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  1. Is flat coated retriever a good dog ?
  2. Clumber Spaniels?
  3. bichon frise dog question??
  4. How do I stop a Lhasa Apso from aggressively biting?
  5. Maltese or Toy Poodle? Or Maltipoo?
  6. I found a Dalmatian puppy.?
  7. What can I do with my dachshund while I'm away from school?
  8. Which does better left alone Miniature pinscher or Manchester terrier?
  9. First Time Greyhound rider......tips?
  10. Should I get a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab/or Boxer?
  11. My Saint Bernard swallowed a bone.?
  12. My bedlington terrier (10 yrs. old) has begun licking her legs.
  13. How do i start a dog stud service for my miniture schnauzer??
  14. How do you go about finding a prospective mate for a male Dachshund?
  15. could you send pitbull cross bullmastiff pictures (home)
  16. Does anyone know own an irish setter or standard poodle?
  17. Shetland Sheepdog - Mother and Daughter ..?
  18. What is the name of a dog mixed with a pit bull and a rottweiler?
  19. i have a 1yr old pom/poodle.. i started 2 notice he stop eatin his food n...
  20. my toy fox terrier has been lost for 3 weeks?! :( i dont know what else to do??
  21. What kind of vitamin should I give my Mastiff?
  22. what should a great pyrenees puppy weigh at 7 weeks
  23. Sussex Spaniel.?
  24. I have one dog which is a brittany i am thinking about getting another dog
  25. Sussex spaniel breeders?
  26. Who else has a Flat Coated Retriever?
  27. housebreaking a silky terrier?
  28. breeding boxer???
  29. Should I be worried if my 8-yr-old silky terrier’s nipples suddenly turn into...
  30. What is cuter, a black pomeranian or a golden pomeranian?
  31. Boys: Boxers,briefs?
  32. My mom won't let me get a pug? HELP ME!?
  33. Is My Jack Russell Terrier Pure bread?[PIC]?
  34. Should I keep or sell my chihuahua?
  35. What is a good name for a Labrador/Golden retriever male puppy?
  36. Pug Bladder problems after stone removal surgery?
  37. shiba inu and akita inu?
  38. what do u think is the best haircut for Havanese dogs?
  39. Does the skye terrier shed a lot?
  40. Help! I'm trying to figure out if my pup has some pyrenees, or kuvasz, or
  41. Is this how Beagle's ususally are?
  42. This question is for owners of American Foxhounds...how often do they really bark?
  43. I'm going to be fostering a Great Pyrenees, now my concern is when I go
  44. Will my miniature schnauzer's hair color change?
  45. Chihuahua or Yorkie? Which you like best?
  46. I think my Lhasa Apso mix may have mites but i don't have $$$ to take her to the...
  47. Know anything about Irish Water Spaniels?
  48. chihuahua or yorkshire terrier?
  49. Good chihuahua names?
  50. Which has a better family pet temperment Kuvasz or Maremma Sheepdog?
  51. Why do guys wear their pants so low that their boxers...
  52. Does anyone else have a Labrador retriever?
  53. My Great Dane Puppy started limping?
  54. Why has my Welsh Terrier started to misbehave....?
  55. My German Shorthaired Pointer has a lump in between her shoulder blades, what is it?
  56. is £650 about right for a poorador / pug cross?
  57. Not Meany people know about the havanese (dog) do you?
  58. Can I get a new puppy if I currently own a skye terrier?
  59. Do English Foxhounds make good family pets?
  60. I'd Like to get a Pomeranian... but I don't know where or how to get one. help?
  61. Things to know about shiba inu?
  62. What is a Newfoundland accent?
  63. Anyone else own or know someone who owns a Shiba Inu or a Shiba Inu mix?
  64. Can anyone give me advise on my new Mini American Eskimo dog?
  65. do [adult] great pyrenees dogs bark alot?
  66. My Boxer has been sitting for the last half hour....?
  67. Japanese Chin vs Tibetan Spaniel?
  68. Do all dachshunds yawn a lot?
  69. How do I know if my chihuahua is pregnant?
  70. are pitbulls and American Staffordshire Terrier the same??
  71. How can i socialize my german shepherd with other dogs?
  72. Why does my 1 1/2 yr old italian greyhound go into heat so often?
  73. My Boston Terrier isn't getting the potty training thing.?
  74. why wont my 1 yr pom/poodle let anyone come near me and my boyfriend?
  75. Since the Belgium Malinois, Belgium Sheepdog and Belgian Tervuren are all
  76. the neapolitan mastiff?
  77. Our 6 yr old Welsh Corgi is suffering from skin rash, hair loss,swollen paws
  78. Is it ok to take my pug for walks in hot weather?
  79. Why do French Bulldogs drag their butts?
  80. My Chihuahuas 7 Months Old Long Haired And Her Ears Are Not All The Way Up...
  81. How much is a Weimaraner?
  82. who is better at boxing, mexican or puerto rican boxers?
