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  1. I purchased a pekingese she is 5 months old since we have her she has never bark?
  2. How long can you leave an American Eskimo Dog alone?
  3. Does anyone own an Australian Kelpie?
  4. should i bathe my 10 month old cairn terrier??
  5. Whats a good name for a black girl poodle?
  6. Does anyone know any reputable Tibetan Spaniel breeders?
  7. Bulldog or Bullmastiff?
  8. traveling by a greyhound bus????
  9. i need help for a dachshund dress up contest?
  10. Where can I find a mini/teacup pug in CA?
  11. my toy poodle wont eat, its ben days he drinks water but isnt ever hungry,...
  12. Does anyone know where to buy a Victorian Bulldog $100-$200 or less?
  13. Greyhound Discounts and Savings?
  14. Shiba Inu lovers:What are shiba inus like?
  15. what are the dark colored spots under the skin of my 2yr. old Toy Fox Terrier?
  16. How to get my shetland sheepdog to not chase my cat ?
  17. Does any one know where i can find an Old English Sheepdog in Miami, Fl?
  18. Chow - Chows - temperament?
  19. I am looking to buy a Chihuahua?
  20. Does anyone give their mini american eskimo dog milk or lactaid?
  21. Convince dad to get a small dog, preferrably a chihuahua?
  22. Are there currently any problems (health, temperament, etc) with the Rhodesian...
  23. My english bulldog has one eye that is red where the other is white, is
  24. What can i name my new great dane puppy?
  25. What are some good names for a yellow labrador retriever?
  26. Are Pugs a good companion to Papillons?
  27. Can my golden retriever compete In AKC?
  28. Pug house training quesitons....?
  29. Worried for my Chihuahua Giving Birth?
  30. i have a black lab/siberian husky mix dog..is it okay for a guard dog?
  31. What are Some Good Names For A Dachshund?
  32. Does anyone have the beagle and/or black lab webkinz items?
  33. My Pug has 2 Scabs on his back, what do I do?
  34. Springer Spaniels and English Setters?
  35. How many years can I breed a Toy Poodle?
  36. Why short patch of hair on shih tzu?
  37. Yorkshire terrier knee problem?
  38. How many Border Collies do you have?
  39. what is the size and weight of my labrador mix dalmatian 2 months old?
  40. Why is our Yorkshire terrier so frightened all the time?
  41. How Can I teach a year old Jack Russell Terrier to shake hands?
  42. Cute, Unique names for a black pug?
  43. Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies!!!!?
  44. Why does my female American bulldog get aggressive when she's in heat?
  45. do you know how much is chow chow breed?
  46. what do you think i should wear boxers or breifs?
  47. Help - Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends?
  48. do Chihuahua's really bark alot??
  49. When does a Miniature Pinscher's hair turn grey/white?
  50. Boston terrier movies????
  51. Should I get a male or female pug?
  52. How to Care for an Irish Wolfhound?
  53. Can either a English Bulldog, French Bulldog, or a Tibetan Terrier act as...
  54. I want to get a bichon frise?
  55. if not an english bulldog(for u who have answered my other question)what kind of...
  56. can I cut my chow chow's hair or will it ruin his coat?
  57. Is a pug high maintenance and are they friendly with children?
  58. Y&R David Chow??
  59. just curious if anyone on here has a borzoi? i have two...?
  60. Need a unique name for a brown tri-color long hair rescue dog. He's an...
  61. Experienced Beagle Breeders, I need your opinion?
  62. Help, I can't get my Boston Terrier housetrained?
  63. my poodle/chihuahua dog has asma?!?
  64. Husky and bernese mountain dog?
  66. Yorkie-Silky Terrier?
  67. i really want a toy poodle but .....?
  68. Is my Bichon Frise Fat?
  69. Cavalier king charles spaniel breeders?
  70. suggestions of names for my future maltese poodle mix male?
  71. is a silky terrier a good dog?
  72. Is a shetland sheepdog a good dog for me?
  73. My English bulldog is 62 lbs...is that too big?? I've read that males are an
  74. comfortable boxers?
  75. Female bullmastiff in heat again?
  76. Are bull terriers good with children?
  77. american cocker spaniel?
  78. Grooming an Old English Sheepdog?
  79. my mini schnauzer ate one coco puff?
  80. Scared Chihuahua that won't come around! Help!?
  81. Why is my non pregnant dachshund lactating?
  82. Greyhound bus question?
  83. 5 month boston terrier growling??
  84. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs good? i have some questions too.?
  85. anyone selling a mini Schnauzers?
  86. When was the last time you saw an Irish Setter?
  87. French Bulldog constanly licking paws?
  88. how much does a golden retriever cost?
