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  1. Why does my bichon frise wheeze? ?
  2. Can anyone show pictures of a 1 and a half year old pug?
  3. NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND!! ADOPT. should i adopt?? plez help!~HELP!!!!?
  4. i am trying to choose between a bichon frise,a yorkie,a maltese, or a
  5. english cocker spaniel or a poodle?
  6. i want to get a pointer,black and tan coonhound,or a american or english...
  7. pit bull terriers?
  8. I havean australian cattle dog (about 90 pounds) and he ate half a bag of
  9. teacup chihuahua question??
  10. Does anyone have a West highland white terrier?
  11. Is a beagle as important as paying the electric bill?
  12. does a komondor coat have to be corded
  13. Does anyone else have an Airedale Terrier? Discuss!
  14. Do you think a basset hound is ugly???
  15. How much should I be feeding my MANCHESTER TERRIER in a single setting?
  16. is anything wrong, or am i just overreacting... shetland sheepdog.
  17. My name is brittany, I exist, and I am in love with you and cant get you
  18. I wanna buy Labrador and golden retriever?but confused!?
  19. Companion for my Keeshond
  20. My australian cattle dog pulls the leash when I take him for walks, what can I do?
  21. If you are in your boxers outside is it considered indecent exposer?
  22. was it a miracle from God that Darwin set sail on the Beagle, or merely a...
  23. my 1 year old female victorian bulldog has?
  24. My 3 yo American water spaniel growls at me when eating?
  25. What kind of Belgian Dog is the best do you think? Turveren, Groenendael, Lakinois?
  26. Boxer with sun tattoo?
  27. where can i find an english bull terrier?
  28. JOKE: what do you call a dog that was breed by a chihuahua and a teacup pomerainan?
  29. Is My Chihuahua At Risk In Labor?
  30. my best friend (dog) just had a stroke. she is a english foxhound about 10 - 12
  31. What can i do my Great Dane hurt herself?
  32. Do you have any idea what puppy name is suitable for a white poodle?
  33. What do you look for in a purebred siberian husky puppy?
  34. What's the difference between Boxer dogs and Airedale Terriers?
  35. Bearded Collie behavior issues?
  36. are these names good for a Schnauzer puppy?
  37. Did John McCain try to imply that Brittany, and Paris were stupid?
  38. Our Jack Russell terrier bit one of her pups legs. The leg is now black and
  39. How can I train my Beagle To do some tricks like Lay down?
  40. which dog breed will be better for my lifestyle?? boston or airedale terrier?
  41. i need a canaan dog and appenzeller sennenhund breeder?
  42. How do i know if my great dane is pregnant?
  43. Looking for a dog jacket for my bullmastiff?
  44. Question about shar pei dog?
  45. Which is better overall, the Akita Inu, or the American Akita?
  46. Bichon Frise, Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Pom or Pekingese(sp)?
  47. Is a Kuvasz a good dog for me... Other Breeds...?
  48. Spayed Beagle behavior change. NEED HELP!!?
  49. I'm 13 n I'm just not used to boxers I feel weird?Why is that?
  50. australian shepherd dogs?
  51. Hey everybody I'm sooo!!!! worried about my lil shih tzu that I just got
  52. canaan dog?
  53. My French Bulldog has a Limp...?
  54. Male Golden Retriever has potty prob?
  55. Are Stopovers allowed on Greyhound?
  56. Shetland sheepdogs ?
  57. Tell me absaloutely everything you know about boston terriers, i have
  58. how do you get a boxer pup to listen?
  59. where can i buy a bowler hat in st. john's newfoundland?
  60. Is a Jack Russell Terrier an indoor or outdoor dogs?
  61. How much would Black Russian Terriers cost annually?
  62. POLL: Miniature Schnauzer, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Affenpinscher, or other? ?
  63. Anyone ever had a slow growing bernese mountain dog?
  64. Jack Russell Terrier Question?
  65. Welsh Terrier?
  66. Where can I find good Chicken Chow Mein in Austin?
  67. Cane Corso Italiano?
  68. do you guys see a bloodline in this american pit bull terrier?
  69. How long does it take to grow collie ossilily plant on webkinz?
  70. what are your thoughts on pugs?
  71. Somethings wrong with my old english sheepdog!?
  72. what breed of dog is best for a family a boxer or golden retriever?
  73. American Hairless Terriers?
  74. buying a miniature long haired dachshund(please look for more details)?
  75. How many times should I feed my 4 Month Pekingese?
  76. valid greyhound bus coupons ?
  77. Dalmatian is biting...help?
  78. Basset Hound puppy became fearful overnight?
  79. A Bullmastiff Question.?
  80. siberian husky and muzzles?
  81. Is there a bigger version of a Cavalier King Charles which is called a King...
  82. I'm going to adopt a Cairn Terrier next week and have a few questions
  83. which dog do u think is cuter a shiz tzu or a bloodhound?
  84. Want a Boxer baby:(?
  85. Where can I get a Lakeland Terrier in Hinsdale, IL?
  86. what is a brussels griffon???
