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  1. how many days does it take a golden have puppies?
  2. Help i really want a pug puppie please help me find one for cheap?
  3. How big will my puppy get?
  4. How often do you go out to get dog food?
  5. cute but tough names for a female dog?
  6. I have got a 1 yr old female staffordshire bull terrier who was house trained
  7. how big a chihuahua cab be to get pregnant?
  8. Anyone have any tips on getting an older dog to embrace a puppy?
  9. I am giving my 7 week old shih tzu clavamox because she had 104 fever, how can I
  10. Which breed of dog is the best protector?
  11. Info on female maltese puppies?
  12. the best breed of dog?
  13. What should I expect to pay for a 1st time grooming of 2 mini-dachshunds?
  14. What should I do for the most wonderful Golden Retriever in the world? (She's dying)?
  15. What are the best toys to keep a puppy/dog happy during the day?
  16. Is Russel a good dog name?
  17. Why my dog likes to sleep in my brothers room on his bed &not mine and...
  18. Smelly Shih Tzu affecting adoption?
  19. Is my Pug a scaredy-cat?
  20. Is that true about an herb (used by dog breeders) that makes them frisky?
  21. pitbull or Staffordshire?
  22. English bulldog puppy?
  23. When rescuing an older dog 5+ are you wary of the dogs temperament?
  24. What to expect with a maltese yorkie mix puppy?
  25. How do I convince my parents in to getting me a Chihuahua?
  26. Is there any other dog breed thats bad other than pit bulls and rottweilers?
  27. when do chihuahua puppies start walking?
  28. We are thinking about getting a wienerdog that is black and tan and naming him
  29. I've had a pug for 13 years now.?
  30. My 10 year old Chihuahua is constipated.?
  31. What dog breed do you have ? (survey)?
  32. How much should my dachshund sleep a day?
  33. Dog turns insane when putting on collar or leash?
  34. How to introduce Olde English Bulldog to cat?
  35. Rocko vs Roscoe for male dachshund?
  36. what are the characteristics of a maltese?
  37. Help with new behaviour in German Shepherd?
  38. Staffordshire Bull Terrier? (average price range for this breed: Ontario)?
  39. Pomeranian Puppy. Good or bad idea?
  40. any suggestions on my puppy's bloodline?
  41. How can you tell if a puppy has pitbull in it?
  42. Are Boston Terriers Mean?
  43. My six year old chihuahua has bad teeth and I was wondering if anyone
  44. where can i buy a Carmelo Anthony Knicks jersey for my dog (poodle).?
  45. Is Chihuahua, Chihuahua consider a border state ?
  46. My shih tzu spitting white foam. what is it?
  47. How does the dachshund beg/sit/wait?
  48. Dogs : We just bought a female Dalmatian and would really appreciate name
  49. My dog has a small area of red, inflamed skin?
  50. Anyone got any labrador name ideas?
  51. would this be a good treat* for my dogs (golden retrievers)?
  52. pregnant 6 year old dachshund?
  53. What collar color do you think would suit a dark male Golden Retriever?
  54. how to get rid of tear stains on a maltese?
  55. 14 step staircase too much for a German Shepherd pup?
  56. Double Dapple Dachshund Question? (really long, sorry!)?
  57. My 10 month old pug is not herself?
  58. Any good names for a yorkie?
  59. Will a pet store do anything about an irresponsible sale?
  60. can a bird bond to a pet store employee and then not bond to you?
  61. I'm having a 3yr old Labrador, he's looking dull and not active throughout the day.?
  62. Is my dachshund depressed?
  63. how often can i give my puppy a bath?
  64. How can I get my Pitbull spayed without Vaccination Papers?
  65. My 7 year old chihuahua just had a muscle spasm (I think)....Help please!!?
  66. How can I train an adult chihuahua not to attack people?
  67. Thinking of getting an English Bulldog?
  68. How small can a toy poodle be?
  69. Are maltese and arabic languages mutually intelligible?
  70. I am getting a Chihuahua and I have no clue what to name my little baby!?
  71. what is a clever name for a dog?
  72. Golden Retriever or Beagle?
  73. My puppy is a year old. She has not has a bowel movement in 2-3 days. What
  74. Questions about bichon x maltese and training them?
  75. Anyone known of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy (7week) to die in sleep?
  76. is a sheltie & a jack russell a good mix?
  77. What to feed a shih tzu puppy?
  78. my puppy died today.?
  79. my havanese puppy is nine weeks old vet checked but will not eat only drink?
  80. Jeremiah raises bullfrogs to be sold in pet stores. As it turns out, this is...
  81. Toy Poodle keeps vomiting!?
  82. labrador is sick with swollen paw and swollen face with sores is weak and latargic?
  83. puppy problems, can anyone relate?
