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  1. Brittany gives kids to K-Fed?
  2. Any tips on potty training a 1 year old male Brittany Spaniel...?
  3. shih tzu dogs?
  4. for people that have read "Animal Farm", how would you describe Boxer's personality?
  5. My 10 week old Toy Poodle eats grass.?
  6. bichon frise?
  7. PLEASE HELP im looking for a Yorkshire Terrier dog has to be has to be a :...
  8. What is the natural colour of a great dane?
  9. There is a boxer living up the road from me. It is constantly chasing me and...
  10. I want to train my border collie Aila in agility, flyball, and frisbee.?
  11. I'm getting a chihuahua and I don't know if I should name it Jack or Sydney,
  12. HOW much do Norfolk Terriers costt?
  13. creationists, so through adaptation a wolf may eventually become a chihuahua...?
  14. how do you potty train a toy poodle? (:?
  15. is there one kind of border collie? and by kind i mean color?
  16. Beagles, what do you think about them?
  17. Why is my pug all of a sudden peeing and pooing in the house?
  18. What should I name my rough collie he look's like Lassie 100%?
  19. Are Shih Tzu's smart enough to fake a limp?
  20. Why isn't my Dalmatian Molly Fish Eating the Food I gave it?
  21. How much to pug dogs typically cost?
  22. How hot is too hot to take my dog outside? He is a 7 month old Shih Tzu?
  23. Coccidia illness in italian greyhounds?
  24. chihuahua puppy cherry eye???
  25. whats good to know about american bulldogs?
  26. I want to know everything about miniature schnauzers!?
  27. is a welsh corgi good for me?!?! respond asap!!?
  28. Is my chow embarassed of her hair cut?
  29. What do you think about the UK Government thinking of banning the American Bulldog?
  30. english bulldogs?
  31. Any unique chihuahua puppy names?
  32. My poodle is going bald, can I use Rogain?
  33. Are greyhounds and whipits the same thing?
  34. how much food shud i feed my 7month old boxer pup?
  35. Can I own a Weimaraner if I have 2 cats?
  36. Y&R: Is Sabrina and David Chow leaving the show?
  37. My 11 month old shih tzu has quit eating her dry food.Ive always picked the best
  38. Tips for traveling via Greyhound?
  39. Get answers from millions of real people.Places to stay touring France
  40. I REALLY want a chihuahua but.......?
  41. My papillon gave birth this am to a healthy 6 ounce girl with no labor signs
  42. 3 questions for fighters?? (boxers or martial artists answer only please)?
  43. How do i tell my dad i want to start wearing boxers?
  44. Double Dapple Dachshund Owners???
  45. Which star is the most annoying: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, or Brittany Spears?
  46. dachshunds: is it normal for dachshunds to lie on their back when they are sleeping?
  47. Belgian Malinois Lovers!! Please Help!!?
  48. girls wearing guys boxers??
  49. Mabinogi: Silver fox or Golden retriever?
  50. When is it too Late to cut my schnauzer's tail?
  51. My shih tzu...?
  52. Male Pug names!?
  53. What dog would you think would be best fitted to a chihuahua who is a little...
  54. 10yr old GSD/Mastiff, he weighs 116lbs, had TPLO on left leg in Mar 08,now torn...
  55. how much do cairmals (Cairn Terrier / Maltese Hybrid) cost approximately?
  56. I'm getting a Beagle and I need help how to care for it. Please help!?
  57. For pug owners past and present?
  58. Men, do you ever fasten the button on the front of your boxers / pants?
  59. My miniature schnauzer has a raised brown crusty bump under his beard/mustache.
  60. What can we do to get our poodle to stop snipping at our son?
  61. my pit is having babies but the ishue is the dad is a pug, how did this happen?
  62. pug question ?
  63. should i have my male shih tzu nuetered?
  64. Who has a pomeranian please help!?!?!?!?
  65. Where can I buy a purebred pug puppy???
  66. Greyhound Terminal in Toronto?
  67. what should be the diet of my mix breed dog if she is dalmatian/Labrador?
  68. Golden Retriever Hair Question?
  69. my 11 mth girl collie still isn't house trained. I make sure she goes b4...
  70. shih poo or shih tzu?
  71. shih tzu dog names?
  72. Dog Chow for Humans? IE: Everything your body needs in one mean?
  73. Why my toy poodle is coughing?
  74. Why american boxers (and all athletes in all sports)and american fans are so
  75. How will the recovery be for my chihuahua after luxating pattella surgery?
  76. I just bought a Rhodesian Ridgeback female pet and I am seeking for a
  77. poodle adoptions?
  78. Does anybody have a blue healer border collie mix?
  79. Boxer-girl...1 year old,just had puppies (unwanted) 3 weeks ago.?
  80. my bichon frise doggie snapped at me!?
  81. My 6 months old golden retriever stinks so bad!!?
  82. Boxers or briefs...?
  83. who do you think is the best pound for pound boxer?
