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  1. Border Collie skin irritation/rash? Please help!?
  2. beagle question?
  3. Boxers or Underwears?
  4. My smoothe haired beagle is afraid of EVERYTHING. He's 3 yrs old and. What can I do
  5. how much cold can german shepherd dog sustain?
  6. What is Bloodhound.Packed.EPW?
  7. boston terriers?
  8. ahhh ! omg my pug !?
  9. How can I get my 2 year old toy poodle to socialize with other dogs?
  10. Jack Russell terrier pups?
  11. are cavilier king charles spaniels good with young kids????
  12. What should I do if my trained Shih-Tzu is having slightly loose stools
  13. do some golden retrievers weigh 40 pounds or under?
  14. Do girls like boxers(fighters)?
  15. Help with Chow Mix?
  16. My chihuahua HATES the female chihuahua we are mating him with. He growls
  17. How can I get my mini Dachshund to gain weight?
  18. I have a pug that freaks out everytime I try to clean the wrinkle above his nose.?
  19. What's the physical difference between rough collie & sheltie? Collies; waist...
  20. So a Basset Hound puppy just licked the top of my?
  21. Where to adopt a chihuahua?
  22. What made you stop being afraid of pit bulls, bulldogs, mastiffs, rotties, large...
  23. How many puppies will the first litter for a rottweiler be?
  24. Should I let my st bernard and newfoundland kiss me?
  25. Is the Papillon a dumb dog?
  26. I have 2 mini dachshunds I need advice please11?
  27. my 4 year old Collie/German Shepard has really bad dry skin...?
  28. What can I do to stop my Maltese from obsessively licking my Pug at the anus?
  29. my mini poodle has a hard on all the time!?
  30. How do i get my Jack Russell Terrier to "take a break"?
  31. My Olde English Bulldog is out of control! He won't stop trying to dominate my wife
  32. Lancashire Heelers and Jack russell terriers?
  33. Does anyone know of a really good papillon breeder. I am looking to get one
  34. Why are Yorkshire Terriers so retarded?
  35. English Bulldog: Vomiting (or at least trying to) and Fainting HELP!!!?
  36. does anyone know if a jack russell terrier is "hypoallergenic"!?
  37. best dog shampoo brand? i have a pug!?
  38. Are german shepherds a bad idea for the first time dog owner?
  39. dachshund growling at age 5 ??
  40. Can my 42 day pregnant papillon be around my male papillon?
  41. english bulldog question ?
  42. Does anyone know of any good Boxer dog websites?
  43. i have a long haired chihuahua and for some reson her ears are hot and
  44. 8 week old Pug Puppy (food)?
  45. French Bulldog?
  46. what age do jack russell terriers calm down?
  47. How do I get my Pomeranian to play in the yard without me there?
  48. How do I raise money to help my parents buy me a shih tzu?
  49. Professional Boxers?
  50. How much should a 12 week cavalier king charles spaniel weigh?
  51. Boxer Pup Doesn't Want to Learn New Tricks?
  52. can you use any other breed then german shepherds for police dogs?
  53. Does anyone know when basset hounds eyes start to droop?
  54. Taming a Dalmatian Hamster (dwarf hamster)?
  55. my sister has a 6month old part beagle/terrier mix and she throws up when she eats
  56. staffordshire bull terriers tails plz help?
  57. my chihuahua is about 4 1/2 and she has a protruding lump on her stomach...what is...
  58. underwear with boxers? hm. your opinion?
  59. We have a seven year old yorkshire terrier, how can I get him to like our eight
  60. My female german shepherd dog is 2yrs old, can she conceive now?
  61. Any tips on house training my 14 mo. old Beagle mix !?
  62. pomeranian question; Fur isnt fluffyy!??
  63. My 1 1/2 yr old Boxer is throwing up whole food randomly. What is going on with him?
  64. I want a mini beagle?
  65. My Labrador Retriever found a rabbit?
  66. miniature schnauzer studs in michigan?
  67. Are American Eagle Boxer Briefs Comfortable?
  68. Y &R: David Chow or Jeffrey or Chloe?
  69. I'm think of getting a border collie ...?
  70. Where Can I Get A Free chihuahua In Newark,New Jersey?
  71. Chihuahua BIT. im 13 (pic)?
  72. calling out to all "boston terrier breeders"?
  73. Great dane legs?
  74. What dog would be cute mixed with my teacup chihuahua?
  75. shih tzu questions?
  76. Which dog do you think is cuter a Yorkie or a Shih tzu?
  77. Miniature Schnauzer Beard Stains?
  78. beagles...?
  79. Do Papillons chew everything?
  80. Which dog is best for all competitions on Chihuahua and friends?
  81. I'm going to take my Dalmatian up a mountain resort and wonder how he will take...
  82. Help with skittish golden retriever and territorial yorkie/chihuahua mix?
  83. how are pyrenees and newfoundland different?
  84. 5 month old great dane puking?
