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  1. how long can it take a ch- bloodline chow puppy/s toung to turn fully black?
  2. I have a 7 year old Basset Hound that whines everytime my husband is out...
  3. Bathrobe and boxers?????
  4. Rescued Greyhounds and separation anxiety?
  5. wats wrong with my pomeranian dog?
  6. How long to English Bulldogs normally stay in heat? Is the bleeding normally heavy?
  7. English Bulldog for sale??
  8. Golden Retriever Puppy-5 month old-Bone 'Deformed'? Calcium-MORE OR LESS??
  9. Brittany's 2yr. old picking up her cigs and a lighter in a pic....?
  10. Border Collie Exercise?
  11. why arent dalmatians at any local shelters??!??!?
  12. Poodle Tears?
  13. dose any 1 know gilbert salinas boxer?
  14. i found this bump on my boston terriers belly i cant find out what it is can you...
  15. healthy beagle, chihuahua mix started licking left paw, drinking excessive water,...
  16. Buying a chihuahua,,,, Dont know what to name it??
  17. Anyone with a Pug have a secret to brushing their teeth?
  18. What should i do whith my lhasa apso?
  19. How to keep your Greyhound bus ride comfortable?
  20. What are some good boxers? I'm being serious...?
  21. How long do Bichon Frise's usually live?
  22. How much would a chihuahua and dachshund mix go for? no bigger than 3 pounds...
  23. i saw a shih tzu and pug mix on the internet?
  24. I have a pomeranian and it keeps coughing kinda like gagging. can anyone...
  25. bichon frise?
  26. Got PUG 306 ABS warning light has come on, today the brake light has also come
  27. stafforshire bull terrier?
  28. i have a american bulldog shes 4 months need 2 gian weight?
  29. Help I'm getting a 1 pound chihuahua puppy how should I prepare???
  30. Mama Beagle missing her pups.?
  31. Air traveling with a pug?
  32. How Often can you breed a male Shih tzu?
  33. My Chihuahua ate a few small pieces of a plastic childs toy! What should I do?
  34. My one year old Golden Retriever is still kind of mouthy and likes to...
  35. Shih tzu puppy?
  36. I want a english bulldog.I live in San Antonio. someone help?
  37. My mini schnauzer?
  38. Portuguese Water Dog question?
  39. Poll: Spaniels or Schnauzers?
  40. What does a Shar pei eat?
  41. Angels Eyes is working for our shih tzu but he hates it! Any suggestions anyone?
  42. How do I stop my Female Shih Tzu from using my car as a bathrooom?
  43. Does greyhound service safe between chicago and minnesota?
  44. Need help with a mini poodle around kids?
  45. I have a poodle my friend gave her to us?
  46. Shiba inu?
  47. greyhounds?
  48. 6 week collie pup seems to have a little seizer and pot belly with muscle weakness?
  49. What should I name my Chihuahua puppy?
  50. Anyone with allergy that has a portuguese water dog?
  51. What is the longest amount of time Brittany Spears has spent in jail?
  52. How often should i bathe my basset hound?
  53. Can you leave a Pug alone all day?
  54. can a golden retriever and a lab mix look like a rottweiler?
  55. How do I potty train an 18 month old dachshund?
  56. I'm thinking about getting a 4 year old border collie?
  57. my ten year old chihuahua ate a papertowel...?
  58. i have a femlae pug that has been in heat for 18 days or so now, but now...
  59. Pros and cons of owning a Greyhound?
  60. i have a puppy 6momths boxer/german shepered and whenever we leave the house he...
  61. I just got an English bulldog. Should I remove the corn plant I have inside?
  62. Nova Scotia (acadia) and newfoundland?!?
  63. Havanese Or Maltese dogs?
  64. How do I tell how old my chihuahua is?
  65. My 4month old chiweenie weighs 5lb how much bigger will he get?He looks like a...
  66. Brushing my Shetland Sheepdog...?
  67. What are good dog toys for a golden retriever puppy?
  68. My Chihuahua ate a few small pieces of a plastic toy! Help!?
  69. does anyone on her own a shar-pei dog?
  70. Doberman or Rottweiler?
  71. older male poodle won't leave young male poodle alone?
  72. Help! My chihuahua?
  73. great pyrenees/bernese mountain dog breeder?
  74. Why does my Chihuahua do this?
  75. Where can I adopt a teacup Yorkie (yorkshire terrier) in Fairfax Virginia or...
  76. Helping a neglected Boston Terrier?
  77. Is 500 dollars for a pure breed poodle good? How can you tell its a mini?
  78. should i get a Rottweiler , beagle or dachshund dog?
  79. Pomeranian is dominate?
  80. What kind of things should I do to keep my Great Dane away from the cats?
  81. General Pug Question?
  82. How do I stop my bull mastiff puppies ears going wrong?
  83. how do i get my 11 mo.boxer to stop this behavior...?
