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  1. Know anything about Irish Water Spaniels?
  2. Why does my schnauzer sometimes freak out and start digging at my couch?
  3. Is a Siberian Husky a good dog to have around children?
  4. How does my Airedale Terrier/Irish Wolfhound mix know when my arthritis is acting up?
  5. Is the American Staffordshire Terrier the same as a Pitt Bull?
  6. I have a 6m old female Belgian Tervuren, and she is very shy around people?
  7. How do i train my yorkshire terrier who is about 9months old?
  8. I have a Chihuahua 3years old female at what time should she mate?
  9. Where in Australia can i buy a Norwegian Elkhound?
  10. How much does it cost to buy a Samoyed puppy?
  11. Can a pembroke welsh corgi get along with a chihuahua?
  12. Why is my Pomeranian plucking all her hair out with her teeth?
  13. Bullmastiff?
  14. American bulldog?
  15. Can a miniature pinscher be trained to catch a frisbee?
  16. How big are Irish wolfhound puppies at 12 months?
  17. What is the difference between a Shiba Inu and a Finnish Spitz?
  18. Where can I buy a bloodhound puppy in Wisconsin?
  19. How to train an Australian Kelpie puppy not to chase/attack my chickens?????
  20. what is the best english setter to buy for a hunting dog and a pet?
  21. I want to buy a chow chow puppy. What conditions are good for her?
  22. Where can I find a reputable Welsh Springer Spaniel breeder in the US?
  23. What dog would be really friendly with a chinese shar-pei?
  24. Can I have a vizsla and a yorkshire terrier together?
  25. How do you get a Welsh Terrier puppy to stop biting?
  26. Does anyone know of german shorthaired pointer breeders in or around Florida?
  27. What is the best dog food for a dalmatian?
  28. Newfoundland?
  29. italian greyhound?
  30. At what age can my mini schnauzer puppy start eating dry dog food? Is it ok if...
  31. Well when you go on vacation what do you do with your Cairn terrier and Norwich
  32. How long a walk should i take my scottish terrier puppy?
  33. papillon????
  34. How do I get my English Pointer puppy to go for a walk?
  35. just got a bedlington terrier puppy,does anyone know of any books...
  36. Is it ok to use a razor to shave my English Cocker Spaniel dog?
  37. Does anyone know where I can get a Tibetan Spaniel, or any information about...
  38. How tough would it be to buy a Kuvasz in the US?
  39. My boxer just ate a pound of baby back ribs while I was out. What should I do?
  40. What the difference btw a miniature dachshund and a regular dachshund?
  41. is a skye terrier a good breed?
  42. How much would a senior Greyhound eat daily?
  43. Trying to locate a connection within St. Louis area that knows how to find Belgian...
  44. How is a Belgian Malinois groomed for comfermation?
  45. English Bulldog ?
  46. How long will Great Dane puppy be in pain for after ear cropping?
  47. How do I stop my toy poodle from taking the stuff out of my plants and the bulb...
  48. Irish setter?
  49. Differences between an English pointer & German shorthaired pointer puppies?
  50. Where to send German shepherd dog pink papers to register under my name?
  51. Can an American Eskimo be friends with a half chihuhua mix dog?
  52. How can I keep my dachshund out of the trash when I am at work?
  53. Can my Bichon Frise be alergic to his own fur?
  54. Are the Bull Mastiff and the Mastiff the same breed of dog or are they two...
  55. Thinking of getting a beagle puppy I have a cat will they be ok together?
  56. Dalmatian?
  57. Is it normal for my basset hound to be picky about her belly being touched?
  58. What dog breed should/could I mix with my female Keeshond?
  59. Can a Chihuahua do its bathroom duty in a balcony litter box?
  60. how much can a shar pei pup be worth and what makes certain pups/dogs worth more
  61. Are Shiba Inus good dogs and do you enjoy them?Or is a Norwich Terrier better?
  62. how far should i walk my (Scottish)Gordon setter puppy?
