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  1. For A Black Shar-Pei, Which Of These Do You Like;?
  2. I have a four month old boder collie/lab/boxer mix. What is the best way to
  3. My chihuahua is not normal !!?
  4. How to teach a hyper 8 week old pomeranian puppy to walk on a harness? and what do
  5. Calling all mini dachshund owners!?
  6. Greyhound busses transferring to Lakefront Lines busses?
  7. I just got a dachshund I need a name please help?
  8. is 112lbs too heavy for an 8 month american bulldog pup?
  9. I Need suggestions for trimming a basset hounds nails.?
  10. When should I start washing my new pup toy poodle.?
  11. Pregnant and own two Chihuahuas.... Driving me insane!!!?
  12. why are chihuahuas so annoying?
  13. I have an 8 week old Boston Terrier. Tail isn't cork screw or
  14. What are your thoughts on Dachshunds?
  15. Do they have any breeders in Louisiana for miniature boxers?
  16. If chihuahuas or any dogs shouldn't get water in their ears then how do...
  17. What should I name my Pomeranian?
  18. I have a poodle mix. Can anyone tell me what he is mixed with?
  19. I have a beagle puppy and she chews on everything?
  20. How small is a mini-toy poodle?....?
  21. Where can I buy a Roof Boxer V?
  22. how do i convince my mom to let me get a pomeranian pup?
  23. Trouble potty training my Chihuahua... can you help?
  24. I have a mini poodle. I have noticed that her hip has been popping quite frequently?
  25. How can I convince my landlord to let me get an English bulldog puppy?
  26. Did Barbra Boxer really say. . .?
  27. how much does it cost to groom a standard poodle in petsmart?
  28. Nervous first time Greyhound bus traveller...?
  29. black giant schnauzer?
  30. what is a good nick name for the name brittany?
  31. are there 13 Year Old Guys who wear briefs instead of Boxers?
  32. I purchased a show Dogo Argentino dog from Julie Brungard aka GENIUS DOGOS
  33. My 6 month old male pug is extremely aggressive towards a new 6 month old...
  34. Shih Tzu can't poop. Help!?
  35. if i bred my italian greyhound, male, with a bulldog, female, what would i get?
  36. English Mastiff?
  37. Weimaraner??
  38. girls/women with top straps/bra straps hanging out left right and centre & guys
  39. lhasa apso please help?
  40. Is a Toy Poodle (or any small dog) right for me?
  41. Anyone out there own a Jack Russell terrier? I'm looking for some information.?
  42. my chihuahua its too demanding?
  43. My new shih tzu stinks? experience pls!?
  44. whats the difference between an olde english bulldogge and an english bulldog?
  45. New Boston Terrier has a strange growth on his rear. Could it be a hernia?
  46. how many types of mastiffs are there?
  47. I lost my Chihuahua, someone stole him from my car in Cupertino/San
  48. My border collie is excessively shedding.?
  49. How much does a toy poodle cost at a store?
  50. my boxer pup just passed diarrhea with some kind of worm, it looked stringy, and had
  51. Dalmatian mollys?
  52. how do i make my penis appear bigger??? i waer boxer breifs but it still looks
  53. How do I go from Brooklyn to Washington DC via train or Greyhound?
  54. Did you like Brittany Spears early Brittany Spears?
  55. *Read info please* My friend has a 1 y/o dachshund and a 4 y/o "golden" and they
  56. what name should i name my shih tzu girl!?
  57. Help! Please! Is my Pug SICK?!?!?
  58. "Healthy" Weight for a Miniature Dachshund?
  59. How long do Dalmatian's usually live????
  60. Is a pug right for me!?
  61. Papillon Pregnant by Lab/Shepherd Mix. Urgent Help Needed?
  62. Kennel Cough complications in a disabled Dachshund?
  63. beagles....?
  64. When will my collie come in heat?
  65. Are female Pugs easier to train than male Pugs?
  66. Chihuahua puppy ate Oily Bone!?
  67. What are Beagles, the dogs, like?
  68. Is anyone selling a beagle/chihuahua mixed puppy???
  69. My 2-yr old beagle-springer spaniel has a peasized red bump on her lip,
  70. do beagle puppies do better in pairs?
  71. my yorkie acts like a bloodhound!?
  72. i reallyy really want a yorkshire terrier teacup puppy???
  73. Question about my lhasa apso(dog)?
  74. Breeding my cairn terrier?
  75. German Shepherd, Golden Retriever or Lab?
  76. i really want a pug?
  77. Poll: Which breed of dog do you prefer out of these two: Chocolate Lab or...
  78. Dog Coat for a dachshund?
  79. Im getting a 7week old toy poodle friday and i wonder what are the first...
  80. Maltese or a Lhasa Apso?
  81. Whats the difference in a Johnson and Scott American Bulldog?
  82. Chihuahua with testies that havent dropped?
  83. International flight with a beagle?
  84. Life expectancy of a husky/american bulldog mix?
  85. Help!! My dachshund is choking!!?
  86. Is JB's assistant Brittany's Ex-Manager???
  87. Bichon Frise With Occasional Sores On Eyelid That Bleed?
  88. help with my golden retriever?
