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  1. How old does a staffordshire Bull Terrier need to be before I can stud him?
  2. Should I get a 6 week old lhasa apso or a 4 month old one?
  3. Shiba Inu; How can I get my 2 year old Shiba to get along with my new lab puppy?
  4. How do i stop my collie barking at people and other dogs when we`re out on a walk?
  5. Where is a rescue place to buy a silky terrier in Carson or Torrance?
  6. Has anyone had a LEONBERGER dog for a pet?
  7. How can I make my Rottweiler more dog friendly?
  8. What questions should I ask a breeder about buying Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy?
  9. What is the oldest a Chow Chow dog ever lived?
  10. Pekingese?
  11. How are teacup chihuahua's different from regular chihuahuas?
  12. How much does an American Cocker Spaniel Cost?
  13. How can I find out if my Black and Tan coonhound is fullblooded?
  14. How to i know when it is time to pull the hair on my Norwich terrier?
  15. Why does my 3 year old Italian Greyhound circle so much?
  16. has anyone bought a dalmatian puppy from the winflash kennels in Cambridge?
  17. How can i buy puppy of irish terrier breed in belgium. belgium family who
  18. Labrador Retriever?
  19. How do I breed my Dachshund with my German Shepherd?
  20. My chihuahua seems to be more aggresive towards other chihuahuas. What...
  21. Can you go jogging with a miniature bull terrier?
  22. Irish wolfhound?
  23. How long should my Old English Sheepdog bleed during her heat cycle?
  24. How much does your staffordshire bull terrier weigh?
  25. What is a reasonable price for a pet quality AKC Shetland Sheepdog puppy
  26. Does anyone know if there are any Russian Black Terrier(RBT) for sale in the U.K.? ?
  27. What is a good name for an affenpinscher puppy?
  28. Do Komondor dogs have hair grow like it is or does the breeder make it like that ?
  29. What characteristics to look for on a Bullmastiff puppy?
  30. What kind of brush should I get for my English Pointer mix?
  31. What is the best dog food for a vizsla mix puppy?
  32. How much do all the vaccinations cost for Dutch Shepherd or Canaan Dog?
  33. how much would it cost for a Norwich terrier puppy in australia?
  34. Does anyone have a Native American Indian Dog? I want one. Any suggestions?
  35. Where would I adopt a Keeshond in Hawaii?
  36. i am looking for a cane corso italiano female puppy in michigan?
  37. Does anyone know where to buy a Basenji puppy around Portage Michigan?
  38. Dog Breeds Simliar to Briard.
  39. Australian terrier, how do I get the pick of the litter?
  40. How do I tell if my Toy Fox Terrier is Pregnant?
  41. where can I buy a weimaraner in the Philippines?
  42. welsh corgi?
  43. How should I ship a French bulldog during the summer?
  44. My 1 year old Great Dane is home alone during the day - what can I do to avoid...
  45. Does anyone know where I can find pictures of an Alaskan Malamute / Kuvasz mix?
  46. How much does a Borzoi puppy cost?
  47. What inch of collar would an english pointer cross need roughly?
  48. Japanese Spaniel VS. Pomeranian mixed with a Long Haired Chihuhua!?
  49. How to Care for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  50. How old does a english pointer pup have to be before it can get a new owner?
  51. What would you name a black,White and Carmel Colored Saluki?
  52. Does anybody know the temperament for a German Shorthaired Pointer bred with a
  53. how much do Komondor puppies cost?
  54. Is it normal for my australian terrier to shed?
  55. Does anyone out there have an Afghan hound?
  56. Hellow i want to if the cacuasian ovcharka is strongest than Kangal,cao?
  57. How would one go about registering a toy poodle as a therapy dog?
  58. How much should my saint bernard puppy weigh?
  59. How to teach a beagle not to howl at an early age?
  60. How to tell if a welsh corgi is over wight ?
  61. American Bulldog?
  62. My pug puppies are 3 weeks old today, when do I start intoducing them to...
  63. cairn terrier?
  64. Is my dog a Staff Bull Terrier or Irish Bull Terrier,how do i tell the difference?
  65. Any colleges in Newfoundland offering the photography course ?
  66. How long does a samoyed hair grow?
  67. My Australian Terrier has a weight problem but not all the time?
  68. How to train a manchester terrier from going #2 in the house?
  69. poodle???????????????
  70. How can I get my Toy Fox Terrier to stop terrorizing my cats?
  71. Would a Welsh Springer Spaniel make a good first dog?
  72. How do I train my irish setter to hunt quail?
  73. I have a female havanese who was a cranberry mocha color turned white.
  74. Doberman , rotty , bullmastiff or canary dog ?
  75. Does anyone know where I can go to adopt an Afghan Hound?
  76. Will a 15 month old basenji learn to get along with a new kitten or cat?
  77. Im writing a story about a badger and a spaniel wo live in a field. What can...
  78. How long can pomeranian puppies and adults stay home alone?
  79. Tibetan Spaniel owners- What are the good and bad things about this dog?
  80. What is the price range for a Saluki Dog?
  81. My 3 year old Airedale Terrier just ate a whole loaf of wheat bread. Should I be
  82. When miniature Pinscher usually reach their full growth?
  83. What is the survival rate of a Scottish terrier diagnosed with heart worms?
  84. What causes scabs on a labrador retriever?
  85. Can someone tell me a basenji breeder in Ohio or Kentucky?
  86. shih-tzu?+++++++++++++++?
