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  1. House training a miniature Bull terrier?
  2. schnauzer ? ?
  3. Are there any field spaniel breeders in the North East?
  4. Some tips for potty training a 2 month wirehaired fox terrier pup?
  5. What does it mean when a Papillon puppy keeps sniffing around and scratching
  6. What could happen if my american eskimo miniture ate a lot of chocolate?
  7. Can a 6th month old chiwawa have puppies with a miniature poodle, and live?
  8. I would like to foster a french bulldog were do I start?
  9. I have two American Bulldogs (male and female) and Two American Pittbull Terriers ?
  10. I'm going to have a Skye Terrier and I need a name...?
  11. How do you train a bloodhound to pick up scents?
  12. How do I make my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Fetch?
  13. Why does my Shih Tzu show aggression towards men when they are leaving my home?
  14. why does my 1 yr belgian malinois tear up things when left alone in the house?
  15. What is the difference between a European Doberman Pinscher and an American one?
  16. Does any one know where I can get newfoundland, leonberger or labrador
  17. Would a whippet and a Greyhound get along well with each other?
  18. What was the name and/or breeder of the American Water Spaniel in the...
  19. My shih tzu poodle needs a dog friend. How do theyt react to other shih tzu poodles?
  20. Is it still safe to breed an 11 year old chow chow or not? how can we breed without
  21. Someone help me find anyone with a vizsla stud in southern california?
  22. What are some good names for a female Bedlington Terrier?
  23. Can anybody find me pictures with hair very similar to Brittany Daniel in Joe Dirt?
  24. finnish spitz where can i buy one?
  25. Is a Norwich Terrier good with cats?
  26. How can I persuade my (almost) housetrained Whippet to 'go' off our property?
  27. Why does my miniature pinscher cry when he tries to bury a sock?
  28. How often can you wash a yorkshire terrier?
  29. I want a Belgian Tervuren puppy, purebred or mixed. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU KNOW...
  30. What is the difference between a Welch Terrier and an Airedale Terrier?
  31. How would my female American Cocker Spaniel's attitude change after getting spayed?
  32. Does anyone know of any american eskimo dogs in Michigan?
  33. How do I stop my Border Collie from shedding so much?
  34. How much would a Shiba Inu or a King Charles Spaniel cost?
  35. How would a rotweiler, doberman and yorkshire terrier get along?
  36. Miniature Pinscher?
  37. When should a Doberman Pinscher be put in obedience classes?
  38. Are there any reliable black and tan coonhound breeders in or around Indiana?
  39. What all priviliges will my german shepherd dog have once he is a
  40. Chihuahua?
  41. American pittbull terrier wat do they do to make them muscle
  42. How to get my Finnish Spitz mix to stop being so aggressive with Pit Bull Puppy.?
  43. How long can a Cavalier king charles spaniel be left on its own?
  44. What is the best dry dog food for an Airedale Terrier?
  45. How can I convince my parents into getting a free bloodhound puppy?
  46. does anyone else know what a borzoi is?
  47. How long are silky terrier dogs supposed to live?
  48. Lhasa Apso?
  49. Why is my Belgian Malinois needs to be told to finish his food?
  50. How do I get my Lakeland terrier to stop trying to attack my cat?
  51. What is the poodle quarintine time on entering australia?
  52. Has anybody ever had any experience with the Saluki or Borzoi? What is your
  53. How often do bichon frise have to be walked?
  54. How do I get my 2YO Affenpinscher to eat.?
  55. Does a Havanese tend to attach to only one person in the family?
  56. affenpinscher?
  57. What is the temperament of a whippet hound mix?
  58. Which does better left alone Miniature pinscher or Manchester terrier?
  59. Why does my bullmastiff have hardly any wrinkles?
  60. does all belgian malinois dogs are intelligent or possessed the same traits?
  61. what i should know about a Finnish Spitz?
  62. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy - How much do I feed her?
