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  1. What would be good for a Norwegian Elkhound pup to eat ?
  2. When looking to buy an English Springer Spaniel puppy, how do I distinguish...
  3. How many people out there own a clumber spaniel?
  4. About how much do Bullmastiff's cost, and is there any breeders in Nevada or
  5. My new Bedlington Terrier puppy needs help?
  6. How can I keep my Chesapeake Bay Retriever's odor under control?
  7. I have an elderly toy poodle that I just discovered he has tape worms, what is...
  8. What are some good beagle training tips?
  9. French Bulldog?
  10. What are the downsides to owning a bernese mountain dog?
  11. My two year old mini poodle has thrown up over 10 times in the past 3 hours. What...
  12. Are Great Pyrenees fur supposed to be wavy and curly?
  13. Belgian Malinois?
  14. My 2 month old Briard puppy pees every 10 to 15 minutes?
  15. How long should a Bichon Frise by taken out on a walk?
  16. How do I get my pug to go out to releive herself all the time?
  17. How can I tell if my mastiff is pregnant?
  18. My 7 year old Bernese mountain dog is pooping in the house suddenly and
  19. How long is it safe to give my Samoyed histamines for itching?
  20. What to feed Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy?
  21. Norwegian Elkhound?
  22. Is it safe to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier puppy when I already have a Chiwawa
  23. Can any great Dane owners tell me about their experiences with great Danes?
  24. English bulldog?
  25. Where can I buy an Old English Sheepdog puppy in Florida or Georgia?
  26. Can a Newfoundland dog get along all right in an apartment?
  27. I live in British Columbia and am fostering a 3 year old purebred Komondor, I need
  28. Is an English cocker spaniel a good pet to HAVE WITH OTHER PETS?
  29. French Bulldog Owners- How long did it take to potty train/housebreak your Frenchie?
  30. Does a black pug have a different personality than the regular pugs do? Are black...
  31. What is a helathy shetland sheepdog diet?
  32. Afghan hound?
  33. What is the best time for my Dalmatian dog to get pregnant?
  34. Italian greyhound...?
  35. How much does a Border Collie Puppy cost?
  36. How can you train an English Pointer to hunt?
  37. My neutered pomeranian humps other dogs, is this behavior something I should
  38. am bringing home my new Bernese Mountain Dog in 5 days what should I buy for...
  39. Has anyone bought an english bulldog or anydog from africa?
  40. How do I train my weimaraner to behave in the house?
  41. How would a pug do in a studio apartment?
  42. I have an Italian Greyhound and we have a trip planned from TN to CA, which is a 4...
  43. How can I find a female Jack Russell Terrier to breed with my male?
  44. What is the appropriate age to breed a German Shorthaired Pointer?
  45. how do i stop my impulsive 10 month old Irish Wolfhound/English Setter mix from...
  46. American Water Spaniel VS American Cocker Spaniel???!!!?
  47. Where could I find a Lakeland Terrier?
  48. Where can i get the cavalier king charles spaniel on stardoll?
  49. What are some bull terrier breeder owners in missouri or close am looking for...
  50. I am getting a new great Dane pup, what is the best way to introduce him to my
  51. Why does my Boston terrier choose to pee on the concrete instead of the grass?
  52. Any breeders in Minnesota selling Finnish Spitz?
  53. Best feeding for a borzoi puppy?
  54. What would you expect the life expectancy of a collie tibetan terrier cross to be?
  55. What percent of boxers grow out of heart murmurs? What is the best method to...
  56. Dandie Dinmont Terrier?
  57. What Do You Think About Obama Getting A Portuguese Water Dog?
  58. American Eskimo?
  59. boxer ??????????
  60. do u think canary dogs are good family dogs?
  61. Which dog is better a Puggle or a Gordon Setter??
  62. How much money did Canada promise to give newfoundland if they joined...
  63. Irish Setter?
  64. Why is my American Bulldog suddenly hunching people and how do I stop her?
  65. Does a Siberian Husky make a good pet in woodland Pennsylvania area?
  66. What's the difference between a chow chow and a chow dog?
  67. How much does a Rhodesian Ridgeback cost on average?
  68. English pointer?
  69. norwegian Elkhound?
  70. How much would you pay for a 6 month old pedigree Old English Sheepdog?
  71. Difference between the miniature bull terrier and the english?
  72. Does anyone own a saluki, i want one but dont know much about possible health
  73. Should i shave my old english sheepdog for the first time?
  74. Where can I find a Finnish Spitz in So Cal?
  75. Bichon frise?
  76. my manchester terrier has a gooey discharge coming from her vaginal area
  77. What is Newfoundland weather like in late September to mid October?
  78. How long should Pug dogs be walked for?
  79. rhodesian ridgeback?
  80. How would a Dogo Argentino do in cold weather?
  81. bull terrier?
