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  1. Thyroid Cancer in 10 year old Shih Tzu?
  2. Jackets for my Welsh Corgi?
  3. staffordshire bull terrier lost to tumours?
  4. What is the difference between an American Staffordshire Terrier and...
  5. Where can i find whippet puppies for sale in cumbria uk?
  6. How often should you have to cut a cairn terrier's hair?
  7. whats the differance between a American Pit Bull Terrier and a Staffordshire
  8. Just got a toy poodle. I want to him for a walk, but he refused. how can I
  9. Staffordshire Bull Terrier: yelping, shaking, not sleeping, off food?
  10. My Labrador retriever doesn't like water? what can i do to overcome his fear?
  11. wich are faster at running english cocker spaniel or flat coated retriver?
  12. what is the difference between golden labrador and golden retriever ?
  13. my yorkie pomeranian poodle mix keeps throwning up?
  14. just rescued a dog she is mix husky/with australian shepherd what is a good name...
  15. Is a pit bull the same as an american staffordshire terrier?
  16. how much does a female shih tzu cost?
  17. Male dog names(Australian shepherd)?
  18. what is the best brand of dog food to feed my cairn terrier ?
  19. Good names for a welsh pemproke corgi dog?
  20. should I get a Shetland sheepdog?
  21. at what week does the belly of a pregnant shih tzu start to enlarge?
  22. Easy dog shih-tzu vs. Yorkie?
  23. Amtrak or Greyhound stations near Ft Jackson SC?
  24. How much do purebreed Golden Retriever or Labrador puppies cost?
  25. I need help with a Basset Hound name?
  26. i have a yorkie and want to know what he is mixed with?
  27. My 4 month old toy poodle swallowed a foam nerf dart Christmas...?
  28. yorkie just had FHO.. post-op treatment?
  29. Is it possible to play with my 10-month-old Shih Tzu too much?
  30. WANTED - Beagle Puppy for sale in the UK Midlands?
  31. How Much Food And What Food Do You Give a 10 month Old Female Staffordshire Bull...
  32. How do I clean this Basset Hound?
  33. Are miniature toy poodle girls smaller than boys?(picture)?
  34. can a chocolate lab hunt pheasants with a pointing breed like a english
  35. how old do you have to be to ride a Greyhound Bus to Mexico ?
  36. My English Setter Puppy is terrible for biting?
  37. my shih tzu had 3 puppies, they are almost ready to be given away. how
  38. I need a Greyhound buss from Oregon to Texas. Will it be one way, or will i need...
  39. can American Eskimos drink milk?
  40. Would a basset hound, beagle, pembrooke corgi, or another lab get along best with a
  41. Where could i get a labrador retriever for sale near albany new york?
  42. what ind of dog food dose a Cardigan Welsh Corgi need ?
  43. Use of frozen semen in Shetland Sheepdogs?
  44. Does anyone know where i can find basset hound puppies?
  45. Weight of a basset hound?
  46. do some russians have native american or eskimo(inuit) in them?
  47. Adopted/rescued a yorkie last week'just got a text msg she may be
  48. best part of having a greyhound :) ?
  49. please offer information on the english cocker spaniel, staffordshire bull
  50. how big a dog house should i get for my labrador retriever?
  51. what is the difference between a greyhound bus and a chinatown bus?
  52. Are Cairn Terriers Easy To Train?
  53. shihtzu vs. yorkie vs. chiuaua?
  54. Which greyhound station is closest?
  55. Pomeranian or Yorkie which is better?
  56. My toy poodle has pimple like things in between her toes.?
  57. What should I know about the dog breed pembroke welsh corgi?
  58. My 14 month old shih Tzu puppy has hurt her front leg somehow would she...
  59. Are American Eskimos a Hypoallergenic breed? Is it the dander or fur
  60. some questions about Staffordshire bull terrier puppies?!?
  61. I want to adopt an American Eskimo Dog but...?
  62. which one staffordshire bullterrier or english bull terrier?
