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  1. Welsh Springer Spaniels?
  2. I'm 143% sure that when something terrible happens to me, my Miniature Pinscher
  3. Which Golden retriever Should i get all have good attitudes!?
  4. My Boston Terrier just had a stroke. Next dog: Boston or French Bulldog?
  5. How far is the greyhound depot in hollywood from universal studios?
  6. Im planning a Road Trip...Do you need to 18 or over to rent a hotel room or...
  7. How often will my pug's anal glands have to be expressed?
  8. how big can a Labrador Retriever get?!?
  9. how can i intruduce a baby male boxer to a very spoiled overprotected...
  10. How old can a shih tzu be and still be able to breed?
  11. Opinions of Staffordshire Bull Terriers?
  12. pomeranian + another dog?
  13. do u thick a dog should be killed becuase it isa bull boxer or a tipe of...
  14. Dalmatian or Doberman?
  15. a great pyrenees question?
  16. Do German Shepherd dogs shed?
  17. who is the richest boxer in the world?
  18. I still miss my best friend and border collie like mad and its been 6 months...
  19. All the books say Boston Terriers are very intelligent but mine barely knows his...
  20. What should we do about our toy poodle and Miniature Dachshund??
  21. my 9 week old Boston terrier has diarrhea?
  22. Name suggestions for black pug puppy? (Boy)?
  23. How big will a Yorkshire Terrier / Cocker Spaniel mix be?
  24. My 98lb American Bulldog ate a ziploc bag w/ a sandwich in it yesterday...?
  25. Do any of you have adult boston terriers that weigh 10 lbs or less?
  26. Frasier TV Question about Niles and the whippet?
  27. Is there a better way to explain to a 4yo that our 18yo golden retriever is dying...
  28. How much is a English bull terrier?
  29. Shiba inu questions...?
  30. Is a Chihuahua good with cats?
  31. Should white boxers be recognised by the kennel club?
  32. my chow chow?
  33. Pet Chihuahua?
  34. Can somebody please find the song Uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss baby by
  35. Is it okay if my beagle puppy urinates in his crate?
  36. my chihuahua dog?
  37. i have a 1 year old beagle that howls NONE stop and is so stubbern... what are...
  38. Is a beagle a good dog for a family of sevemn?
  39. How to get my Pomeranian to calm down?
  40. I am getting a Chihuahua! What should the name be?
  41. Dalmatian Opinions?
  42. Where can I find a Red Border Collie Puppy?
  43. How to groom miniature schnauzers?
  44. Pugs and anal glands...pumpkin and metamucil?
  45. I'm thinking of getting a pug and would like to know the disadvantages and
  46. Where can I find English Springer Spaniel puppies around or near ohio?
  47. where are there american eskimo breeders near puyallup wa?
  48. a few questions about my pug?
  49. Is 22% protein good for my great dane?
  50. English Cocker Spaniel?
  51. What is it like to take a 1200 mile trip on Greyhound??
  52. Portuguese Water Dog?
  53. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  54. would a great dane/lab mix shed a lot?
  55. Does anyone have any information on basset hound/golden retriever mix?
  56. Why American Pit Bull Terrier?
  57. are chihuahua's very strict about their territory?
  58. What can I do for my Scottish Terrier who has a bad smell even after a bath?
  59. Do you know any good pug breeders in the Ottawa area??
  60. I need help with NintenDogs Chihuahua and friends!!!!!?
  61. Do Dachshunds come in tri-color?
  62. my 3 year old english bulldog doesnt like to go outside?
  63. What is the proper diet for a Miniature Pinscher?
  64. English Bulldog Help...Bully owners/breeders please?
  65. Are SHIBA INU a good/well tempered dog breed???
  66. How much would an English Bulldog Puppy Cost?
  67. While walking 3 female dogs in the park beagle C.Spannal and Jack Russel?
  68. my 6 month old border collie barks and gets nervous when people come?
  69. What kind of personalities do Pekingese dogs have?
  70. Beagle Question!?
  71. concerning my English Springer Spaniel?
  72. I'm getting a Havanese puppy tomarrow?
  73. Yorkie/Bichon Shedding?
  74. Can anyone help to solve the problem of my greyhound and his eating habits ?
  75. can a American pit bull live with a Rottweiler?
  76. My staffordshire bull terrier dog is ill?
  77. How old does a (female) West Highland White terrier have to be, to have puppies?
  78. what is the best beagle bred?
  79. What's a good name for a girl toy poodle?
  80. My 14 yr old Shih-Tzu has Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. Vet prescribed
  81. I have a border collie x pup, he is very intellegent, what trickes should i
  82. Do chihuahuas cure asthma? (Yes, I'm seriously asking)?
  83. My I8-mo old male rescued Mastiff submissively urinates. Any advice to help him stop?
  84. what should i name my staffordshire bull terrier??
