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  1. What do you think about American Bulldogs?
  2. How much to feed two beagles?
  3. im going to purchase two pomeranian males.
  4. Bichon frise breeding?????
  5. My english bulldog loves to eat and today when i fed him he began whining when he...
  6. What is the official name for a mix between a golder retriever and a border collie?
  7. I need some advice before I adopt a six year old Yorkshire Terrier.?
  8. my pug puppy threw up a little bit agoo...?
  9. Does Anyone Breed Chow Chow Puppies?
  10. Best way to get poo out of dachshunds mustache?
  11. when do rottweiler girls go in heat?
  12. whats a good price for a French poodle Maltese?
  13. Hey my puppy, a chihuahua, is 11wks and had perfect ears, today one ear is
  14. Kitten a good playmate for pug?
  15. My golden retriever has ear infection, hair loss and whisker loss?
  16. Frontline isn't very effective on fleas for my 2 golden retrievers. Is there a
  17. Help with my shih tzu dog?
  18. Does any body know where you can find a light brown on dark brown Great Dane that is
  19. Border Collie X German Shepherd Info!?
  20. Shih Tzu puppy sick?
  21. Which breed of dogs is bigger a mastiff or a saint bernard?
  22. What are the bad and good things about owning a shiba inu?
  23. What Are Some Tips On Breeding Pugs And Raising Their Pups?
  24. any great dane puppy owners?>?
  25. How can I potty train a 14 week old golden retriever?
  26. Will Brittany Spears Perform At The 2008 VMA's?
  27. Do you own a Pug????
  28. 3 Months old Pomeranian sick?
  29. Does anyone know where to purchase boxers that say "Party in my pants!" ? Gag gift
  30. I have a border collie dog hes getting older idk if i should play with him
  31. My 4 Month Old Pomeranian won't stop peeing/pooping all over the house!?
  32. Collie Mix Rabbit Hunting?
  33. My Toy Fox Terrier is from PA and I took her down to Florida...
  34. We had a Border Collie that had to be put to sleep last week because of internal
  35. Dog problem! Labrador Retriever!?
  36. schnauzer puppy of 5 week?
  37. Do Rottweiler's Smile?!?
  38. Our Great Dane just died...
  39. What color puppies would you get if you bred a red/white border collie to...
  40. do yorkshire terriers get along with cats?
  41. Help! i have a 8 week old beagle black and white body with a black head...
  42. bichon frise has a large golf ball bump near female area what is it?
  43. are two male Boston terriers good two have?
  44. What would be a good companion for a Bichon Frise who is 3 years old?
  45. My golden retriever crouches when another dog approaches.?
  46. What kind of KONG bone should I buy for my young Chihuahua?
  47. How long would it take for a parcel to ship within Newfoundland???
  48. How long would you expect a poodle cross from a rescue home to live for?
  49. Can someone please tell me how i can help my American bulldog!?
  50. Maltese Or beagle Or both?
  51. Wanted details of a pomeranian breeder?
  52. I have a 6 month old male King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, when will he calm down?
  53. Is this a silken windhound or a longhaired whippet?
  54. boxer bitch acting v odd!?
  55. On my pomeranian's KC reg. (british) family tree, why are some names in red
  56. greyhound racing sweepstake rules?
  57. Today is my border collie named Whiskey's 19th birthday, is there somthing I can
  58. Chow Mein or Chop Suey,?
  59. $$$ how much would i $pend at MR CHOW in Beverly hills ca?
  60. What do you do when your Shih-Tzu craps on the carpet?
  61. What should i name my shar-pei puppy?
  62. Where can I purchase a Pomeranian in Ontario?
  63. i have a 5yr old yorkshire terrier and i normally take her for a 2mile walk...
  64. Would you recommend a "English" Bulldog or a Olde English Bulldogge?
  65. A male shih tzu mated with my female chihuahua, help!?
  66. Jumping weimaraner pup, one year old
  67. why does my english bulldog?
  68. My 10 week old chihuahua may have fleas...although i have never seen but
  69. Female Mastiff puppy ?
  70. how many days does a bichon frise carry their litter for?
  71. How do I register my unregistered english mastiff for AKC?
  72. White discharge coming out of my pomeranian?
  73. Brittany Spears????????????????????????
  74. Does anyone have a Border Collie x Australian Shepherd puppy under 2 months...
  75. Male English Mastiff.
  76. how can i stop my chihuahua dog from falling his hair?
  77. my shih tzu ate a slice of gramen chocolate cake about 20hrs ago.. he have been
  78. Yellow labrador retriever litters?
  79. mastiff, doberman, and apbt owners...?