  87. Beagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  88. how long should i feed my 9 month old black and tan coonhound puppy food?
  89. How Can I Minimize shedding on a Clumber Spaniel?
  90. Japanese Chin/Spaniel breeders in Ontario or Canada?
  91. what is the land origin for a Komondor?
  92. How do I train my Gordon Setter to pee on a leash?
  93. How old do boxer puppies have to be to get ears and tailed clipped?
  94. What causes a poodle to have eating problems?
  95. Why does my Old English Sheepdog gag everytime after she drinks water?
  96. Komondor???
  97. How can i make my German shepherd dog stronger?
  98. How do I stop my welsh corgi from chewing on the wood on the house?
  99. Where is there a Welsh Terrier breeder around Northern Michigan?
  100. How old will my dalmatian live to be?
  101. My English Springer Spaniel with be getting pregnant in december for the first time?
  102. Can a basset hound be taught to sniff gold?
  103. How do I get my silky terrier to stop chewing on everything?
  104. How do you stop a basset hound from being stinky?
  105. what should I name my german wirehaired pointer, hunting dog? He is going to...
  106. How much will a greyhound bus ticket cost to g0 from Kansas city missouri to...
  107. Can you mix a Newfoundland with a Hungarian Kuvasz?
  108. How much would a Komondor as a puppy be?
  109. Do pekingese dogs like to live by their selves with no other dog in the house?
  110. Why does my Pomeranian freak out whenever I pick up my Chihuahua?
  111. How do I keep my Bull Mastiff from eating her kennel and getting out?
  112. What type of food should I feed my young chesapeake bay retriever puppy?
  113. How can I give my basset hound better breath?
  114. How long does my Rottweiler puppie bleed during that time?
  115. When do chihuahua puppies start to ude the bathroom?
  116. How to keep a Great Dane from humping people like my Grandma?
  117. What is your opinion on the 10 year old Sussex spaniel winning Westminster Dog Show?
  118. Miniature Schnauzer Owners; what can you tell me about the breed?
  119. Getting a shih tzu puppy. How do you potty train them when they are so young?
  120. I am adopting a 3 yr chesapeake bay retriever, from New England and I live in...
  121. What is the difference between a King Doberman and a Doberman Pinscher?
  122. What should i get a samoyed puppy or a japanese spitz?
  123. Brittany??
  124. What's a good name for a female Black & Tan Coonhound puppy?
  125. How do I train a Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  126. are there any Sussex spaniel breeders in the usa?
  127. how can i tell where my welsh terrier came from? paperwork only has name
  128. Maremma and Hungarian Kuvasz which is better ?
  129. How much would a pure bread female Irish Setter cost in Canada?
  130. Why are there Belgian Malinois in the show ring?
  131. miniature pinscher.?
  132. My girlfriends toy poodle is a very aggressive biter what can we do to
  133. Anyone know of any American Foxhound breeders in the Maryland, Virginia,...
  134. Shetland Sheepdog?
  135. How do you stop a basenji and a chihuahua from fighting?
  136. How can I get my Dachshund to stop whining and barking when he is left alone?
  137. What should I do with a little english setter which has behavior problems?
  138. If a papillon puppy growls when you try to take something away, how do you train
  139. what is the difference between an american eskimo dog and an artic fox?
  140. Is the Anatolian shepherd and Kangal dog the same breed or two different ones?
  141. How do I get my Dachshund back in shape?
  142. Can a staffordshire bull terrier be left home alone?
  143. Why does my parents Irish Water Spaniel shed LOADS of hair?
  144. Irish Wolfhound or Scottish Deerhound?
  145. Tibetan terrier?
  146. where can i find a kurdish kangal puppy?
  147. What is the best food for a Groenendael (belgian shepherd)?
  148. Is my Shetland Sheepdog compatible with the Ferret i want to buy?
  149. Anyone else out there own an Australian Kelpie?
  150. Norfolk Terrier?
  151. What is the average cost of a chow chow, and the average cost of a rough collie?
  152. for Clumber spaniel owners?
  153. Why does my French Bulldog keep her head tilted to one side?
  154. My 2 year Old English Sheepdog has been neutered since he was 5 months
  155. How can i stop my pekingese from chewing on everything she finds?
  156. How do you get a pug puppy to quit biting?
  157. How much should a Cairn Terrier puppy cost from a breeder?
  158. How can i get my cavalier king charles spaniel to play with other dogs...
  159. why is my Chesapeake Bay Retriever so small?
  160. odes anyone know where its would be possable to find a norfolk terrier or
  161. How old does a Jack Russell Terrier have to be when the tail is docked?
  162. How can you tell if my two lhasa apso have mated ?
  163. Basenji???
  164. How do you get a Cairn Terrier to accept a new cat in the house?
  165. What's the difference between and English Pointer & a GSH Pointer?
  166. how do I teach my jack russell terrier to get my boots or the newpaper?
