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  1. Which boxer would u say is the hardest working wen it comes to training
  2. Is my rottweiler German or American?
  3. I want to purchase A Papillon In the future what should I expect?
  4. Why does my chihuahua have red stuff sticking out of his you private part?
  5. English bulldog she is losing hair on her back. I used human shampoo on her
  6. what breed is friendlier to smaller breeds blood hound golden retriever?! ?
  7. how many times a day do you feed a female puppy beagle milk?
  8. Are basset hounds good dogs?
  9. where can i find a bull terrier breeder near orlando florida?
  10. english bulldogs up for adoption?
  11. ideas for healthy and inexpensive dog food for German Shepherd Dogs, please!
  12. Do yorkies and papillons get along well?
  13. Staff bull terrier Puppy food???
  14. my sister has a glitche on her nintendogs dalmatian game and she cant buy houses or
  15. Papillon Papillon Papillon
  16. Should my Chihuahua have the surgery for Level 1 Patella Luxation?
  17. i have a 2 year old Yorkshire terrier but.......???
  18. does anyone know where i can get a beagle cheep in Chicago/near?
  19. what is a beagle crossed with
  20. Do Clydesdale horses and Dalmatians have a special bond?
  21. I have a 10 year old Dachshund. He's urinating on our newborn's crib and dresser.?
  22. how much is a USA greyhound pass?
  23. all the things u will need for a saint bernard ??
  24. Boston Terriers curled back ears
  25. Plucking or not plucking poodles hair in ear?
  26. can a rottweiler mixes with a bulldog?
  27. new kitten and pug???
  28. pug or pomeranian????
  29. How much should I be paid to breed my pure bred Miniature Schnauzer?
  30. English Mastiff growth chart?
  31. Please tell me how to train my teacup poodle not to bark so much?
  32. My Jack Russell Terrier Ate A little bit of a plastic spoon??
  33. Does anyone have a Papillon website?
  34. Is brown fur recessive in Jack Russell Terriers?
  35. do you think another would calm my border collie down?
  36. Need help naming my Miniature Dachshunds
  37. in which olympics did the world-famous boxer muhammad ali win the light
  38. i have a small pekingese dog and i cant keepthe fleas off .help me please
  39. is it ok 2 give cantelope 2 my dog (dalmatian)
  40. which dog is better Labrador retriever or boxer?
  41. Movies with Welsh Corgi Pembroke?
  42. how long would it take for a chihuahua to get sick from silica gel balls?
  43. Yorkshire Terrier help??
  44. Whats wrong with my Staffordshire Bull Terriers back legs
  45. how to make ur boxers briefs in to tongs 4 guys?
  46. Looking for a screen door for Mastiff Owners?
  47. Why does my Bitch who is a Bull Terrier (English) constantly lick
  48. what was the original purpose of the toy poodle
  49. My Shar pei mix loves to eat grass
  50. abby & Brittany Hensel myspace
  51. Please explain all about a boxers heat cycle?
  52. where can I find a good priced newfoundland in california
  53. My Shih-Tzu is throwing up?
  54. Pomeranian Question?
  55. Training my dachshund to tell me she needs to go?
  56. We are trying to decide whether to buy a 5 1/2 month old pb basset hound...
  57. Is it normal that my pekingese puppy is so lazy?
  58. Help! My German Shepherd is hurting my American Bulldog Puppy
  59. The collie dog I rescued....likes to chase and kill small animals. I am...
  60. WEIMARANER- how do i stop my 4 year old weimarner (dog) from pulling me
  61. Which sex of toy poodle is bigger?
  62. 7mnth old lhasa apso wetting everywhere
  63. Yorkshire Terrier(Yorkie) or Miniature Schnauzer?
  64. Will the staffordshire bull terrier also be band by march 2009?
  65. Is a pet fee of $200 adequate for a Miniature Schnauzer, or do you think...
  66. Question for Shih Tzu Owners..
  67. Should I bring a car seat for an 11 month old baby on a greyhound?
  68. I have just bought a little shih tzu who is a real cutie but he keeps
  69. Can I bring my cat on the greyhound bus with me ?
  70. What's a good name for a female great dane?
  71. "potty training" a 6 year old scottish terrier male
  72. Are Mini Schnauzers yappy and snappy like chihuahua's or pomeranians?
  73. I have a seven month old american pit bull terrier who will not poop outside?
  74. does anyone know where i can get in english bulldog puppy at.
  75. purchase a golden retriever?
  76. What are English Bulldogs Bred For?
  77. My 3month shih tzu has anal gland discharage, should i be worried?
  78. pitbull/rottweiler??
  79. Whats the Best Food to feed a Golden Retriever Puppy 8 weeks old?
  80. my 2 year old rottweiler named Blade always pulls and like rips my arm off on walks
  81. for all who have BASSET HOUNDS?
