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  1. should i get a basset hound and if so boy or girl and whats a good name?
  2. Can someone compare Purina ONE puppy chow and purina puppy chow the soft chewy kind?
  3. Basset Hound pup?
  4. Shiba Inu?
  5. Do you approve of colored poodles(purple,pink,blue,ect.)?
  6. my shih tzu?
  7. how big do you thuink this chihuahua is?
  8. Need help finding a bloodhound, for law enforcement use.?
  9. Why does my Shih Tzu like to chew on my hair?
  10. fussy papillon need advice about food?
  11. Can I take care of a Golden retriever myself ??
  12. Would kids think im gay if I wore Boxer Briefs?
  13. Where do I get shih tzu puppies with champ bloodlines???
  14. boxers, briefs or thongs. Women only?
  15. My 1 year old mini dachshund pees in her kennel.?
  16. My Chihuahua coughs after drinking water.?
  17. Aggressive Yorkshire Terrier Problem?
  18. Any guys from the ages 13 to 16 wear any type fo underwear besides boxer...
  19. hey I just got 2 new webkinz a cow and basset hound, what should i name them?
  20. what slobbers more a saint Bernard or a Newfoundland?
  21. I'm adopting a 4 year old golden retriever?
  22. Is Southern California a bad place to raise a Pekingese?
  23. Girl or Boy Beagle?
  24. Is my dalmatian Molly dying or pregnant?
  25. My pug is 5yrs. old what is his weight ?
  26. where to adopt, rescue or get a free newfoundland in michigan?
  27. are golden retrievers good swimmers?
  28. my pug pup has 2 spot like lumps on nose crease and chin. what are they?
  29. I want a pomeranian but...?
  30. Could a Lhasa Apso kill a rabbit?
  31. toy poodle?
  32. more info on German shepherds and golden retriever dogs?
  33. I have a blue poodle! I dyed him with Kool-Aid and it worked nicely..he loves the
  34. How can I convince my parents to get a Shih Tzu?
  35. Do you own a Newfoundland?
  36. Chow Chow and Golden Retriever?
  37. Second dog, Rottweiler or pitbull?
  38. My mom's beagle walks around the back yard barking at the grass and won't stop how...
  39. My 6 month old Border Collie mix constantly charges at & bites my two older...
  40. How to potty train a 9 month old toy poodle? Help!?
  41. why does my shih tzu puppy act crazy after baths?
  42. how big to boston terriers grow?
  43. beneful or puppy chow or what?
  44. What do I need for my Border Collie...?
  45. Do all English Bulldogs smell?
  46. which dog should i get labrador retriever golden retriever or siberian husky?
  47. y 7 old month chihuahua just ate a bone but nto the whole thing like pieces
  48. basset Hounds?
  49. Which dog breed Beagle or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  50. my jack russell terrier is aggressive towards...?
  51. my chihuahua has pink coming into her eye it doesnt seem to bother her but...
  52. American Bulldog Vigorgous Exercise Requirements?
  53. What equipment do you need to groom a Beagle?
  54. what are some toy poodle rescues in the DC area?
  55. need help with my shih tzu's?
  56. I have two pug puppies both girls they fight all the time i'm afraid there
  57. I just got a puppy, he's a black chihuahua. I wanted to name him something like...
  58. TOY poodle puppy name?
  59. Can poodles really be colored?!?
  60. How much should i feed my pregnant greyhound?
  61. David Chow or whoever he is?
  62. I need a crate for my bichon frise puppy?
  63. my beagle needs to lose some fat how can i get him to?
  64. Greyhound Go Anywhere Fares ( 7-14 day advance tickets)?
  65. I'm getting a little pug.?
  66. i just got my beagle/lab mix fixed and now shes whinnig at her toy i got
  67. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  68. boxers or briefs?
  69. I need help naming my future bichon frise?
  70. The best and less expensive breeder or place to get a yorkie? [Yorkshire Terrier]?
  71. Standard poodle vs Mini Poodle vs Toy Poodle?
  72. My 3 year old boxer breathes really hard and his heart beats really fast?
  73. Do You Have a Chihuahua?
  74. Hit In The Head..boxer?
  75. How can u get a miniature Schnazer in Nintendogs Chihuahua and friends?
  76. Do you have a whippet/greyhound/ italian greyhound? Help me!?
  78. Have you ever owned a Neapolitan Mastiff?
  79. Does anyone have a chow dog with skin problems which causes constant itching?
  80. Need help finding a bloodhound for law enforcement use.?
  81. Does anyone know anything about showing border collies?
  82. Worms in my 6 week old Lab/Collie Mix?
  83. My 18 month old schnauzer recently had a bad reaction to her boosters. She
  84. Undies which ones? Girls: G'string or Boy Legs? Guys: Boxers or Y Fronts?
  85. pomeranian groomer?
