,Georgia! Belgian Tervuren?
  85. Good Names For A Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  86. Could deworming medicine make my great dane sick or clumsy?
  87. Will a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler be more loyal to me and not run off with
  88. now that garcon is back to the colts should i still start austin collie on my
  89. What is the best puppy food for an English Bulldog?
  90. 5 week old staffordshire bull terrier?
  91. how much do great dane puppies cost on average?
  92. Where was the downtown Greyhound station located in Los Angeles?
  93. English cocker spaniel?
  94. Anyone know anything about English Setters?
  95. is saint bernard a large breed dog?
  96. How long will my english mastiff bleed while she's in heat?
  97. what do you feed your cavalier king charles spaniel ?
  98. Are American Eskimo Dogs good at agility?
  99. Living arrangements for a Staffy Bull Terrier?
  100. Is it a good idea to feed a half Lhasa Apso half Shih Tzu a diet consisting purely
  101. How do I remove or dim tear stains from my Poodle's coat under his eyes ?
  102. Witch of this dog breeds can adapt to warm weather:Anatolian Shepherd Dog,...
  103. I'm planning on traveling with my Cairn terrier to chennai, what would I need?
  104. whats the difference between a Pembroke and Cardigan welsh corgi?
  105. How do I stop my Whippet barking?
  106. Afghan Hounds.. any one actually own one?
  107. Is my chihuahua dog going to doggy heaven if not naughty God very naughty?
  108. Shetland Sheepdog (a few questions)?
  109. My toy poodle is about a year old and i don't think that she has gone into heat yet?
  110. does anyone have a saint Bernard?
  111. my 2 yo boston terrier licks her feet till the pads are red. what could this be?
  112. looking into getting a samoyed puppy? anyone got any reasons why i shouldnt?
  113. how much big does a male saint bernard become at the age of six months?
  114. What would you name a girl Rottweiler puppy?
  115. Do chow chows give off a scent that attracts other dogs that they dislike?
  116. What is the name of Don Imus' great pyrenees dogs?
  117. What's the difference between Silken Windhound's and Borzoi's?
  118. Are liver color spots rare on a dalmatian?
  119. Looking for an old English sheepdog,do you have one?
  120. my poodle is apricot color what color of collar should i get her?
  121. How many hours (approximately) a day does a Golden Retriever sleep?
  122. how to introduce a Miniature Schnauzer Puppie to an existing rabbit?
  123. Breeders of Clumber Spaniels in USA 10 points to best answer(s)?
  124. African Boerboel vs. a Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  125. Why are Dalmatians associated with firefighters?
  126. What is the average hand speed of a heavyweight boxer?
  127. What types of toys do you suggest for a dachshund?
  128. How much mhp can an english cocker spaniel run at top speed?
  129. Is it possible for a doberman pinscher's ears be cropped?
  130. What is the best (and cheapest) way to get from the greyhound station in...
  131. Help with Bernese Mountain Dogs?
  132. my shih tzu gets constipated what can I do when this happens?
  133. Is there honesty such a thing as a german rottweiler and a american rottweiler?
  134. My 2 year old american bulldog is aggressive towards other dogs, what do I do?
  135. I'm getting my girlfriend an English Bulldog. Should I get her a boy or a girl?
  136. i have a pekingese with dry skin what do i do?
  137. Labrador Retriever going crazy?
  138. How would a mix weiner dog and chihuahua look like?
  139. where can i find french mastiff litters due around christmas?
  140. im going to take my 3 month old poodle to the vet for his shots. Which are important?
  141. Can an American Bulldog ever get along with a kitten?
  142. What happened to bloodhounds?
  143. How can i tire my border collie out?
  144. We have just brought home a beautiful Weimaraner puppy, Abbey, and she is
  145. does any one else have a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  146. What kind of dog food should I feed my German Shepherd puppy?
  147. What is the behavior of a Toy Fox Terrier/Miniature Pinscher Mix?
  148. If you have ever owned or know alot about the chesapeake bay retriever or german...
  149. My Pekingese is pregnant about to burst. How likely are they to have...
  150. Is playing tug of war with my rottweiler good exercise?
  151. Does brittany from glee actually sing in the brittany tribute episode?
  152. Is it rare or common to have a mainly silver yorkshire terrier?
  153. The real Hachiko. Akita or Shiba Inu?
  154. I have a dog thats part Chow and part Norwegian Elkhound she barks at...
  155. How much do two greyhound bus tickets from Las Vegas to Tennessee cost?
  156. What should I expect now that my female shih tzu is 8 months old?
  157. Any idea how large my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix will get?
  158. How do i get my 5yr old boxer not to bite during play?
  159. Pomeranian, American Eskimo or Bichon Frise? (Dogs)?
  160. Whippet owners and dog trainers help!!?
  161. Is the dam (the brindle) an American Akita or an Akita Inu?
  162. what's your favourite Newfoundland dog colour?
  163. my 8 month old bullmastiff puppy wont eat, is she still missing the prevous owner?
