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  1. Is a Skye Terrier a good apartment Dog, because i want a dog...?
  2. how much does a silky terrier or shih tzu cost in singapore?
  3. Would a Portuguese Water Dog and a Yorkie get along well?
  4. Papillon???
  5. Will a lab get along with a Bearded collie?
  6. How to stop a German Shepherd dog from acting like a pussy ?
  7. Is an English Bulldog a good dog to have? What is the negative side to getting
  8. Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback a good dog, and where can i get one?
  9. How much should my female saint bernard weight?
  10. How long does it take for an irish setter to get a full coat?
  11. How do I get my male basset hound to stop covering my female basset
  12. How much would a Toy American Eskimo dog cost?
  13. i am getting a brittany spaniel dog and have no idea for names help please?
  14. sick bloodhound dog 70 lbs 7years old spitting up yellow foamy bile and
  15. I need to find a breeder for chow and labrador retriever? or any puppies availiable?
  16. how many sets of shots do i need to give a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy?
  17. how do I teach a beagle not to approach to the gates when I'm taking out my cars?
  18. What Are The Pro And Cons Of Papillon and Maltese Puppies.? HELP.?
  19. Where can i buy a copy of Le Papillon des Etoiles?
  20. What is the average weight of a half shih tzu and chihuahua?
  21. How to teach my shiba inu tricks?
  22. If I bred my pug and it was succesful than I wanted to breed her again would the...
  23. Respectible Great Pyrenees breeder in BC or Alberta?
  24. Does anyone remember a movie about a killer Rottweiler dog that just kept
  25. Tell Me about bloodhounds?
  26. Do Italian Greyhounds have a similar temperment to Miniture Pinchers?
  27. where is a good place to get a toy poodle?
  28. My American Eskimo Yelps?
  29. I have a 1 year old Boston Terrier ( Female ) Bites?
  30. My basset hound just sits there and pouts?
  31. how did the old english bulldog become extinct?
  32. Recommended dog food brand for my schnauzer with skin problem?
  33. need help with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?More info Here?
  34. My pug dog recently died. What are the rare illnesses of pugs?
  35. Unique names for an Afghan Hound?
  36. Badger markings on Great pyrenees?
  37. If a professional boxer fought a regular guy at a bar in a no holds
  38. How do i make sure I buy the right rottweiler?
  39. I'm getting a cavalier king charles spaniel worried about the health of these breeds?
  40. Who Should i start week 6; Austin Collie, Marques Colston, Calvin Johnson?
  41. i have a 8month old saint bernard the past few days he has been a lil aggeressive
  42. I have a pomeranian and she smells funky every time she goes outside and comes back
  43. What breed is this dog? We think she is a Whippet mix.?
  44. Would a Scottish terrier puppy get along with a 1yr old mini Schnauzer ?
  45. so pomeranian vs papillon?
  46. how do I get my 5yr old dachshund to get along with my 8mth Old baby ?
  47. Flat coated retriever puppy with uveitis?
  48. Are French bulldogs and English bull terriers similar to apbt?
  49. Are Bernese Mountain Dogs always skiddish around new people?
  50. I have a 4 1/2 month old Pug, can I bring her for long walks during cold...
  51. Bichon frise trouble?
  52. Is Iams savory sauce good for toy poodle puppies?
  53. What's the ash content in Purina Kitten Chow?
  54. How big (high / weight) is a 10 weeks old Australian Cattle dog?
  55. how much should me I let my 6 month Great Dane exercise?
  56. what are some good names of a cairn terrier?
  57. how much of each ingredient to make for 100 people of puppy chow?
  58. When will my Miniature Pug Puppy be Full Grown?
  59. do anyone no the cost of fertility pills in st.johns newfoundland ?
  60. What is the difference between an Shiba Inu and an Akita? They both look...
  61. my little boston terrier got bitten by a big russian husky in white at the off...