  63. Does anyone know how to find an Irish wolfhound or Scottish deerhound breeder ?
  64. boston terrier??
  65. How big do bichon frise puppies necks grow to?
  66. Is a staffordshire bull terrier the same thing as a pit bull?
  67. How do I tell the difference between a American Staffordshire terrier and an...
  68. When can a boxer start being in heat (Like the months old) and how do you tell if
  69. ========great dane============?
  70. How do I get my Mastiff to calm down and stop running and barking at nothing?
  71. Where can i buy a Dogo Argentino in texas?
  72. How do you stop a Lhasa Apso from peeing on the furniture?
  73. Does anyone know of a very good English Cocker Spaniel groomer anywhere
  74. french bulldog?
  75. How to make the Pekingese not to stink?
  76. How do I keep my jack russell terrier from digging holes in my yard?
  77. My Weimaraner is getting little bumps on the back of her body?
  78. Where can i get a CHEAP Gordon Setter?
  79. Shar pei..........??????
  80. How can I get my outdoor shetland sheepdog to have a shinier coat?
  81. How much does a french bulldog puppy cost?
  82. How old must a Bichon frise be before they can have pups?
  83. Adopting a red female Australian Terrier. Any suggestions on names for her?
  84. What does my pug do during the day when I am gone?
  85. What is the difference between a bloodhound and a coonhound?
  86. Is it true that the Irish Wolfhound is the best dog even living in an apartment?
  87. whats a better dog caucasian ovcharka or turkish kangal?
  88. How can I get my Australian Cattle Dog to shed less?
  89. How can I keep my Keeshond from barking at everything?
  90. How much should a 12 week cavalier king charles spaniel weigh?
  91. I rescued an Italian Greyhound from someone who was not able to care for this puppy?
  92. I am going to get a male Akita Inu what should I call it?
  93. What is a good name for a boy English Springer Spaniel?
  94. Anyone else in the uk that own a clumber spaniel,let me know who you are.?
  95. how can i persuade someone to get me a norwich terrier?
  96. Do you recommend an American Staffordshire Terrier for my family of 4?
  97. What should I name my cairn terrier puppy?
  98. Does anyone know of a good Affenpinscher breeder in the Kansas City area?
  99. What is your opinion on the Norwegian Elkhound?
  100. anyone heard of the native american indian dog?
  101. australian kelpie??????????????
  102. Does anyone know where you can get a Belgian Shephard (Groenendael) puppy in
  103. what do you need to get when you first get a dog ie american hairless terrier?
  104. Does anyone know of a Reputable Collie or Australian Shepherd dog in California?
  105. I'm fostering a Great Pyrenees in a large apartment with a park five minutes away...
  106. How old does a (female) West Highland White terrier have to be, to have puppies?
  107. What breed to get next? Will already have an Afghan Hound? What age to get the new...
  108. My keeshond Pants All the time is this normal?
  109. How do you train a great pyrenees to stay and come on command?
  110. How will a Great Dane be with a person using a walker and wheel chair?
  111. Lhasa apso?
  112. how far can i walk my 4 month old gordon setter?
  113. how much should i sell my murray river curly coated retriever pups for?
  114. What dog is better for kids a norwegian elkhound or an akita?
  115. How do I get a Cairn Terrier to stop peeing in the floor, when she is pad trained?
  116. How do i teach my miniature pinscher to lay down or jump?
  117. What is the difference between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Parson Russell Terrier?
  118. What is the average price range for a pekingese?
  119. Irish Wolfhound?
  120. How do I stop my 10mth old silky terrier cross from whining and wetting his crate...
  121. Golden Retriever?
  122. How Many Basenji Owners are on here? What color and sex do you prefer?
  123. How much does it cost to feed a Bullmastiff a week?
  124. When does a boxer dog appear to gain weight when pregnant?
  125. Does anyone know where i can buy or adopt a Tibetan Terrier?
  126. Where can I get a Norfolk Terrier?
  127. What is theTemperment of a Doberman Pinscher like?
  128. English Setter??
  129. Curly-coated retriever owners only?
  130. How would you describe a Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  131. Is a brown spot on a west highland white terrier normal?
