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  1. Pug shedding question?
  2. Please Please tell me how I can stop my now 4 month old Shih Tzu from biting
  3. boston terrier and i think she's having her pups......... HELP!
  4. I want to know all about pitbull/Rottweiler mix....ive loked all over the
  5. Good name for a Shiba Inu?
  6. why does my Boston terrier ears stick up so much?
  7. yorkshire terrier food question!
  8. What should i do if i come in contact with a rottweiler ?
  9. are labrador retrievers clumsy?
  10. My chihuahua barks at nothing what is it?
  11. What to Do??? Help Major Dilema here (Staffordshire bull terrier)
  12. LOOKING for a scottish terrier puppy?
  13. Dachshund Lovers Please
  14. Italian Greyhound and a Cat
  15. My basset hound puppy barks when he is in his cage and during the night?
  16. What do you think of PETA's ad about the greyhound bus tragedy?
  17. Brittany's Celtic roots. Are the allegiances of the inhabitants with France
  18. what happens when a baby shih tzu licks up spilled alcohol from the carpet after
  19. Training my 3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier..need HELP!
  20. I really need help with my pomeranian's excessive whining!
  21. Is a 4 month old Boston Terrier harder to potty train?
  22. Rescuing a Pittie....how to introduce her to my Brittany?
  23. Pomeranian that looks like a Husky?
  24. I am wanting to purchase an "invisible fense" for my Rottweiler. I dont want to...
  25. Where can I get a dog harness for my english mastiff
  26. Basset Hounds are smart
  27. How can I stop my 7wk old baby pug from crying when I am gone at work?
  28. are toy poodles good travel dogs?
  29. what shall i do WITH MY 3YR OLD LABRADOR RETRIEVER
  30. I live in the Houston,texas 77070 area and I found an abandoned Shih-Tzu looks...
  31. i need help my puppy doesnt look rottweiler to me...what do you think
  32. Problems with my Greyhound
  33. Basset hound puppy too skinny?
  34. any weimaraner dog owners
  35. My 14 yr. old shih-tzu has demetia-vet put her on anapryl-no luck yet (1...
  36. pomeranian kneecap problem?
  37. Greyhound Injured Ankle
  38. how long can it take for a toy poodle to learn to go in a litter box & do I put
  39. Can i raise a male Pitbull with a female Boston Terrier?
  40. help! french mastiff puppies on the way, don't know what to do!
  41. does anyone know where to get free shih tzu puppies in...
  42. My 7 year old golden retriever is going to be neutered...I need some help.
  43. My chihuahua ate a couple of peices of poptart and i don;t want it to die
  44. Maltese or mini poodle?
  45. Who is the tallest boxer in india.what is his/her height
  46. I saw this cute Pekingese but i dont know if i should get it because of the hair!
  47. what is my golden retriever thinking when i talk to him and he looks in my eyes
  48. A great name for a shih tzu puppy??
  49. Does anyone know details on a schnauzer yorkie mixes?
  50. Golden Retriever Or Boxer?
  51. Who Loves Pugs????????
  52. pug doing the fanny thing
  53. Why do boxers at the olympics have to be amateurs?
  54. Bullmastif great dane X
  55. If you were choosing a Bull Terrier for the first time.Should you choose a...
  56. How much is a Female Pomeranian?
  57. Toy Poodle breeder help!
  58. Any good Rottweiler names for a girl?
  59. how much exercise does a dalmatian need
  60. Shih Tzu/Pomeranian (Shiranian)
  61. About boston terriers
  62. shih tzu or havanese or maltese?
  63. my chihuahua was exposed to parvo now she is throwing up
  64. Any suggestion of names for a yorkshire terrier?
  65. Lakeland Vs Airedale Vs Giant schnauzer
  66. what should i name my pug puppy?
  67. About how much do Dogue De Bordeaux (French Mastiff)s gain from age 1 year to 2
  68. How can I stop my 11 week old Pug from constantly biting ?
  69. where can i find english bulldog puppies in brandon FL below 1000 dollars?
  70. Looking for *REPUTABLE* bernese mountain dog breeders!!!
  71. dachshund's how long are they??
  72. I'm looking to buy a Malti-Pug
  73. Can I show my French Bulldog with an umbilical hernia
  74. Question about training a great dane? Good idea or bad?
  75. On Monday night we brought home our eight week old golden retriever. Since we...
  76. Info about chihuahuas?
  77. I am getting a Border Collie puppy what should I name HER?
  78. Recently adopted 2 1/2 year old female beagle - pooping problem
  79. What is the success rate for dachshund back surgery?
  80. What should I name my papillon puppy?
  81. How much should I be feeding my pitbull/rottweiler puppy?
  82. I own a Rottweiler and he " trots " like a horse or show dog. My question is what
  83. my pug had separation anxiety he cries all the time when i leave he jumps his
  84. How do I get my Golden Retriever To Listen, and come when shes called?
  85. White German Shepherd Dog?
  86. Which is better husky dog or german shepherd ?
  87. have you heard about the greyhound murder?