  63. I have a 10 year old toy poodle, and he can't eat hard food anymore...help?
  64. english springer spaniel vs english cocker spaniel?
  65. i think my American Eskimo dog might have a stomach virus..Please Help!?
  66. Where should i buy a shetland sheepdog puppy (sheltie)?
  67. Is it true that Shetland Sheepdogs are extremely sensitive dogs?
  68. puppies for sale in uk?
  69. Why has my beagle x basset started to shed in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter?
  70. Whats better a English cocker spaniel or a nova scotia duck tolling retriever?
  71. What dogs in Nintendogs Dalmatian and friends are best at the agility trials?
  72. How do you give a Pembroke Welsh Corgi medicine?
  73. How big will a Golden Retriever puppy get in a year's time?
  74. Why has my grey Bedlington terrier got a rusty coloured anus?
  75. Is a Sussex Spaniel (dog breed) good for apartment life?
  76. How does my flat coated retriever stay warm so long in the snow?
  77. I have a norfolk terrier who seems very sensitive to sound.?
  78. How often should I walk my bullmastiff and for how long?
  79. Is the name and image of Hachiko the Akita-inu copyrighted?
  80. Where can I find a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breeder in IL?
  81. Is my puppy a Skye Terrier?
  82. How can I get my pug to go potty in cold weather?
  83. What is a good name for a female Scottish Terrier puppy?
  84. How do I get a dachshund to walk with a leash on?
  85. How long does a mixed labrador collie live for ?
  86. What is the average price of a Vizsla puppy? Are they good with children?
  87. how often should i bathe my yorkie/toy fox terrier and how often should I
  88. I have a little toy poodle that I want to start breeding?
  89. How to potty train a Tibetan Spaniel Puppy?
  90. Do Saint Bernard dogs really save ppl that are trapped frozen in the snow?
  91. Does anyone know where I can buy a scottish terrier dog in louisiana?
  92. How to keep a Hungarian Vizsla mentally motivated and occupied?
  93. Is there a difference between the pekingese and pekinese dog name?
  94. We have a shih tzu who ate an entire nest of baby rabbits. Does this sound
  95. How much horsepower does a weimaraner have?
  96. How much would one expect to pay for a purebred irish wolfhound?
  97. How much does it cost per year for a Samoyed puppy?
  98. How many weeks is a tibetan spaniel in heat? How frequently do they come into heat?
  99. what does a shar pei/golden retriever puppy look like? What about a GR...
  100. I recently got a black and tan coonhound pup and I need to think of a
  101. What is the best way to potty train my toy poodle?
  102. How much would a American Cocker Spaniel cost?
  103. What is the difference between a Silky terrier and a Yorkshire terrier?
  104. How much should you feed a tibetan terrier?
  105. How do you lower the amount of hair your shetland sheepdog sheds?
  106. Is the Jack Russell terrier dog the best dog on the planet or what?
  107. Why is my pomeranian suddenly using the bathroom wherever he wants?
  108. What is my afghan hound puppy doing?
  109. How do we train our 3-year-old shar pei/shepherd dog mix to be a good guard dog?
  110. Is it ok to give my miniature schnauzer a bath twice a month?
  111. Where can I get a Black Russian Terrier puppy?
  112. How can you loose a bloodhound tacking you?
  113. Would a Standard Poodle and Miniature Poodle mix be considered a mutt?
  114. What can I expect to pay for an AKC Rhodesian ridgeback pup?
  115. What are the behavior differances between the genders in a tibetan terrier?
  116. how do i stop my saint bernard from being aggresive while eating?
  117. How do I stop my 6 year old Weimaraner from chewing up the outside of my home?
  118. Does anyone have an australian terrier?
  119. Which dog would you prefer, Welsh terrier or Pembroke welsh corgi?
  120. border collie?
  121. Is an English Springer Spaniel a good dog for a first time dog owner?
  122. Can a Shiba Inu puppy live in the south where the climate is pretty hot?
  123. How come new aged traveller types always seem to have an extremely...
  124. skye terrier puppy name?