  84. I just started a new game on nintendogs I selected a chihuahua on the game...
  85. Which Name should we choose? Female Chihuahua!?
  86. English bulldog puppies for sale puppy scams!?
  87. My Chihuahua is overly dependent? What can I do?
  88. American Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier?
  89. Rhodesian ridgeback mix?
  90. Great Dane life expectancy??
  91. Problem with my boxers eyes.?
  92. OK. asked this question a lil bit agoooo. MORE pug pup names pleaseee PIC includeddd?
  93. My Friend`s Pomeranian has two sets of teeth???
  94. Can I have a vizsla and a yorkshire terrier together?
  95. what is the name of the song by the red bloodhound gang?
  96. How much does a cockapoo cost? How much does a Dachshund cost?
  97. Are mini dachshunds good family pets?
  98. This is the chihuahua I'm getting next month! Do you think he is a cute chihuahua?
  99. teacup chihuahuas in minnesota?
  100. My 15 year old Pekingese started having seizures does it get better with...
  101. Which dog will be more suitable for a person with asthma a teacup yorkie or
  102. whats a good webkinz girl basset hound names?
  103. Do I have the look of a marketable Boxer?
  104. nelson the Golden Retriever?
  105. How do I get my Min. American Eskimo?
  106. Why do men prefer to wear boxers?
  107. Searching for Black and Tan Chihuahua adopted from Humaine Society In December 2007?
  108. any Greyhound deals Columbus, Ohio to Newark, NJ?
  109. How many times should i take my chihuahua out to go to the bathrooom?
  110. Is the person still here that wanted a "miniature collie"?
  111. How do you care for a Boxer?(dog)?
  112. How big will a miniature Dachshund get? I know they're small, but HOW small???
  113. isn't this illegal -Chihuahua Puppies 6wks?
  114. My miniature pinscher's ears use to stand up, as of this morning their
  115. What is the best dog food for a 17 mo old Golden Retriever?
  116. American bulldog-12 month, are they okay with other dogs?
  117. Siberian husky and allergies?
  118. My 9-year-old Cairn Terrier has been vomiting up a white, creamy fluid for...
  119. What is it like to take a 1300 mile trip aboard Greyhound??
  120. Satin Boxers....?
  121. English Bulldog-6 months old.?
  122. I have a 6week old puppy who father is full breed Boxer and mother is mix...
  123. At what age to Beagles reach their full height?
  124. i m 22 years old boy? what kind of underwear should be good to wear. boxer or briefs?
  125. greyhound bus to new jersey?
  126. Pug Rescues near Kansas City MO??
  127. which dog a Boston Terrier or a Roman Cane Corso...and why??
  128. Any info on Borzoi?
  129. Knee Surgery for my Cairn Terrier?
  130. Miniature Pinscher?
  131. Whats wrong with these boxers?
  132. Dog Chow for Humans? IE: Everything your body needs in one meal?
  133. Any ideas on how to make my 8 mth old pomeranian to stop playing with her poo??
  134. Pug's face stinks and is ichy.?
  135. I'm getting a chihuahua, what should I name it?
  136. Is a Brittany Spaniel a good dog?
  137. chihuahuas?
  138. I really want to buy yorkshire terrier,do I need to register puppy with a city...
  139. I have a beautiful male American Brittany. Rescued three years ago. So easy going?
  140. What's lower maintenance? (English) Bulldog, Boston terrier, or French Bulldogs?
  141. Why does my dog shed so much (Pomeranian)?
  142. Adopt a Aussie/ Border Collie?
  143. Shiba Inu??
  144. Is this dog a Chihuahua?
  145. shih tzu ques.?
  146. Is this chihuahua pregant?
  147. How do I go about locating a good stud for my Yorkshire Terrier for breeding?
  148. I have a 5 year old shih-tzu with a urination problem.?
  149. Girls: do you like guys with boxers or briefs?
  150. What is a good shih tzu book?
  151. How do I help my dachshund puppy?
  152. i feed my mini schnauzer pup at 7AM after how much time should he need to go poop?
  153. Pug question...?
  154. Help! Female Chihuahua Names - Do you know Some unusual ones?
  155. At what age can I safely neuter my beagle pup?
  156. I have an almost 6 month old weimaraner puppy who peed on me while...
  157. how come the fleas of my chihuahua are still there even if i washed her with
  158. How much do guineapig cost in melbourne ? and dalmatian kind of guinea-pig
  159. My pug has stinky folds on her face?
  160. Where is a good breeder to get my Dogo Argentino from?
  161. I have an 11 week old Brittany pup who hardly eats. Suggestions?
  162. Golden Retriever for me?
  163. Where can you find super dragon chow in dragonfable???
  164. When should I get my English Bulldog neutered?
  165. i dont know how my boxer brifes are suposed to feel like?
  166. best food for shar pei?
  167. how many days can a shih tzu take a bath after giving birth?