  88. Question About Pekingese
  89. what's a purebred that looks like a Newfoundland
  90. Miniature Pinscher Dogs?
  91. Fruitlessly searching for toy poodle in Scotland
  92. My 1yr Italian Greyhound has diarrhea w/ a little blood. Vet wanted $1136. I...
  93. i need help with my fat 52lbs. beagle?
  94. several pugs questions.
  95. My aunt is a dog breeder and she has her Pekingese wed before they do the thing.
  96. Any good Pomeranian breeders?
  97. If I get a dachshund, should I neuter him?
  98. Where can I find a Boston Terrier?
  99. how to treat injured pad on toy fox terrier
  100. Vote wich name you like best for a girl Chihuahua!
  101. American Eskimo Puppy??? Very Timid?? Is that Normal?? Will she grow out of it??
  102. How do boxers lose so much weight before the weigh in
  103. What do you think of Greyhound's new slogan?
  104. how old do golden retrievers get?
  105. How can i stop my schnauzer from barking when i go out.
  106. do they breed miniture boxers of huskys yet?
  107. Any good names for a boy beagle
  108. Paris Hilton Brittany Spears Barack Obama Ad = Senator McCain Humor?
  109. are labrador retrievers obedient?
  110. Does anyone know whether there is such a thing as a mini boxer?
  111. Bichon Frise or Maltese?
  112. does anybody know how to tell if your MINIATURE LONG HAIRED DACHSHUND is pregnant?
  113. Do rhodesian ridgebacks and boxers get along?
  114. How many Dalmatian names can you think of
  115. What is the best way to survive a very small teething toy poodle puppy that
  116. how do I get my french bulldog to get active and not sleep
  117. Teacup Yorkshire Terrier
  118. What is the difference in a mini bull terrier and a bull terrier?
  119. how do i get the butt juice 2 stop,my great dane is 12 weeks and this butt...
  120. is it necessary to shave around the face of a standard poodle?
  121. Getting a Pomeranian?
  122. prior to breeding a dog what should a shetland sheepdog test should be done?
  123. do you like the name chloe for a pug?
  124. Is it OK to...(dog breed: King Charles Spaniel)?
  125. whats a nOrmal pattern fOr a chihuahuas periOd?
  126. my Rottweiler has diabetes is there any way i can save her
  127. I'm naming my girl mini schnauzer. HELP!
  128. Scottish Terrier Puppy
  129. Places to buy miniature schnauzers in the Chicagoland area?
  130. Is tug of war really bad for a dachshund's back?
  131. My Pomeranian! Help?
  132. Any tips on how to house train a border collie
  133. american eskimo mini male breeder? 10 points!!!!
  134. urgent help needed with pug 306 ignition!!!!!!!???????
  135. Am i right in saying this dog is a beagle??
  136. A friend gave me a chihuahua for free
  137. Anyone selling Beagle/Lab Mix puppies
  138. I want a pug please help!
  139. Question About Small dogs(ie chihuahua, yorkie)
  140. Boxers or boxer briefs?
  141. Bichon Frise owners or people who know about them. Is it normal that my dog...
  142. I found a 9 wk old Dalmatian/Pitt mix puppy, he has sores on the back of his ears....
  143. How do I prevent being bitten by a Rottweiler.
  144. What are some good nicknames for Brittany!
  145. Cute beagle pup HELP!
  146. Ways to entertain/calm down a brittany spaniel puppy
  147. can i leave a bichon frise puppy alone for long hours?
  148. My poodle's nose is turning brown
  149. Yorkshire terrier or Dachshund???
  150. Dachshund Breeders: what defective traits..
  151. does anyone know of a good papillon dog breeder in Wisconsin?
  152. Rottweiler puppies... help?
  153. Looking for as much info on a Boston Terrier as possible.
  154. Rottweiler - Hair loss green oozy skin
  155. Bichon Frise Pregnant?
  156. Whats everyone's opinion on the Shiba inu
  157. Where can i buy a tiny yorkshire terrier??
  158. I want to adopt a 3 year old Shih tzu mix but is it too old?
  159. In Greatest American Dog Presley The Boxer Jumps Through The Hop At The Very End...
  160. If Snoopy was made into a musical with a real beagle playing snoopy
  161. Who likes Basset Hounds?
  162. My American Bulldog is underweight?
  163. overweight chihuahua
  164. i bout a new dynex ipod charger and and i has to 2 thing to pug in and 1thing to
  165. What do you think? My dachshund bit me during tug of war
  166. Boxers or Briefs; which do you prefer??
  167. howmuch attention and exercise should a border collie pup get each day
  168. why does my dachshund (female) scratch ALL THE TIME!!!?!!!