  62. Bagle (Beagle/Basset Hound)?
  63. We have a 2 year old American Bulldog and he passes gas a lot and it really smells
  64. Bullmastiff Breeders in the Central FL area...?
  65. i have a labrador retriever named ruger, what are some good names for his akc papers?
  66. I have a Lhasa Apso American Eskimo Mix. He's 1 year old and it's gonna be
  67. Are you growing tired of having an emasculated French Poodle for a President?
  68. I'm thinking of breeding my male pomeranian with my female maltese?
  69. great Pyrenees on a farm?
  70. Our Shiba Inu dog continues to get ticks no matter what medication we give her, or...
  71. when can i walk my lhasa apso 9 week old puppy?
  72. should i let kids pet my labrador retriever?
  73. dreamt of something weird last night. I dreamt of a dog. it was a dalmatian....
  74. how can i bond with my great pyrenees?
  75. Shih Tzu or Yorkshire terrier - urgent question?
  76. should i go with a basset hound or a Neapolitan mastiff?
  77. Where Can I find a Boston Terrier Lab Mix Dog?
  78. How are boxer briefs supposed to fit?
  79. What is the easiest way to feed a poodle?
  80. Why are so many rottweiler tails cut off?
  81. Havanese Puppy names?
  82. my beagle mix is constantly rubbing up everything to the point he creates...
  83. Is Purina Dog Chow safe for my shiht zu?
  84. can two sisters from the same American Bulldog litter live together?
  85. Would a maltipoo and a siberian husky get along as pets?
  86. my olde english bulldog has a litter of 5, they are 2 weeks old. she just...
  87. How many Californians are leaving due to its high taxation, economic...
  88. how much is a great dane dog?
  89. i am getting a saint bernard puppy!!?
  90. Ideas for raw feeding basset hound?
  91. How old is too old for a female german shepherd dog to be spayed?
  92. What tpye of bed is best for a golden retriever puppy?
  93. How many cubic feet of air does a purebred bloodhound dog cycle through his lungs in
  94. Toy Poodle questions?
  95. what is Pekingese nature?
  96. Is there risk to the wrist after a boxer fracture?
  97. What should I name my male dog, I think he's part Rhodesian Ridgeback and Collie,
  98. i have a saint bernard lab mix she is 8 weeks old i would like to put her on a
  99. Why is my Lhasa Apso crying?
  100. Bulldog or American Bulldog?
  101. Is it a good idea to use clickers to train my golden retriever?
  102. why is my Shih Tzu keeps on scratching even after a nice bath?
  103. my friends pug whos 9 yrs old is in the habit of biting her,when the dog was...
  104. Why is my basset hound going outside and barking at a random spot on the ground?
  105. what does the old English term "bitch pointer" mean (English literature class)?
  106. English Mastiff free to good home?
  107. Where can I get a Black and Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Statue?
  108. My Keeshond puppy is limping. Why?
  109. how can i train my cavalier king charles spaniel puppy to poop on his mat?
  110. Why does my Weimaraner drink so much water since being fixed?
  111. Were can i find a trained staffordshire bull terrier ?
  112. How to teach english bulldog how to skateboard?
  113. I am looking for an Italian Greyhound in Colorado?
  114. why doesent my 2 moth old poodle dont want to eat?
  115. What was the old children's show that starred a beagle who went back in
  116. Where can I find the figurine set (fireman & dalmatian) for St. Nicks?
  117. english bulldog or bullmastiff ?? which puppy should i get?
  118. How often does a papillon come into heat?
  119. how do i train a whippet to do these things?
  120. Does the Bichon Frise have poodle in them?
  121. How big will my shih tzu puppy get?
  122. what is the history if a Miniature pincher chihuahua?
  123. Do I need to remove my male shar pei after my female gives birth?
  124. How often should i bathe my 2 months old shih tzu?
  125. pekingese Q from those with experience?
  126. How to train a young beagle/bassett hound puppy to be a rabbit/squirrel hunter.?
  127. what type of dewormer medications should I give my 2year old shih tzu?