  82. Arriving Buffalo on Greyhound and flying to Pittsburgh same day - where do I
  83. What does it mean when my brussels griffon licks his nose and sneezes?
  84. I have a 5yr old lhasa apso and I am still having potty problems?
  85. How old should a beagle bitch be to breed & what should it weigh. What are
  86. How do you train a Yorkshire Terrier to walk with you when you take it for...
  87. What is a very good quality toy poodle bed that is inexpensive?
  88. Great dane?
  89. Where can I get more information to find out if my American Cocker...
  90. How can I stop my 12 week old Akita Inu from biting so much and so hard?
  91. golden retriever?
  92. How small of an apartment can a welsh corgi comfortably live in?
  93. My Australian Kelpie bitch cocks her leg when playing?
  94. Has anyone owned or taken care of an English Setter? Do they make good house pets?
  95. bedlington terrier - if you know one or actually own one?
  96. basset hound?
  97. which dog breed, Koolie or Australian kelpie, needs less exercise and
  98. Anybody have or like a borzoi?
  99. Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  100. Does anybody own a Native American Indian dog?
  101. Yorkshire Terrier?
  102. What is the difference between an american eskimo and a japanese spitz?
  103. How much cost a Bull Terrier miniature pup?
  104. What is the best kind of food for a Siberian Husky/ Australian Cattle dog mix?
  105. How much does an adult Miniature Pinscher usually way?
  106. How much exercise should my bullmastiff be getting?
  107. What are some good tricks I could teach my Australian Cattle Dog?
  108. How much does a Portuguese water dog cost?
  109. Irish Terrier?
  110. What is the difference between a bull mastiff, an english mastiff and a french
  111. How much could I get a cavalier king charles spaniel for in South Florida?
  112. Purebred Bullmastiff, what would you rate your dog on a scale of 1-10 on
  113. What is the best therepy for a deaf protective australian cattle dog?
  114. How do you control your labrador retriever while your walks?
  115. How much do I charge for Australian Cattle dog stud service?
  116. What size will a australian cattle dog and small labrador mix be?
  117. Where can I find a Yorkie Bichon mixed puppy in central Iowa?
  118. How many times a day should a 5 month old Miniature Poodle pee?
  119. How long can you store homemade chow chow relish?
  120. how do i stop our ten month old Irish Wolfhound pup from jumping up at my wife's...
  121. Greyhound..?
  122. When do boxer dogs start showing signs of weight gain when pregnant?
  123. Where can I adopt a Doberman Pinscher puppy?
  124. Japanese Chin VS. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?! Cost?
  125. How big will my bloodhound puppy grow to be?
  126. How can I tell if my shar pei dog is pregnant?
  127. Poodle ???
  128. I want to buy my first puppy. A lakeland terrier. What do I need to know?
  129. We are thinking of buying an english springer spaniel, is this a good dog for a pet?
  130. How much do you feed your Keeshond?
  131. How do I teach my 6month old papillon to halt? I want to get him involved in Rally-O?
  132. How many times should I feed a bull terrier puppy?
  133. How to get a Great Pyrenees to walk on a leash?
  134. where can i find canaan dog breed (puppys)?
  135. Do you have a chihuahua and brussels griffon mix?
  136. What color border collie is most likely to win at a dog show?
  137. How do you tell if a Samoyed puppy will grow up to be pure white?
  138. What can a boxer do to move up a weight class?
  139. Is the curly coated retriever dog a health breed?
  140. Siberian husky?
  141. How can I make my cairn terrier look more groomed?
  142. How much would you say a ticket from newfoundland to ottawa is?
  143. what is the energy level of a English springer spaniel?
  144. Would an Irish Setter make a good first dog?
  145. Leonberger?
  146. Where can I find English Springer Spaniel puppies around or near ohio?
  147. How long before a male dachshund puppy can make puppies?
  148. Is it a bad idea to get an irish wolfhound when you live in town?
  149. My Jack Russell Terrier chews on rough and textured things what should I do?
  150. Are Kuvasz big, fluffy and adorable furballs?
  151. Is a puppy bred from a 'working' cocker spaniel and an English cocker
  152. Native American Indian dog breeders california?
  153. How do I teach my great dane to go up stairs?
  154. My greyhound girl is having her first season and is dripping blood all over...
  155. Why does my German Shepherd Dog Bark in the car and how can I get him to stop!?
  156. How do you pronounce Cairn as in Cairn terrier?
  157. Do you know where i can get a norfolk terrier or norwich terrier?
  158. Can a pit bull puppy and basenji puppy be raised together?
  159. american eskimo?
  160. Where did the Pomeranian breed of dog originate and how was the breed developed?
  161. What do you think of breeds bull terrier and pit bull? Happens many cases of...
  162. bullmastiff?