  89. how can i make a beagle not howel or bark a lot?
  90. Is This A Pomeranian?
  91. its about my 8 month old shih tzu?
  92. how can i stop my pug from peeing in the house?
  93. Boxers or Boxer Briefs?
  94. Adult Chihuahua peeing and pooing in the house. (Not fixed)?
  95. why does my rottweiler bark?
  96. rottweiler owners!!!! what are the bad habits I should avoid with my new pup?
  97. Are Chihuahua's difficult to raise?
  98. old english mastiff name....???
  99. Has anyone ever seen a Bully Whippet?
  100. is a german shepherd the right dog for me?
  101. but which is better 2 be with, a shih tzu or a yorkie?
  102. new male chihuahua and I have no idea what to name him. help!?
  103. Why does my chihuahua pee everywere?
  104. I found my 3 yr old female chihuahua and my 6-7 month old boy chihuahua stuck
  105. I just got a new toy poodle she's dirty blond with light blue eyes?
  106. The Old Poodle - cute joke!?
  107. West Highland White Terrier? Names?
  108. What happens when two chihuahua's get stuck during mating?
  109. my family and i are going to breed our chihuahua with a dachshund. what would be...
  110. How popular are Irish Setters? I haven't seen any in a long time.?
  111. I recently had someone from work give me a female boxer, she told me it was possible
  112. my chihuahua itches all the time lately- never before- no fleas- i use R?
  113. Boxer okay for this...???
  114. Help with Bichon Frise?
  115. I have a gorgeous 1yr old American Bulldog male, who i love very much.?
  116. any one who knows about mating boxers!! help!!?
  117. Are Boston Terrier difficult to raise?
  118. Y & R...What happened today? Why was whats her name in the car with David Chow...
  119. how big do part english/part american bulldogs get?
  120. how can i tell if my dog is a german shephard and chow?
  121. teacup chihuahua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  122. should i get a shih tzu or a yorkie?
  123. english bulldog?
  124. My 7mo old litterbox trained chihuahua/minature beagle has been peeing all over
  125. what's a good name for my toy poodle?
  126. My Golden retriever/lab has seizures every now and then at night. Is this common?
  127. pug leg issue?
  128. Why does my bloodhound puppy have white hairs on his back?
  129. My chinese shar-pei..?
  130. Would a 2 month old maltese and a 1yr old [13'] beagle get along? (same sex F)?
  131. How often should I bathe my Toy Poodle?
  132. Chihuahua's: Are males more difficult to raise then females or are they...
  133. info on boxer dogs?
  134. what is a cute name for a great dane girl?
  135. how can i get my german shepherd to be more tolerent of other dogs?
  136. Is it hard to potty train a chihuahua?
  137. How smart will my Boxer/Rotti/Labrador be?
  138. Is there something wrong with my Boston Terrier's foot?
  139. How should I introduce my newborn to my Great Dane?
  140. Spiked collar for english bulldog!?
  141. My rough collie gets testy in the evening...?
  142. im getting a male pug soon and would like an unusual name for it ne ideas?
  143. names for a male beagle??
  144. Is my Best-Friend Brittany gay?
  145. Does anyone know a pug breeder in the chicagoland area?
  146. Boxer briefs feel like normal boxers. Is this right?
  147. Seizures in Chihuahuas?
  148. Would a silky terrier and a golden retriever get along?
  149. What can a hard, immovable, growing bump on German Shepherd dog's nose be?
  150. Anyone want to adopt a retired racing greyhound?
  151. Looking for a golden retriever in Dubai, but where do I go?
  152. Chihuahua help?
  153. how do boxers make that sound(ssssshh) when boxing???
  154. English bulldog?
  155. My 1 year old Miniature Schnauzer?
  156. how much food does and american eskimo eat inm a day?
  157. What to teach my Border collie now?
  158. is a greyhound bus safe and okay..?
  159. Has anyone had a Pregnant chihuahua that wasn't showing and have pups?
  160. how do i get my lhasa apso to stop biting people he doesn't know?
  161. Is it true that there are space aliens in the Chihuahua Desert?
  162. Can I have an english bull terrier?
  163. My 10 week old shih tzu is constipated....need suggestions!?
  164. What would be a good name for my Jack Russell Terrier?
  165. Bichon Frise/Shiztu Mix...?
  166. i got nintendogz dachshund when it first come out a few years ago before the...
  167. Is a heat pump worth it ? I'm living in Newfoundland Canada?
  168. west highland white terrier?