  132. What would be a good name For a greater Swiss Mountain Dog Male?
  133. What age does an English Cocker Spaniel become an adult?
  134. Will a female Australian Shepherd dog grow over 40 lbs?
  135. How to determine if the poodle puppy will grow up to toy poodle size?
  136. What temperature can my chow chow comfortably withstand?
  137. my local Greater Swiss mountain dog breeder bred her dog in January. When will...
  138. What is better, a labrador retriever or a golden retriever?
  139. Is a Keeshond a good breed for apartment life?
  140. How often should my rottweiler be walked for excercise and socalization...
  141. I have a 3 month old irish setter puppy. How can I keep him occupied when I'm not...
  142. Can you leave an Old English Sheepdog home alone?
  143. My bedlington x whippet wont go out of the house without a hat?
  144. Is it appropriate to let an American Mastiff sleep outdoors?
  145. How tall would a miniature schnauzer and a standard schnauzer mix be?
  146. When will my chihuahua male puppy start lifting his leg when he pees?
  147. Are whippet dogs related to greyhounds and what are the differences?
  148. How do I keep my Border Collie inside our invisible fence?
  149. What happens when a silky terrier eats a couple ham scraps?
  150. how do you groom a bedlington terrier?
  151. English Pointer?
  152. Would like info on Leonberger Owners or Breeders?
  153. How do you make an Irish Setter calm down. She is ten months old and abolutely
  154. How Long Can The Affenpinscher Puppy/Dog Be Left Alone For ?
  155. Silky Terrier?
  156. pekingese?
  157. I plan to purchase a komondor from a breeder named Nancy Torok.?
  158. How old is too old to breed your dalmatian female?
  159. How is the Presa Canarios temperament vs. Dogo Argentino?
  160. How do I get my great dane to loose weight?
  161. How do you get a 7yr old shar-pei mix to get a long with a new chihuahua puppy?
  162. What are some reputable Brittany breeders in southeast texas?
  163. How can I help my adopted basenji mix to eat her food????
  164. How many lhasa apso owner are there in the USA?
  165. Can I take my toy poodle on the plane with me under my seat?
  166. What can you tell me about the Australian Kelpie?
  167. What is the difference between an English Setter?
  168. Anyone have a Dandie Dinmont Terrier?
  169. Bedlington Terrier????
  170. How do I keep my dachshund from jumping on people who visit our house?
  171. What makes a bloodhound have their trademark bark?
  172. what age will my king charles spaniel pup first come into season?