  164. How do you get rid of "hot spots" on a Pomeranian?
  165. How many dalmatian mollies can I put in a 25 gallon tank (no other fish)?
  166. A few questions about Bloodhounds?
  167. How big do you estimate a male 1/2 Dachshund 1/2 Pug mix will get at full age?
  168. Pekingese keeps scratching her eye HELP!?
  169. what is better rottweiler cross lab or presa canario cross english great mastiff?
  170. i want to breed my american bulldog how do i find someone with a male?
  171. What would be the best collar and leash to get for a Golden retriever?
  172. I have a eight month old rott mix that was attacked by a mastiff and is now...
  173. why does my 6 month old papillon have tracheal spasms all the time?
  174. Have you read, City of Dog, by Saint Bernard?
  175. Where can I find a Halloween costume for an obese Pug?
  176. is there a place within 50 miles of hereford texas to get a full blood beagle pup?
  177. I have a small female yorkie and am thinking about getting a male pug. Will...
  178. Do you have a jack Russell terrier lab mix ?
  179. What is the best way to build up a staffordshire bull terrier?
  180. What is a good slogan for puppy chow cereal?
  181. I'm looking for pet insurance. My dog (7/8 shepherd + 1/8 samoyed) is 11 mos...
  182. My new papillon is being very timid?
  183. cage training my newfoundland puppy?
  184. What's the best dog food for a shih-tzu and a Belgian Malinois?
  185. Great Dane or Doberman Pinscher?
  186. Which do you prefer, Border Collie or Bloodhound?
  187. Can I take a 6 month old yorkshire terrier jogging with me? or is it bad for...
  188. english cocker spaniel?
  189. Besides Petey, there was another dog, which was a German Shepherd. What was the
  190. What Are Good Basset Hound Names?
  191. how would you recommend selling two 10-month old purebred mini doberman pinschers?
  192. what is a good name for a female boston terrier?
  193. Can a saint bernard give birth to only one pup?
  194. My staffordshire bull terrier has started being naughty why?
  195. Should i get Purebred Papillon or Shih tzu x maltese?
  196. Should I bottle feed my newborn saint bernard?
  197. Why is our American bulldog sad?
  198. boxer french bulldog or neapolitan mastiff ?
  199. can a mintiure schnauzer and a doberman pincher mate?
  200. Why does my dachshund puppy have one blue eye?
  201. What is the Eminem song that kinda has the same beat as the song Discovery Channel
  202. What do you think of the name Kujo for a dachshund?
  203. Basset hound problem................?
  204. Is it possible that my boston terrier is pregnant?
  205. My male Pug has started getting cloudy eyes with a yellow discharge?
  206. What can I bring on the Greyhound Bus?
  207. Basset Hound for family with children, good choice or bad?
  208. could a shnauzer mate with a toy poodle?
  209. Shar- pei? pros and cons to owning?
  210. My mini dachshund just ate borax, what do I do?
  211. How long can I leave English Bulldog alone?
  212. Is my dog stupid because she's half miniature pinscher?
  213. my lhasa apso..............?
  214. What are the laws on owning a Rottweiler?
  215. What is the difference in the english mastiff and the bull mastiff?
  216. Do Dalmatians or Bullmastiffs make good pets?
  217. When would be the best time to sell my Brittany Spears collectible bear?
  218. Should i shave my Great pyrenees in the spring and summer ?
  219. my 10 month old yorkshire terrier has eaten rotton meat?
  220. Is there anything I can do to deter my beagle from eating his poop? The pills
  221. My 9mo labrador retriever puppy. Help!?
  222. Yellow Labrador Retriever or A Husky?
  223. Getting an american eskimo puppy, wondering about leaving her alone?
  224. I have a 4 month old shih tzu what is the best puppy food available?
  225. What is the difference between a German Rottweiler and an American Rottweiler?
  226. I am going to get a Havanese puppy?
  227. What is the difference in the breed Brussels Griffon, Belgian Griffon and...
  228. How long should I feed my pup puppy chow?
  229. Why do referees shake a boxers gloves after the boxer gets knocked down?
  230. puppy in my photo is not jack russell terrier as old owner said he was, anyone...
  231. Do you think Cujo is a good name for my Newfoundland puppy?
  232. Best food for papillon allergies?
  233. What to call a chihuahua & pekingese mix?
  234. cavalier king charles spaniel or havanese?
  235. How should I potty train A cairn terrier?
  236. shall I get a friend for my yorkshire terrier?
  237. Do Miniature poodles make good house pets?
  238. bichon frise owners? help?
  239. Bloodhounds and Bassets?
  240. Do bloodhounds waterfowl hunt? or pheasant?
  241. My 4-H leader told me that Irish Setters "have nothing going on upstairs"
  242. Is a French Bull dog Healthy, or should I get a Boston Terrier with better health?
  243. Where can I find the dress that Rachel Berry wears in Glee season 2 episode 2
  244. How can you tell whether the beagle is vocal or not when you adopt one?
  245. What do I look for when considering the purchase of a show quality Pembroke...
  246. Why does my boxer bring a toy in her mouth to greet me at the door ?
  247. what is some cool tricks to tech your great dane?
  248. Is a Plott Hound/Standard Schnauzer mix? Are they obedient,protective,smart?
  249. How much does it cost monthly to take care of Poodle?
  250. I have a 6week old great dane, she crys all day and night,even when she drinks...