  169. my hubby and i recently acquired his greyhound from his parents.?
  170. how much exersice does a weimaraner need?
  171. My pomeranian just attacked me and bit the Hell out of my hand?
  172. I am looking for a Chinese pug for my daughters birthday? Any Pug AKC registered
  173. Chihuahua in shop?
  174. can someone give me a free teacup chihuahua for my daddy?
  175. To Golden Retriever breeders in UK, and elsewhere if it applies?
  176. How can I keep a rottweiler out of my fenced yard?
  177. boxer from the 60's/70"s canadian...whitey? probably middle weight... real
  178. Dog problems?? border collie?
  179. Is my poodle mixed? Maltese poodle maybe....?
  180. Yorkshire terrier?
  181. HELP how to play mellon collie infinte sadness song on guitar?
  182. Anyone in Miami want to adopt an American Bulldog?
  183. Would a goldenretriever/poodle mix be a good dog? Is it the right thing to do? =)?
  184. pugs or chuhuahua???
  185. Pug screen saver?
  186. If you're a Beagle owner, please read...?
  187. if i get horny wiv ma gf and my semen goes on my boxers. after 5 days she
  188. Im a boxer , and for the first time i i gave someone a bloody nose .....?
  189. Does anyone remember the Irish Setter on the movie "Funny Farm"?
  190. How to know Chihuahua's need to go outside?
  191. i have a fox that looks like a dog NOT A POMERANIAN?
  192. New Chihuahua growls when people touch me!?
  193. i need advice on how to to toilet train my chihuahua?
  194. Ideal weight for italian greyhound?
  195. I want a teacup maltipoo (maltese cross poodle) where can i get one?
  196. my chihuahua/yorkie is vommiting..????
  197. Is it okay for a pug to leave it's mother and littermates at 6 weeks?
  198. What size crate should i get for my 5 month old male golden retriever?
  199. is anyone a collie breeder in california or know any collie breeders in california?
  200. I have an English Mastiff and she usually only drools after drinking but I...
  201. How long have you worn one pair of boxers/briefs lol?
  202. pomeranian get attached?
  203. What should I name my webkinz Rottweiler?!?!?!?
  204. How do I teach my Jack Russell Terrier to Stop pulling on the leash?
  205. Beagle with inflammed skin.?
  206. Just adopted an 8 month old chihuahua?
  207. can you get prenant when you're in your underwear and the guys wearing...
  208. BRITTANY! i made you an outfitt!! :)?
  209. am i a good boxer?
  210. shih tzu? 10 points?
  211. If poodles are outlawed, only outlaws will have poodles. Isn't that the same...
  212. My four month old chihuahua started to vomit this mucus-looking stuff
  213. should i spay my 6 month old mini dachshund???
  214. where can i find a teacup yorkie or a teacup shih tzu in new orleans?
  215. shih tzu smell ?
  216. Chihuahua probs?? NEED HELP!?
  217. I have A 4 year old parti poodle why is he so aggressive about everything food
  218. what health problems will come with breeding a 74 pound pit bull with a 10
  219. what is a pro. and cons. of briefs than boxers?
  220. schnauzer breeder?
  221. I Love The Kraft Singles advert with the Border Collie pup growing up. Is this on
  222. We are looking for orpfan pottery made at a studio in Black Creek Studio
  223. French Mastiff?
  224. Is wearing boxer briefs better than wearing boxers?
  225. can a basset hound sense/smell changes in the air?
  226. I would like to get a small dog. Should I get a Pomeranian?
  227. 7 week old chihuahua help!!!!?
  228. why is my chihuahua a bad eater?
  229. greyhound ticket?
  230. HELP.I need standard poodle breeders to answer?
  231. who's the most ruthless boxer?
  232. a husky or boder collie?
  233. Newfoundland in September?
  234. does ash ketchum wear boxers or briefs?
  235. I gave mt dog lhasa apso a flea medication and now shes flipping out please help?
  236. what should i do for my golden retriever?
  237. Why the hell is my 1/2 year old FEMALE saint bernard doing this!?!?
  238. I was wondering what to feed an active male border collie?
  239. Separation Anxiety for me and my 4 month chihuahua?
  240. Me and my father live in RI and are looking for bullmastiff stud, but we can...
  241. Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever?
  242. our shi tzu cross bichon frise poops on the floor,even if we aren't gone long.
  243. What Webkinz should I get? It is between the Spotted Leopard and the Rottweiler.?
  244. Toy poodles?
  245. chihuahuas?
  246. Why is my 6 month old English bull terrier occasionaly agressive?
  247. I just got a Dalmatian dwarf hamster. What kind is he?
  248. 3 month english bulldog with mucus from nose and phlem when caughing is...
  249. I just got a 6 week old miniature Dachshund, can you tell me about them?
  250. Does anyone know what year Rocky Marciano refereed Charlie Lopes sr. the