  86. How does your Rottweiler behave?????
  87. Boston Terrier Help?
  88. Lab toy fox terrier mix... Can a lab and a toy fox terrier mate?
  89. miniature schnauzers?
  90. raising a lhasa apso puppy?
  91. what are the health problem of poodle?
  92. Can you email an unused golden retriever adoption code to colingibson@ymail.com?
  93. Shiba Inu's shedding not as bad as others?
  94. doberman pinscher ear cropping. need braces for after surgery.??
  95. What are jack russell x chihuahua like?
  96. my poodle has been very ill?
  97. My puppy, pomeranian-chihuahau mix, has frequent urination of a very watery urine?...
  98. what should i breed my lhasa apso with?
  99. how much is a wire haired dachshund (weiner dog) worth?
  100. 8 month old Female Bloodhound in Heat...?
  101. Games to play with my saint bernard?
  102. wat is the cutest name for a great dane pup?
  103. Looking for info on Border Collie/Husky mix?
  104. How do I socialize a 6 year old mean and agressive Lhasa Apso?
  105. What are some Action Replay Cheats for Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends?
  106. where can i adopt a brittany spaniel in or near houston, tx?
  107. Do you prefer the name Brittany, Tiffany, Brianna, or Stacey.?
  108. Bichon Frise vs. West Highland Terrier?
  109. Border collie?
  110. why is my girlfriends saint bernard agressive toward my boxer?
  111. How do you make a Origami Beagle?
  112. Pugs Living?
  113. What to do about exposing our newborn to the in-laws rescued rottweiler?
  114. reasons to get a basset hound?
  115. Should I get a male or female Boston Terrier?
  116. my doberman pinscher jumps a lot for no reason. why?
  117. What is the height of a chow chow female dog in cm and are they high maintenance?
  118. Possibly getting a Australian Cattle dog puppy?
  119. What day of the heat cycle in a mini dachshund is the best day(s) to breed?
  120. Why did yahoo want me to post my Q about Basset Hounds in?
  121. Which Dog should i choose? A English Bulldog or a Bagle (Basset Hound/Beagke Mix)?
  122. Silky terrier, Yorkshire terrier, both influenced by austrailian terrier?
  123. My chihuahua yipped for no reason...?
  124. Crate training help - shih tzu?
  125. NORFOLK TERRIERs!!!!?
  126. About my dalmatian dog and grass?
  127. yorkshire terrier?
  128. My miniature schnauzer just ate a whole pack of orbitz gum. Is this ok?
  129. 5 mo. old King Charles Spaniel is growling.?
  130. Try again...need to find a good home for our Shiba Inu?
  131. which brush is best to groom my Dalmatian???
  132. help with my english bulldog?
  133. which dog breed should i buy--golden retriever or labrador retriver?
  134. golden retriever vs labrador retriever ...(no figthing)?
  135. American staffordshire terrier?
  136. Are Boxer Dogs Any Good at Guarding at all When the owner is out?
  137. Shiba Inu Breeders?
  138. Would you spin it or bin it..?Discovery channel by the Bloodhound Gang..?
  139. what's a good oatmeal shampoo for a bichon frise?
  140. If you buy a greyhound bus regular roundtrip ticket ,can u stay a few hours if you
  141. Shiba Inu $1000?
  142. my 12 yr old beagle pees in the house when there is a storm coming.?
  143. I need the 411 on English Bulldogs from actual owners.?
  144. Is it wrong to shave a Pomeranian?
  145. Are boston terriers mean dogs usually?
  146. Can I take my beagle over seas for vacation?
  147. Y&R Is David Chow really dead? did anyone see the body ? I think he is still alive .?
  148. How High can a Doberman Pinscher Jump?
  149. where ican find awesome Labrador retriever ?
  150. why do bull terriers cost so much?
  151. At what age are Shih Tzu s fully grown?
  152. why do some guys find it hott if girls wear boy boxers?
  153. Which dog is better suited for my requirements? Havanese,Maltese,or Pomeranian?
  154. I need info about a Shih Tzu?!?
  155. why does my staffordshire bull terrier fart so much and so noisily?
  156. Are standard poodles " a lot " smarter than mini ones?
  157. i just got a mastiff at my local animal shelter and his leg is so swollen from
  158. question about great dane's coats?
  159. Very Knowledgeable on the Mastiffs&Bullmastiffs subject?
  160. Exactly how rare are white english bulldogs?
  161. Pomeranian Gender?
  162. Do Bichon Frise dogs always have such puffie,poodlie fur????
  163. I think I'm getting a new puppy like this week end or next week? should I get a...
  164. 7month old shih-tzu is pregnant. HELPPPPPPPPPP!?