  84. I'm adopting an 8 month old Pomeranian Puppy who is a big diva! What should I...
  85. What traits to look for while selecting male doberman and rottweiler puppies?
  86. 12 Week Old Chihuahua biting?
  87. How can I potty train a full-grown chihuahua?
  88. Where can I have my female Pomeranian neutered for low cost?
  89. About my German Shepherd Pup?
  90. which breed is smarter springer spaniel or cocker spaniel?
  91. Why is my dog not going near her bed?
  92. Brushing a german Shepherd?
  93. Why does my labrador keep barking?
  94. Which is best for an english bulldog?
  95. How long do pomeranian cross chihuahua's live for?
  96. how big does a teacup maltese grow?
  97. Tips on how to relax my 1 year old Maltese mix?
  98. How long will a puppy cry at night when you first bring them to their new home?
  99. Can you guess my dog's name?
  100. how much will a Maltese/ Pekingese weigh?
  101. What's a good name for a fast dog?
  102. what rabbit will i buy in the pet store for my 3 month old female rabbit?
  103. Long haired German Shepherd?
  104. Can you buy uvb bulbs at non pet stores?
  105. how much should i feed my 35kg boxer/rottweiler cross?
  106. Are Boston Terriers Smart?
  107. How can I convince my parents to get me a (older, rescue) dog?? :/?
  108. Should I force my dog to stay in my room and on my bed even if she does not want to?
  109. How do I clean my toy poodles eyes?
  110. Toy poodle vs cavalier king Charles spaniel?
  111. I had got a Japeness Chin puppy and have seen some strange things and...
  112. pregnant mini dachshund?
  113. Anyone have any leftover pugs I can eat?
  114. What legal action can be taken against a dog rescue who have taken my dog?
  115. Dog Survey Best Answers 10 Points!?
  116. Should I get a parakeet if I already have a Yorkie?
  117. how much food should i feed my 9 week old German Shepherd?
  118. is it dangerous for a lab to breed with a dachshund?
  119. indestructable dog beds?
  120. What is a small apartment dog I was going to rent a house so I saved...?
  121. Should I lock my dog in my bed room and not let her out when she whines?
  122. After a 6 Month deployment will my Labrador remember me?
  123. Do Boston Terriers Shed Alot?
  124. would you ever wear a dog collar around your neck?
  125. What do I need to do for my 18 week old skittish puppy?
  126. reasons to get a golden retriever?
  127. What should I expect to pay for a 1st time grooming of 2 mini-dachshunds?
  128. Pregnant dog? Pitbull and Rat Terrier Mix :)?
  129. do i give my small dog halph of childrens pepto or what?
  130. what does pitbull say in spanish in "i like it"?
  131. Can a puppy (almost a month old) go on a puppy milk only diet ?
  132. Where did the English Bulldog come from?
  133. Whats the perfect name for a Female Yorkie Puppy?
  134. Is it a bad idea to catch wolfs and let my male dog breed them?
  135. Hi I have a shih-Teze male puppy ( pekingese& shih-tzu?
  136. Just got 2 puppies(brother and sister)Pomeranian mixed with Chihuahua?
  137. Can I safely breed my female douple dapple mini dachshund?
  138. Should i get a male or female german shepherd?
  139. Why does my german shepherd puppy tail curl?
  140. Anyone have Victoria Secret Canada Dog for sale or trade?
  141. what procedure to write about a maltese?
  142. So I wanna breed my dogs?
  143. Good reputed kennel in India selling toy poodle?
  144. My Chihuahua won't eat?
  145. What is the pitbull instinct everyone keeps talking about? What is the...
  146. Asking about 2 golden retrievers?
  147. What are some really cute names for a Maltese puppy?
  148. What Breed Of Dog Is This 10 points?
  149. Will my chihuahua pup be...?
  150. Potty training my chihuahua?
  151. What is your German Shepherd like?
  152. Naming a male dog Baby?
  153. How big will my long coat chihuahua get?
  154. How do I get my Jack Russell terrier to recognize that my hubby of 8 year is...
  155. dog is sick! a rescue that needs rescuing!?
  156. What dog is best to get for a first time owner?
  157. Concerned about a rottweiler?
  158. is can evaporated milk OK to give nursing dachshund?
  159. Does anyone know if the black and white dog in the Mother Goose and Grimm comic
  160. Can I bring my pomeranian to the Phillipines?
  161. What color is my dachshund?
  162. why is my 2 year old lab spayed girl start humping my new puppy an shes 11 weeks an
  163. If yorkies and poodles are good dogs for allergy sufferers why a
  164. What kind of puppy should I get?
  165. How do I stop my dog from pooping in the bed with me?
  166. I purchased 20 crickets from the pet store and I am keeping them as pets, not...
  167. What Kind Of Chihuahua Is this?
  168. What are some cute triple dog names for three dogs?
  169. I just got a Weimaraner and need help?
  170. Does a small dog need a c-section?
  171. The right dog breed for me?
  172. what are some unusual names for dogs that are two names?
