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  1. Vet fee to clean dogs teeth- 4 year old Miniature Schnauzer?
  2. Why does my American Pit bull Terrier have naturally standing ears when her...
  3. how fast can an english cocker spaniel run full speed?
  4. Should I start Austin Collie or Chad Ochocinco this weekend?
  5. shi tzu or caviler king charles spaniel or suggestion?
  6. How to stop my 3 yo dachshund from licking everywhere the cat was?
  7. How to tell if my dog is a real pomeranian?
  8. Is a Boston Terrier a good choice for my family?
  9. What do you think of a Great pyreneese Bernese mountain dog cross :)?
  10. what breed of dog has curly hair like a poodle but is full size (like a sheep dog)
  11. what should i name my lhasa apso?
  12. Searching for my next breed...Whippet? Italian Greyhound?..Opinions?
  13. Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  14. What is the appropriate temperature of water when bathing a Chihuahua?
  15. Adopting a Bullmastiff or Pitbull?
  16. are miniature pinschers loving dogs?
  17. What are good frisbee dogs? Please say something besides a border collie or aussie.?
  18. Can you teach an older pug to play?
  19. Does the fur of a Shih tzu puppy fall when the colour of the fur changes?
  20. Is a golden retriever the same thing as a labrador?
  21. should i get a shiba inu as my dog?
  22. our french bulldog has skin allergies . i don't want to keep him on prednisone and...
  23. How to get a Great Dane crazy!?
  24. healthy 7 month old Lhasa apso is pooping in his crate... help!!!?
  25. which one is better a female golden retriever puppy or a male?
  26. I have just got a female whippet puppy but i don't know what to call her!?
  27. thinking of buying a whippet, helopp needed?
  28. Toy poodle have first haircut ?
  29. is 30 calories a dog treat bad for my poodle?
  30. Does anyone know of any good schnauzer mixes?
  31. Are there small version of dogs like Labrador Retriever, German Shepard?
  32. Can a Bullmastiff or mastiff mix be a jogging companion, or at least a trail partner?
  33. Will a 3 musketeers mini kill a 9 pound toy poodle?
  34. Could you take a ferry from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia.?
  35. Good Dalmatian breeders?
  36. young basenji with ear problem?
  37. Basset hound eye problem ?
  38. Why is my dachshund scared of my brother n law?
  39. How to find a mate for male basenJi?
  40. Where can I get a Japanese Akita Inu in the US?
  41. Thinkin about buyin a doberman pinscher?
  42. Which dog is better... black and white tibetan terrier or black and white shih tzu?
  43. Is chow mein generally vegan?
  44. rottweiler cross alsation puppy would it be ok with kids and cats?
  45. Dalmatian or English Pointer?
  46. I bought a rottweiler in India and the breeder refused to give the certificate
  47. About how many People In the US Own the Miniature Schnauzer?
  48. Is it possible if a chow spitz cross breed can be stud to a same chow spitz cross...
  49. American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier is there...
  50. i have a scottish terrier name Robbie hes 1 year and 3 months x?
  51. Will I able to take care of border Collie?
  52. Considering adopting a partially blind Jack Russell Dachshund mix?
  53. are american cocker spaniels stubborn?
  54. American bulldog barking at child?
  55. My father just got a 7 week old American Pit Bull Terrier, will I have to...
  56. Does anyone know how big an American bulldog cross staffordshire terrier puppy will
  57. I would like to stud out my chihuahua but not sure where to start. Can anyone advise?
  58. English Bulldog has pinkish eye discharge?
  59. What can I expect as my great dane's lymphoma progresses?
  60. Interesting facts about the Labrador Retriever?
  61. Bullmastiff for hunting?
  62. What would you name a female English Bull Terrier?
  63. Is there a free online eBook on Golden Retriever information?
  64. Help on the Papillon breed?
  65. Is the American Pit Bull Terrier/Staffordshire Terrier breed generally quiet dogs?
  66. CavaChi? (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Chihuahua Mix)?
  67. Where can I purchase dog clothing like a sweater that will fit a Miniature Pinscher?
  68. What are good names for Pomeranian dogs?
  69. My 16 year old miniature poodle mix lost consciousness for over an hour. What
  70. Samoyed weight at 5 months?!?
  71. is there a gsd club or something like it in south cent. GA.german shepherd dogs.?
  72. My female Border Collie has a lump on her belly that is about the size of a quarter.?
  73. When I put my 10 month old schnauzer in his cage tonight, should I let him
  74. i got a gordon setter... but what is bloat?
  75. How much should i be paying for a pomeranian?
  76. Which dog is better? Norfolk or Norwich Terrier?
  77. How much would a round trip Greyhound ticket from Bristol TN to Asheville...
  78. how long does it take for a pekingese to mature and grow a full coat of hair?
  79. i have a baby english bulldog mix with a boxer his tail has been clipped?
  80. 13-yr old Basenji girl-new desire to poop & pee in house; is finding...
  81. Is chow (chinese way of cooking) the same as broiled?
  82. i have a Boston terrier and at times she seems to lizard lick and scoot around?
