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  1. A male or female Dachshund?
  2. Are newfoundland dogs big licker or "Kissers"?
  3. 6 weeks old Beagle? Advice?
  4. Miniature Schnauzer puppy - training advice pls?
  5. 4 year old shih tzu attacking 5 month old newfoundland?
  6. i noticed on my pugs' mouth that there was bumps on her. can u please tell
  7. my chihuahua plz help me?
  8. I want a yorkshire terrier!!!!?
  9. Has anyone heard of any miniature schnauzer breeders in Oregon?
  10. 8 mothns australian terrier in heat! HELP?!?
  11. great dane dog?
  12. Shih Tzu????
  13. How do I make my 3 year old Pomeranian more sociable?
  14. Whippet care help?
  15. Why do english bulldogs cost so much?
  16. I get horny at wrong time and im usually wearing boxers with jersey shorts how do i
  17. Has anyone had a LEONBERGER dog for a pet?
  18. my 4 mo old boxer has had bumps on the top of her head for 2 wk. look...
  19. Grooming help! Golden retrievers!?
  20. my pit bull,boxer has a golfball sized growth or tumor on his chest.it showed up...
  21. Can somebody please tell me the name of a boxer?
  22. why is my pomeranian so mean?
  23. How much exercise does a great dane needs.?
  24. Whippet Sweater!?
  25. Can someone please help me out? I have A bullmastiff who bit my neibor down...
  26. Miniature Dachshund keeps puking?
  27. Can you shave a Siberian Husky?
  28. I'm getting a Great Dane...tips anyone?
  29. Where can i Find a Yorkie Pomeranian (yorkiepom) Mix Breaders ect?
  30. What is PUG ACNE and how do you find out, and how do you treat it????
  31. My Beagle.....?
  32. I made a calandar from photos with my late best friend, my border collie on it?
  33. what are some health problems of a dane mastiff?
  34. Beagles Beagles Beagles!?
  35. What breed do you Prefer, Rottweiler or PitBull.?
  36. boxer puppy problems?
  37. Beagles????
  38. do you own a pug tell me about them please?
  40. Is it safe to have a small yorkshire terrier puppy outside on its own in the
  41. MY DOG BITE ME!!! HELP 8 month old cavalier kings charles spaniel?
  42. i have 1 week old toy fox terrier pups. and tomarrow we are taking a 5 hour trip...
  43. Does my puppy look like a purebred Golden Retriever? Pics updated!?
  44. Welsh Springer Spaniel........?
  45. I have a 5 month old Vizsla that needs to gain weight. He weighs 33 lbs now
  46. looking for a site that lists all boxers fights,wins,loses,draws, etc?
  47. I have a 14 week old Bichon Frise and was woundering when the biting and nipping
  48. Are Pembroke welsh Corgi's Vicious?
  49. Toy poodle in first heat and no discharge????
  50. Boston Terrier won't stop humping guests?
  51. Pug blowing its nose on me?
  52. crating my golden retriever?
  53. I am about to purchase a 7mth old pug and have a few questions....?
  54. Are there three different sizes of POODLES?
  55. How much should a Boston Terrier weigh at 8 weeks old?
  56. My chihuahua will only eat her food when the cat is eating hers?
  57. welsh corgi pictures?
  58. My new boxer pup?
  59. Why does my bichon frise keep nipping me?
  60. Is a Welsh Corgi right for me?!?
  61. Need help with my 17 year old Pomeranian?
  62. My Pug Pups Teeth?
  63. Why is my pup, eating his own bowl movements, that are soft? Is this a trait in
  64. is my afghan hound puppy looking in good condition/?
  65. Help please, How can I stop my 3yr Golden Retriever barking?
  66. English bulldog pup died vet negligence.i was trying to be such a responsible owner
  67. Awesome Chihuahua Mix, anyone know the other half?
  68. 2 beagle questions.....?
  69. Does anyone know where I can find Jack Russell x Chihuahua's?
  70. Saint Bernard Question?
  71. How do I train my 8 week old Beagle to stack?
  72. Need a good name for this boy dog(basset hound)...yes that is a blue eye?
  73. 6 month old cairn terrier... not sure what he should eat?
  74. how to register a mastiff without papers?
  75. my english springer spaniel is in a healing process.......?
  76. What is the most effective way to exercise my beagle puppy?
  77. Does anyone no of any Boston Terrier Rescue groups in Melbourne Australia??
  78. fussy papillon need advice about food?
  79. I'm thinkin about getting a welsh corgi pup, when would be the best time to train it?
  80. I have an english bulldog and he had found an engorged tick, can anybody explain
  81. Will a cavalier king charles spaniel be easy to train and good with a
  82. I have a toy poodles he is going on 10 months. Can he eat fruits and vegetables?
  83. Which dog is cuter? The Border Collie Mix or Yellow Labrador?
  84. who is the worst professionnal boxer off all time?
  85. is this a full blue nose pitbull. someone told me that he was part beagle?
