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  1. Border collie or Corgi
  2. Potty Training a Dalmatian
  3. u should have BASSET HOUND coz...
  4. What should I name my Pomeranian?
  5. Different name for boy chihuahua?
  6. when do rough collies mature in size?
  7. Yay or Nay: Name my English Bulldog Zeus?
  8. Going to be taking greyhound from Portland, OR to Vegas mid November. Is there
  9. Canadian Greyhound bus tragedy:How do you know he is such a physco murderer?
  10. Is it a fault showing Shetland Sheepdogs if they have dew claws on their...
  11. I tried Googling but can't find where I could buy a stuffed animal version of...
  12. Where can I find a website that can show me how to train like a boxer?
  13. I am training my greyhounds and would like ideas on some new tricks to teach them.
  14. Do all Boston Terriers snore??
  15. Can i be a boxer?or am i too short/small.
  16. Yorkshire Terriers?
  17. Where can you find a teacup pomeranian in Australia?
  18. what type of mix is this german shepherd dog
  19. Safe for 13 y/o pomeranian th have teeth cleaning?
  20. how to teach my papillon to catch a flying disk
  21. I have a 8 1/2 week old border collie puppy
  22. What am I supposed to do about my chihuahuas ??
  23. name for pug puppy!?
  24. My poodle has black pimple like spots on her nipples..
  25. Which dog would be better a Boston Terrier or Maltese?
  26. is it safe to breed a dog (boxer) twice in one year?
  27. How do you remove knots from shih tzu fur???
  28. I live in Chicago...What can I do to become an amateur boxer?
  29. Switching from Briefs to Boxer Briefs (or trunks)?
  30. Golden retriever puppy/biting problem...
  31. When I wear my boxers
  32. do girls think boxer shorts are sexy on a guy or those tighty whities
  33. to all boxers mma fighters what does this mean?
  34. POLL: boxers or briefs?
  35. Boxers vs. Boxer-briefs
  36. my chihuahua foams from the mouth!
  37. Great dane and calcium pills
  38. Yorkshire terrier or Bichon Frise?
  39. Will my havanese/shih tzu hair grow back?
  40. Great Dane Scrapbooking Supplies?
  41. Is dachshund pronounced...?
  42. Old Dachshund question?
  43. is a golden retriever right for me
  44. Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends?
  45. do you think the name Brittany sounds too preppy?
  46. My shih tzu had puupies what do I do now? The vet said she was not pregnant HELP!!
  47. What kind of brush can I use on my smooth coat chihuahua?
  48. i have a border collie he HATES water how can i make him lies da water?
  49. What are some difficulties with Yorkshire Terriers?
  50. Will my boxer protect me and my kids??
  51. Greyhound owners, what are they like?
  52. soft spot on chihuahuas heads
  53. i got a boxer puppy and hes so cute but o want to know alot more so boxer
  54. How often should i walk my 6 month old Staffordshire bull terrier
  55. like chow mein, but thick noodles?
  56. comfy, punky boxers for a gal
  57. my dog (beagle)got stung by a bee in her ear.
  58. adopting a retired greyhound
  59. are boxer dogs right for me
  60. Our 91/2 year old boxer has started to drag his hind legs and can't
  61. A question for boxer breeders
  62. Beagle mix Dna test
  63. does anyone know if there are english bulldogs in the manitoba area around...
  64. Grumpy Beagle!!! Any expert advice?
  65. Are Doberman Pinschers(sp?) good dogs to own?
  66. Border Collie/ Beagle Mix tries to chase cars, bites ankles/legs.
  67. Mastiff Barks A Lot...
  68. Help! 4 yr. old pomeranian bowel moments constant and seem out of her control
  69. Shih Tzu or Maltese or Bichon Frise?
  70. I have a few behavioral questions about max, my 7wk old jack russel pug mix.
  71. how can i stop my chihuahua x pug mix from pooping here?
  72. Why do firehouses have Dalmatians?
  73. Could a male teacup (1.5 lb) chihuahua mate with a female thats about 11 lbs?
  74. How many puppies do boxer usually have on the first litter??
  75. Did you know that if you multiply your height by your weight plus your...
  76. Mastiff Whiskers.......
  77. Some Doubts About Great Dane
  78. beagle ???????????????????????????
  79. Will my havanese and shih tzu coat grow back?
  80. Our female party schnauzer is in heat, but our two dogs have not been tied
  81. 14 yr old Greyhound circling, confused, less alert.
  82. Jack Russell Terrier
  83. HELP! Our Jack Russell Terrier is severely overweight!
  84. I'm getting a 3-month old beagle puppy tomorrow, what are the best ways to prepare?
  85. Do You Know Anywhere Thats Selling Male Border Collies Pups For Sale Near Napa?
  86. Jack Russell Terrier in hot weather?
  87. pug 106 clutch??????
