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  1. Help With My 9 Week Old Peke-a-tese{{pekingese/maltese Mix}}!!!!?
  2. i have two chihuahuas , one is peeing inside?
  3. difference between australian shepherd and bernese mountain dog?
  4. What Are Clumber Spaniels Like?
  5. At what age do Papillons become 100% fluffy?
  6. Boy&Girl Tibetan Spaniel Dog Names?
  7. Boxer question?
  8. How can I prevent my shih tzu to eat her stool?
  9. rare dog breed?.............canaan dog possibly?
  10. Can Field Spaniels have white in their coloring?
  11. chow do i auction things n sea fight?
  12. Is this a Boykin or Field Spaniel?
  13. dalmatian mollies???
  14. poodles for sale? in ireland or the north of ireland?
  15. bichon frise toilet training?
  16. akita inu?
  17. Miniature PInscher owners... what do you love about your Min Pin
  18. Is the girl on here hotter than brittany spears?
  19. I have a few Scottish Deerhound questions............?
  20. how do i (male) start wearing boy shorts and girl boxers? in the uk?
  21. Shih Tzu or Havanese ?
  22. i have a norfolk terrier almost a year old. For the first 7 months he was...
  23. Do gangsters where boxers or briefs?
  24. House breaking tips for my 7 month old shih tzu,....?
  25. Why does my Scottish terrier's ears stink?
  26. I am a dog lover & i really want to know what is the weakness of a golden retriever ?
  27. Saint Bernard dog and its food-help!!?
  28. Whatg are the pro's and con's of both English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs?
  29. Hunting with my Weimaraner?
  30. When is the BEST/SAFEST time to get my female Golden Retriever spayed ?
  31. what do you think is the best breed of dog to mate with a miniature pinscher?
  32. What is Evil Jared's (BloodHound Gang) ethnicity?
  33. Maltese or Toy Poodle?
  34. Question for Bernese Mountain Dog owners, and question for people who know where to
  35. What should i name my littlekinz saint bernard?
  36. Are Bull Mastiffs afraid of water?
  37. does anybody know where i can get a cairn terrier in MI?
  38. How old does a Bichon Frise have to be before they can eat adult food?
  39. buyin a pug 205 gti?
  40. boxer tail docking, dew claws and ears?
  41. How do you catch a miniature pinscher that doesn't want to be caught because it's...
  42. Does the Greyhound check its passengers for Warrants ?
  43. i have a 10 month old female boston terrier..?
  44. For all whippet/greyhound owners and dog lovers!?
  45. Introducing a pitbull to a chihuahua?
  46. does this dog look like an English Springer Spaniel to you?
  47. My Shih Tzu's Toe Nail. Please Help ASAP?
  48. My english bulldog puppy is having really loose stools and gas w/Canidae
  49. Potty Training a 8 month havanese?
  50. I already have a 10 month old pug puppy its a girl and we are interested in
  51. Basset hound Dogster::,.,:;:;.give my pup a bone?
  52. Pomeranian Problem.?
  53. Are lab/poodle mixes ok to take on long hikes?
  54. I have a 3 month old rottweiler and pit bull mixed puppy. He ate a can of...
  55. Are Border Collies Natural Swimmers?
  56. Greyhound questions?
  57. where can i buy an american eskimo dog for less than $100?
  58. i read "Papillon" Henri Charriere's story..........?
  59. Can a black and tan coonhound live in the city were he will still hunt but have some
  60. Boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs?
  61. the book Papillon... that was an amazing story!?
  62. Da Great Dane-Vs.-L2B(Tha Blingster) Whose Verse is better?
  63. Whats stronger and will win in a fight,Dogo Argentino or Presa Canario?
  64. how much does a Shiba Inu cost?
  65. How often should an American Hairless Terrier be walked?
  66. Are whippets happier with companions?
  67. The price for Scottish deerhound?
  68. So I want a Great Pyrenees but considering my age and no experience...?
  69. What is a better gaurdian and stronger?Presa Canario or Brazillian Mastiff?
  70. bichon frise bitch just been spayed...?
  71. do all papillons ears come up or is is normal for them to sometimes stay...
  72. doberman pincher vs staffordshire bull terrier?
  73. My Golden Retriever has a really nasty smell when she is scared. What is that???
  74. An Akita Inu, a German Shepherd or a Doberman?
  75. 9 yr. old Clumber Spaniel is shivering, feverish , no appetite , bad hips,...
  76. I have a 3 yr old Border Collie who is obsessed with our Doberman. ?
  77. i just got a new lhasa apso.?
  78. my papillon wont eat! what do i do!?
