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  1. Are my dogs Pocket Beagles?
  2. Papillon in an Apartment??
  3. What Kind of dog show do You trhink Daisy, my golden retriever would be good at?
  4. Night clubs in the Pont Aven, Nevez, Pointe de Trenignon and Concarneau
  5. Pomeranian show qualifications?
  6. British and English Bulldogs.
  7. Golden retriever or Yellow labrador
  8. when boxers give up their title to move up to the next weight do they keep their belt
  9. Boston terrier gas...help?
  10. How Long Do Chihuahuas Live?
  11. Questions on my 5 week old Dachshund.....please help =)
  12. What is the difference between a Johnson & Scotty American Bulldog?
  13. can i enter my chihuahua/ pug mix in a dog show?
  14. my pomeranian dog is afraid of others so he bites how can i stop him
  15. What is the best type of boxers for sagging? Guys only-
  16. I have an eight month old Purebred Golden retriever who chews EVERYTHING he can get
  17. Is the Island of Newfoundland considered to be in the country of Canada?
  18. what is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  19. what does it mean if my toy poodle started losing hair around the midsection of his
  20. My dachshund has a swollen thing on its lip
  21. tightie whities or womens pink boxers with rainbow elastic band on a 13 year old boy
  22. what is the averade wage of a hevey weight boxer?
  23. my chihuahua wheezes real bad when she gets excited, does anyone know what
  24. I have always wanted a Great Dane. Can the great dane owners please give me...
  25. Patterdale terrier or Jack Russell Terrier?
  26. I have a couple questions about my pug puppy??
  27. Is a doghouse possible for a beagle?
  28. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Help!!
  29. Help My Chihuahua Whats Wrong With Her???
  30. Do I look like a Brittany Spears fan to you?
  31. why is my pug behaving like this?
  32. Toy Schnauzer diarrhea and throwing up
  33. Should I get a Shih Tzu or a Yorkie?
  34. What characteristic does a shih tzu have that other dog dont have?
  35. how long to yorkshire terriers usually live ?
  36. How to care for a basset hound
  37. Is a Boxer a good dog for a first time owner?
  38. golden retriever names?
  39. Why did the passengers on the Greyhound abandon the victim?
  40. Dog Food Vote For Great Dane 5 mo Old
  41. How do I get my new labrador puppy to get along with my yorkshire terrier?
  42. What are Pomeranian's like
  43. I have a male Shih tzu in Mass (Bristol County). I am looking to stud him out
  44. Price of Basenji Puppies..
  45. What is the best dog food to feed my miniature pinscher? He's about 5 months old...
  46. who would win in a fight... a catahoula leopard dog or a great dane?
  47. Question for professional German shepherd dog owners and vets...
  48. Are Beagles Good For us?
  49. new golden retriever?
  50. how many pounds should a teacup poodle weigh?
  51. are there any other bus services that take you from city to city in texas...
  52. How long will a Bull Mastiff dog live for?
  53. My 2year old beagle dribbles urine around my house, floor, furniture,
  54. Hey, I'm lookin for a Malti-Tzu(Maltese, Shih-Tzu) puppy to buy on the east
  55. How much do Lhasa Apso dogs grow up to?
  56. Would you be angry if the greyhound bus killer were freed and acquitted?
  57. Grooming a Great Pyrenees
  58. Great Dane breed question?
  59. i want a yorkshire terrier...
  60. how to groom my yorkshire terrier?
  61. Why did they leave the Greyhound victim to die?
  62. my sisters getting a chihuahua any tips?? would help thks
  63. Greyhound killing: If it had been a child or a woman, would your opinion be the same
  64. where can i buy a Bichon Frisť
  65. Should I get a male or female border collie?
  66. Is a Weimaraner a good family dog .?
  67. are poodles agressive by nature?
  68. How can I train my ex-racing greyhound?
  69. Any names for a papillon??
  70. Name of good sites to download Stephen Chow () movies?
  71. How do i get my shih tzu pup to sleep!!
  72. Would Like to Show My Boxer
  73. Anyone have a Mastiff?
  74. Y&R: Question about David Chow...
  75. does anyone know where i can fins a toy poodle in az
  76. should i get a lab, alaskan malamute, border collie, or australian shepherd and why?
  77. What type of food and how much of it should i feed my new boxer?
  78. my long hair deer chihuahua sweats after her walk and smells bad. What can i do...
  79. How do I house train my pomeranian dog?
  80. People who own or have owned a beagle
  81. Could they have bred? 5 month male shih tzu and 6 month female toy poodle
  82. housetraining my 9 month old pug?
  83. What do you think is a good name, preferrably starting with an "M", for
  84. Who makes the softest/most comfortable cotton boxer shorts (not boxer brief) for men?
  85. My beagle, the barking machine
  86. Are there any mastiff breeders out there? That have a litter that will be avalible...
  87. My dachshund is showing signs of aggression
  88. Looking for Advice on raising a Rottweiler..
  89. got any good pictures of border collies?