  173. How would you rate the "Morkie" breed of dog?
  174. What personality traits should I expect from a Jack Russell Crossed with a Yorkie?
  175. How can I keep my 3 month old toy poodle from climbing out of her playpen?
  176. why won't my dog sleep in my bed?
  177. Please help! My shih-tzu barks off and on all night!?
  178. Toy poodle with corn intolerance?
  179. What do you think of the RSPCA?
  180. Are Labrador Retriever good beginner dogs?
  181. Do Papillons and Labradors get along?
  182. I was told that my puppy has a pit bull look, even though his mom is a boxer lab &...
  183. If my dog is 18 pounds and 14 inches tall is he a Pomeranian or a German Spitz?
  184. My 6 month old cocker spaniel has been sick a couple of times but seems...
  185. where can i get a perfect German shepherd with low price from Alexandria Egypt?
  186. Do you thing pet stores like Petco, Petsmat or Wal*mart would buy fish from people?
  187. where/How can i buy a teacup yorkie?
  188. Taste of the Wild dog food (Praire formula)?
  189. Can dogs eat human food long term?
  190. Half Paralyzed Boston Terrier?
  191. [pic included] is poochie a cute name for my puppy?
  192. HELP. 9 Month Golden Retriever ate plastic bag?
  193. What can I do with my 5 yr old dachshund that displays psychological behavior...
  194. Why is my dog peeing in my bed?
  195. Rottweiler tail docking pros and cons?
  196. whens the best time to breed my dog?
  197. my 13 month old german shepherd just lays around lately and acts like she has
  198. How many cups/servings of food do you feed a pomeranian pup?
  199. Is this a good brand of dog food? *easy 10 pts?
  200. best food for a shih tzu ?
  201. What breeds make up is this dog?
  202. Durable Dog Bed?????
  203. What mix breed of dog is my dog?
  204. My Pomeranian does this. What's he Doing?
  205. Old Windows game with a dog and decorating houses?
  206. what should my mini poodle weigh at 9 weeks?
  207. what dog shampoo is best for my maltese?
  208. How to get my lazy Maltese to do something other than eat and sleep?
  209. My 11lb toy poodle has suddenly collapsed 4 times this evening and appeared to...
  210. i just bought two male dwarf gouramis from the pet store, the guy didn't tell me...
  211. Can you please help me w/ a question about my pug dog?
  212. german shepherd leaking?
  213. why is mickey mouse's pet dog named "pluto"?
  214. What is wrong with my Pug?
  215. Why does my small dog always bite my sisters dog (its a black lab)'s...
  216. Which breed of small dog would be happy coming into work with me 2 day's a week?
  217. How to give a name for my dog?
  218. what is the best dog food?
  219. Looking for a Great pyrenees sheep dog for sale?
  220. What mixed breed of dog is this?
  221. We have a female shih tzu...Toileting/chewing issues HELP!?
  222. Decent dogfood for my Shih-Tzu?
  223. Which is the better rottweiler puppy?
  224. Are Boston Terriers Good With Kids?
  225. [pic included] what to name my puppy?
  226. Can someone legally kill my puppy for coming in their yard?
  227. Cockapoo or Pug dog???????????????
  228. Help. my 10mon old boston terrier poops and pees during night?
  229. Which Puppy should I buy? I like small/cute (e.g Cairn Terriers) breeds....
  230. Which breed of dog would be better for me?
  231. How do I make my 2 Dachshunds stop jumping?
  232. Overweight Labrador Retriever?
  233. Yorkie puts POOP IN HIS BED!?
  234. How should my 9 week old rottweiler be acting?
  235. How do I go about introducing my new Ferret to my German Shepherd?
  236. Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix puppy hit his head really hard on a wooden
  237. Is it normal for a dog breeder to have a toll free number?
  238. Is it harmful if i was my yorkshire terrier once a week?
  239. Just adopted a puppy, any vaccinations recommendations?
  240. Who's the cheapest Toy Poodle breeder in or near San Francisco?
  241. I called 2 of the same pet stores in different suburbs to see if they had ferrets?
  242. Should I get a pomeranian puppy when I already have a 6 month boxer?
  243. What is The Price Range of A Boston Terrier?
  244. Should I be concerned with the small worms I found in my dog's poop?
  245. 7 month old jack russell shih ztu cross lethargic and not eating?
  246. is my rottweiler small ?
  247. what is the best toy for a pug?
  248. Would a Rosy Boa constrict and try to eat my Miniature Poodle?
  249. Flying with my yorkie for first time....?
  250. What breed of dog should I get?