  167. How much do I feed my Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy?
  168. How do I train my Bearded collie's fringe?
  169. My dog, a Skye Terrier, sits and watches me when I have visitors and whenever I move
  170. Where can I get an Irish Terrier around Wolverhampton?
  171. I have a 18month old English springer spaniel bitch who pees every time she gets
  172. How often do dalmatian mollies get pregnant? I'm a new fish owner and I picked out
  173. Is a dudley nose a drawback in a Basenji?
  174. Doberman Pinscher?
  175. How much does a pure bred Shiba Inu puppy generally cost for purchase? Price range?
  176. When do the english bulldog's teeth start to protrude from there bottom jaw?
  177. My golden retriever has a cataract on her right eye. Should she have surgery to
  178. clumber spaniel?
  179. How much is a pedigree Dandie Dinmont Terrier?
  180. What should I name my webkinz irish setter?
  181. Know of any greater swiss mountain dog breeders in new york or the tri-state area?
  182. bearded collie?
  183. Best time to buy a german shorthaired pointer for hunting?
  184. How do I train my German Shorthaired Pointer to hunt?
  185. How do I get my Cairn Terrier to be calm?
  186. What is the difference between a Murray River Curly Coated Retriever and
  187. does chicken chow mein mean that it was made from the dog chow chow?
  188. Is a Coronado Borzoi different from other borzoi?
  189. Would a Saluki make a good candidate for agility?
  190. Our twelve and a half year old Airedale Terrier is all of a puff and skittish
  191. How long can a 14 year old brittany spaniel live with out surgery to...
  192. pomeranian???
  193. What do you recommend for a bloodhound puppy?
  194. which puppy is better yorkie poo or bichon?
  195. What makes your chihuahua so special to you?
  196. Is a female Rhodesian Ridgeback more protective over a family and...
  197. How do I make my boston terrier to sit on cement?
  198. Does anyone know what an affenpinscher is?
  199. Where can I find Norfolk terrier puppies in the UK?
  200. How often should I brush my norfolk terrier?
  201. how much should i sell my curly coated retrievers for?
  202. Lhasa apso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  203. bichon frise?
  204. my 5 mouth old bedlington terrier wont stop bitting my hands and it hurts?
  205. Can you purchase a greyhound ticket with just a school id?
  206. Where can I buy a dogo argentino puppy in the Philippines or any countries near...
  207. unfrtunatly our saint bernard passed away of old age. Any ideas of what we can do
  208. siberian husky?
  209. What is the fastest recorded time for a whippet to race/run?
  210. Where can I get a lakeland terrier in New Jersey?
  211. Shiba inu?
  212. Where can I buy a Norwegian Elkhound in SoCal?
  213. Who says the Havanese is the best breed?
  214. What is the personality of a miniature pinscher / pitbull terrier mix?
  215. Is it possible for purebred Welsh Terrier puppies to have a small white
  216. I wanna know if i can get another Australian Kelpie somewhere in Maryland or close?
  217. My super bearded collie dog of ten years is scared of any noise. How can I calm him
  218. Winner of Best in Show? Sussex Spaniel?
  219. Golden retriever?
  220. Can you help with information on breeding my silky terrier?
  221. How can I get my dachshund pup to lose weight?
  222. what is the typical price of a Komondor dog?
  223. Where is a good breeder to get my Dogo Argentino from?
  224. Basset Hound?
  225. How to encourage my beagle to eat her food?
  226. My American bulldog has developed a habit of jumping and biting me. How...
  227. (Dogue de Bordeaux, Cane Corso Italiano)Rare breeds & AKC?
  228. I have a Cairn Terrier that has allergies to almost everything. Has anyone...
  229. Border collie?
  230. Can you find a breeder for a Sealyham Terrier?
  231. What happens if you mix a mini poodle with a standard poodle?
  232. rottweiler?
  233. Havanese???
  234. Can a West Highland White Terrier get along with a Minature Schnauzer and a Black
  235. What breed of dog gets a long well with an English Cocker Spaniel puppy?
  236. What is the best thing to give my Samoyed to make his coat thick?
  237. How long does it take to housebreak a Pekingese dog?
  238. My dog is driving me crazy!! I let my American foxhound of 10 months stay in the
  239. which dog breed is better for me:Canaan dog or Dutch Shepherd or...
  240. I have a 6 1/2 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy what are some good...
  241. How old does a miniature poodle have to be before you can get the first hair cut?
  242. How often do you bathe a Old English Sheepdog she is 6 months old?
  243. When does the "ridge" on the rhodesian ridgeback start to appear from when...
  244. Ok, so i researched and checked around about a skye Terrier and they make...
  245. Any good beagle breeders in nc? I want referrals from people who got
  246. where can i get an irish terrier puppy in california?
  247. What do I need to groom my English Springer Spaniel?
  248. What are the best utensils for grooming a Flat-coated Retriever?
  249. where can i find a yellow flat coated retriever?
  250. what shampoo to use for bearded collie and advice on keeping coat matt free.