  84. I have a border collie, who has terrible dandruff. Any suggestion, on cure or cause?
  85. Bichon Frise Hair Loss??
  86. is there a parking lot near the greyhound staion in baltimore downtown?
  87. MY CHIHUAHUA started POOPING after i NEUTERED him?!!!?!!?
  88. How young can beagles have their first litter?
  89. how do i know if my chihuahua is going in to laber?
  90. How Tall Are Rottweiler Lab Mixes?
  91. I need some posotive points why i should buy a Boxer puppy??
  92. We bought a 1year old german shepherd/chow mix dog from the pound 8 weeks ago. The
  93. how do i train my toy poodle,its was 1 yr + 3 month old...very naughty and...
  94. my jack russell terrier is mean, and growls at me?
  95. My 7 mnth old chihuahua is ALL bones.?
  96. Pomeranian x Chihuaha?
  97. Suggestions for names for my new English Springer Spaniel? (pics inc)?
  98. Help my with my Boxer?
  99. what is the legal age to become a pro boxer?
  100. Where is the best place to get a miniature pinscher puppy in colorado?
  101. Why won't my male chihuahua keep his ears up. They were up when I
  102. My chihuahua stopped eating. What should i do to get him to eat and play
  103. chihuahua NSW (how much is it worth) HELP!?
  104. Feeding and toilet training my 2yr year old chihuahua?
  105. Are my beagle pups fighting?
  106. should i breed my female beagle?
  107. Looking for a breeding male for a poodle/terrier mix...?
  108. My Miniature Dachshund ate a nectarine pit, should I worry?
  109. I have twelve week old chihuahua puppy who has growled, snarled and tried to...
  110. chihuahua puking?!?!?
  111. does any one know where i can find a white poodle in puerto rico !!!!???...?
  112. How come my Boston terrier rolls around in the dirt?
  113. Boxers and boardshorts???????
  114. golden retrievers???
  115. How can i stop my 8 month old siberian husky from being to rough?
  116. is Dixie a cute name for a dausaund mixed basset hound?
  117. besides girl,interrupted what movie was Brittany Murphy in?
  118. Which breed would you prefer out of the following: Shelties, Papillions, Border...
  119. sleeping in boxers?
  120. Best poodle hybrid for family with young and energetic children?
  121. joe louis was great, but is he the worst washed up past his prime boxer
  122. i have a dwart dalmatian male and can i put a female dwarf robo together they
  123. what should I name my papillon?
  124. I stepped in a Pug's poop barefooted how do i clean this?
  125. at what age does a chihuahuas ears stand?
  126. Want to know anything about French Bulldogs?
  127. He is a part border collie But what else? Is he a pure Bred Border collie?
  128. Chihuahua Q's.?
  129. Where is the best place to sell my AKC adult Boxer?
  130. chocolate brown Pomeranian in southern California?
  131. I'm looking for a replica cherry blossom papillon bag by Louis Vuitton?
  132. irish wolfhound owners who DONT live on farms/mansions?
  133. How can you tell if a chihuahua puppy about 6 weeks old is short haired or...
  134. my standard poodle?
  135. should i get a boy or girl boston terrier?
  136. My dog is a male Boston Terrier, and my new puppy Boston doesn't like
  137. what should i name my girl boston terrier?
  138. How to Groom A Newfoundland?
  139. Whats wrong with my shih tzu?
  140. my poodle is a crossbreed dut i dont know what type of breed is the other...
  141. where in rhode island/ct can i find a legit staffordshire bull terrier breeder?
  142. How can I stop my 12weeks old Havanese puppy from growling at my daughter and
  143. my dog is a 7month old chihuahua will she be goin in heat soon?
  144. the boys next door want to take me dogging,i said OK,and they got all
  145. how do i potty train my basset hound?
  146. American pit Bull Terrier question??
  147. How much should i sell rottweiler puppies for?
  148. 10 yr. old Shih Tzu high liver enzyme (sap) & slightly enlarged liver....
  149. English Bulldog.Thinking about getting one after seeing Tillman on new TV Show.?
  150. I'm looking for a Labrador Retriever that's about 1 to 2 years old, and house...
  151. How can I start traning my chihuahua. She is just 12 weeks and I have no clue of...
  152. difference between Samoyed's and golden retrievers?
  153. is jackpot a cute name for a beagle??
  154. How can i tell if my bichon frise is pregnant? need help fast?
  155. Where can i buy a bull terrier in houston,tx?
  156. American Bulldog Hip Dysplasia?
  157. bichon frise?
  158. West highland white terrier making choking and vomiting noises?
  159. American Bulldog Serious Health Problems?
  160. Boxers MEN ONLY?
  161. i have a 7 weeks old chihuahua she only a lb very tiny, she have hair...
  162. Yorkshire Terrier in Ireland?
  163. What Should I name my miniature dachshund that ends with an O?
  164. Do doberman get along with other dogs such as boston terriers?
  165. Jack Russell Terrier Question?
  166. How much should an Australian Terrier cost in CDN Dollars?
  167. Mastiff Ear infection does anyone know how to bring the animal relief until he
  168. when can i bathe my 2month old lhasa apso puppy?
