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  1. Boxer keeps biting his front paws?
  2. Does anyone have experience with a mix between a walkercoon hound and a border...
  3. Is a chow-chow bigger than a sharpei or not
  4. How to put weight on skinny Great Dane?
  5. Pomeranian is being great with puppy but I have noticed him growl...is this normal?
  6. whats wrong with my Pomeranian?
  7. Xbox boxers: Should I get them?
  8. Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears are liberal icons. Why are libs
  9. how do i know if my toy poodle is pregnant easy 10 pts.please help!!!
  10. would it be safe to give my golden retriever a gold front tooth
  11. What ever happened to Scooter, the pug stolen by an alcoholic and given as a
  12. why does my female Chihuahua like
  13. I just got a 2 month old Samoyed pup,and it stinks!I mean,it would be
  14. my boxer has a small spot of sap on him. i tried butter, peanut butter
  15. What type of puppy food to feed our new boxer puppy?
  16. I'm getting a male collie puppy. What shall I call him?
  17. who believes that miley cyrus will be the next Brittany Spears but....?
  18. There is a lump on my beagle's stomach. Why is this?
  19. Chihuahua Great dane puppies looking for more info
  20. My Boston terrier's nose is dry and cracked. Any suggestions?
  21. Do Golden Retriever's like to swim?
  22. My Mastiff Ate 2 Marlboro cigarette yesterday is he ok?
  23. Anyone know the name of this boxer.
  24. how do you wear your boxers?with another underwear then pants,or just boxers...
  25. Does anyone know were I could get a Collie puppy?
  26. Pug puppy..sounds like he has a cold?
  27. 7 month old pup "Chihuahua" is lifting hind leg up when running
  28. mmmm how cute do u think a pomeranian/chihuahua mix puppys r!!!!!!!
  29. How to introduce 5 month old poodle to the house.
  30. Does Tom Cruise? Is Jack Black? Is Christopher Walken? Is Chow Yun Fat?
  31. weaner dog or beagle ?
  32. What is a good name for my new American Mastiff?
  33. Is my chihuahua mixed with a rottweiler?
  34. Hard time training Boxer puppy
  35. Question About Chihuahua
  36. Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Information/Breeders ?
  37. How do you 13 year old guys sleep? Boxers/Briefs/Commando?
  38. My chihuahua/dachshund dog just ate a handful of M&Ms
  39. Yorkshire Terrier or Maltese?
  40. For a Roundtrip ticket on Greyhound Buses how much does it cost to Rutland...
  41. Pic of Brittany Kramer and Zacky Vengeance??
  42. My Newfoundland pup barks a lot.I have been told that Newfs should not bark
  43. Is the Canadian Greyhound Bus Lines supended?
  44. Is it healthy for a miniature schnauzer to have a litter of 13 pups?
  45. Miniature v Standard Schnauzer
  46. I want to get a boxer, but I have a smaller dog.
  47. How about this one? My neighbor's Pomeranian in a HOT garage in a THICK...
  48. Boxer-briefs????????
  49. Chihuahua/symoid or chow mix?
  50. Shetland Sheepdogs.......
  51. I'm moving from UK to Newfoundland in Canada! I need info also about schooling!
  52. Has anyone ever seen or heard of an aggressive Basset Hound or an aggressive Beagle?
  53. Shih Tzu Health Does she just have the flu?Anyone who specializes in
  54. Help Me Train My Chihuahua
  55. Favourite Name For A Boxer? :P
  56. chihuahua HELP?
  57. I have gone into registered rottweiler breeding...my b**tch is supposed to be...
  58. im getting a shih tzu and i want to know can you cut its hair when it gets
  59. is a dachshund playful
  60. This is wierd.. Why do i want to become a Pro Boxer?
  61. 11 month old boston terrier having seizures
  62. I got my Pomeranian neutered on June 19,he is fine expect I noticed some swelling...
  63. Is there a myspace artist profile for the Bloodhound Gang that has the
  64. At what age should you stop using the crate for a beagle puppy?
  65. Is it normal for my doberman pinscher puppy to have a black muzzle?
  66. Breeding my boston terrier.
  67. Does Any One Have A Boston Terrier
  68. will my chihuahua have problems if she becomes pregnant
  69. My Dog is sick!! She is a chihuahua, about 2 yrs old and is acting strange!
  70. greyhound embroidery designs
  71. Have you ever lost your head on a Greyhound bus?
  72. 37 people on the Greyhound bus and yet not one tried to stop the stabbing. I...
  73. my mom wants a pug does any one have any tips for me?
  74. Which is better Maltese or Pomeranian?
  75. What do you think of the beheading that occurred on the Greyhound Canada bus in...
  76. I have a lhasa apso/ Shihtzu mix and I wanted to know a good shampoo/conditioner for
  77. I have a female Dalmatian molly. Is it possible for this kind of fish to change
  78. what do you have to do to get the casino fare on greyhound
  79. Man decapitated on a greyhound bus?
  80. What is the difference between a lab and a golden retriever?
  81. how to train my 1 month old dachshund?
