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  1. What should we name our new male chihuahua mix puppy?
  2. My 9 month old boxer dog frets when we leave him for a day, how can we go om holiday?
  3. Scottish Terrier/ Yorkshire Terrier?
  4. Brittany, France?
  5. boxer who's last name was foley?
  6. Tips for training Boxers?
  7. Why has my pug lost his appetite?
  8. my standard poodle?
  9. Dogo Argentino Mastiff hip supplements question?
  10. How much would a Shiba Inu or a King Charles Spaniel cost?
  11. Which type of Competition should i enter a pomeranian?
  12. Help me find dog nappies: chihuahua has been fully toilet trained, but still...
  13. Are pug & Kelly fired?! Why??
  14. my sister's bichon frise used to have a high bark, now his bark is lower. what does
  15. I am thinking about adopting a 4 month old Dachshund puppy, but have a few concerns.?
  16. where can i get a parti poodle?
  17. brittany and jeremey is those names conpatabel?
  18. Beagle puppy question?
  19. My 4 year old kelpieXboder collie has been shaking lately.?
  20. Boxer female???
  21. Is my cavalier king charles spaniel overweight?pics!?
  22. how do you jump rope good like boxers.?
  23. Is it possible that my toy poodle has already gone in heat, without any
  24. Boxer or briefs?
  25. MEN ONLY! boxers or briefs?
  26. Just adopted shih-tzu from shelter: many kinks in tail?
  27. LA Whippet Rescues?
  28. My siberian husky is pregnant? HELP.?
  29. destructive dachshund?
  30. There is a chow chow living in a house down the road. It constantly is chasing me...
  31. Can anyone give me some girl names for a mini. dachshund?
  32. I have a question about hand sicknesses u get from punching,the one that boxers
  33. Do American Cocker Spaniels shed?
  34. aggressive standard poodle??
  35. Dogo argentino or a mutt?
  36. my dachshund about a week ago ate a chocolate chip muffin wraper. ever since then he
  37. What are miniature bull terriers like personality wise?
  38. Italian greyhound?
  39. Labrador Retriever puppy with a heart murmur?
  40. does anybody know of a type of dog similar to a golden retriever but smaller?
  41. Who is your favourite boxer of all time?
  42. does anyone have a simpl solution 2 housetraining a shih-tzu?
  43. help please collies?
  44. bichon frise?
  45. can someone describe the behavior of a yorkshire terrier?
  46. Socialising an english bull terrier?
  47. Somebody out there please help im desperate, my boston terrier is sick,!!!?
  48. Can I breed my small cocker (female) with a male Rottweiler/chow mix?
  49. Where can Bichon Frise puppies in PA?
  50. Who is your favourite boxer (any weight) ever?
  51. Rottweiler behaviors, can it be good for the farm?
  52. Is it true that Border Collies are the smartest dogs and Afghan hounds are the
  53. Lost my nieces Italian greyhound today.... Can I find her? Ideal replacement?
  54. Why would my rottweiler mix have loose stools?
  55. What are all of the shots that I should get for my Lhasa Apso?
  56. My year old chihuahua/poodle dog has hard lumps all over it?
  57. q about pugs?
  58. Do any of you own and Irish Setter, If you do can you tell me what you like or
  59. We just got two siberian huskies 4 and 7 yrs the older one is fretting how
  60. BOXER JOCK? NEW ones???
  61. What are your views on a beagle/brittany cross?
  62. Is true that Chows can't jump?
  63. King Charles Cavalier Spaniel - Help please?
  64. Rottweiler or German Shepherd ???
  65. How to help a Neglected Boston Terrier?
  66. Poodle false pregnancy?
  67. my chihuahua and terrier could be pregnant?
  68. Is My Chihuahua Pregnant?
  69. Golden Retriever breeding?
  70. Staffordshire Bull Terrier New Puppy Name?
  71. Are Pugs Good Apartment Dogs?
  72. What are some good boxers?
  73. chihuahua, pros and cons ?
  74. My boston terrier's vulva is swollen and her heat cycle is over, could she
  75. bored dachshund?
  76. Cute names for a Chihuahua (girl)?
  77. stewie boxer shorts????
  78. Spotted Dachshund?
  79. is there a simple way 2 housebreak a shih-tzu? mine is 7mos. old.?
  80. My Pomeranian is pregnant!!?
  81. How are lhasa apso's with hving a new puppy in the home?
  82. Can u give me the recipe for chow mein?
  83. whats the best jack russell terrier mix?
  84. Filipino boxers?
  85. OK, Maltese puppy or adult Beagle hound?
  86. Poodle missing teeth, major fault in show ring? If 4 in a row are missing/pulled...
  87. i love chihuahuas anyone else love them?