  128. where can I find an english bulldog under $1000?
  129. How to introduce a small border collie to a 2 year old cat?
  130. standard poodle or american cocker spaniel? (10 points)?
  131. Have a 2 year old jack russell terrier, needs fho or thr any opinions?
  132. My dalmatian molly baby has red areas, is this normal?
  133. whippet owners: is a whippet a good dog for me?
  134. What can I expect from a South African Mastiff, aka Boerboel?
  135. Boxer or American Bulldog?
  136. I am considering getting a red nose pit mixed with bull mastiff. The mother is pit
  137. How do you tell the difference from a poodle and a bichon freeze?
  138. What is the color of my great dane?
  139. is a staffordshire bull terrier a pit bull?
  140. So i have 2 chihuahuas and a German shepherd. Which dog should i get next a
  141. How long did your purebred Bernese mountain dog live? Mixed breed?
  142. appropriate diet for the irish wolfhound?
  143. Help naming a Bloodhound Gang song?
  144. Could you get a long haired Great Dane by crossing a Great Dane with a Newfoundland?
  145. German Shepherd Dog Problem?
  146. Anyone have experience with English Springer Spaniels?
  147. What is the best brand/type of dog food for a giant breed like a Saint Bernard?
  148. I just got a Labrador/Boxer mix puppy. How big should I expect her to grow?
  149. 11 yr old whippet isn't playful, how can I make his life better for him?
  150. Is a German Shepherd a good choice of dog for a 14 year old?
  151. was right toeuthanize my 13 year old dalmatian?
  152. i need idea's on how i can get my Australian Cattle Dog more exercise?
  153. Questions to owners of Pekingese dogs?
  154. how to get rid of the red tear stains on my english bulldog's face?
  155. My 10 months old golden retriever has been dropping excessive fur?
  156. My Boxer is constantly rubbing against thing and itching?
  157. Where can I find a great Pyrenees breeder?
  158. King Charles Spaniel (wetting in house) ?
  159. cavalier king charles spaniel dog eye problems.?
  160. Why a labrador retriever?
  161. What is the average height of a Weimaraner?
  162. How loud is a toy poodle's bark?
  163. What is the history on the American Bulldog breed ?
  164. my shar pei is around 7 weeks pregnant,an has got so much energy is this normal?
  165. Who was the first boxer to really revolutionize boxing?
  166. Can you have a siberian husky in ohio?
  167. is it cool to call your girl a saint bernard?
  168. I have a english exam coming up and i suck at paragraph and extended response
  169. What should I name my red Male Toy Poodle? :)?
  170. My french bulldog has localized demodex.?
  171. is an American Staffordshire Terrier the same as a pit bull?
  172. getting a st bernard/newfoundland cross rescue puppy do you recommend a male or
  173. Nintendo Dogs: What should I name my shiba inu?
  174. Neurogenic polyuria and dypsia in Boston Terrier?
  175. what is the difference between bull mastiff and pitt bull and pitt bull...
  176. Where can I buy a fox terrier with smooth hair(not curly) in Dublin?
  177. What does the Northern expression 'Whippet in, whippet out and whippet' mean?
  178. Whats your favorite Brittany Murphy movie?
  179. What is the best performance by a boxer in each weight division or whatever...
  180. I am thinking about getting a rottweiler puppy what names should i consider?
  181. My Tibetan terrier puppy has gone off his food?
  182. Is a Beagle a inside or outside dog?
  183. Where can i catch a Greyhound bus in New York that will take me to Washington DC?
  184. How much will it be to feed a mastiff?
  185. I have a Pekingese, and thinking of getting a Cane Corso/Rotwiler?
  186. Is a Belgian Groenendael and an Alsation the same dog?
  187. is this just a myth about pekingese dogs?
  188. do electronic colors or fences work on rhodesian ridgeback?