  165. Does anyone know a good groomer for a Welsh Pembroke Corgi?
  166. What's better a havanese or a Malti-poo?! Please, help me!? QUICK!!!?
  167. Our 2 yr old Rottweiler got out of a fenced yard today and went after a...
  168. Where can I buy/adopt a Shiba Inu puppy in the Los Angeles Area?
  169. will my jack russell terriers ears stand up when she gets older?
  170. how do i get my 2 basenji puppy's akc or ckc registered?
  171. I have an American eskimo - does anybody have tried and true methods removing...
  172. Need help training VERY hyper Bull Terrier please?
  173. What are the most common symptoms of a sting on a Great Dane?
  174. Do you think Miguel Cotto is the best boxer out there right now?
  175. how can you become a pro boxer fast?
  176. Anyone love Dachshunds?
  177. My 6 month old pekingese wont stop peeing on the carpet! help!?
  178. pomeranian fur cut?
  179. what age can labrador retrievers be wormed?
  180. Pugs for sale?
  181. can Labrador have babies with golden retriever ?
  182. Yorkshire terrier with discharge from his right eye. Any treatment to
  183. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  184. Pug x Schnauzer puppy and he is 9 weeks old (DOB May 22/08)?
  185. What is it like to take a 1300 mile trip aboard Greyhound??
  186. american eskimo or lab retriever?
  187. Is it normal for a Pekingese to have an underbite?
  188. Question about Dachshunds Coats when there Pups!?
  189. Do you like dark brindle french bulldogs?
  190. What is the average size litter of a Golden Retriever?
  191. male boston terriers?
  192. Which dog is best for all competions on Chihuahua and friends (NintendDogs)?
  193. what should i name my chinese crested? he's black and white- my chihuahuas are...
  194. What are some Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends tips, cheats, and glitches?
  195. My 11 week old chihuahua wont stop biting her collar?
  196. Are there cheats available for ladbrokes online virtual greyhounds.?
  197. Are Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds similar in character?
  198. i want a beagle but i don't want it to bark should i get a mix but what kind of mix
  199. what is the life span of the golden retriever?
  200. I'm going to name my new mini schnauzer Mixie?
  201. Norfolk Terrier ...Rare breed.??
  202. I need help thinking of a name for my new pomeranian!?
  203. Australian cattle dog- A few questions?
  204. are staffordshire bull terriers good family pets. i need to know cos i have 2
  205. which dog do u prefer??? Great Dane or Irish wolf hound?
  206. Help with my 2 basset hounds?
  207. how would the golden retriever/labrador retriever babies gonna look like?(mutts)?
  208. What's wrong with poodles?
  209. signs a female pug is ready to mate?
  210. i have a 2 1/2 year old border collie who up until a few weeks ago has
  211. wat wuld happen if i breed a mix dog[lab+poodle] with a German shepherd?
  212. Belgian Tervuren I want to know about good storys and if they are good protectors.?
  213. american eskimo??
  214. Bully Kutta vs Canary Dog?
  215. 7 Week old toy poodle with fleas! How do I get them off?
  216. What size are shiba inu?
  217. Would it be inhumane to dock my Golden Retriever's tail?
  218. Tibetan Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Compare/Contrast?
  219. Hey Just Need Some Help On Komondor Dogs. Can You Help Me?
  220. miniature poodle rescue dog concern/help?
  221. How do you train a very energetic 10 month old border collie/golden retriever to
  222. Norfolk Terriers..?
  223. My eight year old chihuahua just started peeing in the house, help, how
  224. I'm looking at gettin a mastiff puppy...???
  225. Boxer or Tibetan Terrier?
  226. Who here knows what a Briard is?
  227. Help, Anyone have experience buying a Shiba Inu puppy?
  228. hi my dog is an mini australian shepherd?
  229. Would a rottweiler make a good family pet?
  230. Pitbull/Shar-pei mix?
  231. Do Finnish Spitz dogs interact well with cats?
  232. Just moved in with a roommate,has a Lhasa Apso.I have a Yorkiepoo.Mine is...
  233. Where can I get a Yorkshire terrier in Victoria- Australia? I can not...
  234. Some Bloodhound virus keeps trying to infect my computer everyday. Help!?
  235. my bedlington terrier has s very swollan milk gland what do i do it is also very
  236. Do you think the Greyhound industry should take responsibility for retired
  237. Greyhound and Halitosis?
  238. what do u think about bull terriers and kids?
  239. Does Neutering an American Bulldog stunt it's growth?
  240. How can I make my golden retriever puppy stop eating rabbit poop?
  241. Basset Hound or Jack Russell Terrier?
  242. how can i know if the yorkshire terrier is healthy?
  243. 2 year old chihuahua house training?
  244. Pug noises????
  245. price for a tibetan terrier?
  246. Irish Wolfhounds and joint problems?
  247. My black Russian terrier is very suck? HELP?
  248. i have a 9 month old male boxer and a 10 month old boston terrier.?
  249. yorkshire terrier help?
  250. Anyone here using Greyhound buses?.?