  86. Why is my basenji so hard to?
  87. Is my dog an Austrailian Shepard/Collie mix?
  88. Best Place To Get A Scottish Terrier Groomed?
  89. My Great Dane is Sick!!?
  90. Cairn Terrier dog lazy and licks a lot?
  91. Does this dog have Jack Russell terrier in him?
  92. Do English bulldogs get sick often?
  93. What is the average cost for a pure breed Labrador Retriever puppy?
  94. samoyed or maltese dog?
  95. Potty training a 4 month old mini dachshund without being able to crate train?
  96. trying to decide what kind of dog to get. right now it's either a doberman,...
  97. How can I make a g-string out of a pair of regular boxers?
  98. Which dog would be the best for me? Papillon, Norwich Terrier, or Norfolk Terrier?
  99. Beagles and reverse sneezing. Beagle owners please answer!!!?
  100. i want to become a owner of a greyhound?
  101. The Versertile Border Collies...?
  102. i cant seem to potty train my baby beagle!!!help?
  103. Leonberger or Newfoundland?
  104. Can somebody suggest home made food for my golden retriever?
  105. convince parents: chihuahua?
  106. wat can i do to make my girlike my 1mon male boxer all she wants is 2b...
  107. What are the benefits to getting my English Bulldog neutered?
  108. Brittany Spaniels ? :)?
  109. what will happen to a shih tzu if its eye pops out of its socket?
  110. Is it typical for a boxer who is just shy of a year old to gain weight and
  111. Golden retriever, labrador retriever, or Shetland Sheepdog? Why?
  112. My family has a rottweiler and she just had 9 puppies.?
  113. What foods can chihuahua's eat?
  114. are border collie/terrier mixes good dogs?
  115. Update to pecial needs boxer?
  116. Should I get an English Bulldog?
  117. it still amazes me how many people think my stafordshire bull terriers are
  118. My Staffordshire Bull Terrier has fits...?
  119. I just got a six week old pug. male I need a good name for him?
  120. My border collie has a protection problem, HELP ME!?
  121. When does a male shar pei reach full sexual maturity?
  122. is it true boxer, bulls ,boston terriers, dogs with flat faces get hot easier,please
  123. My english pointer has a lump on his head. What is it?
  124. hello i have a 9 week old boxer puppy and he constantly bites me what do i do ?
  125. Neighbour's pitbull may have impregnanted my rottweiler by accident..she may be
  126. Questions about my PUG?
  127. How much do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Cost in the U.K?
  128. chow disaster spreads across the globe.?
  129. Decreased neutrophil count in toy poodle?
  130. Mastiff pup is very fearfull, begining to show aggression, what to do?
  131. I Just bought a shetland sheepdog and i m wondering?
  132. Where to get a chihuahua?
  133. Bichon Frise? Cons & Pros?
  134. is there anyway i can stop my staffordshire bull terrier dog malting? its really
  135. what would a cute name for a miniature dachshund be??
  136. I have a question about adopting a dog, a hypoallergenic poodle mix??
  137. We have a cocker spaniel and my husband wants to buy a doberman pinscher, but...
  138. My 5 yr. old female chihuahua is leaking a white liquid, does anyone know
  139. Any1 own a dachshund in new jersey???
  140. How long should I have my beagle on puppy food?
  141. Are you knowledgeable about dogs/puppies - specifically Dachshunds???
  142. My Mastiff is afraid of balloons??
  143. My silky terrier puppy got her rabies shot two weeks ago and now she has a
  144. I got A queastion somebody can help me out with? I got attacked by A
  145. My new Bedlington Terrier puppy needs help?
  146. my golden retriever is constantly being humped by other dogs at the local dog run,?
  147. what is a good name for my Cairn Terrier?
  148. I would like to know when to do protection training for an american
  149. how much does a trip to the groomers cost with a shih tzu?
  150. What could cause sudden aggressive behavior in my female Shih Tzu pup?
  151. Dachshund tumors?
  152. Nanday Conures and Siberian Husky get along??
  153. Are Belgian Malinois almost the same in personality as German Shepherds?
  154. Do all pugs breathe very loud when sleeping and awake?
  155. how long are boxers and beagles lifespans?
  156. do I overdo my chihuahuas excercise?
  157. Please help me figure out what kind of dog I have...They said she was an...
  158. My Lab/Golden retriever...?
  159. Rottweiler Puppys? Anyone Know Where I Can Buy One?
  160. Do you know anything about Chesapeake Bay Retrievers?
  161. Does anyone have a lhasa apso and can you tell me about their personality?
  162. My dog (American Eskimo) keeps vomiting, what should I do?
  163. Boxer's Sore Paw Problem - Any Ideas?
  164. How to mellow out a Doberman Pinscher?
  165. Neo Mastiff or Bullmastiff?
  166. Can cocoa be used as a replacement for chocolate chips in puppy chow?
  167. Penis position in Boxers or Briefs?
  168. I have a seventh month lab. Would it be a good idea to get a chihuahua or white
  169. i just got a pug (need names)?