  82. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  83. My golden retriever when he is stressed, will have water discharge from
  84. My puppy is a chihuahua/rat terrier mix...but i also think she looks like...
  85. Why isn't Greyhound upping their security right about now?
  86. why does my english bulldog has diarrhea
  87. Deworming a Chihuahua puppy
  88. How come my chihuahua is all moody and tired?
  89. Should I get a Teacup Maltese or Teacup Pomeranian?
  90. Will my chihuahua die if... ?
  91. what color boxer puppy should my family get
  92. How can i housebreak my 2 yr old adopted dachshund?
  93. I am getting a new 8 week old toy poodle tomorrow
  94. What types of large breed dogs don't shed or shed very little? Also, Great...
  95. Need Help? A year ago my fiance and I went to the North Shore Animal League and...
  96. vMy English bulldog just got scratched in the eye ball today by my cat.
  97. Why does my dachshund fetch rocks but not sticks or balls?
  98. What's a good recipe for puppy chow?
  99. BOXING! has any famous / professional boxer ever..?
  100. Help My Border Collies Fighting All Of Sudden .. How Long Will This Last And How
  101. Where can I adopt a Labrador retriever in etobicoke?
  102. Great Dane Puppy Problem
  103. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pros and cons?
  104. Boy or Girl Chihuahua...?
  105. Staffordshire bull terrier bitch bleed.?
  106. how long does it take for a Staffordshire Bull Terriers head to fully split
  107. Hi my golden retriever is...
  108. What is the difference between Labradors & Retrievers?
  109. do i need anything specific to give a toy poodle a healthy coat.
  110. What would be a good name for a pug?
  111. What are the differences between a male and female German Shepherd Dog?
  112. Where are the best places to take kids for a day trip in Perros Guirec (N. Brittany)?
  113. Staffy Or Boxer? :P :D
  114. My pomeranian growls and shakes at ALL children, from babies to toddlers.?
  115. PREGNANT BASSET HOUND QUESTION, experienced nice people only please!
  116. How can i teach my jack russell terrier to take care off his toys?
  117. what happened to my boston terrier
  118. Golden Retriever has thyroid problems
  119. Is the Boxer cross Staffordshire Bull etc (Bullboxer) known as a pure breed now?
  120. Dog owners, name your type of dog. I have a min pin, chihuahua and a pitbull?
  121. bichon frise?
  122. Fried rice or Chow mein?
  123. Shih tzu pooping everwher?
  124. why is my english bulldog all of a sudden a compulsive licker??
  125. Would a Jack Russel Terrier ( Female) Get along with A Golden Retriever ( Female)?
  126. where can i find a cheap english bulldog in San Antonio?
  127. Where would I find photos of chihuahua/bassett hound mix dogs?
  128. Has Roy Jones Jr ever versed a southpaw stanced boxer?
  129. greyhound rider got stabbed and his head cut off.
  130. I have a Shih tzu, she is 1 1/2 yrs old. Her eyes always seem to get yucky guck in
  131. Are there any chihuahuas at the Eatonton pound?
  132. pomeranian?????????????
  133. shih tzu steping on pee and poo?
  134. When did the name Brittany become popular?
  135. How much would buying a Golden Retriever typically cost?
  136. Shih Tzu/Poodle cross?
  137. I have 1 yoa great dane male and he barks constantly when we leave.?
  138. My chihuahuas penis tip is sticking out, and the tiplooks swollen, its weird b/c hes
  139. Are Chihuahua's in danger?
  140. Y&R~Do you think anyone will ever find out that it was Brad that kept getting David
  141. What do y'all think of the whole Greyhound stabbing?
  142. what is a australian shepherd and chihuahua mix?
  143. Labrador Retrievers!!!!!!
  144. Should Obama retaliate McCains ad with Brittany Spears with one showing...
  145. Does short haired papillon dogs exist?
  146. my shih tzu has been vomiting, has blood in the stool, and has a swollen
  147. Scared out of travelling Greyhound?
  148. How to train two female toy shih tzu's to pee in the right place????
  149. How can I tell if my beagle is really pregnant or has a false pregnancy?
  150. Golden Retriever nurses tiger cubs?
  151. Vaginal odor and discharge in pregnant shih-tzu....?
  152. Golden retrievers.?
  153. Would scottish terriers make good show dogs?
  154. Whose the fastest boxer right now?
  155. I have a 8 week old pomeranian puppy and he growls,snarl,and bites every time i...
  156. What are Greyhound's blackout dates where the prices are high
  157. Grooming my Yorkshire Terrier?
  158. Do you see a future for Brittany Spears.....?
  159. My Dog is afraid of Pit Bull Terriers and any Dog that even looks like a Pit
  160. i need to know if these chihuahuas are full bred and how to tell?