  85. Hey, does anybody know good nicknames. if yeer name is brittany. ive tried brit and
  86. My boston terriers ears are not standing normally! Help!?
  87. Pomeranian Owners: Show, Companion, or Both?
  88. Can a Greyhound Or Doberman Get Fat?
  89. I have a (male) bullmastiff and teacup Jack Russell (girl)... Can I breed them
  90. Name for new male labrador retriever puppy?
  91. should i get a toy poodle or a maltese????
  92. American Pit Bull Terrier vs American Staffordshire Terrier?
  93. What would be a good companion dog for our 5 m/o female Bloodhound pup?
  94. What do I do with my 6 yr. old Yorkshire Terrier that chews holes in all my...
  95. Boxer Puppy ...Looking for help with the name!?
  96. 2 year old poodle. scared of fireworks..?
  97. why does my 1 mnth old saint bernard bite too much?
  98. What Dog (different) breed would be compatible with a Staffordshire Bull terrier?
  99. dog question,my vet said my 14 month old lhasa apso has "over bonded" with me,i...
  100. boxers or briefs?
  101. Please offer advise in regards to new my Beagle's new aggressive behavior after...
  102. New Jack Russell Terrier Female - Ignores us... what are some things to work with
  103. are basset hounds protetive?
  104. west highland white terrier?
  105. Should I get a Saint Bernard, Great Dane, or English Mastiff?
  106. What to call my new Bichon Frise?
  107. Great Pyrenees?
  108. Coupon Code - Greyhound Bus?
  109. shih tzu itching and twitching after vaccinations could it be a reaction?
  110. What do you think of the boxer briefs from aeropostale and what age are they
  111. I am tossing up between a Toy poodle, bichon frise, havanese or miniature schnauzer?
  112. Is samoyed considered a rare dog breed?
  113. Do Boxers make good watch dogs? Would they let an intruder in?
  114. yorkshire terriers plusses and minusses?
  115. Are Boston Terriers Good Dogs To Own? /Y or Y Not?
  116. are american bulldogs hyproallergic??
  117. Height of my great dane?
  118. what should i name my saint bernard?
  119. papillon question??
  120. Australian Cattle Dog (Blue heelers) Help!?
  121. i have a lhasa apso thts a lil over a yr and a half should i get another one?
  122. My Min. Schnauzer has diarrea please help!?
  123. How do I get my two male beagles to stop fighting?
  124. How do I get my Chihuahua used to her harness?
  125. Will calluses on a bullmastiff's elbows keep him from being in shows?
  126. What kinds of corrections are appropriate for a pug?
  127. toy poodle wont let a groomer cut his hair and wont let me get close to his
  128. 3 year old boxer who hates to be alone, and has become a Houdini?
  129. Feeding a Great Dane Pup?
  130. Why do Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Bull Terrier, Owners allow them...
  131. What look do you like best for the Australian Cattle dogs?
  132. i have 2 dogs. a weimaraner and a viszla. the weimaraner constantly is licking...
  133. Are Keeshond's Good Dogs?
  134. Mini Australian Shepherd behavior, dog experts/lovers only, please!?
  135. Should I let my st bernard, bernese mountain dog and newfoundland kiss me?
  136. my 5yr old lhasa apso has never mated, in fact i havenot seen any blood...
  137. Boxers or Tidy whities?
  138. What to do about this basset hound that wont calm down?
  139. Boston Terrier - what's bad for them?
  140. Pug or Shiba Inu?
  141. toy fox terrier info?
  142. i asked about my pug and her possible accidental pregnancy before?
  143. I want to ask Norwegian Elkhound owners what their experience has been with
  144. I am TOTALLY obsessed with getting a chihuahua pup,how can i convince my...
  145. Can I teach my 6 year old basset hound to fetch?
  146. Labrador retriever?
  147. Who is cuter, dalmatians or golden retrievers?
  148. Where can I find doberman pinschers for sale in southern California?
  149. I have 2 small dogs(Italian Greyhound and a Min Pin mix) They just ate a mushroom.?
  150. My Siberian Husky just ate 4/5 of a 3oz dark chocolate bar, he shows no sign...
  151. yorkshire terrier pup!?
  152. Y&R<><>David Chow today?
  153. Wheres A Good Place For My Chow Lab Mix To Get Medication?? SIEROUS QUESTION!!!!?
  154. Does anyone know where to get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Wisconsin?
  155. where can i find pics of other pug bassett hound mixes on the web what...
  156. My Rottweiler is Puking?
  157. my English bulldog is out of control!?
  158. I was gonna get a doberman pinscher and beagle mix but now I'm unsure plz read?
  159. Has anyone ever owned a Basenji?
  160. Chow Yun Fat vs Jet Li?
  161. what would happen if you mixed a greyhound and a whippet?
  162. What to do? Lhasa apso mix won't eat?!?
  163. How do I get rid of my mastiffs fleas?
  164. Is 8 too old for a beagle to have pups?
  165. Can a Pit Bull get along with a mature Toy Poodle?
  166. toy fox terriers and the cold?
  167. Belgain Malinois and Golden Retriever mix?
  168. Where could I find a Lakeland Terrier?
  169. i am getting a beagle or a yorkshier terrier i just dont know what to name it?