  63. How old is the oldest age a Boston Terrier can have puppies?
  64. What do you think about the Akita Inu breed?
  65. how much should i feed a five month old black & tan coonhound puppy?
  66. Beagle!???
  67. is an american staffordshire terrier and a pit bull the same dog?
  68. how much does an average age female yorkie bichon weigh?
  69. I'm getting a tibetan spaniel puppy in a few weeks and am trying to think...
  70. What is a breed of dog just as adorable as a brussels griffon yet more affordable?
  71. How do I make my rottweiler like my new great dane puppy?
  72. Vizsla.......?
  73. How long do Yorkshire Terrier live up to?
  74. Is it normal for Great Pyrenees puppies to have 6 toes on each foot?
  75. My Border Collie growls and bares his teeth at one of the dogs why is this happening?
  76. What dog food brand would be best for my toy fox terrier puppy?
  77. Is there such a dog as a"Miniature Afghan hound" ?
  78. How can I get my basset hound to let me know when she needs out?
  79. I am interested in getting a Sussex Spaniel. Who breeds and sells Sussex Spaniels?
  80. Who thinks of an english pointer as the best companion/hunting dog?
  81. can somebody PLEASE explain the difference between the American Foxhound and the
  82. What kind of fence should I get for my toy fox terrier?
  83. What could cause my Schnauzer to have a swollen ear flap?
  84. How much is a greyhound bus ride from missouri to florida?
  85. What could I expect from a Native American Indian Dog?
  86. Why is it that my cavalier king Charles spaniel is taller than others?
  87. Will my roommates boxer mix neutered male dog get along with my female spayed Vizsla?
  88. When does an Airedale Terrier reach there full size?
  89. What rarer to have a jack russell/doberman mix or a manchester terrier mix?
  90. How long does it take a Bloodhound to become adult?
  91. has anyone owned a dandie dinmont terrier?
  92. What dog is better for kids, a west-highland white terrier or a yorkshire terriers?
  93. Do you have a Gordon Setter girl dog that became incontinent after having been...
  94. How can I introduce our staffordshire bull terrier puppy to our eight year
  95. How would a tibetan terrier mixed with chiuahua will look like?
  96. Should I get an Airedale Terrier or a Giant Schnauzer?
  97. How long did your Boxer or Boxer mix live and how big were they?
  98. How good is the Great Pyrenees for protection?
  99. What is the difference between a Springer Spaniel and an English Setter?
  100. Saint bernard?
  101. Is the main character in Karate Dog a Briard?
  102. I am wanting a american cocker spaniel and i am tying to find a name for him?
  103. Why is my Boston Terrier forming a bald spot on his head? What can I do to...
  104. How to tell if my dog is an american pittbull or an american Staffordshire
  105. Are sussex spaniels good with kids and are they good watch dogs?
  106. which dog breed, Kishu ken, Kai inu, Ainu dog, Korea Jindo can be dog
  107. How cold a temperature can Great Pyrenees withstand and for how long?
  108. Welsh Terrier or Lakeland Terrier? I have been doing research on both of
  109. Dog Lovers: What is the difference between an Australian Cattle Dog and an...
  110. How much more should my Portuguese water dog grow?
  111. POMERANIAn.........?
  112. How do I get my Border Collie to stop howling when the pnone rings?
  113. What temperature suits a Norfolk Terrier?
  114. How do I get my toy poodle to become less dependent on me?
  115. Where can I adopt an American Eskimo from in Missouri?
  116. american bulldog...?
  117. How long does a pomeranian stay in heat?
  118. How do you introduce an Australian Kelpie puppy with an 8yr old Miniature
  119. How to train my Golden Retriever to bark when stranger come to my house?
  120. How old does an English Pointer start showing signs of their first cycle?
  121. What is the difference between a Shiba Inu and Jindo?
  122. If you give a welsh terrier chocolate will they die?
  123. Where can I get a Scottish Deerhound puppy? ?
  124. How much more will our miniature schnauzer grow?
  125. !!!dogo argentino!!!?