  88. How much should I pay for a 6 month old Boston Terrier?
  89. Will my 3 1/2 month old pomeranian puppy lose it's coat and grow a new one?
  90. would i be a good english mastiff owner (only answer if you are knowledge...
  91. Joe Boxer Sweats?
  92. Looking for locak AKC Pomeranian breeder - Where to start?
  93. Rottweiler breeders.?
  94. Greyhound Dogs???
  95. Is the pug that is in Men in black II in the first movie as well?
  96. Why is my boston terrier suddenly peeing in the house?
  97. Golden retriever puppies.?
  98. bichon frise owners?
  99. Golden retriever with ruptured ACL - next step?
  100. HELP with name for a male English bulldog!!!?
  101. My chihuahua is my heart, five days ago she had a seizure.I did take her...
  102. Papillon - great book but what went wrong with the film?
  103. what dog breed is suitable with a chihuahua and pomeranian?
  104. Why does my bullmastiff have hardly any wrinkles?
  105. what should i name a glass girl Dalmatian puppy? decide?
  106. A good boy poodle name?
  107. Yorkshire Terriers in northern Illinois?
  108. Cairn Terriers?
  109. i can only feel one testie on my male chihuahua!!!?
  110. Pomeranians - Pug or Maltese?
  111. Dachshund back problems?
  112. Bichon Frise Grooming?
  113. Thoughts on Doberman vs Boxer..?
  114. Is my minature schnauzer pregnat and dont come on here to say spayed or nuterer them?
  115. what does it mean if a puppy is losing hair, he is a boxer and about 4 months old?
  116. Weimaraner Weight?
  117. your experiences with Chihuahuas?
  118. im 14 and going walk my moms friend's dog the dog is a West Highland White...
  119. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much would you say beagles shed? And....?
  120. shih tzu, maltese?
  121. When should I switch my German Shepherd puppy to adult dog food?
  122. which dog do you like an english mastiff or great dan?
  123. I have a 4 month old toy poodle and she has cherry eye. Is there a home remedy
  124. How do you determine if you should be a orthodox or southpaw boxer?
  125. My dog (pug puppy) has a cornea abrasion. I took him into the vet on Thursday
  126. How do I stop my pug puppy from throwing up? Why is he throwing up?
  127. Abercrombie Boxers????
  128. Toy Fox Terrier Behavior?
  129. I have a two-three month old Chihuahua Puppy and she is very lethargic,...
  130. How much would you pay for a Brittany/German short hair pointer puppy?
  131. Chihuahua Food...?
  132. why do some mma and boxers get tired so early in a fight when they do all
  133. Anyone looking for a Fawnequin Great Dane?
  134. Tell Me about ur American Pit Bull terrier?
  135. Whats the Best Food To Feed A Great Dane Puppy?
  136. My Shi-tzu/poodle mix LOVES Border Collies! Seen anything like this?
  137. why is my longhaired dachshund casting?
  138. i have been looking for a very long time for a lethal white collie can any one
  139. I have a 9 month old girl shih tzu whos been spade,?
  140. Will it help to neuter my seven year old Chow Chow?
  141. Puggle vs Weimaraner in Energy Level?
  142. Are Bachelors Chinese Chow Mein Super Noodles available for vegetarians?
  143. When does the "ridge" on the rhodesian ridgeback start to appear from when they are
  144. Do you think miniature schnauzers look better with or without cropped ears??
  145. Are American Bulldogs good for a family? Are they easy to house break? Do...
  146. Is a Chihuhahua/Shih tzu puppy good for people with allergies?
  147. Need help picking a breed that will be compatable with my Golden Retriever Mix.?
  148. what would a good middle name be for a male boxer puppy named Whiskey?
  149. What happens when a three pound chihuahua eats about a table spoon of Hersey's
  150. I'm a 19 year girl who will be traveling 5 hours on a Greyhound. Should i be worried
  151. beloved schnauzer?
  152. My 3 yaerold irish setter male has developed small lumps all over is neck and back?
  153. How safe is Portland Greyhound Station? What's the closest and safest place to stay
  154. help have had my 1 and a half year old papillon dog for 7 days she still wont eat?
  155. Yeah i have a wuestion about my dog she is a beagle and has a loose tooth?
  156. Basset hound puppy coming home soon, help!?
  157. i'm getting a male Miniature Schnauzers and i have some questions?
  158. Is my Chihuahua pregnant?
  159. ESPN top 50 boxers questions!?
  160. Bathing my lab/beagle?
  161. I am about to breed my rottweiler what do i need to get for her while she is...
  162. HELP!!! rat poison and my shih tzu?
  163. Australian shepherds and border collies?
  164. my dog is pomeranian, he has the one spot in his body that doesnt grow
  165. How do you get a kitten to bond with a border collie?
  166. What would be a good name for a chihuahua mixed with a poodle??
  167. Abercrombie Boxers???????
  168. Greyhound, brocken toe?
  169. Rough Collie or Border Collie...?
  170. I cant seem to train my chihuahua, I need some help!?
  171. My Chihuahua puppies breath is deadly.?
  172. whats a golden retriever?