  83. should i get a prong collar for my german shepherd dog?
  84. When riding Greyhound with the transfers, will another bus be waiting for to get
  85. Do Gordon Setters like the water?
  86. Where can I buy a good Weimaraner?
  87. My beagle is not drinking water.?
  88. Pekingese Question?10 points for best answer!?
  89. you think mexican boxers will respect oscar more in mexico if he fights...
  90. My one year old female altered black and tan coonhound leaks?
  91. Why does my dog follow me everywhere? (toy poodle terrier mix)?
  92. I want a singing canary as my next pet. I am a dog person, so how much work,
  93. Breeding my irish Water Spaniel?
  94. German Shepherd guard dog?
  95. What dog food brand would be best for my toy fox terrier puppy?
  96. ,what is an ulcer in the eye of my 3 yr old pug? definition/ and what are the
  97. Bernese Mountain Dog Colour?
  98. We have a 1 year old SKye Terrier, "Beatrice", and all of a sudden, she and one
  99. what room theme should i have for my SAMOYED WEBKINZ?
  100. How many puppies do bichon frise dogs usually have? ?
  101. cane corso,tibetan spaniel,pug, and akita?
  102. Golden Retrievers?
  103. I have an American Bulldog, she is very hyper and very hard to train. Does
  104. how do you get your hair like brittany spears new hairstyle?<not shaved off>?
  105. Are Border Collies the most intelligent dogs?
  106. American Foxhound help?
  107. what shampoo to use for bearded collie and advice on keeping coat matt free.
  108. my 3 yr old pug has a tiny spot on her eye ball. what could it be and how...
  109. What is a good African name for a boy Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy?puppy?
  110. Is an Australian Shepherd better with small children than a Border Collie?
  111. are chow chows good dogs?
  112. Need name for rescued male wirehaired fox terrier?
  113. Where in Delaware, or some-where close, can I buy or adopt a Great Dane?
  114. Does anyone know of a good pug breeder in the Northern California (Sacramento) area?
  115. Scottish Terrier Pup bites his nails!
  116. can i please have a unused webkinz code for a raccoon or samoyed?
  118. What is a cute toy poodle name...?
  119. Please advise me...how do your Lhasa Apso's act??
  120. how do i get my basenji to accept my new cat?
  121. How much does a fully registered Greater Swiss Mountain Dog cost?
  122. Norwich terriers?????????
  123. beagle puppy dragging her behind on the floor?
  124. Should I adopt this cutie?? (PICTURE!) Papillon!?
  125. Do Scottish Terrier Dogs Like to Swim in Water?
  126. why are golden retrievers hyper !!!!!/ including mine!!?
  127. How can I keep my Rottweiler from being a violent dog?
  128. At 7 months can a Chihuahua get pregnant?
  129. Do cream poodles usually fade?
  130. Don't Japanese Chins And Tibetan Spaniels Look A Like?
  131. Weimaraner's and Vizsla's with cats?
  132. i have a boston terrier named bella and usuually sort of plays with my cat can she
  133. Basenji Dogs.......?
  134. Siberian Husky Info?
  135. My 4 year old beagle is having problems with possible "seizures"?
  136. dog compatibility? komondor and great dane?
  137. Clumber spaniels in Australia?
  138. My cairn terrier runs away and thinks its a game but we can't get a fence what
  139. Where is the perfect place to find a AKC registered Irish Water spaniel stud?
  140. Do all toy poodles have a long snout?
  141. Leaving Mastiff alone at home?
  142. Can I post Doberman Pinscher Puppies for sale?
  143. what would you use as a gaurd dog, rottweiler or pitbull?
  144. bichon frise?
  145. Why does my 1 year old mastiff keep pooping in her cage?
  146. Maltese, Bichon Frise, Yorkie?
  147. Bolognese, Tibetan terrier, Skye terrier..?
  148. Scottish Deerhound?
  149. english springer spaniel is ill ?
  150. afghan hounds and greyhounds?
  151. why don't Bigfoot or sasquatch hunters employ bloodhounds ?
  152. Whats the difference between a Belgian Tervuren and a Belgain Sheppard?
  153. What are English Cocker Spaniels like?
  154. i have a male pitbull coming in. is my chihuahua in danger?
  155. Australian Terrier owners??
  156. looking for an afordable french or american bulldog?
  157. how often should a border collie puppy be feed my poor puppy dont seem to eat a lot?
  158. What are the best breeds of dog to live with a Bichon Frise?
  159. Great dane has blood in stool?
  160. chihuahua not eating or drinking..?
  161. Labrador or Golden retriever?
  162. Where can I get a female basset hound??
  163. Australian kelpie x ???????
  164. Sores? My dog is a 9 month Collie && has sores && scabs...?
  165. which dog has more energy: australian cattle dog or a stumpy tailed cattle dog?
  166. Does my border collie have modelling potential?
  167. How big do American Eskimo dogs usually get?
  168. Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, or Newfoundland?