  126. Where can i find an australian shepherd dog?
  127. Can a Newfoundland get along with a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd?
  128. Does anyone own a Victorian Bulldog in the Los Angeles area? Please contact
  129. Is a golden retriever or a cocker spaniel a better family dog and also...
  130. shiba inu?????
  131. I have an American eskimo - does anybody have tried and true methods
  132. I have an Irish Terrier. Have you ever heard of this type of dog?
  133. BiCHON FRISE?????
  134. What is the best dog food to feed a 4 month old Havanese puppy?
  135. how do i control my 5 month old black and tan coonhound from trying to play with
  136. Anyone know where i can find a Norfolk Terrier breeder in the vancouver area?
  137. Where can I get an italian greyhound in Hawaii?
  138. Can anyone advise me on grooming my komondor?
  139. what is the best diet for an Irish Wolfhound?
  140. Have a 7 month old lakeland terrier b*tch and problem is she barks at
  141. How will my Cairn Terrier get along with my new lab puppy?
  142. How can I stop my english setter from nipping people when they reach out to pet her?
  143. I have an australian kelpie and he seem's to want to fight the other dogs all...
  144. I have a tibetan spaniel and he's infected with fleas and ticks.. Any...
  145. My Boston Terrier has a loose stool because she's on meds due to a diagnosis...
  146. doberman pinscher?
  147. Does anyone know where I can get a Native American Indian Dog near Maryland?
  148. how do I get my toy poodle to stop peeing on the floor in the house?
  149. What is the average size collar for an adult American Cocker Spaniel?
  150. does a pure breed belgian malinois, is the same as the cross breed malinois?
  151. Best way to prevent tearstains on a Havanese?
  152. How many Sivas Kangal are there in Turkey?
  153. What is the difference between a Yorkshire terrier & a Silky terrier?
  154. How do I get my pug puppy to stop waking me during the night?
  155. What do you think would have happened to the royalty in Brittany had it...
  156. How can one import a mountain type Afghan Hound from Afghanistan or neighbouring
  157. How much would an English Bulldog cost from a breeder with its shots and everything?
  158. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breeders in Aus?
  159. Yorkshire terrier?
  160. How to stop my Bullmastiff puppy from aggressively biting?
  161. Boston terrier?
  162. I'd like to know what type of diet other borzoi owners are using. I've been
  163. What is the temperament of a rhodesian ridgeback?
  164. Is there such a dog as a miniature Finnish spitz?
  165. great Pyrenees?
  166. What can I do to get my bloodhound mix to calm down when I give him a bath?
  167. Does anyone else have a Bedlington Terrier?
  168. What kind of Belgian Dog is the best do you think? Turveren, Groenendael, Lakinois?
  169. belgian tervuren?
  170. Would a Jack russel cross lakeland terrier chase my cats?
  171. Would a dalmatian be good in an apartment?
  172. I have a American cocker spaniel that has had a temporary spazm that lasted 5
  173. What type of food, how much and how often do you feed a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?
  174. How much food should my pug puppy be eating?
  175. where can i find a reliable breeder of flat coated retriever?
  176. How long does it take an American Staffordshire Terrier Mix to reach full size?
  177. What is your experience with Jack Russell Terrier's getting along with cats if a...
  178. In theory what would a pitbull mixed with australian cattle dog personality be?
  179. How big would a shar pei puppy mixed with german shepard get to be?
  180. What to do with a mentally challenged mastiff?
  181. my affenpinscher dog sheds all over the place. What can I do about this problem?
  182. How hard is it raising a shiba inu puppy?
  183. How much should/does a purebred Norfolk Terrier Cost?
  184. What can I do to stop my dalmatian from running aggressively out to people...
  185. Is a norwich terrier or a norfolk terrier the best in terms of trainability?
  186. is there anyway to break a 9 month old black and tan coonhound......?