  173. is a brown and white spotted dachshund rare?
  174. is a boston terrier the right dog for me?
  175. Does my chihuahua have..Monorchidism or Cryptorchidism??
  176. Are there any Boston terrier breeders in Western Australia?
  177. What does it take to become a pro boxer?
  178. Does anyone know where i can get a FREE american staffordshire terrier in Australia?
  179. my Shih tzu vomits white & mostly yellow foam/slime when her stomach is empty in...
  180. could a whippet actually sniff out a rabbit?
  181. How to I convince my father to get me an English Bulldog? I know there expensive...
  182. hey my puppy is a chihuahua 5 months old and how many amount of food
  183. How much should I sell Great Pyrenees puppies for?
  184. What's a better dog, a Beagle or a Maltese?
  185. Anyone know of a company that makes suitable harnesses for french bulldogs?
  186. how much do peop;e charge to walk dogs in USA and how much i charge for a West
  187. Any ideas for male dog names that rhyme with TOBY? We're adopting a 10 month
  188. how hard is it to raise a doberman pinscher?
  189. Teen Boxer Briefs Help?
  190. Can I keep a Great Dane while living in an apartment?
  191. french bulldog or boston terrier?
  192. My Beagle has been sneezing and snorting a lot. Very mucusy. The sneezing is
  193. how big are french bulldogs?
  194. Any trick-training tips to teach my toy poodle?
  195. How good would my JRT mix get along with a Chihuahua?
  196. i have a 7 week old bullmastiff who will not sleep on her own at night.?
  197. How can you get a pug to stop marking his territory and just pee.?
  198. What is the perfect sized 'KONG' toy for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  199. Help with out of control boxer female puppy. Urgent.?
  200. how do i convince my parents to let me shave my border collie?
  201. any one have names for golden retriever puppies?
  202. Does anyone own a American Bulldog?
  203. Boxers From The Olympics?
  204. Escape proof dog harness for my Boston Terrier?????????
  205. my chihuahua's eyes are swelling up after rabies shot? What's happening?
  206. Y&R: David Chow is sure putting on a good show making like he's turned over a new...
  207. What is the best shampoo to wash my pug puppy with?
  208. Lathargec Chihuahua?
  209. Nintendogs Jack Russell Terrier??!!?
  210. What do you use to clean out pugs flaps.?
  211. ok so i really need to make a decision about what breed of dog i should
  212. I have a rottweiler cross husky need help??
  213. have you ever heard of a breed of russian miniature schnauzer and jack...
  214. pug that is itchy on back and tail and has red bumps on tail ???
  215. are pugs playful? if not...?
  216. Beagle with shedding and tail problems.?
  217. Shetland Sheepdog?
  218. inheat chihuahua?
  219. Pug dog owners question?
  220. Golden Retriever?
  221. Do I need to groom my toy poodle?
  222. I am going into high school and I was wondering if anyone would make fun of me...
  223. Are Boston Terriers good dogs to have?
  224. What's the difference between a male and female beagle?
  225. How big do miniture yorkshire terriers get?
  226. Are Shiba Inu's aggressive with other dogs?
  227. Brittany Spears or Miley Cyrus???
  228. Getting a Boxer puppy...need lots of info!?
  229. i have a 16 week olf boarder collie whos chewing on everything any advice?
  230. siberian husky?
  231. Pug (help I need him to gain weight)?
  232. How can I get my basset hound to let me know when she needs out?
  233. When do miniature schnauzers reach their full size?
  234. 2 yr old chihuahua...problems after being neutered?
  235. Can anyone tell me what mix my chihuahua might contain? He's the one on...
  236. How do I train a 7-week old Chihuahua?
  237. What is a good name for a boy English Springer Spaniel?
  238. How far is the Greyhound terminal in Buffalo, NY from the airport?
  239. who knows how to train a bad Rottweiler?
  240. For responsible dachshund show people...?
  241. How to start breeding male english bulldog?
  242. Why is my sweet 9wk old Great Dane Puppy being aggressive towards me?
  243. Anyone ever had a norfolk terrier???
  244. Im looking for a respectable miniature shetland sheepdog breeder in the west
  245. Do Boxers and Bulldogs get along?
  246. English Bulldog pup.....?
  247. What should the average mature healthy Bull Mastiff dog weigh?
  248. 16wk Beagle pup peeing in crate in the car?
  249. should i get a Beagle?
  250. Why do you think that Brittany Spears gave up custody of her kids?