  125. Great Dane?
  126. I want a canary dog....?
  127. How do I get an outdoor- loving Shetland Sheepdog to exercise?
  128. Anyone know of where I can find a male wirehaired vizsla around Michigan?
  129. How many people under estimated the Saluki's of Southern Illinois?
  130. What should you expect to pay for a samoyed puppy?
  131. I have a Bearded Collie and although we groom him everyday his coat is still matted.?
  132. How is the personality of a West Highland White Terrier?
  133. How do I put some weight on my English Pointer?
  134. Tibetan Spaniel?
  135. What characteristics dogo argentino got from other dogs?
  136. Rottweiler?
  137. How much will I spend if I want to buy a Dogo Argentino or American Bulldog?
  138. Where could i get a Afghan Hound of Good Quality In reasonable price?
  139. Has anyone seen or heard of a Tibetan Terrier with herding abilities?
  140. Where can i find a norwegian elkhound puppy for a reasonable price in new
  141. Welsh Springer Spaniel or Brittany Spaniel?
  142. How to train a large Labrador retriever not to jump on people?
  143. What toy would be good for a Scottish Terrier with STRONG teeth?
  144. How to stop golden retriever from playing tugo of war when is supposed to be...
  145. How are Newfoundland dogs, are they protective, how are they in general?
  146. Can a Newfoundland live in a small house if sufficiently exercised and luved allot?
  147. What do i feed a Portuguese water dog?
  148. What does siberian husky and chocolate lab dog mix look like?
  149. I have a sealyham terrier and he jumped off my roof today.. what kind of vet bill?
  150. How much are the jack russell terrier dogs/puppies worth?
  151. How big does a australian shepherd dog get?
  152. How expensive can having a Saint Bernard dog get on a daily basis?
  153. Can a pure labrador retriever watch the house?
  154. Smooth Fox Terrier vs. Jack Russell Terrier?
  155. Looking to get another Gordon Setter. Need to find a reputable breeder located in...
  156. Im having a staffordshire bull terrier puppy in 4 weeks any ideas on what i can
  157. How do I convince my parents to get a bloodhound?
  158. How do you de-matt a Bearded Collie?
  159. Shih Tzu....?
  160. How long will a Bull Mastiff dog live for?
  161. How old must my Scottish Terrier puppy be before I can get her shaved?
  162. Where Could You Adopt A West Highland White Terrier Puppie?
  163. Can I still crop and dock my miniature pinscher's ears and tail if its 3 months old?
  164. Does anyone have info on beagle/smooth fox terrier mixes?
  165. What's a good name for a white tibetan spaniel?
  166. Where can i get a Shetland sheepdog in BC?
  167. What size crate would a full grown Smooth Fox Terrier need?
  168. How much exercise can a Yorkshire Terrier cope with?
  169. My Cardigan Welsh Corgi is intimidating my Pembroke Welsh Corgi. How do I stop this?
  170. Why does our shih tzu puppy send mixed signals by growling and wagging his tail
  171. How often do lhasa apso's have blue eyes? I have a pup that is black with white...
  172. Can you train a Saluki to run along side a horse on a long lead?
  173. How can i tell wether my weimaraner puppy will have a long nose or a short nose?
  174. How do i get my saluki dog to stop running away?
  175. What to do if your 13 year old German Shorthaired pointer has lemon sized swelling
  176. What is a good so Cal. Shetland sheepdog puppy rescue that i can adopt from?
  177. When will a Female Italian Greyhound get her first period or go into heat?
  178. Belgian Tervuren?
  179. How do we differentiate an old english sheepdog and a bearded collie ?
  180. Boston Terrier?
  181. Keeshond???
  182. glassware georges Briard?
  183. Can you freeze chow chow relish?
  184. Anyone have a Japanese Spitz x Tibetan Spaniel?
  185. canary island dog vs pit bull?
  186. How do I stop my collie from attacking anything with a motor?
  187. whats the difference between an english and welsh springer spaniel?
