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  1. Name a male pug?
  2. maltese or lhasa apso?
  3. Can anyone tell me about the family of the boxer Jorge Vaca ?
  4. bichon frise?
  5. i have a male boxer going through his boy stage, and we are looking for a femle
  6. Lab-Rottweiler cross get more aggressive by the day. How can I correct his...
  7. Housetraining Silky Terrier?
  8. I have a 1 and a half year old papillon dog is this a good way to get her to
  9. Rash on inside of Labrador Retrievers Hind legs?
  10. border collie messing up in house?
  11. If you cross bed a Chihuahua and a Great Dane?
  12. What will happen to my chihuahua if water got into her ears?
  13. Is a Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle good with a children?
  14. Anyone seen the baby boxer working out on the pads.?
  15. What can I do to help my Chihuahua live through this Hartz flea treatment nightmare?
  16. Bichon Frise Urgent Question?
  17. How to convince my dad to let me get another dog, which would be an english...
  18. What are the traits of the Shar-pei breed?
  19. what will happen to my chihuahua if i fed it 2 small sausages?
  20. Which name do you like best for a chihuahua?
  21. How Much Is A Pomeranian in general?
  22. How can I let my chihuahua have fun?
  23. Do Greyhound bus tickets go down closer to the date?
  24. What can I do about my Pug shedding?
  25. What can i do to get my 2 year old boxer to eat and drink water?
  26. Im very scared for my chihuahua...?
  27. Boston Terrier with Departure Anxiety... FIX IT PLEASE!?
  28. Why is my pomeranian such a butthead?
  29. I made up this dalmatian name.....?
  30. My great Dane is starting to bark at strangers hes 7 months old should i be...
  31. rhodesian ridgeback?
  32. having a hard time pad training 7month old female boxer?
  33. iS My SHiH TzU CUTE?????
  34. 7 month old toy female poodle is snapping at my older two poodles especially...
  35. I have awful allergies bt want a pomeranian. Is this a bad idea?
  36. i have been wanting pomeranian for a while now....?
  37. I breed my boxer with another boxer and then when she was out a stray got her will...
  38. What is your fav dog, boston terrier or yorkie and tell me why.?
  39. Anyone with American Hairless Terriers?
  40. Should I or Shouldnt I let my Siberian Husky on furniture?
  41. I just bought a 3 month old Pomeranian. She started coughing so i took her to the...
  42. When maltese poodle mix dogs grow, do they look the same as a puppy?
  43. What is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound???
  44. I just got this beautiful girl today, maybe greyhound mix? I'm not sure.?
  45. Are these good Chihuahua names???
  46. My yorkshire terrier is licking my couch! How do I make it stop?
  47. presa canario, cane corso, boerboel, Argentinian Mastiff?
  48. Do you know of any reputable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders?
  49. dog choices im trying to get 1 and im thinkin a mini english bulldog........?
  50. Where's Pugs & Kelly? They haven't been on in two weeks now, anyone know why?
  51. Which is better for my 9 year old daughter- a beagle or a bassett hound? She wants
  52. I love my chihuahua so much..is this normal? (im a guy)?
  53. How do I convince my parents to let me get another dog after putting our beagle
  54. new boxer puppy and working full time?
  55. PLEASE HELP!!!! Can you take an acoustic guitar on a bus like a greyhound....?
  56. whats a good rottweiler webkinz name?
  57. Frustrated potty training for my beagle?
  58. When does a male shar pei reach full sexual maturity?
  59. How old were you when you started to have your boxers showing?
  60. Who is your favorite boxer of all time?
  61. Would Adam have needed Eve if he'd gotten a chance to pick a Collie?
  62. why wont my 1 and a half year old papillon dog eat her food?
  63. where is the best place to buy a puppy pomeranian inexspensively?
  64. how much are Pomeranian's usually?
  65. What kind of transportation is there from Seattle Greyhound to the Airport??
  66. how do i teach a beagle to get along with a shih tzu?
  67. is this rare in a shih-tzu?
  68. (Border collie Owners only please) Will a border collie fit my lifestyle...
  69. my dachshund sick?
  70. Papillon Puppy?
  71. Boxers or Boxer Briefs?
  72. Calling ALL Nintendogs owners I have the Answer to Your Jack Russell Terrier book
  73. who do you think is the current no. 1 P4P boxer?
  74. CHIHUAHuAs (breeders please read)?
  75. What do all the martial artists out there think of this article? I am not...
  76. is creatine bad for m american bulldog?
  77. Can we bring a toy poodle to Disney Land? (motel/resort)?
  78. is $100 fair for a miniature pinscher puppy that has no papers?
  79. have u ever gone to put ur mans boxers away and discovered a plastic bag full of...
  80. i want to breed golden retrievers...please help! easy 10 points!?
  81. How much do great dane studs go for now a days?
  82. boxer,boxer brief, briefs?
  83. our new 3 year old greyhound has settled in well but his poos are really...