  82. Are there different types of Yorkshire Terrier's?
  83. How much should I feed my 6 month old boston terrier?
  84. Will my Female Chihuahua ever walk again?
  85. When making Puppy Chow/Monkey Munch ?
  86. Could this be the reason why my shih tzu pup smells?
  87. Are English Bulldogs a good breed to have in an apt?
  88. labrador retriever vs....
  89. i have a beagle and he always barks at outher dogs on our walks how can i prevent...
  90. How do you make puppy chow?
  91. Any opinions on which gender of golden retrievers is easier to raise-female...
  92. Anyone know of a electronic dog door large enough for a Great Dane?
  93. I am looking for a AKC registered bloodhound?
  94. My 5 month old golden retriever has a soft lump on his head. it seems to be...
  95. English Bulldog/English Mastiff mix??
  96. Help with my Mini Schnauzer?
  97. Where can I find a good,working,but cheap harness for my Shih-tzu?
  98. My Yorkshire Terrier dog has diarrhea, what to do?
  99. I have an english bulldog. She is almost 5 months old. She is showing signs of...
  100. Where did you get YOUR Great Dane puppy from?
  101. How do I help my English Bulldog relax? ?
  102. I have a golden retriever with some very strange characteristics?
  103. Shepherd, Labrador Retriever [Mix]? what is he?
  104. Where can i find a free Newfoundland puppy
  105. wat does high enzimes in the liver for a bull terrier dog..11yrs?thanks
  106. Is it normal for a lhasa apso to only pee one time a day?
  107. Name suggestions for a German Shepherd or Husky dog?
  108. Would a black lab/ chow mix make a good dog?
  109. What do you think of animal shelters calling their poodle mixes "Doodles"?
  110. Dachshund wont stop barking.?
  111. Is it true that boxers cannot hit other normal people in a fight because
  112. cute name for shih tzu puppy!
  113. Poll:Would you rather have a jack russell terrier or a Pomeranian?
  114. When do parti poodles reach full growth?
  115. My father just recently passed and I have his AKC pug. Will it be a...
  116. how long do shar pei/lab mixes live?
  117. how big do akc lhasa apso dogs get?
  118. were can i buy a mouth harness for my chihuahua?
  119. Does Greyhound (bus) stop at the Mexican customs office when crossing into Mexico?
  120. Need help naming my 2 chihuahuas ideas?
  121. How long do you feed English Bulldog puppies every two hours?
  122. Is the Border Collie right for me ?
  123. Help!! Beagle eats poop?
  124. barking king charles spaniel
  125. Bloodhound.Package.Jmp is that a virus?
  126. i'm thinking about getting a pug puppy, what are the health
  127. are shar pei ok with asthma sufferers
  128. Name for a female Boston Terrier puppy.
  129. Do you know how long my Black labrador/Dalmatian mix, will live?
  130. can my brothers bernese mountain dog guard
  131. why does my golden retriever thinks he can take over the couch ?
  132. Lhasa Apso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  133. Did anybody hear about the beheading of a guy on the greyhound bus?
  134. Do I really want to breed my pomeranian?
  135. rottweiler puppy help please
  136. whats with the pasadena greyhound bus station?
  137. Basset Hound Potty Training
  138. What breed is my pug mix?
  139. I really want a chihuahua ?
  140. How to give a 200 LB mastiff who is scared of water, a bath?
  141. Thinking Of Breeding My Great Dane With My Chiwawa?
  142. McCain Pitbull Obama a Poodle?
  143. golden retriever loyal?
  144. Where can I rescue a Newfoundland puppy in Stanislaus County
  145. i need lhasa apso breeders
  146. Does anyone know where a good Brazillan Mastiff breeder is,if I decide to
  147. What is the average price of golden retriever?
  148. hey people i need to now how to make a rottweiler not tear up things inside the house
  149. Where can I find a Bichon Frise in KY?
  150. Question for Boston Terrier Owners
  151. Should I get a border collie?
  152. My puppy is a Saint Bernard Boxer mix...........
  153. bernese mountain dog help?
  154. how long will my 11 month boston bull terrier stay in heat?
  155. I need help with my 15 week old chihuahua/dachshund puppy.?
  156. Anybody who has a pomeranian shitzu?
  157. I have a 8 week old boston terrier I need to housebreak.
  158. How to socialize an aggressive adult Bichon Frise?
  159. Tips on how to get started breeding/Studding my Pug
  160. does anyone have experience with this great dane breeder?
  161. How big does a mini dachshund get?
  162. How do male French Bulldogs, unneutured, do as family pets?
  163. for basset hound owners?
  164. Who is the most stupid, Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton?
  165. Do smooth coated Border Collies shed as much as the rough coated?
  166. chihuahua how do i convince her!!!