  79. Anyone know of any active Shih Tzu and Dachshund talk forums?
  80. Help me name my Chihuahua puppy please.?
  81. Doberman, Boxer, or Something Else?
  82. Will the Jonas Brothers ever come to St. John's Newfoundland?
  83. My toy fox terrier gets sick everytime she goes outside!?
  84. My staffordshire bull terrier is jealous?
  85. I'm getting a five-week-old shih tzu puppy, and I have no idea what to name it....
  86. Is my Chow-Shep Mix crazy?
  87. Pictures of adult Yorkie/Bichon mix?
  88. Would a canaan dog, norwegian buhund, bernese mountain dog or appenzeller...
  89. i have a pomeranian she is a girl a toy size can she get pregnant?
  90. Does anyone know of any good breeders for Black russian terriers in the UK?
  91. I just got a 8 week old boxer, We need help with a good name.?
  92. i want to get a samoyed dog but.....?
  93. why my 8 month dachshund puppy bark all times?
  94. Who would win in a fight: Chuck Norris or Chow Yun Fat?
  95. Dog survery, Pugs or Puggles?
  96. Shar Pei/Yorkie mix???
  97. Silky Terriers, mine is 4yrs old he is sooo hyper is that normal?
  98. Looking for a German Shorthaired Pointer Lab Mix in MN?
  99. Is this Normal Chihuahua Labor behavior???
  100. My Whippet Puppy has very rapid breathing?
  101. I have a 3 yr old male beagle and I am considering getting him a beagle puppy...
  102. Anyone with experience with Welsh Corgi's?
  103. Where can I get an Irish Terrier around Wolverhampton?
  104. Does my dachshund have a hernia?
  105. Do you like Basset Hounds?
  106. Pomeranian Stud Indiana?
  107. English Bulldog has small bumps under the skin, what could it be?
  108. who here has ever heard of a newfoundland boiled dinner?
  109. Toy Poodle or Maltipoo?
  110. What would a cross between a lakeland terrier and a yorkshire terrier look like?
  111. how do you discipline a 3 month old border collie mix that pooped on the floor?
  112. How do I get my english bulldog baby to share the bed with my boyfriend?
  113. Looking to buy American Bulldog?
  114. How can I tell my american staffordshire terrier puppy is purebred???help!?
  115. does anyone figure out this american pit bull terriers bloodline?
  116. Me and my mate are going for the 'chav' look tomorrow, any HELPFUL pointers?
  117. is it a good idea for a West Highland White Terrier and a Native American
  118. Do you know a Ainu inu or Hokkaido dog breeder?
  119. ok sounding really dumb here, i am interested in getting a king charles spaniel....
  120. A boxer's reach?
  121. do you like king charles spaniels (english toy ) or cavilers king charles? and why?
  122. We are getting a female German Wirehaired Pointer. Does anybody have any
  123. What Kind Of Dog should I get? A Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Maltese, Yorkie, or Pappilion?
  124. is it good to get a playpen for a shih tzu when outside of crate?
  125. My puppy passed away and I need help identifying what she was? Italian
  126. My Little mini dachshund.?
  127. gordon setter, newfoundland or saint bernard?
  128. When should I have my Irish Setter spayed
  129. animal question my friend took in a dog thats part shepard and part collie?
  130. Old English sheepdog breeders in Iowa, IL, WI?
  131. my miniature pinscher is driving me insane by his constant barking and...
  132. At what age is a Saint Bernard ready to mate ???
  133. Welsh springer spaniel/strange breeders?
  134. Dogo Argentino or Johnson American Bulldog?
  135. could a beagle go on a lond run with some one?
  136. doberman or giant schnauzer?
  137. how long dose a west highland white terrier live? ?
  138. What kind of vegetables, and fruits that can feed to toy poodle?
  139. American Water Spaniel breeder?
  140. I want a cardigan welsh corgi pup but there so expensive so I would have to...
  141. I have a miniature poodle and we breaded her, how do i tell if she pregnant?
  142. What do u think about Russian spaniel?
  143. Brazillan Mastiff,Dogo Argentino,Or Presa Canario.Whats the best family
  144. Should I get a Great Dane?
  145. What breed do you think would go well with my Collie?
  146. What is a Briard bred to do?
  147. would a border collie pull a small cart??
  148. does dogs(Pug)drewl or leave loads of fur behind?
  149. please help me name my male weimaraner?
  150. what is the normal weight of a cavlier king charles spaniel?
  151. Maltese or Toy Poodle? Or Maltipoo?
  152. Why are the Belgian Malinois, Sheepdog, and Tervuren AKC registerd but the Belgian
  153. purebred 'Leonberger" in Oz?
  154. Sealyham terrier owners?
  155. cairn terrier help??????????????????????????????????
  156. Is my puppy cavachon (cavalier king charls spaniel/bichon frise mix)?
  157. question about brittany snow?
  158. getting a mature shih tzu dog?