  84. Dogo Argentino?
  85. My golden retriever has been poisoned and his face and cheeks are swollen what...
  86. how big do jack russell terrier beagle mixes grow to be?
  87. Golden retriever, fleas & Brewers yeast?
  88. how much do glass eyes cost for a labrador retriever?
  89. Rottweiler Myth ??
  90. Which brand of briefs are better: jo boxer, hanes, or fuit of the loom?
  91. Turf War Poodle vs Terrier Help they need to learn to get along?
  92. Shih Tzu suddenly lethargic.....please HELP!!?
  93. I have a rottweiler but am on road alot. How do I get him to respect me?
  94. Another question about my poodle and terrier dilemma?
  95. were can i get a Shih tzu for sale $300 or less in tacoma or closs 2 tacoma......?
  96. I think that my pomeranian has sprained his tail? Its not curly no more
  97. i have a toy poodle and she is about 2 yrs old. She is loosing her hair.?
  98. i want a beagle!?
  99. blue merle border collie and genetic problems?
  100. Boston Terrier Question?
  101. We have just got a Siberian Husky puppy and wondered about having a second...
  102. Great Dane Experts... Please help!!! I have a 14 month old Great dane...
  103. Any Smaller Dogs That Look Like Border Collies?
  104. how to make a splint for chihuahua?
  105. Which pug picture do you like the best?
  106. were can you find puppy beagles in O,Fallen MO?
  107. is a doberman pinscher a good guarding dog?
  108. I have a Shih Tzu with problems pls help?
  109. What are the Pros & Cons of owning a Newfoundland??
  110. I am looking for a Biton (Bichon Frise mix Coton De Tulear)....?
  111. spiritually speaking: Boxers or briefs?
  112. which name should i name my dog its an american bulldog???
  113. how much do pugs cost?
  114. What does my shih tzu have?
  115. is a Pomeranian easy to take care of?
  116. I have a toy poodle & need to trace his AKC pedigree he was born 01/14/06 in
  117. Bichon Frise or Cavalier King Charles??
  118. What is the best brand of dog food for a German Shepherd?
  119. fostering a 2 mo old cairn terrier/yorkie mix?
  120. Anyone ever successfully trained a Border Collie to NOT be destructive?
  121. My basset hound was hit by a car. HELP PLEASE?
  122. what puppy is more cuter is it golden retriever or a beagle??
  123. 6 week old beagle puppy need help!!!?
  124. ! year old boxer with rash?
  125. Names for a cream chow chow puppy?
  126. Should I get a dachshund or a yorkie?
  127. my chihuahua is losing hair around the ears.?
  128. Tell Me If You Have A Shiba Inu.?
  129. Boxer Shorts Question!!?
  130. Making chinese Chow mein noodles?
  131. is wearing underwear under boxers weird???
  132. Shih Tzu Puppy Questions...?
  133. aggressive greyhound??
  134. Why is my 8 year old Border Collie/Blue Heeler is pooping in the house.?
  135. Do any of you own and Irish Setter and if so why do you like them and or dislike
  136. I have a 6 yr old Chihuahua that has never housebroken. I'm so frustrated!?
  137. Anyone know how to teach a Shih tzu (10 Month old) not to snip at people?
  138. Border Collie or a Rough Collie?
  139. Is a border collie or golden retriever right for me?
  140. belgian tervuren?
  141. My Boxer puppy hacks up Flem?
  142. i have a boxer and he is 10 months old. His lower eyelids are pretty droopy.red...
  143. What color is my pomeranian puppy? And is this color rare?
  144. Human food as treats for pups(chihuahua)?
  145. Housebreaking my shih tzu, 3 yrs old?
  146. chihuahua,poodle,bloodhound?
  147. where can i buy a shiba inu in RI?
  148. would a rottweiler lab mix be good with two small dogs? Also how much do they shed?
  149. Pomeranian food allergies?
  150. Finnish Spitz and Pomerenian/chiuahua?
  151. how many weeks for a poodle to have puppys ?
  152. My pug puppy has a kennel cough. What are the treatments? Recommended Cough
  153. I want a toy poodle but....?
  154. Chesapeake Bay Retriever Behavioral Problems?
  155. Question about Chihuahuas!?
  156. Question about the dog Yorkshire Terriers?
  157. Pomeranian/Chiuahuah/Shitzu mix?
  158. i want to crop my american bulldog puppies ears?
  159. I need a name for my new baby Chihuahua. He is Black with brown markings. Very
  160. Chihuahua wheezing attack?
  161. Altering a Greyhound Bus Ticket?
  162. False pregnancy 1 1/2 yo Siberian Husky?
  163. who has a American pit bull Terrier?
  164. Is it possible for a Japanese Chin male and Pug female to breed?
  165. We are looking @ 1 black girl schnauzer and 1 salt&pepper schnauzer. Is it...
  166. how much does your shih tzu weigh?