  85. Basset hound, pros and cons?
  86. Can red and white border collies be shown??
  87. Pomeranian owners!!! I needs help?
  88. How much are chihuahuas at a store?
  89. Where can i find a bichon frise in Charlotte,NC?
  90. my 8 year old pug female is picking on my 13 year old female pug about 10 days
  91. i have a staffordshire bull terrier , he is 8 months old and weighs 17 kg , is...
  92. how long does it take to travel from St.John's Newfoundland to Edmonton, Alberta ?
  93. Life jacket for my pug?
  94. Is it normal for my retired greyhound to poo 6/7 times a day?
  95. I would like to purchase a Beagle please help me find one appropriate for...
  96. Girl Pug Names?
  97. Who says the Havanese is the best breed?
  98. Basset Hound Question?
  99. Is there such a thing as long-haired Pugs?
  100. Tell me about Newfoundland!?
  101. Help, My Chihuahua Is sick?!?
  102. where can i adopt an English Bulldog in south east texas??
  103. How much are Labrador retrievers (puppy's) in London?
  104. A Boxer Puppy?
  105. Im getting a new puppy a Boxer! Question about puppy food?
  106. My 3 month old Beagle will bark at me and nip at my fingers....any
  107. Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  108. do anybody out there have a chow chow Chihuahua mix pup pie he is 9Months?
  109. what is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound??
  110. Miniature Bulldogs vs. Bull Beagles for health concerns?
  111. My 6 lb. chihuahua sucked on some Requip and sulfamethoxazole-tmp ds tablets a...
  112. How often female Great Dane comes into heat?
  113. How to get a 9 week old lhasa apso to sleep at night?
  114. share your GREYHOUND EXPERIENCE 10 PTZ?
  115. Would a Jack russell terrier get along with an english bulldog?
  116. Where can i adopt basset hound/dachshund mix dog?
  117. Dog aggression aussie shepherd and pomeranian?
  118. does my chihuahua have a broken leg?
  119. Manny Pacquiao The Best Pound for Pound Boxer?
  120. What is your favourite Poodle Mix? And where can I adopt one?
  121. I got a collie mix puppy and she driving my crazy how long will it take for...
  122. Lhasa Apso barking like a manic...?
  123. I know this sounds crazy.... but i am thinking about getting a pug dog and?
  124. what is the name of the mixed breed chow and yellow lab?
  125. Do u think a Schipperke look's like a Pomeranian?
  126. can anyone help/tell me this particular information? we want to raise a
  127. Is it normal for a Pug to...?
  128. To the men out there, do you prefer boxers, briefs or jock straps ?
  129. My Golden Retriever keeps licking her paw?
  130. pomeranian breeders?
  131. How can I get my 6mth shih tzu to start eating puppy food again?
  132. My shih tzu ate chocolate ice cream?
  133. How long a male great dane can live.?
  134. Girls what kind of boxers do you prefer on a guy.?
  135. How can I find a good home for my 5 yr old shiba inu?
  136. My chihuahua papillon mix [Chion] sheds year round, is this normal?
  137. what are some good songs for a boxer entrance?
  138. Saint Bernard Disposition?
  139. Feeding my 10 year old pug...?
  140. what can i get for my dog( GREAT DANE) to increase her muscle mass?
  141. My French Bulldog sheds like hell all the time. Is it normal for the
  142. Boxers Dogs Ears- When aged???
  143. Female American Bulldog?
  144. How do i stop my 2 year old chihuahua from peeing inside.?
  145. Will my 4 years old cocker spaniel get along with a beagle puppy?
  146. How to make a crocheted chihuahua sweater?
  147. my pug makes these wierd noices??almost like he wants to talk?? please answer...
  148. We are adopting a 11/2 year old small poodle. any training tips?
  149. I can't decide between aYorkie,Maltese,Papillon.?
  150. Could he be better than adopting a Papillon?
  151. hi there I have 15 year Dalmatian?
  152. Can anybody tell me how to potty train my 9 week Shih Tzu? I havent had much luck?
  153. Better dog for small house: Newfoundland, St Bernard, Bernese Mt Dog, Great...
  154. Boxer-briefs?
  155. Italian Greyhound....?
  156. What is it like to tkae a 1200 mile trip aboard greyhound???
  157. Where is the Dalmatian house on Kingdom Hearts (1)?
  158. i have two beagles who i just adopted from shelter, questions is should i
  159. Can I get my yellow lab/chow shaved for the summer or is that bad for his skin?
  160. can any one tell me anything Yorkshire terriers?
  161. Chihuahua won't eat?
  162. Y&R.. how did Chow and Sabrina end up in the car together and who was the driver?
  163. Maltese.Poodle.Shi Tzu.Pekingese?
  164. Do you like silk boxers on a guy?
  165. How much should a 12 week cavalier king charles spaniel weigh?
  166. i need a dog boarding kennel in atlanta georgia for my large german shepherds help?
  167. pomeranian ^____^???