  170. bernese mountain dogs ??
  171. pug rubbing butt on floor please help?
  172. Basset Hound Leg Deformity?
  173. My Border Collie is 13 years old. Today I noticed that he has diarrhea and
  174. 4 month old boxer throwing up not all the time. maybe once today then not for a
  175. long haired chihuahua??
  176. If I call my next daughter Brittany, how many British will call 'em France ?
  177. we found a chihuahua on 5 dys ago and the only thing she seems to eat is people
  178. Is it normal for a dachshund to develop UNBEARABLE breath?
  179. What's the difference between a English Cocker Spaniel and English Springer Spaniel?
  180. is an american bulldog stronger than a rottweiler?
  181. Would a Vizsla make a good first dog?
  182. Do you spray cologne on your boxer shorts before a date???
  183. Iam looking for a free black pug and white chihuahua in colorado does anyone...
  184. Chihuahua Name?
  185. Help , I trying to decide on buying a bulldog but which is better a english
  186. Boston Terrier's in Heat?
  187. King Charles Cavalier Spaniel breed help?
  188. Having trouble training/calming down 5 yr old Pomeranian?
  189. Why is a female German Shepherd dog that is 3 yrs. old, scratching under
  190. How do bearded collies see?
  191. I have a black pug and during summertime he gets extremely hot?
  192. whats the name of the part on boxers where the guys pee out of?
  193. pure breed shih-tzu?
  194. I had to write a poem on opinion for English... any pointers would be really...
  195. we have a 2 months old labrador mix dalmatian puppy , Id like to know if she...
  196. Owners of Chihuahuas?
  197. Walking a siberian husky?
  198. 2 year old boston terrier (4 problems)?
  199. Pomeranian Clothing?
  200. if you had a choice of pug or bulldog or french bulldog or boston...
  201. siberian husky?
  202. Are Chihuahuas easier or harder than most breeds to housetrain?
  203. How often do you have to clean pug's anal glands?
  204. how much do teacup poodles generally sell for?
  205. if you had a saint bernard what would you call her??
  206. My chihuahua puppies were born a week early. They are cold and won't eat. What do I
  207. training shock collor? belgian malinois?
  208. My boxer ate chocolate?
  209. I will be riding on a greyhound bus for 20 hours, what are some tips?
  210. Is the keeshond a good breed?
  211. Boxer Purebreeds?
  212. Will they serve poodles n noodles at the olympics?
  213. how do I register my havanese with the AKC?
  214. how long should i walk my like 9 year old jack russell terrier?
  215. Whats the Pound To Euro exchange rate onboard a Brittany Ferry?
  216. Reactions to vaccinations (rabies and others) in miniature poodles... is this normal?
  217. Do you know what age to beagles stop being so um hyper and active?
  218. Do you have a Labrador retriever??????????
  219. What do you think of the name Roxie for a female English Springer Spaniel?
  220. what are the best and worst things about your Basset Hound?
  221. is miley cyrus becoming brittany spears ?
  222. Pregnant 8 lb papillon need a c section?
  223. Does anybody actually pee out the hole in their boxers?
  224. Is anyone interested in adopting a special needs boxer puppy?
  225. Beagle puppy questions 2?
  226. I have a question about American Pit Bull Terriers...?
  227. Is it bad to feed a 5 month old, bull mastiff puppy, adult dog food?
  228. Boxers, what's your B.M. I?
  229. How often should I wash my poodles/ bichon frises?
  230. My chihuahua is 55 days pregnant today.. Can she have her pups anytime soon???
  231. Out of these what dog do you think I should get: Dachshund, King Charles...
  232. What is the fastest solution to get a 16-17 week old dachshund potty trained?
  233. im looking into buying a welsh corgi, are they obedient animals? Overall are
  234. why do types of a breed of dog have a bad name like rottweiler and staff's?
  235. Chihuahua's Im looking for my first chihuahua what sex should I get ?
  236. husky,german shephard,COLLIE?
  237. Is my English/American mix bulldog puppy........?
  238. Is my Italian Greyhound suffering seizures, or panic attacks?
  239. What's the worst problem that you've had to face with your shih tzu?...?
  240. I have a male English Bulldog, Should I get female or male for the second puppy?
  241. My schnauzer/terrier mix is cut where she pees.?
  242. Apricot Poodles?
  243. Do I absolutely need to have a fenced yard to own a Saint Bernard?
  244. Do you own a beagle?
  245. do you think my dog is a jack russell or a mini foxie terrier? (which is a
  246. why does my 6 month old bichon frise cry in its sleep?
  247. What type of therapy is out there for my dachshund..We live in North Louisiana?
  248. Weimaraner HELP!!?
  249. what is the best dry food for a rottweiler?
  250. I got a 10 month old collie cross on wednesday & i am having second thoughts.?