  83. Irish Wolfhound or Site hound Veterinarian in Sacramento?
  84. I havea 4 year old English Cocker Spaniel who goes through bouts of not
  85. Why does my dachshund have welts on her face?
  86. How much is a fair price for a Bullmastiff?
  87. help on the Papillon breed?
  88. italian greyhound question?
  89. my bernese mountain dog has become very destructive, restless and crazy. Why?
  90. How to train a chihuahua to stop barking?
  91. Where are good pomeranian pomeranian breeders in Vancouver?
  92. Does anybody know of an ORANGE MALE POMERANIAN PUPPY anywere near North Carolina?
  93. Great dane vs irish wolfhound , and Newfoundland vs st Bernard?
  94. I am looking at rescuing a newfoundland st bernard mix do you suggest male or...
  95. My American Eskimo dog is having problems. What can i do to help her?
  96. Is there anything I can give my boxer to keep him from shedding so much?
  97. How do I stop my rottweiler puppy from biting at my clothes?
  98. Jack Russell terrier paw problem questions?
  99. can you buy a greyhound ticket on the day of departure?
  100. i have a sandisk cruzar how do i get rid of the cd drive when i pug it?
  101. help on the papillon breed?
  102. border collie is not good choice for me?
  103. Good names for a female Boston Terrier that was an orphan and had to be hand reared?
  104. Why is my beagle so afraid of my new lab?
  105. Why is my Jack Russell terrier so aggressive?
  106. How Many French Mastiff First Litters?
  107. What toy company manufactured Snack Cat and Chow Hound plush animals?
  108. Why does Santana in Glee say things like"Me and Brittany wants to get
  109. why does bernese mountain dog need a job to do?
  110. When does a purebred yellow labrador retriever's eye color change to brown?
  111. My toy poodle might b pregnant with a dog down the street. Only chubby. Is she
  112. What age should I start bathing my pomeranian?
  113. Good Girly Names for Olde English Bulldog puppy?
  114. What is a good Male Shiba Inu name that has meaning? It doesn't have to just be...
  115. I am looking for a puppy, and I really love how Shiba Inu puppies look.?
  116. Do pekingese get along with labrador retriver mix?
  117. how long before a shar pei puppies eyes are fully ?
  118. help me find a doberman pinscher in georgia?
  119. Is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel good with kids?
  120. is a labrador retriever a hunting dog?
  121. Do You Like German Shepherd Dogs?If So Why?If Not Why?
  122. What breed of dog should i get? Poodle? Chihuahua? Bichon frise?
  123. are gordon setter hard to train?
  124. Looking for samoyed puppies for sale?
  125. I have an 8mo old English/American Bulldog mix that cannot be potty trained.. help?
  126. how old was the oldest schnauzer in the world?
  127. A good dog bone for a Bullmastiff?
  128. labrador retriever developed swelling near injection site of rabies shot,
  129. Can a mostly white Papillon do well in the show ring?
  130. what kind of shirt should i wear for a poodle skirt?
  131. My Bichon Frise maked me feel guilty...?
  132. how much should an 8 week old vizsla puppy weigh?
  133. American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  134. My Boston Terrier is developing sores on his head and neck.?
  135. how much is a 1 year old miniature schnauzer worth?
  136. What are some great beagle tips?
  137. Is it a good Idea to wrestle with a Newfoundland puppy?
  138. How big will a Norwich Yorkie Terrier/Beagle Mix be at adulthood?
  139. What can you tell me about Brittany Murphy?
  140. How much would a greyhound ticket from kelowna bc to fort mc murray alberta cost?
  141. What is the latest age that an all time great or a really good boxer started boxing?
  142. How Are Dalmatian Dogs?
  143. which pug do you reacons beter looking black or fawn?
  144. I want to buy a Bernese mountain dog themed product..?
  145. cost ofsurgery for legg perthes lakeland terrier?
  146. How big does a shiba inu get?
  147. o.k. now my saint bernard samson is 7.5 months old. He weighs 112 pounds. How...
  148. Names for my chow chow puppy?
  149. Is it ok to give my beagle Tylenol?
  150. Where can I find American BullDog JOHNSON line for sale?
  151. About my brown and white Boston Terrier?
  152. american pit bull terrier vs staffordshire terrier?
  153. Would a Standard Poodle be good for our home?
  154. what is the difference between an american labrador retriever and a british
  155. What is a good name for a mellow, blind, male, black Labrador Retriever?...
  156. American Eskimo Breeders in GTA ( greater toronto area)?
  157. can you estimate the final size of my border collie?
  158. Is there another kind of dog similar to the yellow lab, golden retriever and the
  159. Pembroke Welsh Corgi adoption in New England?
  160. How often should you feed a Siberian Husky?
  161. Should I get a Shiba Inu ?
  162. Why does my Jack Russell Terrier never eat its food !?
  163. advice on bichon frise pup...?