  169. Does anyone own an American Mastiff? Actual owners only?
  170. Does a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel shed?
  171. I am looking for infomation on the Field Spaniel from owners of one.?
  172. How big was your Boxer at a year old?
  173. Looking for mastiff puppies?
  174. Help with hemangiosarcoma? My whippet has skin cancer.?
  175. My shih tzu just got shaved at groomers now he is itchy what can I put on him to
  176. Can you leave dandie dinmont terriers on their own?
  177. border collies?? please answer!!!?
  178. I own a Japanese Chin breed dog (spaniel family). He is 1 year old. What should I
  179. Greyhound Bus Coupons?
  180. What should I name my rhodesian Ridgeback?
  181. Why a "Rhodesian Ridgeback" and not a Zimbabwean Ridgeback?
  182. where in scotland can i find shetland sheepdog breeders?
  183. Shih tzu is due to be spayed...?
  184. Japanese Spaniel VS. Pomeranian mixed with a Long Haired Chihuhua!?
  185. Mini Schnauzer in Heat!! :(?
  186. What traditional scottish names are cute for a west highland terrier?
  187. English Cocker Spaniel owners?
  188. (Dogue de Bordeaux, Cane Corso Italiano)Rare breeds & AKC?
  189. I have a 16 week Beagle, she weighs 13 pounds. Is this a good size for her?I am...
  190. (for boxers only)?
  191. Our dog ran under our oily car and we cut her beautiful red coat. She's...
  192. Are Shih Tzu good with new born and babies?
  193. Do I have to prune my Poodle Hibiscus tree?
  194. Does anyone know were i can get a free Pomeranian puppy??
  195. How big will my havanese and shih tzu mix puppy grow to be?
  196. I want a Pomeranian for my birthday?
  197. what should i name my siberian husky?
  198. male chihuahua names?
  199. Gals, would you legally change your name to Zachary Boxer for $5,000?
  200. How do I get to Bass Harbor, Maine from Boston, MA by Greyhound?
  201. my 11 month old Great Dane keeps falling down and is just very unstable should i
  202. Pomeranian Question!!! Very Important!!!!!?
  203. At what age do i need to get my border collie spayed, thanks.?
  204. lab or golden retriever puppy breeders in massachusetts?
  205. I have a 3 year old Shih-Tzu. When his hair grow out it gets tangled and knotted
  206. are cavilier king charles spaniels good with young kids????
  207. How can I get rid of fleas on a 12 week old chihuahua???
  208. long haired chihuahua?
  209. Earl Greyhound "Yeah I Love You" Lyrics?
  210. My Golden Retriever max is pulling out his hair on his butt. Help!?
  211. She's addicted to the smell of my boxers and my under arms. Girls?
  212. 9 yr old Pug, alot going on...not sure what to do! Heart Broken!!?
  213. This is a question for lesbians or tomboys .... Do u prefer boxers or boxer breifs?
  214. How long do Shiba Inu's live?
  215. i have a basset hound dog that has an aweful odor... wow...?
  216. what is wrong with my boxer mixes eye and is it common in her breed?
  217. Trying to decide between a Miniature Schnauzer or a Standard Schnauzer?
  218. How does moving home can affect my dog (scottish terrier) temper?
  219. i have a siberian husky/wolf mix and she keeps getting out of my yard.any ideas
  220. What is the best thing to use on a boston terrier to rid of fleas that
  221. What is the standard length of toy poodle's tail (without docking)?
  222. I have a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I want to get another one as a
  223. What si the episode of run's house called hen run keeps bugging diggy about liking
  224. English Springer Spaniel Limping?
  225. What is to be expected when your Great Dane has Heartworms?
  226. border collies???
  227. teacup chihuahua?
  228. my husband and I want to adopt a standard poodle?
  229. i have a lab/collie mix, approx 2 years old periodically acting aggressively...
  230. What things should i look out for when washing my siberian husky?
  231. Is the only way to get to Newfoundland via air?
  232. Why does my pug eat Q-Tips?
  233. What is the average weight for a miniature schnauzer? also more mini...
  234. How much does it cost to feed a Bullmastiff a week?
  235. Brittany Paris clarinet from the 30s-40s?
  236. How many Chihuahua Lovers are there, out there?
  237. Boxer-Briefs?
  238. Survey: Boxers, briefs, or tightie whities?
  239. Why do some guys share eachothers boxers?
  240. black schnauzer?
  241. How many DUI's has Brittany Spears accumulated?
  242. Why is my rottweiler puppy so small?
  243. B Rabbit/The Great Dane v/s L2B (Tha Blingster)?
  244. between a beagle and a labrador retriever?
  245. What should i do which my toy poodle while im at school.?
  246. Is it okay to give a 12 week old pug puppy solid gold wee bits adult dog food?
  247. how can i potty train my 6 week old pug/any other advice?
  248. I need vet help!! About a year and a half old pug.?
  249. Strange question regarding Schnauzers..?
  250. Ideas for decorating for a pink poodle party?