  173. How do you know when an Italian greyhound female dog is fertile?
  174. Cost of Irish Wolfhound and Scottish Deerhound?
  175. How much does a Skye Terrier cost?
  176. Can someone help me locate an Australian Terrier Breeder in Alberta?
  177. What colour of poodle is your favourite?
  178. Anyone with American Hairless Terriers?
  179. Where is a store in maryland where you can buy a norwich or a norfolk terrier puppy?
  180. What are the key differences between a Norwich and a Norfolk Terrier?
  181. What is the "chow chow" vegetable properly known as?
  182. How do I get my English Mastiff puppy to tell me when he needs to go potty?
  183. Does anyone know any Russian Black Terrier breeders in the U.K.?
  184. Is a Lakeland Terrier a good first pet?
  185. Yorkshire terrier with discharge from his right eye. Any treatment to try before a
  186. Is there such thing as a Maltese Terrier cross Australian Terrier?
  187. Italian Greyhound?
  188. Where are there Clumber Spaniel Breeders in the US?
  189. How do I keep my Schnauzer off of my friends Schnitzels?
  190. How can I make a poodle skirt flowy without using a crinoline?
  191. What is the crossbreed name for a Miniature Schnauzer and Miniature Poodle called?
  192. How do you break a dachshund from tearing everything up?
  193. How did the German Shepherd Dog get its name?
  194. How big is my Vizsla going to get?
  195. How tall should I build a fence for a bullmastiff?
  196. What are curly coated retrievers like as dogs?
  197. How can I tell if my dog is a toy fox terrier or a rat terrier?
  198. Can I keep a old english sheepdog shaved?
  199. Welsh Corgi?
  200. How do I train a Australian Cattle Dog to herd horses?
  201. ????Dachshund?
  202. Where can i get a finnish spitz and shiba inu?
  203. Does anyone know of someone in Oklahoma who would like a 6 yr. old fullblood
  204. When buying a border collie puppy how can you tell if it will be rough or
  205. SHiba Inu!?!?
  206. What all can a flat coated retriever part Labrador retriever can do?
  207. What are good tips on training a bichon frise puppy?
  208. How to get a pekingese to let me brush her ?
  209. Which is the better working dog. A Border Collie or Australian Kelpie?
  210. How can I get my Norwegian Elkhound to stop biting me when I come home?
  211. My boston terrier is eating the cat litter and cat poop EWWW how can I stop him?
  212. Victorian Bulldog she keeps chewing her paws sometimes till they bleed.She cant
  213. about how much should an Irish wolfhound puppy cost you?
  214. Doberman pinscher....?
  215. Bedlington terrier cross changing colour?
  216. What's the Difference between Xoloitzcuintlis and American Hairless Terriers?
  217. What should a bernese mountain dog puppy weigh at 4 months?
  218. Can Siberian Husky live comfotably in a flat?
  219. How many puppies can a border collie have?
  220. I just bought a Rhodesian Ridgeback female pet and I am seeking for a good...
  221. chihuahua...............?
  222. How much does a English Foxhound at a breeder?
  223. Can anyone tell me where I can find a Miniature Bull Terrier Breeder close
  224. when my dog comes in from using it he throws up grass & foam. he's a cocker...
  225. My dachshund had a weird bump the size of a quarter under her ribcage that has
  226. I want to become a cosmetologist in Newfoundland, anyone know where I start?
  227. How would a saint bernard puppy of 8 weeks react to a bunny who is uncaged?
  228. Does anyone know if a Keeshond has fur or hair?
  229. How much do great dane studs go for now a days?
  230. Cairn Terrier?
  231. America or English Foxhound Breeders?
  232. How long does a Papillon carry before giving birth?
  233. Would a Brussels Griffon puppy be able to live with two budgies?
  234. How much would a greyhound ticket be from Halifax to Kitchener?
  235. Has anyone ever seen a Rottweiler cross Hungarian kuvasz dog?
  236. Can Great Pyrenees handle the cold weather outside?
  237. I recently purchased an australian cattle dog with light gray eyes. Is he...
  238. Rottweiler puppy has distemper virus not eating not drinking losing hair Help what
  239. What is the average price for a Shetland sheepdog?
  240. Could a purebred flat-coated retriever have a bit of white on him?
  241. I just adopted a beagle puppy that is 8 weeks old. How do I potty train him?...
  242. What is the name of the Australian Cattle Dog Ranch featured on The Dog Whisperer?
  243. How can a boxer reach top levels and retain such a sharp nose bridge as Vlad...
  244. saint bernard??
  245. Where can I find a Keeshond dog in Oklahoma?
  246. How do Portuguese Water Dog's fair with cats?
  247. My lakeland terrier can not stop chewing at her hind quaters !?
  248. Is it normal for my Shar Pei puppy to be scared of me and my family?
  249. My German Shepherd Dog is 5 months old and weights 60 pounds.How much will he
  250. How to find a good prospective French Bulldog puppy buyer?