  87. SuRvEy<:: - ::> Don't you wish Paris, Nicole, Lindsay & Brittany would...
  88. West Highland White Terrier Allergies?
  89. I am wanting to get a Moodle pup but am wondering do they end up taller like...
  90. why is my norfolk terrier selective with my twin sisters?
  91. Do you know the best website to find a stud for a Miniature Dachshund? ?
  92. I want a Golden Retriever / Rottweiler mix.?
  93. what gender is best for my female beagle mix with boston terrier?
  94. chihauhua & weimaraner mixed breed !!??!?????????
  95. English Springer Spaniel and Chihuahua?
  96. Should I buy a Rottweiler from my neighbor?
  97. Can you send me piano sheet music- Bloodhound Gang's "I'm the Least you could do" ??
  98. My 9 year old Weimaraner has had a few funny turns.?
  99. girls,do u like it when guys wear their jeans low and u can see a bit of
  100. At what age will a boston terrier puppy's ears stand up?
  101. help with showing my afghan hound.?
  102. whats the difference between a Belgian Tervuren and a Belgian Groenendael?
  103. Socialization...Pomeranian...Advice?
  104. How do I get my 10 wk old American Bulldog to go outside the door with out
  105. I have just bought an Irish blue Staffordshire Terrier?
  106. Anyone know where I can get an Ainu Inu or Hokkaido dog?
  107. cheap norwich terriers in chicago il
  108. Anyone know of Italian Greyhound breeders in Northern Ireland?
  109. How common is it for an american bulldog to be mostly black?
  110. hi i want a free yorkshire terrier and i was wondering if these people are...
  111. Toy poodle, rescued, avoids wandering the house. Help? Ideas?
  112. My 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier's skin has darkened to a purpleish color....
  113. My 6 month old king Charles spaniel dog is scared of everything and everyone.?
  114. will a dog eat a live canary?
  115. I have a 3 year old, 90 lb. Doberman Pinscher (Male)....
  116. European Saint Bernard???
  117. Miniature Dachshund or Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  118. North NJ or NYC papillon breeders?
  119. wats da difference between a Yorkie, Silky and Australlian Terrier?
  120. Chihuahua......................?
  121. how much will people pay for my rottweiler,pit bull, saint bernard,and
  122. How can i convince my family to get a yorkshire terrier?!?
  123. my boxer sneezes an awful lot is there anything i can do?
  124. My Beagle! Fixing Him! ?
  125. Brazillan Mastiff,Dogo Argentino,Or Presa Canario.Whats the best family protector
  126. We have an 18 mnth old rhodesian ridgeback who has started crying...
  127. Good name for a Pomeranian?
  128. i want a beagle but live in an apartment is it difficult?
  129. Looking for a German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever [Mix]?
  130. Bernese Mountain Dog?
  131. The Breakfast Club-- "Naked lady walks into a bar with a poodle under one hand...?
  132. My 10 month norfolk terrier has change of mind with cars
  133. What should I name my new Beagle? ?
  134. What is the difference between an English and American Foxhound?
  135. Tips on maintaining my mini Schnauzer?
  136. Can a 6th month old chiwawa have puppies with a miniature poodle, and live?
  137. Boxer Hair Loss?
  138. How much is a bichon frise and a shitzu. Which one is cheaper for a female. ?
  139. My Lhasa Apso BOY pup. Names?
  140. is a kelpie or an miniature(toy) australian shepherd right for me?
  141. Which dog breed is better-Labrador or Golden Retriever?
  142. I would like to buy an Yorkshire Terrier dog, I live in Norfolk England?
  143. How big will my Leonberger get?
  144. Why does my beagle sniff me down below (I'm a girl)?
  145. My pug bit a rattt! helppp im severlyy afraid?
  146. what is your opinion on the australian kelpie (my favourite dog)?
  147. boxer fracture question.(broken 5th bellow knuckle)?
  148. Can I buy tickets at the Greyhound station?
  149. Why do people think that american pittbull terriers are such bad dogs, when many
  150. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers?
  151. Are there any good Italian Greyhound Breeders within 200 miles of Columbus, OH?
  152. my shar pei is chaging colers ?
  153. Are Jack Russell Terriers hard to train?
  154. People with english springer spaniels! Is yours obsessed with shoes?
  155. Dalmatians suitable for Security ??
  156. My neighbor has a pomeranian and it looks like she might be pregnant but we cant
  157. How long will it take for my lhasa apso girl to be on her feet after being spayed,...
  158. my papillon has diarrhea and i have no idea why?
  159. Hey Newfies!! Please help me find "newfoundland corned beef" in Alberta?
  160. Pomeranian nose / jaw changes?
  161. is there a different between doberman and doberman pinscher?
  162. Help!The neighbor has a pit-bull and rottweiler both dangerous .Then calls the...
  163. (Mini Dachshund & Jack Russell Terrier / JRT) Why do these neutered dogs lick
  164. How soon will my shih tzu deliver her puppies?
  165. I am looking for good quality bed linens that has free shipping to
  166. Golden Retriever Dogs!?
  167. our 8 year old white italian greyhound has developed a dark plum colored...