  80. Dalmatian-mastiff mix?
  81. Who is Brittany Snow dating?
  82. can a shih tzu mate with a shepard?
  83. Papillon or German Shepherd?
  84. I Just bought a minature poodle cream color with green eyes - can a pure
  85. 1o month old french mastiff..had him for 4 weeks now,pancakey like pooh? ?
  86. what is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound??
  87. Fat 7 year old dachshund?
  88. How Long Does A Male Shar Pei Live?
  89. How can I tell if my Shih Tzu Pup is actually a Shih Tzu
  90. Dose my puppy look more like a Saint Bernard or Boxer???
  91. What can I name my 3 shiba Inu puppies?
  92. how to stop my shih tzu barking
  93. I know boxers and boxer briefs are trendy, but are there women out there who prefer
  94. Long-haired Dachshund question ?
  95. Help with our toy poodle!?
  96. Is it ever possible to let a greyhound off the lead(leash)?
  97. Our collie mixed breed is 10 years old. Her face is white and she is wanting to be
  98. my golden retriever dog wont let me take her for a walk?
  99. Red Nose Pit Bull/bull Mastiff Is What I Meant Can U Get Papers On?
  100. What undergarment to wear: brief, knit boxer(regular), or boxwer briefs?
  101. How do I train my pomeranian to let me know when to go outside to go to the bathroom?
  102. Can't train my Shih Tzu!!?
  103. Whippet collar tassells.?
  104. Border collie/Beagle Mix Tries To Chase Cars, Bites ankles and legs.
  105. Golden retriever clumps of hair with black matter in center of them?
  106. Yorkshire Terriers. How much would a Yorkie pup Cost in India? And where...
  107. great dane haves bump on butt and is she normal size?
  108. So i know i will be expecting pups in 63 days from my american bulldog
  109. Any Great Dane owners here? (pictures included)
  110. I'm Getting A Puppy Tomorrow. And Its A Black Male Poodle. Any Ideas On...
  111. For basset hound owners?
  112. My pug is overweight. Any helpful diet plans besides walking?
  113. How long do shar pei pups have to stay with there mothers for before finding new
  114. about newfoundland and labrador?
  115. is my shih tzu in heat?
  116. How do I know if my English Bulldog is having puppies?
  117. my rottweiler puppy is 10 weeks old and only eats once a day each feeding
  118. I spilled a box of Skittles and my Mastiff ate most of them. Is he ok?
  119. is gambling on sports legal in the US? What about horses and greyhounds?
  120. I am thinking of adopting a golden retriever, she is a yr and a half
  121. I have a webkinz pug plush pet, and webkinz said the the pug will be the...
  122. I got my Pomeranian neutered in June and I am a bit worried about some swelling
  123. Boxers, what happens when one of a couple dies?
  124. Does Blow Drying my Shih-Tzu Hair help keep it puffy and tangle free?
  125. what should i name a 2 year old male golden retriever?
  126. i am looking for a rottweiler puppy for a good low price???
  127. Getting a puppy!!Brittany! please helllpppppp!!!!
  128. Yorkshire Terrier Likes and Dislikes?
  129. Miniature dachshund size when adult? ?
  130. about my 2yr. old shih tzu?
  131. can you breed a teacup Chihuahua with a Pomerania?
  132. How can I bulk my 2 yr old german shepherd up? He has bones and dog food but
  133. Are choke chains bad for Yorkshire Terriers?
  134. How big is your brittany spanial?
  135. Shampoo for White Mini Schnauzer?
  136. Does your Beagle smell like...?
  137. what is your favorite sog by brittany spears and/or the spice girls?
  138. have u read the book.. Papillon~ Henri charriere?
  139. pomeranian training.....?
  140. what should I name my French Mastiff?
  141. Need help with aggressive chihuahua!?
  142. Is St. John's downtown, Newfoundland often deserted? Are the people welcoming
  143. how to feed fur real friend newborn beagle
  144. my pug makes these wheezing/snoring sounds?!
  145. Will my pomeranian ever be able to be shown?
  146. where do pug dogs come from?
  147. Where Can I Find A Chihuahua (Kent, Washington)?
  148. Training a weimaraner puppy
  149. I have a mini schnauzer who is a 7month and recently desexed male dog. He barks at...
  150. Why don't my Great Dane like my new puppy??
  151. Which One... Boxers or Briefs?
  152. Yorkshire terrier pups for sale?
  153. Which Gymboree Line Has Tan pants with basset hound on the bottom of pant leg?
  154. did anyone see A&E whippet girls? that got drugged out of the whip cream...
  155. who know Liang Chow's e-mail or OFFICIAL WEBSITE?