  169. American Bulldog Stubborness and Strength?
  170. My My chihuahua X Maltese has lost her fur :'(?
  172. what are the best bonds boxer-briefs/trunks?
  173. What is the recipe for Human Kitten Chow?!?
  174. Is it okay to wear boxers to sleep at a relative's house??
  175. pomeranian or maltese??
  176. Why doesn't the AKC recognize American Pit Bull Terriers, when it's quite
  177. Whats wrong with my toy poodle's testicles?
  178. I am wanting to get a American Bulldog and might be having a baby in a
  179. American Bulldog Legal Liabilities?
  180. Too much protein for my Pomeranian?
  181. Are there any forums in Canada about English Springer Spaniels?
  182. My bullmastiff always looks sad, what I can I do to cheer him up?
  183. Boxer shorts around the house and with guests??????
  184. I have a Lhasa Apso who I think is in labor how can I tell?
  185. Is it ok to put human shampoo on my dachshund?
  186. Abercrombie Boxers????
  187. Dog simialar to Labrador Retriever?
  188. I have a 12 week old Toy Poodle male who Not just bites but.....?
  189. Where or who should I buy a pembroke corgi welsh from?
  190. Shih Tzu URGENT ADVICE NEEDED...?
  191. Do Boston Terriers have ears that stick up naturally?
  192. Chihuahua with heart failure in critical stage.?
  193. We have had a bull mastiff for two days, he is eight weeks old, he has got very...
  194. Why do guys wear boxers when they swim?
  195. Is it possible to "potty train" my 7 week old beagle?
  196. my 2 1/2 year toy poodle had what had to be a leg cramp/spasm & lost balance?
  197. Is it normal for a 10m/old beagle to be really swollen and heavy for her 1st...
  198. American Bulldog Slobbering and Drooling?
  199. Will Petsmart groom my golden retriever if he has canine papillomas virus?
  200. A good name for a pug? (pics)?
  201. American Bulldog Gassiness?
  202. how can i get my 9 month old american bulldog akc registered. since i saved him
  203. How much should a Bichon Poodle puppy eat at 4 months old?
  204. it's raining cats and dogs! how do i not step on the poodles?
  205. I have a ONE YR OLD MALE Jack Russell Fox Terrier and I want to breed him..anyone...
  206. pros and cons of a golden retriever please!?!?!?
  207. What should I call my female rottweiler?
  208. how can you train border collies?
  209. Words that go with Brittany?
  210. What would be a good match to put with my english bulldog?
  211. Do English Bulldogs have to have a c-section when they have babies?
  212. how much Children's liquid benadryl can u give a 16 lbs pug?
  213. Does anyone know if -C and L Showdogs- are a good source for Shiba Inu puppies?
  214. House-Training my 6 mo old Shih-Tzu Bichon mix. She doesn't let me know...
  215. Whats smarter A Sheltie or Beagle?
  216. everything you know about boxer puppies?
  217. cockblocking chihuahua?
  218. what are some cool names for a black male labrador retriever?
  219. IMPORTANT...Pregnant Chihuahua!!!?
  220. my bichon frise has a rash?
  221. Rottweiler and Yorkie?
  222. American Bulldog - Bloat?
  223. anyone near Ny looking for a Bichon Frise ?
  224. My 7 month old Pug needs hip surgery.?
  225. chihuahua and mini daschund mix?
  226. I live in Las Vegas and looking to buy a Teacup Chihuahua under $350?
  227. what kind of work out do i need to be a boxer?
  228. my 2 lb pomeranian vomited blood and died with 5 minutes?
  229. Boston Terrier or Beagle??
  230. how much should i sell my 2 month old male pomeranian for?
  231. How Do You Speak Chihuahua and How Do U Understand What my Chihuahua is Saying? ?
  232. yorkies or poodles?
  233. my chihuahua has a knot and hair loss?????????
  234. Boxers and boardshorts?????
  235. i heard your suppose to groom a beagle once in a while, but how and what...
  236. How much would it cost to send a pack of Nestle Smarties from
  237. 8 month old dachshund?
  238. lhasa apso puppies- girl or boy?
  239. help with chihuahua anal glands?
  240. How much does a female chihuahua pup cost in India?
  241. Boxer Jocks???
  242. "Tiny Teacup Imperial Shih Tzu"?
  243. what are some good names for a male great dane?
  244. how big will a Chihuahua - Smooth Coated and Dachshund mix be?
  245. I have a 1 1/2 year old Shepard collie mix who chews only certin things how...
  246. The N's Queen Bees - Brittany?
  247. red brindle english bulldog or black pug ?
  248. my pug puppy is 4 weeks old. her eyes appear to be pointing out to the side of her...
  249. Where can i buy a Full Blooded Rottweiler in Houston?
  250. Can anyone help me find a picture of a pitt bull poodle mix?