  168. What are some cute and unique names for a cream colored pomeranian ??? Examples
  169. Soo..i have a shih tzu puppy and shes the queen of the house..?
  170. my poodle might be pregnant by a pibull what should i do aboard the pregnancy or
  171. Problems with my 5 month old boxer/pitt/shepard mix.?
  172. Great dane studs?
  173. Toy American Eskimo breeder?
  174. Anyone know a good reliable french bulldog breeder?
  175. Greyhound maintence?
  176. i have questions about my American Pit Bull Terrier? *pic*?
  177. jack russell poodle cross?
  178. My Boston Terrier..?
  179. Anyone seen a Beagle/Wrottweiler mix?
  180. Siberian Husky and Allergies/ asthma.?
  181. my jack russell terrier is afraid of everything including me?
  182. how much do guineapig cost in melbourne ? and dalmatian kind of
  183. Is it all right to keep a miniature pinscher or Manchester terrier outside
  184. I just got a yorkie/chihuaha mixed puppy. do you think he looks more like a
  185. my bichon frise doggie just snapped at me!?!?
  186. dog food for my overweight beagle?
  187. can u tell me if my blue nose pitbull is full blue nose pitbull. someone...
  188. Im looking for a shepherd/collie mix?
  189. Whats a good brand of dry dog food to feed my yorkie & shih tzu?
  190. Chihuahua has blood in her stool, runs and hides?
  191. Does anyone have firsthand knowlege of the Korean Mastiff (Dosa?
  192. cairn terrier?
  193. My American Bulldog may be untrainable?
  194. Is there a bus service other than Greyhound from Atlanta to DC?
  195. I had a 2 yr old english bulldog and today my dog was dead outside with
  196. Does anyone know where i can buy or adopt a Tibetan Terrier?
  197. Golden Retriever puppy's coat?
  198. my 3 month old siberian husky wont eat...?
  199. Why do my chihuahuas squint when they look at me?
  200. I know atlanta georgia had a greyhound bus terminal how can I find it????
  201. My 5 mth old Bull Mastiff growls, & snaps when you pet him when he is resting...
  202. What is the best chip to enplant w/gps for if the dog is stolen?I have a...
  203. i just bought a little tan female dachshund puppy would like help naming her.?
  204. Puppy names! female border collies and male german shepherd?
  205. Training classes for a Jack Russell Terrier, is it too late?
  206. Why do Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Suck so much? Why are they so hard to...
  207. How can i get Yellow discoloration around my Dogs eyes and ears out of her...
  208. Barking Border Collie?
  209. BF wearing condom+boxers &it broke.Went everywhere,can I still get pg whern we...
  210. Does anyone know where I can buy a Siberian Husky online thats not a puppy mill?
  211. My Papillon dog has been pacing w/his tail down and acting restless for 5
  212. How can I get my Dalmatian to stop pulling on a leash when walking?
  213. I'm thinking about getting a greyhound....any advice?
  214. BEWARE OF FREE DOGS SCAM(Yorkie and English Bulldog) from VICTORIA CAMEROON?
  215. who is edith johnson from 30 crosbie place,st john's newfoundland,ca,a1b3y8
  216. Can someone help me locate an Australian Terrier Breeder in Alberta?
  217. Help? My Bichon Frise has brown spots all over her body!?
  218. Which is a better guard dog? A German Shepherd or A Rottweiler?
  219. fly's on great dane poo?
  220. australian shepherd dog help?
  221. Does anyone know/remember this boxer?
  222. Blind date - and you gotta choose between these 3 guys - the boxer, the fireman or...
  223. What is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound???
  224. A schnauzer that swims?
  225. a cute name for our new boxer?
  226. Chihuahua barking?
  227. American pit bull terrier or Staffordshire bull terrier?
  228. underrated boxers, overrated boxers today?
  229. Problem with my Bichon Frise... it seem she is hyper?
  230. Poll: If you were a boxer what would be your intro song???
  231. Advice to help Saint Bernard eat?
  232. my 8 month old rottweiler doesnt like dogs at the park?
  233. Help, I think my beagle, dog may have licked up some antifreeze. what's...
  234. Are Shiba Inu's aggressive with other dogs?
  235. My Dachshund does not stop barking?
  236. y beagle is sick and we cant take her to the vet?
  237. How Do I Make My Maltese And Pomeranian Get Along?
  238. beagle puppy 6 weeks should we take her home>?
  239. i have a Rottweiler and wanted to know if i could keep him in a big cage...
  240. I have 5 month old Chihuahua and she tugs back and wont walk on the leash!?
  241. I have a 5 month old Maltese-poodle mix puppy. All the hair has fallen off
  242. does anyone have a great pyrenees?
  243. Which dog should i get, a collie or a pug????
  244. Rottweiler scared of Pomeranian?
  245. I just found a small lump on my puppie boxer's penis.?
  246. Whats the better gaurd dog?Dogo Argentino or Presa Canario?
  247. border collies?
  248. How do i know if my miniature pinscher had a bad ear crop???
  249. How do i clean properly my new pug puppy's eyes?
  250. Bloodhound Genetics?