  187. What are the risks of shaving a German Shepherd dog?
  188. How can I keep a rottweiler out of my fenced yard?
  189. Why do border collie sheepdogs take an interested in herding sheep?
  190. Stores In LOS ANGELES where they sell AMERICAN PITTBULL TERRIERS?
  191. How big is a bernese mountain dog at age of 3 months?
  192. lhasa apso?
  193. My shih tzu had puppies and they all died. How long will it take her to get...
  194. I am getting a Shar Pei pup and was wondering if the Pedigree dentabones...
  195. How can I know if the Pekingese dog I bought is full blooded?
  196. Where can I find a female chihuahua to breed my male blue chihuahua with?
  197. Why does my golden retriever eat my house plants, how do i stop her?
  198. Can a chocalate labrador hunt well with an english or irish setter?
  199. When should I start flea prevention for my 10 week old Brittany?
  200. Great Pyrenees?
  201. Do you have a Bedlington terrier or Know someone with one? ?
  202. How old does a labrador retriever have to be in order to have puppies?
  203. How old does a French Bulldog puppy have to be to take him home?
  204. How do I train my bullmastiff puppy?
  205. I might get another dog and I need to decide between a; bichon frise, yorkie, and...
  206. Do you think the Australian cattle dog is right for me?
  207. Is it a good idea to trim my Norwegian Elkhound's nails?
  208. Can I train my English Cocker Spaniel to be a good pheasant hunting dog?
  209. What is the difference between a Newfoundland Landseer and a ECT Landseer?
  210. My Boston Terrier needs to have his teeth cleaned. Is there anything I can use
  211. How big is an english springer spaniel puppy who is 3 months old? inches
  212. How much do pomeranian puppies at reputable breeders cost?
  213. Anyone else have a maltese x australian terrier?
  214. How much exercise does an australian shepherd dog need per day?
  215. How much exercise does a bloodhound need?
  216. Are sealyham terriers good with kids?
  217. OK, we are all sick of hearing about Brittany Spears and her train wreck of
  218. Where to get a Red and White Irish Setter?
  219. How active would a Border Collie x Spaniel be?
  220. Is a Weimaraner appropriate for my current living situation?
  221. How much are mini dachshund pups in your area?
  222. Where can I find a miniature Bull Terrier in South Africa?
  223. what are the main differences between an English Cocker Spaniel and an American
  224. American Hairless Terrier AHS?
  225. How long does it take for a Papillon to lose its winter coat?
  226. What can you tell me about Australian Shepherds or Australian Cattle Dog?
  227. I have Cavalier King Charles spaniel he hates to get his feet wet what should I do?
  228. Im getting a bichon frise puppy in a couple of weeks, and was wondering weather
  229. What are the pros and the cons of having an Irish wolfhound?
  230. I have a sealyham terrier and he jumped off my roof today. what kind of vet bill?
  231. How long can I leave my English Springer Spaniel outside when it is 10-15 Degrees F?
  232. What is the best markings for a Boston Terrier?
  233. Where can I find a doberman pinscher for cheap in utah?
  234. How old are brussels griffon when they stop growing?
  235. Do any of you have a flat coated retriever?
  236. Dogo-Argentino ?
  237. can anyone refer me to a Swissy (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) breeder in or around NJ?
  238. What are the benefits of neutering my boston terrier?
  239. What is the price for a Kurdish Kangal puppy?
  240. How Do Greyhound Trainers Make Money In The Sport Of Greyhound Racing?
  241. What kind of dog food receipes to feed a Brussels Griffon? Best Dog food?
  242. How do I get my Jack Russell terrier to stop peeing in the house?
  243. australian terrier?
  244. Is it safe to let a toy fox terrier off leash if you are outside with it?
  245. Do kuvasz normaly get along well with other dogs?
  246. What is the best way of grooming a chow chow?
  247. My American Bulldog looks different from all the others?
  248. My 7 1-2 month old australian terrier is limping on his front foot, what could be...
  249. Doberman pinscher!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  250. Native American Indian Dog good for allergies!?!?