  89. Why is my chihuahua yelping? Any ideas?
  90. People that have a Westie (West Highland White Terrier), what were your...
  91. which dog breed is better: golden retriever or labrador retriever?
  92. my little chihuahua is lost and about 1/4 mile from home, is it possible...
  93. how big do tibetan spaniels grow???
  94. is there a clark gable movie where he's a boxer, and is forced to date a
  95. Four year old Miniature Pinscher having accidents in the house...?
  96. Did anyone hear that the dachshund was named most aggressive dog breed?
  97. question about the tail of my shar pei?
  98. golden retriever had puppies?
  99. I am about to get a 6 month old labrador retriever any advice on how to take
  100. Basset Hound as first time dog?
  101. My 9 week old english pointer?
  102. is an american eskimo right for me?
  103. Italian greyhound...?
  104. shiba inu dog help?
  105. Are Brussels Griffons good dogs for families with small children?
  106. Do you know the PSI of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and English Bull Terrier?
  107. My 8 month old papillon puppy got hit by a car and broke his pelvis.?
  108. How do I train my new Great Dane puppy to not bark?
  109. my Rottweiler Lab he used to have just a half a diamond of a brown spot in his bum?
  110. my toy poodle is really healthy but every so often it will shiver on and
  111. help please with finding info/pictures of skye terriers...?
  112. American Eskimo?
  113. My Shiba Inu barks and growls at babies....?
  114. I saw a dog that looked like a cross between a Dachshund and an Irish Setter...?
  115. American Bulldogs? Pure Blooded?
  116. Welsh Springer or English Cocker Spaniel?
  117. shih-tzu ,maltese or havanese??
  118. Best Boxer?
  119. is my pug fat?
  120. What is the Bloodhound Gang song that goes "The thing i like in girls...
  121. Does anybody know the temperament for a German Shorthaired Pointer bred...
  122. is this website trustworthy for buying pugs?
  123. Fostering "golden retrievers". I was personally asked to do this. If you...
  124. is a rough collie right for me?
  125. who was brittany???
  126. Doberman or Rottweiler?
  127. we have a rescued boxer that is about 5 yrs old and when we adopted her the...
  128. 80s tv series with old english sheepdog and a cat, dog was called mop i think,?
  129. I have a 22 week old tri_border collie,and 4 of her teeh have fallen out in...
  130. Why does my wirehaired dachshund have longer legs than most?
  131. How do I get my Shetland sheepdog to not chase my cat ?
  132. I have a chihuahua that is not being able to have her puppies the first one came
  133. my german shorthaired pointer????
  134. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Baldwin County Alabama??
  135. Does anyone know how I stop my 9 week old english bulldog from biting and
  136. any suggestions for naming a male bichon frise?
  137. My Samoyed has fleas!! Help! I put Frontline on her 2 days ago, do I wait?...
  138. Toy Poodle breeders in North Georgia or Atlanta?
  139. bedlington terrier - if you know one or actually own one?
  140. is a golden retriever right for me?
  141. Bearded Collie/Daschund Mix?
  142. Cairn Terriers?????!!!?
  143. Comfortable boxers?
  144. Where can I find a chihuahua breeder near me?Any Websites?Links?
  145. Does pug shedding promote or affect someone with asthma?
  146. My newly adOpted Greyhound??
  147. how do we bath our english mastiff? Hes to big for the bath and we cant get
  148. what are the differences between a beagle and a basset hound ?
  149. bichon frise?
  150. What happened to Beagle 2?
  151. Where can i find a irish staffordshire bull terrier? in michigan or not far?
  152. Is a american bulldog mixed with pit a nice combination of dog.?
  153. where do bull terriers come from?
  154. Golden retriever puppy names and meanings or not to it?
  155. What do you know about english springer spaniels?
  156. how long does a great dane lives..??what is his life expectancy???
  157. Shetland Sheepdogs?
  158. i think my golden retriever is sick!!!?
  159. To the Australian Cattle Dog owners:?
  160. I am looking for reputable Doberman Pinscher breeder in my area.?
  161. are french bulldogs good pets to have?
  162. What do you call a pomeranian half cairn terrier??
  163. Are irish wolfhounds good pack dogs?
  164. Will the Jonas bro's or Brittany ever sing about the bees?
  165. I am looking for a Boston terrier puppy in the corpus area. If you know
  166. What was 80s tv show which had a old english sheepdog and a cat the artist...
  167. Any good Samoyed names?
  168. Is a rhodesian ridgeback a rare dog?
  169. How can I get my Weimaraner to stop shaking his ears?
  170. Looking for Saint Bernard in Indiana?
  171. About my Chihuahua?
  172. how much food should i give my adult border collie?
