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  1. so i have a 2 year old boston terrier purebred and every now and then he...
  2. What companies make very durable, plain, white, long, affordable, quality...
  3. My new toy shih tzu's home alone???
  4. Potty training a pomeranian?
  5. My male Boxer (Bud) is very sick and can't get to Vet til the AM. Can you help? He
  6. who do u thnk are the top 5 current mexican boxers?
  7. How long of mating before a chihuahua gets pregnant?
  8. Pekingese help!?!?
  9. How can I prevent my chihuahua from losing so much hair?
  10. Do you like this name for a Boston Terrier if not.....?
  11. do all shih tzu's eyes look spread out like a pekinese?
  12. pugs how much should a pug cost?
  13. i really want an english bulldog is it worth th risk of health problems?
  14. I have took on my nans lhasa apso her coat is very good but she has badly matted?
  15. Does a chihuahua have to be bleeding to get pregnant?
  16. I just adopted a 8 month old chihuahua.?
  17. I'd like to get a chihuahua. I've heard that they are hard to train, yappy? Anybody
  18. Good vet in fresno, CA for my English Bulldog?
  19. pomeranian helpppppp?
  20. Golden Retriever with ruptured ACL resolved?
  21. Whata are the best boxers and boxer briefs?
  22. What do I do about a Shih Tzu puppy that shows aggression towards children
  23. ***Should I get a male or female scottish terrier? And should I microchip?***?
  24. Boxer Help?
  25. Mini dachshund shots schedule?
  26. Would you mind if I sat here with just my boxers on? I am so hot and...
  27. Which is a cuter name for my cute pomeranian?
  28. Shar-Pei health question....?
  29. I'm think of getting a toy poodle. Can they be left alone at home?
  30. i live in thetford, does anyone know where i can buy calvin klein mens boxers
  31. how many 400g tins of food does my rottweiler need to eat?
  32. what color would I breed to my merle great dane?
  33. Where to buy a Bichon Frise? (Alberta)?
  34. Any good names for a Cream Pomeranian Girl???
  35. should i get a beagle?
  36. who loves mini DACHSHUNDS???
  37. Does my pug have a skin allergy??
  38. Questions on breeding my shih tzu's?
  39. Does your Bully Talk? (Pit Bull, American Bulld Dog, Boxer, Amstaff, American
  40. Can I house train a 3yo dachshund?
  41. Just adopted a 10 month old chihuahua mix?
  42. Where can I buy mens Bench Boxer shorts from in the UK?
  43. Color of Scottish Terriers feet?
  44. What is the price for a pure-bred American Eskimo?
  45. I'm thinking about adopting a Rottweiler Beagle mix puppy and am looking for
  46. How Should A Shih-Tzu Be Groomed?
  47. GREYHOUND buses - are they delayed too often?
  48. Is this poodle I bought really a standard poodle,its small?
  49. What Is the best food to feed a Pomeranian who is switching foods? Pomeranian
  50. cute boxer shorts?!?
  51. Is my scottish terrier jealous??
  52. i think my boxers are to loose and i'm going to switch buy i dont know what is...
  53. good name for a papillon?
  54. What shoud i name my pug?
  55. 6 year old Chihuahua?
  56. which is better pit bull or pomeranian?
  57. i have a 3 month english bulldog and i cant seem to get to get it eating it won't
  58. New Pug Puppy Coming Home Saturday [:?
  59. I have a Basset Hound he chases one of our cats outside, but the inside ones he...
  60. getting a great dane puppy with no AKC registration?
  61. I got a retired English Bulldog and she has some spots of hair missing looks like
  62. I just got a 5 year old English Bulldog had puppies and is very skinny?
  63. lab or golden retriever?
  64. Labrador Retriever Puppy - Aggressive or Just Being a Puppy?
  65. blue/ white speck on my boxers eye!?
  66. Golden retriever dog owners only....?
  67. Pomeranian?
  68. Schnauzer puppy peeing in dining room?
  69. Feeding Times For New Pug Puppy?
  70. do sighthounds like greyhounds wear two collars while walking or just one?
  71. how much does a pug cost?
  72. Is it safe to bring a toy poodle puppy into a house with a female 10 yr old...
  73. nintedogs: chihuahua and friends question?
  74. A yellow Labrador retriever of the genotype AA ee was crossed with a brown...
  75. boxer dog is?
  76. Crate training my mini dachshund?
  77. I accidently squirted my dog's ear treatment drops (Tri-Otic) into her eyes....
  78. I want to get a yorkshire terrier for my B-day?
  79. Dose anyone had labrardor X Golden retriever Puppy... are they Good?
  80. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! Seeking pug puppy nsw Australia, but read on,...
  81. my golden retriever has an in curable skin allergy. How can we help him?
  82. can i be a good boxer?
  83. My boy boxer is 9 months old, can I get another Boxer puppy 7 weeks old ?
  84. what should i do about my Chihuahua's period?is her first period and she is my...