  159. Is there a difference between a lowchen and a "little lion dog?"?
  160. Where Can i download Subramaniapuram tamil Song, ''kangal irandal un kangal
  161. Getting a Dachshund need names!?
  162. Why do you think the Chesapeake Bay Retriever isn't...
  163. I need help potty training my pomeranian?
  164. Why does my Collie Have Dandruff??
  165. My puppy/chihuahua was stung or something. Hes swelling so we think its a bee
  166. Why would my 10 yr old basset hound be licking the furnature when she's laying on it?
  167. My black and tan coonhound scares me?!?
  168. Male or Female Dalmatian...?
  169. what should a great pyrenees at 7 weeks weigh
  170. Do u have an australian cattle dog?
  171. American Hairless Terrier??
  172. ***Mastiff Puppy!***?
  173. why is my golden retriever growling at me?
  174. i have a chihuahua mix?
  175. Where can I find Cherokee Boxers?
  176. Which dog should I choose? Irish Setter or Springer Spaniel? Need opinions from
  177. Great Dane feeding?
  178. What is the life expectancy of a Male Great Dane.?
  179. Are American Eskimo Dogs socially acceptable for men?
  180. english bulldog breed standard?
  181. How do I know if my poodle is pregnant?
  182. Anyone got a good Boy Doberman Pinscher name?
  183. My aunt has a shar pei and...?
  184. I'm planning to get a Norfolk Terrier....?
  185. Please help me name my silver weimaraner.?
  186. Canary dogs?
  187. My Vizsla became afraid of his crate
  188. American pittbull terrier wat do they do to make them muscle
  189. I have an 8 month old neutered male boxer. He's nipping at me and I don't know why?
  190. I need to find a male black Russian terrier from anywhere but the UK to breed...?
  191. Miniature Dachshund with HORRIBLE breath, help!?
  192. Where is a Bullmastiff breeder near the Ottawa, On area?
  193. Bit by rabid poodle?
  194. Are there any west highland white terrier owners in Dallas or Frisco? ?
  195. Do you have a Bedlington terrier or Know someone with one? ?
  196. Skin problems/allergies in american cocker spaniels?
  197. Irish Wolfhound owners or people familiar with the breed..?
  198. I am 14. I have a 1 yr. old Papillon. My parents say I have 2 months to housetrain
  199. Greyhound luggage?
  200. I adopted a Cairn Terrier earlier today and I feel guilty about the one that I
  201. corgi or golden retriever puppys?
  202. Introducing a bullmastiff to a mean cat?
  203. why does my 4 month old italian greyhound eat her poo
  204. Chihuahua Traning?
  205. Can anyone tell me a little about Manchester Terriers?
  206. Dogo argentino names for female dog.
  207. Can anybody give me info on German Wirehaired Pointers?
  208. Will my New American eskimo dog puppy get along with my other pets?
  209. can i get a finnish spitz in australia?
  210. how can i make my yorkshire terrier less agressive?
  211. I've got a brindle pug.?
  212. Smooth Fox Terrier breeder?
  213. what disease are common in chihuahuas?
  214. How can I teach my dog (She's a havanese of 4 months) to "down"?
  215. how do you care for a 2 week old Chihuahua?
  216. are norwegian elkhounds good with ashma
  217. Poll: Which is the best breed -- Golden Retriever, Irish setter or...
  218. What is the difference between a bench type springer spaniel and a field type?
  219. i'm looking for an American Staffordshire terrier stud where can i find one ?
  220. Is it normal for shih tzu to attack people ?!?!?
  221. Miniature poodle black is sick and throwing up. What to do?
  222. Does my silky terrier need to see the doctor?
  223. How much should I feed my active 7 month old flat-coated retriever?
  224. Has anyone ever imported a breed? I am thinking about importing a komondor.?
  225. My American Staffordshire Terrier's Ear..?
  226. Are all dogs with black dots on their cheeks German Shepherd related?
  227. I have the dog russian spaniel 5 year old. Wich food is better for this kind?
  228. which dog do YOU like more? finnish spitz, american water spaniel, border terrier,
  229. I want a dog but cant choose the breed it is between briard, Tibetan...
  230. Scottish Terrier pup digs in his kennel!!!?
  231. dog breed-Lowchen SURVEY!?
  232. Black and Tan Coonhound - age at physical maturity?
  233. What dog is stronger and better gaurd dog Dogo Argentino or Presa Canario?
  234. where can i get a toy fox terrier in MA or CT?
  235. help with bernese mountain dog?
  236. Is it true that Miniature schnauzers have poodle in them?(mine has curly
  237. Are Georgia acting as poodles for America by invading South Ossetia?
  238. how do i start breeding my french bulldog puppy?
  239. I have a Great Dane and on his paw patch it looks like hair growing out of the
  240. This is a two part All around how good of a dog is a toy fox...
  241. basset hound with pit bull?
  242. silky terrier names??
  243. Lhasa Apso milk sub?
  244. My Kuvasz puppy?
  245. My 3 year old English Setter has recently spent 1 week in kennels, now looking a
  246. American Water Spaniel Breeders?
  247. my golden/irish setter mix sits/lays on me why?
  248. does anyone on here breed chow chows ?
  249. Whats a good name for toy poodles?
  250. Why hasn't my Havanese gone into heat?