  164. i really want a baby yorkshire terrier but i dont know cause i not really home a
  165. How much is it to travel by Greyhound to Calgary from Medicine Hat?
  166. My slipper hit my Bichon Frise' side?
  167. Good name for a American Bulldog?? ((female))?
  168. what does she is looking for an experienced German Shepherd dog owner mean?
  169. My Siberian Husky is almost 4 months old and is at 35 lbs, is that too much...
  170. I want to buy a Pomeranian; Where can i get one/can I buy one from places...
  171. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  172. Is white colour for Pomeranian permissible in the show ring?
  173. American bulldog weight?
  174. whats a better name for a female doberman pinscher shadow or dakota?
  175. are cocker spaniels (American cocker spaniels) dumb?
  176. How much would a jack Russell terrier cost in Canada?
  177. Bullmastiff Skin Complaint - Mouth?
  178. which dog is stronger a rottweiler or a bull mastiff?
  179. separation anxiety shetland sheepdog?
  180. Bernese Mountain Dog suggestions?
  181. Where can I adopt a Miniature Dachshund in New England?
  182. How to convince mom dobermans are better than a retired racing greyhound?
  183. Does anyone know anything about french bulldogs?
  184. How would come about introducing my adoptee and my Golden Retriever?
  185. How do I house train my 4 month old cavalier king charles and 1 year old pomeranian?
  186. Don't you just love Jack Russell Terriers?
  187. URGENT!! What was a good restaurant in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1914?
  188. What should I name my French bulldog?
  189. Shar Pei Information?
  190. Why my Staffordshire Bull Terrier is Not Bigger?
  191. How can I teach my shih tzu not to bark?
  192. Rhodesian Ridgeback Dermoid Sinus?
  193. Should I get a Greater swiss mountain dog, or a Bernese mountain dog?
  194. How much do doberman pinscher's cost?!?
  195. Is it easy finding miscellaneous jobs in St. John's Newfoundland?
  196. Is it ok to give my dog table food?He's german shepherd and pit bull if that matter.?
  197. Does anyone know a Border Collie Breeder who can sent a puppy to Mexico?
  198. My friend has AKC papers on her new American Pit Bull Terrier pup?
  199. which one is smarter, a border collie or a german shepard?
  200. what breed is better bichon frise or lhasa apso?
  201. Poll: Yorkie, Papillon, or Shih tzu?
  202. Bichon Frise questions?
  203. What are some cute dog names for male Shih Tzu?
  204. What age does an American Bulldog become protective of his family/property?
  205. German Shepherd Dog help?
  206. Pug, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Dachshund?
  207. While Christians chow down their pork and Bible with a glass of red wine?
  208. German shepherd dog question?
  209. what is the best food you can get at like at walmart for a pekingese?
  210. cavalier king charles spaniel?
  211. American eskimo size?
  212. is a maltese or a bichon frise better?
  213. My 15 week old Brittany puppy is drooling excessively, is that normal?
  214. Which is the easiest breed to handle among Rottie, Doberman Pinscher, and...
  215. what the difference cane corso and bullmastiff?
  216. Why is my 12 year old lhasa apso peeing in the house all of a sudden?
  217. Using a Fake ID in a Newfoundland bar?
  218. Is it possible to have a Border Collie X Wild Fox?
  219. What are some negative traits in a Bullmastiff?
  220. How to I teach my American Labrador Retriever not to bite?
  221. Great dane?????????????????
  222. English Springer Spaniel Questions:?
  223. tell me what you like and don't like about your cavalier king charles spaniel?
  224. Who thinks Akita and bull terrier dogs will soon be an illegal breed in the uk?
  225. German Shepherd dog has itchy skin, what should I use?
  226. Who should I try to trade Miles Austin and Austin Collie for?
  227. I have a Jack Russell Terrier who eats really fast?
  228. My siberian husky is 7 months, and he is way to skinny. What should I do?
  229. my friend ate 1 kg of chow mein everyday for a month?
  230. is an american staffy different to a american Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  231. French Bulldog Rescue - Midlands area UK?
  232. chow chow x labradoodle grooming?
  233. How big does a full grown yorkshire terrier get?
  234. What should I be giving my 4 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  235. How much mhp can an english cocker spaniel run at top speed?
  236. How can i get my 5 month old Jack Russell Terrier to eat?
  237. I have a new Boston Terrier puppy and we just found out that she is deaf.?
  238. Introducing a border collie lurcher puppy to our 3 year old labradoodle?
  239. How fast does a American Staffordshire Terrier Grow?
  240. Can somebody please tell me about the french bulldog!!!?
  241. how long does it take for Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc. take to write back?
  242. Our puppy bites (Italian Greyhound)?
  243. everytime my friends walk around my rottweiler puppy while he is eating, he growls...
  244. Good names for a Shiba Inu?
  245. How do I remove the radio cage from my Pug 306?
  246. How did some Newfoundland Regiment soldiers survive the Somme offensive?
  247. My dachshund keeps skipping one of his back legs. Is this normal behavior or
  248. i have just noticed my bloodhound has a lump on her back leg near the knee .?
  249. my white pekingese has stains?
  250. My Chow Chow bit me.?