  173. I have a 2 yr mini schnauzer and a 3 mos. lab both females. How can I...
  174. Is dachshunds a good breed to choose from?
  175. What should I name my Shetland Sheepdog on Nintendogs?
  176. What could I do about my five month old newfoundland who continuously barks at night?
  177. is it normal for my year old shih tzu to bleed a day after her stud session?
  178. Does anyone know of a good papillon name?
  179. Which brand of dog food is good for a 2year old whippet-mix (mongrel)?
  180. ok on the left is my toy fox terrier, and the right is my long haired
  181. Why does my 2yr. old American Cocker Spaniel so shy?
  182. Why does my Shiba Inu run away if I let him off his leash?
  183. are weimaraner's good dogs to have? pics included?
  184. What is taller//bigger//wider ect: a cheetah or a dog such as a Great Dane?
  185. French Bulldog annoying dog hair?
  186. what do you think of west highland white terrier dogs?
  187. how can I make a 2 year old, Old English Sheepdog feel at home?
  188. What do you think of Vizslas?
  189. Bernese Mountain dogs.?
  190. I rescued a collie mix with extremely matted fur?
  191. I have a new schnauzer puppy and he isn't very active, any advice?
  192. Can I walk my American Eskimo in the summer?
  193. does anyone know where a welsh terrier is for sale in texas???
  194. Where do I find a Bedlington Terrier ? Like somewhere in CA near or in San...
  195. My 14 yr old Shih-Tzu has Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. Vet prescribed Anapril
  196. I have a 3 month old siberian husky puppy that we have owned for 4 days now.
  197. Who's heard of "Bloodhound Gang"?
  198. Is a Carin Terrier/Toy Poodle good for people with allergies?
  199. basenji and Jack Russell Terrier, Fox Terrier..??
  200. Are west highland white terriers good dogs?
  201. help chihuahua?
  202. my manchester terrier has a gooey discharge coming from her vaginal area after...
  203. How do I know my border collie had enough to eat?
  204. Where can I get a Norfolk Terrier?
  205. Why is my Italian greyhound chewing the padding off his paw?
  206. Why dont you see many Irish setters?
  207. Any idea's on how to house-train a Chihuahua?
  208. Weimaraner in kennels?
  209. My German Shepherd-Whippet dog's fur is changing color on his face. Can this...
  210. I need an experts opinion about my golden retriever?
  211. English Cocker Spaniel?
  212. Why is my Bernese Mountain Dog so vocal??
  213. If MMA takes more skill than Boxing, why do top Boxers make so much more than top...
  214. Help with training my pug???
  215. How are Tibetan Spaniels with cats?
  216. Oh Canada...Why is Newfoundland's...?
  217. do you think kevin jonas wears boxer or briefs?
  218. Did anyone see the size of Lukes boxers the other night? They were like a...
  219. Pug health question?
  220. fleas ticks and a rottweiler..........help?
  221. I really want a toy fox terrier, but I don't know how to convince my parents...
  222. Where can I adopt a English cocker spaniel in the UK?
  223. american staffordshire terrier?
  224. Who has a pug?
  225. Cute names for a Newfoundland?
  226. Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  227. what to feed my 3 year old fat beagle mixed basset hound?
  228. Great Dane Owners!!!?
  229. Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  230. I know we all hate these kinds of questions, but our bloodhound developed a huge
  231. basenji....older dog?
  232. URGENT!!! they beat this little poodle..?
  233. French Bulldog Hairloss Problems?
  234. How much exercise does a bloodhound need?
  235. Neutering a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  236. Hi! im getting a yorkshire terrier puppy, and i need help!?
  237. where can i buy my boyfriend fluorecent pink boxer shorts??
  238. Keeshond owners, I need your help?!?
  239. I have 10 lbs female poodle and she is in heat and i have 4 lbs male toy poodle...
  240. how can i persuade someone to get me a norwich terrier?
  241. Anyone know any GOOD saluki breeders?
  242. What color is Brittany's from Alvin and the Chipmunks [old times] hair?
  243. Serious question about shih tzu hernia?
  244. Staffordshire bull terrier or American staffordshire terrier?
  245. Pomeranian and Yorkshire terrier OWNERS!!!?
  246. How do I down size from my existing Irish Wolfhound?
  247. can someone tell me where to find Irish Wolfhound breeders in oklahoma?
  248. Brittany Snow?
  249. My lakeland terrier can not stop chewing at her hind quaters !?
  250. My 7 month old Pekingese keeps getting worms,why?