  170. Should I brush my boxer's teeth? If so what should I use?
  171. I have a sick dachshund...what else should I do?
  172. creationists, have you ever seen a cocker spaniel give birth to a chihuahua?
  173. American Staffordshire Terrier vs Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  174. What should I name my new 3 year old Basset Hound?
  175. POLL: Would you rather own a Pit Bull or a Rottweiler?
  176. What food should be avoided for an Old English Sheepdog?
  177. Crate limit for silky terrier?
  178. I am allergic to my new miniature schnauzer puppy. I had one as a child...
  179. Barking Beagle?
  180. what kind of shampoo do you wash a silky terrier with?
  181. advice on Dalmatians please?
  182. When i get older i want a saluki but is it good for me?
  183. I am a young person living in a 1 bedroom apartment and looking to get a dog. Is a...
  184. How can I stop my Siberian Husky from digging?
  185. Should my part Dachshund ,part Rat terrier have a lot of back problems?
  186. any one else with english springer spaniels ??
  187. ok everybody can stop ripping my head off? about the sheltie and shih tzu?
  188. Pomeranian vs. Pekingese?
  189. My French bulldog has had hives for the past two weeks. what can it be from?
  190. Tea Cup Chihuahua life span?
  191. Hi, does anyone know anything about Doberman Pinscher characteristics/ temperament?
  192. I have an 8 month old Scottish Terrier who is very aggressive to other dogs but
  193. siberian husky names??
  194. How to Care for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  195. English mastiff acting up. Nothing seems to work.. not even training or schools?
  196. Pembroke Welsh Corgi,Boxer, or French Bulldog?
  197. my weimaraner has seizures?
  198. I got A queastion somebody can help me out with? I got attacked by A
  199. Pomeranian baby teeth?
  200. Dose anyone know where i can find a pit bull Rottweiler mix.?
  201. How to tell if my dog is an american pittbull or an american Staffordshire...
  202. German Shepherd dog, on a 30ft boat? 10 ponts for best anwser?
  203. Questions for GREATER SWISS MOUNTAIN DOG owners?
  204. Can you give me information on Great Doberdanes? Doberman Pinscher Great Dane Hybrid?
  205. Do you know any good sites to buy a Welsh Corgi at?
  206. When preparing to chow down on a foot long hot dog, do you ever have trouble...
  207. Bullmastiff Dog Bedtime Cry In Crate?
  208. Shiba Inu Q's?
  209. labrador retriever mixed dalmatian what it will look like please give the
  210. i have a schnauzer mix he is 5 weeks old what do i feed him? and can you
  211. Boxer owners?
  212. Norwich Terrier Breeders?
  213. question about Setters ( Irish,English,Gordon) are they any owners of those
  214. Where can I buy a toy fox terrier in Kentucky?
  215. POLL - Brittany Murphy or Drew Barrymore?
  216. How do I crate train an adult dachshund with anxiety?
  217. cool tricks to teach you german shepherd dog?
  218. Shih Tzu Experts?
  219. Do you personally find female English Cocker Spaniels to be aggressive?
  220. My healthy, social pekingese drools when she is w/ other dogs too long.?
  221. how do boxers gain weight while doing all the cardio and not lifting weights?
  222. our girl gorgie,whippet having trouble with loose stools?
  223. Why is it that people always assume that pugs...?
  224. which boxer do you think shoul be added in 2009 ea fight night roud 4?
  225. Is this normal weight for an English Mastiff pup?
  226. We want a new dog. Will a Great Pyrenees work?
  227. 3 year old Shih Tzu not happy with intro of 5 month old Brussels Griffon...?
  228. Where can you find a finnish spitz in illinois and what do you think of the dog.?
  229. cavalier king charles spaniels?
  230. where can find a chihuahua on long island?
  231. Is My Scottish Terrier Over-weight and spoiled?
  232. Need advice on raising shih tzu puppy and rhodesian ridgeback together.?
  233. proper way to handle and show a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  234. My Golden Retriever Puppy has the runs...?
  235. Do Great Pyrenees dogs do well in the state of Texas?
  236. Bloodhound Gang Uhn Tiss girl?
  237. cairn terrier has lump on tummy?
  238. Shih-Poo, Chihuahua, or King Charles Spaniel?
  239. australian cattle dog help?
  240. Does any one have or know someone who has any English bulldogs for sale or to give
  241. hi to you all,l have a English bull terrier who is 12 years old.....?
  242. How allergenic is a Shiba Inu?
  243. Does he look like a beagle or basset hound more?
  244. I just got a English Mastiff..But..?
  245. Does my male Papillon meet up to the breed standard? (picture included)?
  246. Pekingese duck or Beijingese duck, or Beijing duck, or Beijing's duck?
  247. What are good names from Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  248. My yr old golden retriever takes too long to go to the bathroom, what should I do?
  249. ABOUT how much would a dachshund cost each year? And other dachshund Q's?
  250. whos the best British boxer?