  163. Pomeranian????? ?
  164. How much should I expect to pay for a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy?
  165. How do I get my border collie to stop killing chickens?
  166. How can you tell if your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a cross breed with
  167. How much does a havanese cost?
  168. What is a good place to get a american eskimo puppy for less money?
  169. Bichon Frise?
  170. How can I remove dead hair from a Gordon Setter?
  171. How come my beagle keeps having dry cough?
  172. Shih tzu ?
  173. Is getting a adult doberman pinscher from a rescue or breeder good for a first
  174. I have a wheaten scottish terrier and want her to have wheaten pups. How can I...
  175. cane corso ,Boerboel , or Canary Dog?
  176. How do i choose the best breeder for a Norwich Terrier?
  177. At what age does an American Cocker Spaniel stop growing in size?
  178. How big will a Labrador retriever mix with some spaniel and setter in it?
  179. My Female Golden Retriever is pregnant for the 1st time. How many puppies will
  180. How often should you walk a miniature pinscher?
  181. Portuguese Water Dog: What are the breed characteristics?
  182. How do I stop my Pug from peeing on my furniture and curtains?
  183. How does the English cocker spaniel differ from the American version?
  184. Cairn terrier............?
  185. my miniature pinscher puppy is a miniature pinscher I am not cropping her ears...
  186. Does anyone know of any Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breeders in the UK?
  187. In History, was the Papillon used mainly as a companion or did they do some form of
  188. my American bulldog is 11 months old and ways 36kgs. Is this a good weight for...
  189. How can I help/train my bull terrier adjust to walking on our new hard wood floors?
  190. How do you get a Great Pyrenees dog to gain weight?
  191. How long should a west Highland white terrier bleed for when they are in season?
  192. My english bulldog has a skin problem under his neck. What could it be and how do i
  193. Weimaraner?
  194. Where can I find irish terrier breeders in my area?
  195. Why is my German Shepherd Dog so thirsty all of a sudden?
  196. How do I keep my schnauzer from running outside every time someone s the...
  197. what is the best type of collar for an airedale terrier?
  198. Smooth Fox Terrier Stud Dog Wanted?
  199. Which is better for quail and pheasant a gsp or an Irish setter?
  200. beagle ?
  201. Does anyone know any good regional recipes from Brittany, France?
  202. belgian malinois ?
  203. Does any one know of an Akita Inu breeder in the USA?
  204. How do I get my English Bulldog to stop biting?
  205. Does anybody know how to groom a Brussels Griffon?
  206. How much does a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy cost?
  207. how do I stop an English cocker spaniel from shedding so much?
  208. How long does it take for a Boston Terrier to fill out?
  209. How old do you think my Yorkie/bichon is?
  210. What do you think a female american eskimo and a male miniature yorkie will produce?
  211. What would be a good companion for a havanese besides a dog?
  212. Is the Flat Coated Retriever dog a health breed?
  213. How much should an Australian Terrier cost in CDN Dollars?
  214. What should i name my Manchester Terrier?
  215. French Bulldog owners: How do you keep them from getting skin fold infections on...
  216. Does anyone where i can get a toy manchester terrier puppy in illinois or close to
  217. How do I prevent my cairn terrier digging up the plants?
  218. Is the American Pit Bull Terrier a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier...
  219. What breed of dog is smaller and sheds less than a Bernese Mountain Dog,
  220. Does anyone know of a Portuguese Water dog breeder near vancouver?
  221. What is the temper of a German Wirehaired Pointer?
  222. How can i help my 9 1/2 year old Airedale/Irish terrier mix get used to my new 4yo...
  223. Breeds with a similar temperament to the Groenendael (Belgian Shepherd)?
  224. weimaraner?
  225. My mastiff is still skinny at 1 1/2 years old. How much food shouls i feed him
  226. presa canario/canary dog?
  227. How long does a welsh corgi go into heat for the first time?
  228. How do I get my American Bulldog Puppy to stop chasing my cat?
  229. How much should a Rottweiler cost from a breeder?
  230. How can I prevent my french bulldog puppy from eating her poop?
  231. What is the difference between a Havanese and Tibetan Terrier?
  232. What Is The Difference Between a Norfolk and a Norwich Terrier?
  233. How long should my american bulldog be fed puppy food?
  234. yorkshire terrier?
  235. What should I name my Manchester Terrier puppy?
  236. My Bernese Mountain Dog is 10 years old and has cancer. Is it best to put...
  237. What is the difference between an american cocker spaniel and a cocker spaniel ?
  238. I am going to get a miniature poodle what color should i get?
  239. my german shepherd dog is in heat. Is it ok to take her around a fixed male and...
  240. Basset hound?
  241. Dogo Argentino?
  242. Should i get an italian greyhound or a cavalier king charles?
  243. I have two American Bulldogs (male and female) and Two American Pittbull
  244. Looking to get a Toy Fox Terrier do they make good pets?
  245. What is the most effective way to train a Basenji?
  246. greyhound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  247. How much does a Finnish Spitz puppy cost?
  248. How can I help my beagle adjust to living in an apartment?
  249. How much does an average pet-quality (not a show dog) Brussels Griffon cost from a...
  250. How much should I expect to pay for a Keeshond puppy from a reputable breeder?