  161. do shih tzu make better pets than yorkies .
  162. Male Cairn Terrier name!!
  163. Please help! My pomeranian..?
  164. Breeding Pugs!?
  165. greyhounds...?
  166. Boxer briefs or boxer?
  167. whats your choice in big dog and lil dog? rott,boxer,pittbull or
  168. Does anyone know a breeder with UNDOCKED Pembroke Welsh Corgis?
  169. How many miles per gallon (NOT "passenger miles per gallon") does a Greyhound get?
  170. Basset hound or Yellow Lab?
  171. What should i get for my shih tzu?
  172. help rottweiler pup aggression?
  173. Female Chihuahua is in heat
  174. Do pugs shed alot?
  175. What size water bowl for a pomeranian?
  176. I need help with an aggressive Saint Bernard?
  177. Why does my baby shih tzu girl smell and keep smelling her private?
  178. My golden retriever just killed my kitten
  179. Cute chihuahua names?
  180. Did you hear about the guy getting beheaded on a greyhound bus in Manitoba?
  181. Need help teaching a young mini-schnauzer to bark less!?
  182. what kind of chihuahua?
  183. How do I know if my male shih tzu is good stock for breeding ?
  184. What's the average life of a shih tzu?
  185. Miniature pinscher?
  186. Is there a such thing as a teacup or mini great dane?
  187. I have a chihuahua that is 3 years old and has bitten several people and...
  188. I have a question about Boxer dogs!! Please help!!?
  189. Boston Terrier owners: How old was your BT before s/he started turning grey?
  190. What should I name my toy poodle puppy?
  191. is there a purple english mastiff?
  192. Is Honey a good name for a Toy Poodle?
  193. Is a rescued greyhound a good first dog?
  194. do greyhound buses have.....?
  195. house traning an italian greyhound?
  196. my chihuahua/terrier just gave birth?
  197. I have a chihuahua who's 19 months. Would it be safe to get a 2 month old chihuahua?
  198. What is the history of the USS Boxer during the korean war?
  199. 6 month Golden Retrievers?
  200. men only! boxers or briefs?
  201. i want a great dane puppy?
  202. Help with Nintendogs Dachshund and Friends?
  203. Chihuahua ears peeling with hair loss?
  204. How do get my Pomeranian puppy to listen to me???
  205. i have a staffy x collie 17 months old in london to give away?
  206. what type of mix is my dog German shepherd/? how big will it grow approx?
  207. Is my Basset Hound a vegetarian keeps eating huge plants outside! im scared?
  208. do you think my dog is a purebread beagle?
  209. basset hound?
  210. if a guy choses briefs but wear boxers instead would he get hiss sperm back?
  211. Where can I get a male Golden Retriever Stud for my female in North Dakota?
  212. What do girls think of guys who wear boxer-briefs?
  213. Great dane vs Pittbull. Potential disaster. What to do?
  214. I'm getting shih tzu puppy tomorrow?
  215. Back when brittany spears was in her prime, and someone told you what she...
  216. should i worry for my 13 year old golden retriever?
  217. Is this crate too small for my beagle?
  218. What should I do when my 9 week old Pomeranian Yorkie Mix cries and barks at night?
  219. Toy Poodles?
  220. Bloodhound Question?
  221. Newfoundland or Great Dane?
  222. Beagle Behaviour?
  223. Where are places I can take my chihuahua?
  224. At what age are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels fully grown?
  225. Does anyone know of Standard Poodle Breeders on the Costa Blanca?
  226. will someone please tell me if these chihuahuas are full bred?
  227. Why are my basset hound's feet peeling?
  228. yorkshire terriers-different?
  229. Hyper, reactive Collie?
  230. need advice on my 2 year old english bulldog.?
  231. My Beagle (puppy) keeps jumping on all of my geusts, how can I try to train him
  232. Dachshund colors?
  233. My Chihuahua is three years old and will not listen how do you train these
  234. greyhound traveling?
  235. Anyone have a Beagle and children in the same home?
  236. bichon frise?
  237. Would my 6 yr old Chihuahua get jealous if I get another Chi?
  238. I think I bought my beagle from a puppy mill?
  239. why is chihuahua called chihuahua?
  240. is theer some web site that can track busses like greyhound like show ya
  241. How long until a superstar boxer (Mayweather , deLa hoya etc) fights a...
  242. Got a dachshund puppy, need a good name!!?
  243. Can you belive brittany spear said this?
  244. My 5-yr-old Boston Terrier just had her 1st litter of puppies (7). A week later,...
  245. Our Miniature schnauzer is no longer housebroken....is this a dominance problem?
  246. At what age does a Shih Tzu reach his full growth?
  247. Y & R fans: Didn't Victor hire David Chow to run Jack's campaign?
  248. how much to take greyhound from flint mi to milwaukee wisconsin?
  249. at what age are west highland white terriers done growing?
  250. Pekingese dumb?