  90. Do you think a shar pei would be a good pet for me? Some info please...
  91. Has anyone had a Great Dane? I heard they are docile dogs
  92. Have you heard bout the greyhound accident that happened in MB, Canada ?
  93. is it ok for mi chihuahua to............??????
  94. When are male boxers mature to mate
  95. This is for everybody that has had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!!!
  96. Tim mclean, Victim of greyhound beheading?
  97. When is Beka Cooper: BLOODHOUND (A Tortall Legend) by Tamora Pierce coming out?
  98. my pug pants all the time! why?
  99. we have a bull mastiff who is 9 weeks old and seems a very fussy eater, what would
  100. Trying whether to decide whether to feed Border Collie an all-natural raw diet
  101. Lost my 8 YO bullmastiff last nite
  102. i have an american bulldog and i want 2 star feeding her raw meat
  103. Problem with my Shar-Pei's eye
  104. I am looking for the commercial where the chihuahua says "Yeah, drop the chalupa."
  105. Pomeranian puppy question?
  106. Is my dachshund overweight or simply a "tweenie?"
  107. Is it rare that I have an all black dachshund?
  108. Vet Tec. Help! rash on weimaraner
  109. Is there such thing as a MINIATURE Boston Terrier? How much is a female?
  110. What's the best type of boxers for sagging?
  111. Rottweiler litter amount...whose history does it depend on more..the sire or dam?
  112. what do i do when a pomeranian is vomiting?
  113. Beagle or Cavalier which dog for me?
  114. My new (1 1/2 yr) boxer plays too rough, how can I teach him to play gently?
  115. i have a shih tzu mix she is a female...
  116. Where can I fined a German Shepherd dog in California
  117. Is it normal for my 4-year old Boston Terrier to sleep most of the day
  118. who is that black boxer
  119. What is the best type of boxers for sagging?
  120. My 9mo old mastiff mix is becoming dog aggressive
  121. what is my chihuahua mixed with?
  122. My Chihuahua Growls When She's Eating Her Treat?
  123. What is the cheapest i can get a dachshund for?
  124. Is a Boxer a good dog for your first dog?
  125. Since dachshunds are just way too exspensive, what are some dogs for
  126. Names For A Black Male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy?
  127. My chow mix will randomally attack my bernese mountain dog puppy. It never...
  128. How old was your french bulldog before he/she used the stairs?
  129. My Newfoundland's fur is coming out around his eyes,what could it be I'm
  130. My golden retriever is losing so much hair I can see the skin
  131. Who is your favorite 3 boxers?
  132. What is the difference between The American Pit Bull Terrier and The
  133. my chihuahua's barking/crying problems.
  134. I have a bar and a golden retriever. Great combination, he loves customers,
  135. How bad is kennel cough for a Rottweiler puppy?
  136. where can i find tiny toy poodles in london or in milton keynes?
  137. Greyhound Bus Murder - Security Tape?
  138. Help.I have a poodle thats 14 months old and is only 10 " tall and 9 pounds
  139. Do you like this name for a beagle :)
  140. what is the best cute dog, and a bodyguard dog? i've been thinking a Shitzu and a...
  141. Y & R...Do you think David Chow was killed off so as to avoid calling...
  142. How much do Pomeranian puppies usually cost around?
  143. 5 yr. old neutered shih-tzu licking his belly and behind tail excessively!!!
  144. My shih-tzu is really stessing me out help?
  145. I need infor on golden retriever and alaskan husky mix
  146. i have a pug, and my aunt recently bought a shih tzu. do you think they'l...
  147. I have a13 year old Bichon Frise ,30lbs,and is sick.I would like to fly with him...
  148. pregnant chihuahua???
  149. information about american pit bull terriers?
  150. For guys who sleep in their boxers
  151. Why did other reporters leave out some details about the guy decapitated on
  152. how big can beagles get
  153. my dachshund is haveing problems
  154. Why didn't the people on the greyhound bus help when some guy started stabbing
  155. Boxer or Bulldog? And Why???
  156. Why didn't anyone help the victim on the greyhound bus killing in Manitoba?
  157. help with shih tzu's (shitzu)
  158. My chihuahua bites what can i do to make him stop?
  159. I have a 16 week old Pomeranian Pup.
  160. What was the biggest amount of money a boxer got?
  161. my shih tzu got red eyes??? help.....
  162. why does my golden retriever have kindof short hair?
  163. Should I get on a Greyhound?
  164. Why is the murderer from the Canadian Greyhound bus only being charged with
  165. chihuahua and German Shepard MIX?
  166. please help i cant choose a toy poodle or malltese?