  88. We have a one year old english mastiff, her vulva looks swollen. we did just get her
  89. How do you pronounce shiba inu, as in the dog?
  90. Shih tzu throwing up
  91. Please HElp my Little CHIHUAHUA hes pooing out Jelly and not acting normal
  92. My chihuahua is acting weird
  93. my dachshund ears stick out sideways and twist
  94. Do you think my dog might be a Beagle Harrier?
  95. Is it bad to put nail polish on my chihuahua's nails?
  96. I have two Boston Terriers, a male and female. My Female seems depressed what...
  97. teacup/toy chihuahuas around corning ny
  98. What would a good name be for a webkinz basset hound?
  99. I'm not sure if my pug has really had her shots,will it hurt to get them done again?
  100. Fostering a Golden Retriever
  101. at what age should a chihuahua be fixed
  102. I am fostering and planning on adopting 6 yr. old Chihuahua with a few health...
  103. My Pomeranian is throwing up yellow foamy stuff and panting?
  104. Need Mastiff owner advice?
  105. Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  106. What do you think of this Mini Poodle? Should I buy it?
  107. What is it like to take 1100 mile trip aboard Greyhound??
  108. boxers do they make you look small?
  109. Shih tzu breeders in chicago?
  110. 1 yr old toy poodle attack by dog or dogs?
  111. My bernese mountain dog has been vomitting and now has bad odor coming from
  112. Do you think sophie/sophia is a pretty name for a maltese/pug mix???
  113. what should i call my collie cross?
  114. How can I get my Toy Poodle to stop barking so much
  115. schnauzer help? thanks
  116. Are pocket beagles like regular beagles?
  117. should i wear pants or boxer briefs?
  118. staffordshire bull terrier
  119. How can my beagle lose weight
  120. From experience, which treats do Beagles tend to enjoy the most?
  121. Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeder in Michigan?
  122. I Have A Boxer And Am Getting A Boston Terrier ..if They Were To Mate...
  123. Questions On Pekingese Gums And Teeth
  124. Mini Schnauzer Coloring Help
  125. Caged toy female shih tzu's???
  126. Is it safe for my five month old Border Collie to swim in a lake?
  127. if u own a golden retriever...
  128. Ladies do you like guys(19yrs old) who wear boxer briefs or boxers?
  129. Which pug name do you like better?
  130. Miniature Pinscher with a low grade fever?
  131. Question about my Mini Schnauzer
  132. Please Answer-rottweiler/german shepherd mix
  133. how much food should i feed my 6 month old mini dachshund?
  134. Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends cheats needed
  135. Basset Hounds???????????
  136. Mini poodle VS maltese?
  137. I have a 9 month old kitten. I want to know if I can give her Purina Cat Chow
  138. My girlfriend has been feeding her Dachshund chocolate for 7 years.
  139. Debate: Is it right to ban people who wear their pants hanging down so low you
  140. Does anyone else think miniature long haired dachshunds are adorable
  141. Dalmatian Molly Babies!!!
  142. What should I do about my Chihuahua
  143. Girls: guys boxers showing
  144. Is there any Welsh Corgi Pembroke in Australia,Melbourne?
  145. My shih tzu has a horribly bad skin irritation what can it be caused from,
  146. Will a Jack Russell Terrier co-habitat with a 17 pound cat?
  147. Does anyone have a valid theory about why that guy did what he did on the greyhound
  148. Vanessa Hudgens or Brittany Snow?
  149. What dog is it....it looks like shih-tzu but in all white?
  150. To see the US Mid-West is it cheaper to rent and drive yourself or use the
  151. What to do about my poodle's bowl problems?
  152. help Chow chow owners?
  153. I'm trying to find adoption centers with beagles
  154. I just got my chihuahua yesterday and she would barely drink milk from her...
  155. Will you ever go on a Greyhound bus now that you know what type of crazies are on it?
  156. Why is my Boston Terrier bleeding again after 3 weeks in heat?
  157. How do you go about socializing a Doberman Pinscher?
  158. my poodle and my shit zu dont like my new chiwawa how can i introduced them to
  159. Training my jack russell/italian greyhound
  160. What Do You Think Of Poodles?
  161. does anyone know where i can get an adult maltese or poodle dog?
  162. im getting my boxers ears cropped
  163. does my dog look like a chihuahua?
  164. Is this an effective way to discipline my beagle (2 Years old)?
  165. Is this really the Greyhound victim? PICTURE
  166. my poodle has been biting his
  167. are dachshunds for girls?