  169. Do you prefer Boxers or Briefs?
  170. amount of dry food for a 8 month cavalier king charles spaniel ?Puppy?
  171. cocker spaniel/ australian cattle dog mix...?
  172. could someone give me some info on flat coated retrievers?
  173. my pug has a ball inside his skin?
  174. How do I convince my mom to get me a new Border Collie puppy?
  175. I'm fostering a Great Pyrenees in a large apartment with a park five...
  176. Where are some good pug breeders in the eastern coast of the USA?
  177. True or False? Black and Tan Coonhound Feet...?
  178. My chihuahua is really skinny but eats but not a lot ,im getting a little worried!!?
  179. How old do you think my boy golden retriever is?
  180. which dog is a better guard dog doberman or german shepherd?
  181. My Chihuahua has Gastric hemorrhage enteritis?
  182. how much would a toy american eskimo cost?
  183. Where can I find Basenji puppies in Minnesota or surrounding areas?
  184. Cairn Terrier or Westie or Yorkshire Terrier?
  185. Does anyone know of an Airedale Terrier rescue group close to West Virginia?
  186. bichon frise?
  187. dose any1 in/around york hav a male/female german shepherd dog?
  188. okay so my 10 month old chihuahua has bad breath?
  189. What are all the supplies I will need for my new Border Collie pup?
  190. Fox terrier smooth coat questions?
  191. How can I stop my 17 month old Havanese from being fearful ?
  192. i have an oval shaped candy dish, i think, it is signed by georges briards.
  193. I had just adopted a little Basset Hound, and I was wondering if anyone...
  194. Shih Tzu must haves?
  195. I need a recipe for traditional, southern hot chow chow that is cabbage based.?
  196. why is my aunts Pekingese growling at my cousin ?
  197. Dogs samoyed 10 points to answer?
  198. American Pit Bull Terrier question?
  199. is the newfoundland dog right for me???!!!?
  200. How do I get a smart dog in Nintendogs: Dalmatian?
  201. should i cut my labrador retrievers hair for the summer ?
  202. Is it better to start with a male or female Doberman Pinscher?
  203. Do you know the following field trial terms? This terminology is used
  204. How are English Setters?
  205. What is average weight for a 7week old doberman pinscher?
  206. what is the best type of rawhide to give a six month old standard poodle puppy?
  207. Help me decide wheither to get a cavalier king charles spaniel or a japanese chin!?
  208. I would really like a golden retriever or lab but my dad doesn't...?
  209. what is the difference between a Japanese Akita and a Japanese Akita inu?
  210. Can a pure breed labrador retriever have two colors in its coat?
  211. what is the best way to toilet train terrier or chihuahua?
  212. Does anyone have a Native American Indian Dog?
  213. any guy out here from the ages 12 13 14 15 and 16 wear speedos or anytype of...
  214. What kind of little dog has the same personality as an English Mastiff?
  215. Best herding dog for an apartment..? Belgian Tervuren or Belgian Sheepdog? Or other?
  216. question about my yorkie/bichon
  217. What can I do or give my Chihuahua puppy for ant bites? ?
  218. Does anyone else have a Tibetan Terrier??
  219. My american/english bulldog puppy has developed?
  220. My 1 1/2 yr old Siberian Husky killed my 11 yr old pom yesterday. What do I do now?
  221. will dry yeast help my chihuahua produce milk to feed her babies?
  222. My step dad wants to get a Native American Indian Dog?
  223. Do French Bulldogs have a lot of health problems?
  224. Whats the better gaurdian?Dogo Argentino or Presa Canario?
  225. Basset hounds, somerset?
  226. When does a rottweiler normally go into heat?
  227. cairn terrier barking all night
  228. price of a field bred german shorthaired pointer?
  229. Dog Breeds Simliar to Briard.
  230. American bulldog/pitbull mix owners PLEASE?
  231. What is a reasonable price if I want to buy a chihuahua?
  232. Hi. I just got a puppy. 2mos old lhasa apso. he's active and playful and healthy
  233. What to feed a Pomeranian dog? She only eats biscuits and milk. Am little worried
  234. are only german shepherds used as police dogs?
  235. do you own a whippet?
  236. what would be an ideal , simbolic, and meaningful name to name a...
  237. labrador or golden retriever?
  238. The Greyhound Dog (English)?
  239. I really want a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel should I?
  240. female pug is in heat?
  241. Pugs shedding?
  242. Neapolitan Mastiff Owners :-?
  243. Male Bloodhound names??
  244. greyhound; extreme seperation anxiety?
  245. What are some famous and funny Stephen Chow movies?
  246. 2 year old Boston Terrier. She plays and eats like a normal dog but she seems to...
  247. Quick! My 5 Month Old Lhasa Apso mix keeps trying to get out of the tub!...
  248. Is the bread the Russian Spaniel real?
  249. Which do you prefer Boxers or Briefs? ?
  250. Where can i find "Vaa arugil vaa" mp3 for download from the movie Athey Kangal?