  189. My 10 week old Italian Greyhound will not stop whining at night?
  190. Why doesn't my Miniature Pinscher bark?
  191. Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  192. My Toy Schnauzer has a bad breath problem,but is in perfect health,including
  193. Is it ok to have a pug cross toy poodle in an apartment?
  194. Does anyone know of any Italian Greyhound Breeders that live in Alberta, Canada?
  195. Can a Labrador Retriever stay outside for the entire winter in Reno, NV?
  196. 11 week old whippet pup has diareaha?
  197. why do people dislike the name Brittany?
  198. How can I make an Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky comfortable in a warmer climate?
  199. Would You Recommend Getting A Miniature Schnauzer?
  200. Is my dog a white husky or a white german shepherd?
  201. My "Shiba Inu" is only 4 pounds and he's 3 1/2 months. is that normal?
  202. I need help getting a greyhound bus ticket from denver to San francisco?
  203. Great Pyrenees and Beagle Mix, is it possible?
  204. How much does it cost to get a golden retriever puppy all of its shots?
  205. I have a schnauzer that had surgery for bladder stones.The vet said to put her...
  206. Anyone know a great pyrenees/bernese mountain dog breeder in Canada?
  207. Is a German Shepherd a good dog for a 14 yo?
  208. My chow chow gets attacked by my neighbor's english bulldog every time he sees him.?
  209. Potty training a Pekingese puppy?
  210. Does anyone have a picture of a Jack Russell Terrier Chow mix?
  211. Does anyone know of any Great Pyrenees breeders?
  212. Info on English Cocker Spaniels?
  213. Where can I find a Great Pyrenees breeder?
  214. would a american eskimo dog be good for me?
  215. How much bigger will my great dane get?
  216. Why do Black people pretend like they're hardcore gangstas when they all...
  217. How often should you bathe a papillon and a chorkie (chihuahua/yorkie)?
  218. have you ever seen a dog called a "lowchen" for its breed?
  219. I would really like to have a Basset Hound dog, but...?
  220. Does anyone have experience adopting a Shiba Inu puppy?
  221. My minature poodle is now almost 16 and is really going downhill, how can we
  222. Where can I get my Border Collie DNA tested and hip scored?
  223. Help me name my black toy poodle?
  224. what is the breed called when you cross a lakeland terrier with a jack...
  225. How do you teach your Beagle to bay?
  226. Incest Weimaraner Puppies--Need Help?
  227. Are American Eskimo Dogs a good family pet?
  228. What kind of doh would get along with my 6 year old golden retriever?
  229. what are the differences between a miniature dachshund and a regular one?
  230. unsure on what breed my dog is, collie whippet or collie grey?
  231. Are there any breeders within 500 miles of Utah That sell Malamute-Samoyed mixes?
  232. How did Austin Collie a WR from the Colts make out in his injury today?
  233. What type of bone is best for my great dane?
  234. my bull terrier is five months old and her ears are still not standing up.?
  235. My American Eskimo Dogs coats?
  236. Where can I find a Great Pyrenees breeder?
  237. is my puppy a English staffordshire bull terrier or american staff/pitbull?
  238. Which is a better dog, A german shepherd or Pointer.?
  239. miniature pinscher puppy?
  240. At what age could I start breeding my male Pomeranian?
  241. Would an Italian Greyhound make a good running companion?
  242. If a great pyrenees is shaved, is there a possibility that their coat will not
  243. Great Pyrenees won't stop barking.?
  244. What is a good dog to cross a german shepherd with?
  245. American bulldog on hardwood floors?
  246. I have a chow shepherd and i'm having trouble house breaking him?
  247. How soon Can my Shih Tzu become pregnant? Requesting advice from experienced breeder?
  248. How should I train my Siberian Husky to come to me?
  249. i recently got a new puppy, a mix of a jack russell and yorkshire terrier....?
  250. My schnauzer has black spots that looks like charcoal with thick layers. what is it?