  168. what type of food and toys should i get my 16 day pomeranian/yorkie?
  169. how do you beg your mother to get you a beagle named peanut?
  170. Wow, does that bus attack in Canada make you afraid to ride Greyhound?
  171. Breaking a habit of a basset hound puppy's biting?
  172. how do i housebreak my 2 chihuahua/doxen/rat terrier pups!!!
  173. What do you use to clean your Basset Hounds ears?
  174. my chihuahua pees and jumps on people! help!
  175. how much should i feed my chihuahua
  176. new pomeranian puppy?
  177. Labrador puppy and yorkshire terrier "beef"
  178. what type of boxer should i wear. and what brand
  179. How can I make my 1 1/2 year old Shih Tzu more active
  180. how to train a border collie?
  181. shiba inu info help?
  182. Chihuahua throwing up?
  183. I have a Jack Russell Terrier....
  184. How hard does a male lion slap compared to a heavyweight boxer?
  185. how much are teacup chihuahuas?
  186. Current behavior of my dogs. I have two Boston Terriers
  187. My hair looks like a poodle when its hot outside!
  188. My pug is 5 months old and she barfed and she has had some discharge in...
  189. How do I get 2 shih-tzu brothers to stop fighting?
  190. i'm going to adopt a jack russell terrier puppy, but I have a pet rabbit?
  191. Beagle Leg Problem?
  192. Boxer dog anyone? I need one ASAP
  193. Where is a good place to rescue a French Bulldog?
  194. How much money are German Shepherd pure bread dogs
  195. After the beheading of a young man on a Greyhound bus, will you still ride Greyhound.
  196. My Rottweiler bit an unknown guest, should I get him neutered?
  197. Where can i get a Chihuahua?
  198. what about chow chow
  199. Scottish Terrier stalks cats!
  200. Sneezing Newborn Chihuahua?
  201. Doberman Pinscher Advice?
  202. I have a 11 week old boxer, I am feeding him eukenuba dry food.
  203. What will my rottweiler/Lab puppy look like?
  204. does any one know where to find a free beagle?
  205. briefs of boxers or boxer briefs or other if other name what kind
  206. How long can a beagle go without food?
  207. Do you have any thoughts on why the guy beheaded his seatmate on a Greyhound
  208. we have a male mini pin 7 yrs old and 2 female basenji puppys.
  209. Flat roof & Beagle is it going to work?
  210. Looking for a Pekingese breeder.
  211. is it ok to leave my 9 week old boxer outside when I step out? Or should...
  212. my bichon frise puppy of 7 months has just started showing signs of coming into
  213. red ants any my beagle?
  214. Why does my Chihuahua?
  215. Is an English Bulldog a right for me?
  216. Who is a good greyhound trainer?
  217. Shiba Inu experts only, please!
  218. would you say border collies are the most intelligent and obediant of dogs.
  219. jack russel terriers or beagles
  220. How much does a Great Dane cost and where can I get one?
  221. HELP! my golden retriever is puking and has blood in his stool.
  222. Bichon frise loves outdoors?
  223. my jack russell terrier wont eat....... HELP PLEASE!!!!
  224. How long does it take to potty train poodles ?
  225. do basset hounds really just eat sleep and poop
  226. Since viewing a puppy, my boxer dog has gone wild smelling it on me, can we still
  227. why was Sabrina in the limo with David Chow?
  228. Is my english mastiff underweight?
  229. Why was my beagle acting this way?
  230. how do i tell my parents i want a bichon Frise?
  231. Are basset hounds good watch dogs and are they good traveling buddys
  232. My chihuahua mix has bald patches on multiple areas of her body, what's wrong?
  233. Female Fawn Pug Names! [:
  234. Does my friends Great Dane LOOK 12 yrs. old?
  235. my chihuahua keeps making thing
  236. how many farm animals can you fit in a pair of boxer shorts?
  237. how do I stop my jack russel from tiring to mate with my golden retriever?
  238. Who is the greatest heavy weight boxer of al time
  240. how many times should i feed my 16 day old pomeranian/yorkie?
  241. Im looking to get a teacup chihuahua, and heard they cant be fixed and...
  242. What will be the size of our mixed Boxer/Beagle dog?
  243. Where can I get a coupon for Greyhound bus?
  244. what is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound??
  245. george foreman the boxer- how old is he and how many kids does he have?
  246. Is there something morally wrong about McCain using Brittany Spears &...
  247. which type goes well shih or chow chow
  248. Info about Cairn Terriers?
  249. How often should I bathe my puppy (bichon frise)?
  250. House training a 5-year-old male Pug. He has never been fully house trained.