  169. American Eskimo, Corgi, or Miniture Schnauzer?
  170. Why does my female border collie urinate on her bed and then sleep on it?
  171. What is the better family protector and stronger dog?Presa Canario or
  172. Can't train golden retriever mix?
  173. I have a female min pin and a new 2mo male boxer they bite on eachothers neck n
  174. Can I fix my Great Dane's bent ear? It causes ear infections!
  175. I'm going to have a mini schnauzer soon, help me name it!
  176. where can i find a cheap english bulldog puppy in brandon FL?
  177. Is it bad to eat Chow Mein at breakfast?
  178. Does anyone own a Poo-ton? (Coton de tulear/Poodle mix dog) . Where did u
  179. Why does my beagle pup have a swollen throat?
  180. Newfoundland breeder not answering questions?
  181. Anyone have pictures of a black and white Brittany Spaniel
  182. i just got a shih tzu pup
  183. hOW much are pekingese dogs from the pound?
  184. Being an online punter, how to improve handicapping horse races, and greyhound...
  185. Is My Black Labrador Retriever Dog Sick?
  186. How to make a chihuahua puppy busy all the time...?
  187. help! bullmastiff puppy bothers and barks at my husky dog non stop!
  188. are poodles good travelers?
  189. Where can i find a reputable breed of toy poodle in ontario or toronto?
  190. what is it like to take a 1300 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  191. What are the first signs of labor in Chihuahuas?
  192. Advice on Great Dane!
  193. Which dog is cutest the yorkie or the pug?
  194. i don't know if my beagle drank any antifreeze but if she did what do i do
  195. What is the bump above my pugs right eye?
  196. What do you think of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  197. how many trainer points do you need to unlock the toy poodle on nintendogs
  198. Was the greyhound killer a victim of a mental instability?
  199. Why is my shih tzu urinating inside?
  200. i gave away my border collie today she seems happy ..why
  201. Border Collie breeders?
  202. My Doberman Pinscher is sick!
  203. what average to dog walking? (golden retriever)
  204. West Highland White Terrier or Scottish Terrier?
  205. Pit Bull and Rottweiler????
  206. what is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound??
  207. anyone know where i can find an on-line manual for a pug 806, want to remove...
  208. Which harness is the best for Yorkshire Terrier?
  209. Our Peekapoo-Chihuahua Cross Insists On Going to the potty in the House!!...
  210. Breeding Labrador Retriever - American sire and English dam
  211. why does my miniature Schnauzer .
  212. Two Pomeranian questions?
  213. Can anyone answer this question I have about the greyhound beheading?
  214. What is a boxer diesel engine?
  215. are golden retrievers good dogs???
  216. is a greyhound right for me
  217. West Highland White Terrier or Scottish Terrier
  218. How long before she brings them out??? Chihuahua
  219. Girl chihuahua names please?
  220. My little toy poodle just gave birth 24 hours ago and she is now panting a lot again?
  221. what is the best anti flea for my 1 yr.old mix JRT/chihuahua ?
  222. My puppy beagle lost a tooth through play, will it grow back?
  223. Is a golden retriever a labrador retriever?
  224. Where can I get a good priced Border Collie? (Please read the details.)
  225. Rescue Pekingese biting?
  226. Names that will go along with Brittany
  227. When should Mastiff pups switch to adult food?
  228. My french bulldog is crazy
  229. Online Chihuahua groups??
  230. What do you think of the name brittany?
  231. Chow chow owners. What is your dog like?
  232. What should I name my female Boston Terrier puppy?
  233. what if a chihuahua shakes back and forth what is wrong
  234. bichon frise frontline
  235. tell me about bull terriers????
  236. Where can I find a Bull Terrier
  237. 10 points silky terrier???
  238. Is my dog a beagle/pointer mix?
  239. would you run away too if you were on that greyhound where the man was decapitated?
  240. Do you think pug dogs are ugly?
  241. Why is my chihuahua / daschund bald all over her back, belly and the top of her head
  242. who has any idea's to name my puppy? bullmastiff x ridgeback x lab
  243. Yorkshire Terrier Breeders in Phoenix?
  244. May I know more about Pembrokeshire?Welsh Corgi Pembroke
  245. My Pomeranian is FAT
  246. Crate for a Golden Retriever?
  247. Maltese Or Yorkshire Terrier??
  248. Help, sick chihuahua?
  249. my basset hound puppy
  250. My 2 year old dachshund wants to "clean" when she gets tired, is this normal?