  168. Shiloh Shepherd or Boxer dog?
  169. Does anyone know of a treatment for Pekingese dogs and their breathing...
  170. I need a breeded for a german shepherd female dog.?
  171. Can I put my bichon frise, and my red toy poodle together in the same crate?
  172. Would a dachshund be a good police dog?
  173. My golden retriever is eating everything in the house. He is normally well behaved
  174. are beagles a good dog to have as a pet?
  175. I need advice for my really stupid and disobediant Golden Retriever!?
  176. Pomeranian Puppy? please help!!???
  177. I have a 9 wk old, old english bulldog.Can I put a half an egg in his food?
  178. are chow chows chubby dogs or is it just the fur?
  179. my 6 month old male mini dachshund is sick.. what do i do????????
  180. Sick Chihuahua? Please help.?
  181. Is it ok to leave my Golden Retriever 5 month old puppy at home from...
  182. Can a Newfoundland live in a small house if sufficiently exercised and luved allot?
  183. my poodle keeps running out the door??!?
  184. About Shiba Inu's (breeders & personality of this type of dog)?
  185. What do you need when traveling to Canada by a Greyhound?
  186. I can't decide bertween a Yorkie,Maltese,or a Papillon?
  187. I want to but a rottweiler from a breeder...does anyone know of a good one?
  188. How do I register an ACA (one parent) and an AKC (other parent) for my male
  189. How do I make sure I don't get an aggressive dachshund?
  190. help male boxer/australian sheperd being agrresive at home and sometime when...
  191. Can Dalmatians Have 101 Babies?
  192. Ok, do you feel that humans are far to HUMAN..... maybe we should try to be a...
  193. My Bichon frise peed outside, and pees again inside shortly after.?
  194. my 6 month old male mini dachshund is sick..what do i do???????
  195. My Pug's Breathing Problems?
  196. Another Golden Retriever Question?
  197. what did you pay for your cavalier king charles spaniel?
  198. Should I get a st bernard or newfoundland or bernese mountian dog?
  199. Why does my chihuahua have odd spasms?
  200. Cavlier King Charles Spaniel dinner?
  201. Why do people stereo chihuahuas?
  202. Skin Condition on a Golden Retriever....?
  203. What are GOOD BEAGLE NAMES!!???
  204. English bulldog breathing?
  205. Glucosamine & Chondroitin for my Dachshund?
  206. does anyone remember a movie that had golden retrievers (not air bud)?
  207. At what age can my German Shepherd Dog be taken on walks?
  208. Pomeranian Puppy and traveling?
  209. i have a border collie mix that has these tiny red dots under his...
  210. Is my Labrador Retrievers strange breathing something to be concerned about?
  211. Do french bulldogs have a lot of health problems?
  212. Don't you think its sexy when a beautiful woman can handle a large breed...
  213. #1 pug sick with vomiting and diarrhea now # 2 pug has the same. Is...
  214. staffordshire bull terrier skin problem? please help!?
  215. What do I need to know about a maltese-Shih Tzu dog???
  216. the care for a beagle?
  217. how do i teach my beagle not to attack?
  218. Xrays show my papillon is carrying 1 pup. Vet says it's large. Chances of
  219. collie,german sheperd,or newfoundland?
  220. How can I get rid of my poodles brown stain on the mouth area? Please help?
  221. Someone stuck a problem poodle in my aunts house and they don't live there
  222. How much do you think petsmart will charge to groom a 60 pound golden retriever.
  223. what are greyhounds like?
  224. how can i stop my beagle/basset from pulling/tugging away while im walking or
  225. What is the meaning of guys wearing there jeans low enough for their boxers to show?
  226. I have two dogs a lab and a shih tzu. That don't get along. HELP!?
  227. Breeding Golden Retrievers.?
  228. is there animal shelters in kentucky where i can get a boxer puppy?!?
  229. is there any way to make chex muddy buddies (puppy chow) without peanut butter?
  230. What was the knock against Italian boxers?
  231. At what age will my shih tzu stop growing?
  232. do like french bulldogs?
  233. Does anyone else see the irony in the dog who became a hero on 9/11 - a German...
  234. I'm 15, Can i show up to the greyhound bus station by myself and buy a ticket?
  235. Why are their basically no Standard Dachshunds???
  236. Does anyone know a site where I could watch the first release of the 101 Dalmatians?
  237. i have a Bichon Frisť and want to cut its hair like a lion?
  238. toy poodle breeding!!?
  239. Stimulate Pomeranian to poop. Hard to poop because of broken leg.?
  240. I have an adorable miniature dachshund puppy, any trick ideas?
  241. Is it safe to breed my boxer?
  242. does any one now a good diet for a boxer?
  243. my pug dog has a black stomach?
  244. Who's better Alvin and the Chipmunks? or Brittany and the Chipettes?
  245. are cavalier king charles spaniels rare??
  246. American Bulldog Shedding?
  247. I have a Chihuahua named Bella and she got out for 6days while she was in heat.?
  248. papillon puppies?
  249. papillon pomeranian yorkie pros and cons?
  250. basset hound?