  167. Are Pugs good dogs, how are they with kids?
  168. my boxer/pit bull mix has been constantly licking and biting his 2 right
  169. anyone have a free chihuahua of yorkie in the sacramento area?
  170. Does anyone no any good links for golden retriever pictures
  171. would a 6 foot wooden fence keep an american bulldog in?
  172. What do you know about French Bulldogs?
  173. I have a 3 year old female Great dane named Sheena and every time she sees
  174. when do shih tzu's get in heat?
  175. what are some ideas for a poodle?
  176. Boxer brief question!
  177. Do you know of any Pomeranian breeders that ship to the Bahamas?
  178. Ok, this canada greyhound beheading has totally made me think about a lot of things!
  179. how much & what about Boston terrier(chocolate)
  180. how do you know if your buying a puppy from a "puppy mill?" I want to...
  181. I am a 14 y.o. Boy: Boxers or Briefs?
  182. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breeders?
  183. A question about my Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  184. My yorkshire terrier has low energy why??
  185. Why didn't anyone save the man who was decapitated on Greyhound?
  186. Why doesnt my puppy shih tzu want to walk with a leash?
  187. i have a beagle that barks at people all the time
  188. do american bulldogs make good hunting and traking dogs
  189. Please tell me everything you know about a border collie
  190. Where to buy boxers????
  191. Great Pyrenees? Full grown size?
  192. Questions About My Beagle's Eating Habits
  193. two blue eyes in a single-dapple dachshund?
  194. Is this a purebred Pomeranian?
  195. My Basset Hound's Right Eye is Swollen on his Bottom Lid. Suggestions?
  196. how do you get the Jack Russell and the Dalmatian in Nintendogs?
  197. How do I get rid of my poodle?
  198. housetraining a 200lb rott and a 5lb shih tzu???
  199. why is my beagle still pooping and peeing in my home he is 1yr old?
  200. my 7 mo old boxer has had yellow goobs coming out his eyes is this an eye infection
  201. Shiba Inu size? Collar/clothing.
  202. Where can I find a pekingese puppy?
  203. when can I let my 10 week rottweiler outside?
  204. Just got a Pug/Boston Terrier mix and
  205. In the Xbox 360 Version, Fight Night Round 3: when u make ur own boxer, and its a
  206. Who would win in a fight? Pro Wrestler (not WWE wrestlers) or Pro Boxers?
  207. irish dancing poodle socks
  208. a new born chihuahua
  209. My Beagle has been sneezing constantly?
  210. I have along hair Chihuahua and i want to cut her hair short
  211. Chihuahua and what? What could this mix be? (Pictures)
  212. has anyone ever seen or heard of a basset hound/boxer mix?
  213. After my chihuahua came in heat, now still two months later, her teats...
  214. What was God doing while that man on the Greyhound was getting his head cut off?
  215. are chihuahua's the weakest dog breed
  216. What is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound??
  217. My english bulldog is soo hyper all the time
  218. Help with a very disobedient shih tzu puppy?!
  219. I just got a chihuahua (stray) who is 3-4 yrs. old. can i train him? if so, how?
  220. How do boxers handle with blood getting in their eyes?
  221. "Go Greyhound...and leave the beheading to us!"...
  222. Why did the media release a photo of the Greyhound bus victim but not the attacker?
  223. English Bull Terrier owners..
  224. I might get a pug for my b-day.....names?
  225. Is this the real victims head from the greyhound stabbing???
  226. How many of you have Collies?
  227. Why doesn't my Dachshund sleep through the night?
  228. Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale In Pennsylvania OR ...
  229. Did anyone hear about the gruesome murder that took place on a Greyhound
  230. my new shar pei puppy
  231. Are you scared now to ride Greyhound?
  232. Man beheads seatmate in greyhound bus. Why? And how come nobody in bus stopped him
  233. Did anyone here about the brutal beheading on a greyhound bus in canada? What...
  234. do yorkshire terriers have different teeth structures to other dogs?
  235. What are some of the dogs names in 101 Dalmatians?
  236. Is Pug arthritis more common in males or females?
  237. Boxer owners! Would you ever want a different breed after owning a Boxer?
  238. should i get a shih tzu puppy?
  239. My Shiba Inu is 10 months old. We just put him in dog training classes,...
  240. How much to mini Dachshund puppies usually go for?
  241. french bulldog training
  242. How Do I Train my 1 year old male Chihuahua to be House Broken?
  243. what dog is the most protective bettween rottweiler, doberman, german shepard?
  244. Are Dapple Dachshunds rare?
  245. how would you recognize a chiuaua mixbreed shih tzu puppy if u just bought it to a
  246. how do i get my basset hound to stop biting and growling at me?
  247. What are some unique tricks i can teach my jack russell terrier?
  248. Why is my Pomeranian eating dirt?
  249. What can I do to keep my basset hound from smelling so bad?
  250. Chihuahua Puppy with a bald spot forming...