  188. Shar Pei??
  189. How do I a whippet canister into a baloon?
  190. What boxer has the highest number of victories in a career?
  191. What are the differences between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Silky Terrier?...
  192. Are sussex spaniels good with kids and are they good watch dogs?
  193. How long do shar pei pups have to stay with there mothers for before finding
  194. How often should I bath my tibetan terrier?
  195. My labrador retriever is becoming very destructive while we are at work. Any
  196. My Sussex Spaniel growls at me. Did I pick the wrong breed?
  197. Does anyone know any reputable Tibetan Spaniel breeders?
  198. Who would win in a fight between a dalmatian and a bald eagle?
  199. How do I find French Bulldog breeder in Eastern canada, and is it wrong to ship dogs?
  200. Is the toy fox terrier recognized by the american kennel club?
  201. What does it mean if my Yorkshire Terrier has red eyes?
  202. Labrador retriever?
  203. Is a shiba inu a good dog for couple with no yard?
  204. This is a question regarding irish water spaniels?
  205. What is best for a small dog (toy fox terrier 5-7 lbs) a collar or a...
  206. How can I stop my minature schnauzer from being aggressive?
  207. How cheap could I find an unregistered saint bernard or an unregistered boxer for?
  208. How is the papillon breed with cats?
  209. what does a beagle and a hungarian vizsla mixed breed look like?
  210. Hi, how often should I feed a sealyham terrier? And of what quantity? Thanks, Vicky?
  211. How do i get my 2 year old toy poodle to play with his toys?
  212. I'd like help in identifying the different breeds in my dog. Possibly...
  213. a dandie dinmont terrier and getting a dog in general?
  214. is it a good idea for a West Highland White Terrier and a Native American Indian
  215. Is a welsh corgi a good dog to take on a trip?
  216. How much are sussex spaniels?
  217. How difficult are American Eskimo Dogs to groom?
  218. Would you wash a Saint Bernard in a small tub to have lunch with Hillary Clinton?
  219. How can I teach my mini schnauzer to balance a bone on his nose?
  220. what's the best breed of bulldog? olde, victorian, american. thinking of
  221. What do you guys think of Belgian Malinois?
  222. Bearded Collie, does any one own this breed or know any information about them?
  223. What kind of dog complements a rhodesian ridgeback well?
  224. My one year old shih tzu has never been trained on a leash. How can I teach her?
  225. What dog breed is similiar to a Weimaraner?
  226. Pomeranian?
  227. Should I get an Airedale Terrier or an Irish Terrier?
  228. Shiba Inu?
  229. How much do purebred West Highland White Terrier's (Westies) cost?
  230. What can I do for my Scottish Terrier who has a bad smell even after a bath?
  231. how do you pervent a shar pei from getting rashes?
  232. The pet store gave us a american foxhound when they said it was a beagle what do...
  233. My German Shorthaired Pointer is having discharge out of her whoo haa. Is...
  234. What are american bulldog cross bull-mastiff dogs like as family pets?
  235. Miniature pinscher?
  236. Belgian Laekenois breeders?
  237. Does your canary ever act like a dog?
  238. How old does a pug puppy need to be for me to start brushing its teeth?
  239. lakeland terrier?
  240. My Dog is a toy fox terrier that is 17. How do I know if she is getting ready to die?
  241. How do I get my english bulldog to stop humping things?
  242. Where can I adopt a English cocker spaniel in the UK?
  243. My english bulldog has a histiocytoma on his left paw. What can I do to make it
  244. How long does a shiba inu carry its young before they are born?
  245. Is it possible to paper train a welsh corgi?
  246. When will my Weimaraner puppy stop growing?
  247. How does a Dogo Argentino compare to a Rottweiler, as far as training and handling,
  248. How much is a Norwich Terrier puppy??
  249. How many puppies can an Old English Sheepdog have and how many times can they have
  250. Anyone out there have an Irish Terrier or a Basenji?