  85. what neck size do u think my dog is he is a lab/golden retriever mix?
  86. What are some good Chihuahua names?
  87. What diet would be good for my dog, cane corso- mastiff?
  88. How do I help a timid dachshund come out of her shell??
  89. Dachshund Making Weird Jaw Movemnets and Sound?
  90. I have a 1 Year old AKC Labrador Retriever I am interested in breeding.?
  91. Border Collie is Going CRAZY?
  92. Pit bull cross killed bossy chihuahua - dare I keep her??
  93. boxer vs briefs guys?
  94. I bought new boxer briefs and it came with a hot hunky model included, what...
  95. Doberman Pinscher At Dog Daycare?
  96. Boxer dog... bites??????
  97. should i change to boxer briefs?
  98. is it possible to raise a chihuahua to not be mean?
  99. Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers?!?
  100. could your Chihuahua be pregnant the very next day she had sex?
  101. My Weimaraner bit me and my little brother, and I'm not sure if it was a
  102. Is my chihuahua sick? she pooped on the floor 2 times today and is house trained!?
  103. Do you like these names for a Yorkshire Terrier if not ....?
  104. I have a 1 1/2 year old female shih-tzu who was in heat and my 8 1/2 month old...
  105. What can you do to help a newly adopted chihuahua to stop snarling at our shih tzu?
  106. How big will my Great Pyrenees get?
  107. Why do bichon frise need that particular cut?
  108. do you think pugs are cute or ugly?
  109. Help! does anyone have tips about potty training a mini dachshund?
  110. Do dogs experience morning sickness while pregnant? Pregnancy signs in a boxer?
  111. My chihuahua has pooped on the floor 2 times today out of nowhere!?
  112. I'm considering adopting a retired greyhound (if it's right for me), any experiences?
  113. my chow-chow does not listen to any commands and has forgotten all his training. why?
  114. Boxer briefs?
  115. I have a 8 month old male border collie - 2 months ago we had him desexed...
  116. Why does my Chihuahua run away from me and wont let me get near.?
  117. What should I do with my chihuahua-yorkie?
  118. Can anyone tell me why my shih tzu is so hyper????
  119. What kind of dog has the ears that stick up.. They call them butterfly
  120. I have a chow and border collie mix she is between 16 and 18 years old?
  121. Why does my chihuahuas SNORT?
  122. Cardigan Welsh Corgi or a Bichon Frise?
  123. what should i name my new golden retriever puppy i got yesterday? 10 POINTS TO THE...
  124. 19 Month Old American Bulldog Aggression?
  125. how do i get an amazingly toned body? like a boxer? i mean incredibly toned!?
  126. We just got a new dog she is really clumbsy shes a hound/boxer we need a real cute...
  127. Boxer, Jack Russell Terrier [Mix]?
  128. should i get a pomeranian, chihuahua, or papillon?
  129. How much could someone ask for a Maltese-Pekingese mix?
  130. Can you breed puppies on Nintendo DS Nintendogs Chihuahua and friends?
  131. help, my boxer has developed lumps all over?
  132. my boxer pup just got bit by a terrier on his shoulder, advice please?
  133. Has anyone got a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that has been spayed?
  134. why does my yorkshire terrier keep biting its front paws?
  135. Sexy if your boxers show?
  136. Dachshund or Australian Shepherd?
  137. Which breed do you like better? Yorkie or chihuahua?
  138. Do I have a Real Pomeranian?
  139. Good names for a Orange Sable Pomeranian girl?
  140. Bichon Frise or bernese mountain dog ?
  141. 101 dalmatian help?
  142. What can I do with my boxer puppy while I am at school?
  143. We need to find a tough boy name for our new beautiful lil' mastiff puppy!!?
  144. I have 5 large mastiffs who run free in my yard but it smells of urine...
  145. How much does a boxer gets paid?
  146. im getting a new beagle what should i name it?
  147. How do I get my boxer to stop licking?
  148. I am going to get a girl shih tzu i need names!!??
  149. Help my 10 year old schnauzer recently just got UTI how long does it take...?
  150. which dog do you like best:shih tzu,or a lab?
  151. My 3yr old Golden Retriever took out the two staples 1 day after arthroscopic...
  152. Taking Golden Retriever to different country????10 points for an answer?
  153. If I adopt a older Papillon, what will I need for it/ need to do?
  154. which is better a Rottweiler or a Labrador?
  155. teacup poodle?
  156. what is a good name for a labrador retriever pup?
  157. Poodle terrier?
  158. Is a Boxer #3 on breeds most likely to bite?
  159. who can name all the boxers in fight night round 3?
  160. Is Larry Holmes an underrated boxer?
  161. Is it normal if my chihuahua did not eat for a whole day?
  162. is it true that female boxers should have more sex before a fight to increase
  163. havanese breeder.?