  167. What's the cream substance a boxer/fighter's trainer rubs on their face before a...
  168. My sister and her husband just adopted a retired racing greyhound. What
  169. I have really awful allergies, but I really want a Pomeranian- is this a bad idea?
  170. Are chihuahua/rat terrier mixes good with kids??
  171. does anyone know of a good fur detangler for cav king charles spaniels.?
  172. Rottweiler puppy ??
  173. i have a boy dog which is a yorkshire terrier?
  174. Boxer Beards.?
  175. Attention Australian Guys: What do you wear - briefs, boxer briefs, boxers??
  176. are english mastiffs good with kids?
  177. Which name do you like better for a male chihuahua?
  178. Girl or Boy Pug?
  179. what is a life expectancy of a labrador retriever??
  180. HOW MUCH DO Pomeranian Puppies COST????
  181. Why are Labrador retrievers such good dogs?
  182. How do I stop my Shih Tzu to stop whining while crate training?
  183. Can you help me find a home for our 5mo. old boxer puppy?
  184. how much will it cost to keep a yorkshire terrier over its entire life?
  185. I have a female miniature schnauzer named Zoey can anyone give me a name for my...
  186. How big will my "Chilier" (Cavalier King Charles X Chihuahua) puppy grow?
  187. Boxer pups ears... cropped vs. natural?
  188. i need ur help to decide a name for my dog..hes an american bulldog?
  189. Is this normal or is my chihuahua wierd?
  190. so i am getting a poodle it is already trained and every thing but will
  191. help me with my beagle!!!!?
  192. How do I get my chihuahua to like me all the time?
  193. Do all English Springer Spaniels..?
  194. English bulldog puppies for sale??
  195. My 8 Week old Border Collie has diarrhea. Help!?!?
  196. does anyone know any lhasa aspo or shih tzu breeders in houston texas or near it?
  197. Nintendogs Dachshund and friends help?
  198. Pregnant Pomeranian....Help?
  199. Would a Boxer be right for me?
  200. can my border collie be in heat?
  201. My in-laws 6 yr old pug died today, What do you say to them?
  202. OK looking for a Biton ( Bichon Frise mix Coton De Tulear)?
  203. What's a dog like the English Bulldog?
  204. My poodle is hurt on his right front leg I don't know what happened to him but...
  205. would this be a good name for a Chihuahua?
  206. How much should I feed my new collie puppy?
  207. How do i get my 8 week year old shih tzu go to bed!!?
  208. Pomeranian?
  209. help, my golden retriever's pissing out blood.?
  210. Do you own a leonberger?
  211. I need help from a Mastiff owner or breeder please!?
  212. if the term teacup chihuahua is not official what are they called and do
  213. Beagle is shedding and there are patches of no fur on her coat.?
  214. We are t hinking of getting a Siberian husky and we have a cat that is 5?
  215. HELP my 5 yr old mastiff has a very itchy reddish rash in all the areas that...
  216. Is my Pomeranian big for her breed?
  217. Are Australian Shepherds Naturally Nervous Dogs?
  218. Where's my great dane in South East Texas?
  219. Which one boxers or briefs?
  220. POLL: Shi-tzu, German Shepard, Sheepdog, Yorkie, Mini Schnauzer, or Pug?
  221. basset hounds?
  222. food agressive rottweiler?
  223. I am curious...in Miles per Hour, what can a Shiba Inu be clocked at?
  224. What are good names for a Yorkshire Terrier?
  225. what should I name my german wirehaired pointer, hunting dog? He is going to...
  226. How big do collies grow to be?
  227. Do They Check Your Bags When You Ride Greyhound??
  228. My 8 month old Schnauzer is having her period... she looks a little sad and lazy,?
  229. how much space needed by a Great dane...???
  230. URGENT...Should I get a Great Pyrenees?
  231. boxer pups?
  232. Name for a female Golden Retriever?
  233. can you tell me if my dog is a full blue nose pitbull. my cousin said that he...
  234. My chihuahua and his itchy ears have been treated so many times. Now red
  235. Will a papillon be alright sharing a home with a black lab?
  236. how can i get a body like brittany murphy's?
  237. where can i get golden retrievers for free in porterville, ca?
  238. Greyhound Bus?
  239. What's the best kind/brand of litter to use for a Chihuahua?
  240. Can a pomeranian get a tabby pregnant?
  241. my chihuahua has a cut that it wont heal?
  242. English Mastiff?
  243. Want to buy a great dane!?
  244. What should I feed my 8 week pug puppy?
  245. Border collie or a beagle i want it for hnting and companship?
  246. What is it like to travel by greyhound bus?
  247. which name should we name our american bulldog? we are having an arguement
  248. I get a boner at wrong time and im usually wearing boxers with jersey shorts how
  249. I want a pup Shih Tzu but my DAD will not let me get one. HELP!?
  250. Specifically what can I use for mix Shitzu bichon frise that is only 4 month old for