  167. My Basset Hound Bit my 10month old?
  168. someone wants to give me a pitbull border collie cross with staffy i have...
  169. how can i get my border collie to follow me without a leash ?
  170. My old Dalmatian Dog
  171. In the Mastiff Breed which is larger an English or a Bull
  172. is miley cyrus the next brittany spears?
  173. whats the largest litter for a bichon frise?
  174. Should all Kennel Club registered Bull Terriers be Heart, Kidney and Baer tested ?
  175. my 2 year old border collie?
  176. Boxer, flashy fawn markings question.?
  177. how do i know if my saint bernard is full blooded?
  178. Boston Terrier Question?
  179. Crest white strips won't work on my female Boxer...help!?
  180. Do you think I should get a male or fem puppy shih tzu. My family is me, my
  181. yorkshire terrier or teacup terrier
  182. Does a pomeranian's face change?
  183. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - breeder/shower questions!?
  184. I need a name for my female shih tzu puppy?
  185. Soap Opera Y&R: Do you find Vincent Irizarry (x-David Chow, Y&R) sexy?
  186. I need help! What are some good ways to tire out my border collie?
  187. We have recently adopted a 16 year old Shih Tzu whose owner died, he appears to...
  188. why is my lhasa apso back on season?
  189. Need a name for my dachshund puppy
  190. one more question about my dachshund
  191. My 1 year old Miniature Schnauzer keeps on
  192. Does anyone know who the best boxer is in the amatuer 106 pounds 13-14 year...
  193. Is my spaniel/collie cross in season?
  194. Is $550 a lot for a Boston Terrier puppy?
  195. Does anyone know were i can get my aunt a a rottweiler or a pit bul.?
  196. okay so I have maltese/poodle.....?
  197. Any body know anything about adult golden retrievers?
  198. What should I do for my Toy Poodle's 1st birthday??
  199. my family and I are thinking of getting a Saint Bernard...
  200. is purina dog chow good for a dog?
  201. Are Pugs good pets???
  202. HELP!!! I have a Chihuahua and I would like to get health insurance for her would
  203. Brittany from Queen Bees
  204. i think my rottweiler has psychological problems
  205. how do stop my 12 month old bull mastiff chewing?
  206. Why does my 2 year old Yorkshire terrier keeps biting every one!????
  207. Chihuahua......Question?
  208. do u think Chihuahuas are cute or ugly ?
  209. My names brittany & I need help with a myspace name? Any ideas pleasE?!
  210. I have a boxer (78lbs.) and needs recommendation on how to transport him
  211. mastiff or great dane?
  212. How old does a Dachshund need to be before it can be walked?
  213. 11 Month Old Shih Tzu who bites
  214. Golden Retriever male puppy name~
  216. would a female boston terrier fit into the IN- Cabin for the plane?
  217. Can a neopolitan mastiff die in an hour of heat stroke?
  218. Should I breed a Mini Dachshund to my Dachshund
  219. Puppy Bull-mastiff weight
  220. How to train My Brittany to go on walks???
  221. Does a French bulldog and a Boston Terrier look alike?
  222. French Bulldogs relation to wild animals?
  223. Hi how much ivomec should i give my dogs, i have a 5lb chihuahua to a 60lb...
  224. Just wondering something about our Yorkshire terrier?
  225. my boxer pulls me down the street when i try to walk him
  226. I want to buy Shih Tzu but from all the places where I founf, they want from...
  227. What kind of shampoo will relax the coat of a standard poodle?
  228. how do you get a Pug to lose weight
  229. lhasa apso puppy help needed
  230. When running is it better to wear boxers of briefs?
  231. Which of 3 dog breeds is the most intelligent one -- maltese, daschund, schnauzer
  232. My 12 yr. old shih tzu has labored breathing caused by fluid on her lungs. I have
  233. How much does a scottish terrier cost?
  234. how tall is brittany albritine for the biggest loser
  235. Why did the guy in Canada Behead that guy on the Greyhound bus and eat him?
  236. Is a pug a good choice of dog if you have cats?
  237. Grooming my Pomeranian?
  238. Staffordshire bull terrier clubs/shows?
  239. my great dane sawyer died and he died but he died of bleeding out his rear
  240. Toy Poodle Anxiety Problems?
  241. Do all Great Pyrenees kill small animals?
  242. My female Boxer (Beatrice) has been sleep walking and has been having...
  243. Constant Barking by my italian greyhound
  244. Why is my toy poodle not eating?
  245. King Charles spaniel query
  246. Should I Get a Papillon, French Bulldog, or a Teacup Poodle?
  247. From where can i get a white german shepherd dog? i want one
  248. Is it hard to breed Standard Bull Terriers? annnd...
  249. Crating My Shiba Inu
  250. How long do dachshunds live?