  164. What happens if my golden retriever eats a small dead bird?
  165. Boxer dog thinking of breeding her?
  166. Why do most American Males wear boxers?
  167. Who is d best entainer boxer of alltime?
  168. What could be wrong with my Beagle? Is he depressed or is he sick?
  169. genral questions on golden retriever?
  170. Watch the Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch Video, and at 20-21 second, the girl that
  171. My Shih Tzu is sick, he will be fine today and then the next day he can't walk. What
  172. Chihuahuas!!!!!!!!?
  173. Beagle's Breathing problem?
  174. looking for a saint bernard?
  175. I have a pug and lately he's been scratching his left ear, it has gotten so bad that
  176. How cute is your Chihuahua?
  177. golden retriever owners, please need advice?
  178. I have a 1yr&7month old female golden retriever. This is her 2nd heat . When is...
  179. Does this place look like a legit place to get an english bulldog from?
  180. My Bichon Frise hates having his feet touched?
  181. Do the Japanese Chin and the papillon have some relation?
  182. Collie Buddz?
  183. Do all basset hounds have a white-tipped tail?
  184. Why is my brothers Golden Retriever losing its hair???
  185. chihuahua ear problems!!!!?
  186. im going to get a shiba inu....?
  187. What would be a good name for a mini schnauzer?
  188. how to make chow-chow?
  189. My 2 year old Retriever/Chow doesn't do much anymore.?
  190. how much should a 6 month old mini dachshund/mini pinscher weigh?
  191. I am adopting a 3yo dachshund. She has the most horrid name of "tinkerbell"...
  192. HELP! How can I stop my border collie from howling when left on her own? She
  193. American Pit Bull Terrier weight problem?
  194. Dalmatian with thin fur?
  195. Cocerning my Chihuahua, Zimmie.?
  196. my chicken was biten by one of my greyhounds and only has a small cut on its back...
  197. Should I get a st bernard or newfoundland?
  198. Should I get a st bernard or newfoundland or bernese mountian dog?
  199. I need a name for my male Chihuahua....any ideas?
  200. There is a new TV chow about teenage cupples that are borrowing babbies to see
  201. Labrador Retriever?
  202. Any recommendations for food for a shedding basset hound?
  203. training my shih tzu bichon puppy.?
  204. I need a name for my female Chihuahua....any ideas?
  205. I want a Dalmatian and would love some info from dal owners.?
  206. basset hound report?
  207. Where can I adopt a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Michigan?
  208. Golden retriever?
  209. How can I convince my parents to let me get a Shih Tzu?
  210. 6 week old boxer puppy?
  211. i am training to become a pro boxer and i was boxing for about a month and a half
  212. Do u know where i could find a female for my stud Golden Retriever?
  213. should i wear boxers under a speedo?
  214. How long will my labrador retriever live?
  215. My friend has bred a Altman White English Bulldog with a Pure Bred Pitt Bull Dog.
  216. What are Chihuahua standards (weight, height, cost)?
  217. cute girl names for papillon puppy?
  218. Y & R: Do you think that David Chow may have escaped the car wreck & will be in
  219. my boston terrier was in heat for 3 to 4 daysbefore my male got knotted 5x could she
  220. Chihuahua vs Yorkie?
  221. Is my dog Sugar a Great Dane (pic)?
  222. I have a Shih Tzu, she is 9 months old, small & possiably preg, will it hurt her to
  223. Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis easy to train?
  224. shiba inu, pug, jack russell terrier, or pomeranian?
  225. My neighbors poodle urinates on the side walk.?
  226. My beagle pees all over my house and I can't catch him the act. How do I get him to
  227. Chihuahua has bump on back?
  228. dog in the progressive commercial is a great dane or dalmation?
  229. Crate trained Boxer- need some advice...?
  230. My 5 month old chihuahua keeps making this gagging noise like if she is
  231. My Boxer x German Shepherd is Getting Out Of Control!!!?
  232. Is a american bulldog mixed with pit a nice combination of dog.?
  233. best shedding comb for my pug??
  234. Can my shar-pei be trained to stop her out of controll head shaking?
  235. what is the best way to disapline my jack russell terrier?
  236. Would like advice on care etc. Beagle/Doberman mix dog male 9 months old.?
  237. Are there really two kinds of labrador retrievers? what kind of dog is this?
  238. How long did it take to housebreak your Basset Hound?
  239. what is the best weight loss food for a shih tzu?
  240. how do boxers take the punches?
  241. How long can it take for pug to return to normal after anesthesia for dental?
  242. Is it a good idea to shave a Shiba Inu?
  243. newfoundland puppy?
  244. Does anyone have a bichon frise x poodle?
  245. Help with skittish Golden Retriever?
  246. pug travel?
  247. is it ture that a american bulldog mix eith a terrier is a pitbull.?
  248. how often can u wash a staffordshire bull terrier?
  249. HELP i recently had a pug stolen!!?
  250. Is My American Bulldog Going to Get Any Bigger?