  156. Ear cleaning for Beagles?
  157. Great Dane potty accidents on her bed
  158. Why not consider boxers like Reggie Strickland one of all time greats?
  159. English Bulldog question?
  160. Great Dane, how to teach them to swim?
  161. How much does a Dachshund dog cost in vmtv?
  162. Why choose a Bull Terrier
  163. I asked a question about dachshund.?
  164. Will a rottweiler be a good family pet?
  165. How do Boxers score points in the Olympics?
  166. I bought a 4 mth old Cavailer King Charles Spaniel from a pet store and
  167. If you have Basset Hound, what is it's name?
  168. Why are pro boxers not allowed to compete in the olympics when pro tennis players...
  169. shiba inu question can you please help!??
  170. Taping a Great Dane's ears? Please help!?
  171. My miniature schnauzer is passing a lot of gas lol could it be the cinimon...
  172. dachshund breeders???
  173. We're thinking about getting a Boston terrier puppy- can you give me some...
  174. rottweiler vs.german shepard vs. pitbull?
  175. my shih tzu has orange paws Please help!?
  176. I have a min. pomeranian who per doctors visit, has pneumonia and heart murmur
  177. Taking my 4.5 month old beagle puppy for a camping trip?
  178. My 14 week old pug puppy has had a loss of appetite. She just had her
  179. Dogs >>> Papillons, Question about purchasing one.?
  180. What do you think is best for my shih tzu when it comes to housebreaking?
  181. what should i name a golden retriever (male) that has no name?
  182. Is Big bone golden retriever or Small bone retriever cuter??
  183. My mom got my kitten Purina Cat Chow instead of Kitten Chow?
  184. can a bernese mountain dog...
  185. Greyhound bus station downtwon chicago?
  186. what are the types of dogs similar to bloodhound?
  187. Does anybody have a puppy chow recipe that is smaller than the whole box ?
  188. I have two 6 week old chihuahua how often do they need to be fed and how much?
  189. What should I name my american bulldog puppy probally a male?
  190. Shih tzu questions?coat doesn`t look like a shih tzu.?
  191. How Much Exercise Should My Miniature Collie Get?
  192. Name former or current World Champion boxers that were...?
  193. Will Miley Cyrus or Jamie L. Spears be the next Brittany Spears?
  194. are there any websites with JUST BEAGLE stuff i had a beagle necklace it
  195. Is it ok to just keep letting your poodles fur grow out?
  196. Socializing a 1 year old mini schnauzer?
  197. Poodle passing blood?
  198. Pembroke Welsh Corgi's - Easy to train not to bark?
  199. Hi, I've waited for 3 years now and just 2 days ago she my Rottweiler
  200. How to potty train a German shepherd mixed with chow
  201. largest golden retriever ever recorded?
  202. My chihuahua is 6 months and has not grown testicles. Is that normal ?
  203. Best food to feed a dachshund and beagle?
  204. I'm thinking about getting a miniture pomeranian but i dont know if it's good for me?
  205. Anybody know whos giving away beagles?
  206. what grooming tools do you use to groom a beagle?
  207. Boxers or Boxer Briefs or Briefs
  208. i love my mastiff. a qt for u.
  209. Which city in Europe does St. John's, Newfoundland remind you of?
  210. Should knives be banned on buses after the greyhound beheading?
  211. How can I tell if my 2 year old Toy Poodle is Pregnant ? ?
  212. Anyone out there own an English Bulldog?
  213. looking for an all white scott type american bulldog in arizona
  214. How is your dog after hip displaysia surgery? I own an English Bulldog, 7...
  215. Whats stronger and will win in a fight,Dogo Argentino or Presa Canario?
  216. My boyfriend's mom has a dachshund that is close to giving birth...should she
  217. Its about my puppy its a pug?
  218. I was wondering how to get started with becoming a dachshund breeder. I
  219. Camping with a 4.5 month old beagle pup?
  220. how can i prevent my boston bull terrier from chewing and destroying
  221. puggle and a pomeranian?!? ?
  222. Jack Russell Terrier that just pees ALL the time!
  223. I'm searching for old time Boxers of 1941-42 that have fought in Japan from...
  224. Pygmy Goats/ Goats Newfoundland??????
  225. Are basset hounds high maintenance?
  226. New Pomeranian help me out?
  227. Mini dachshund, strange posture...should I be worried? ?
  228. Are you a pug dog lover?
  229. Can I Be a Good Boxer?
  230. Greyhound from Chicago, IL to Des Moines, IA overnight.?
  231. how to tell if my chihuahua is pure breed?
  232. Greyhound bus at Atlanta Airport?
  233. Who thinks beagles are the best dogs?!?
  234. How to train puppy dachshund to stop crying all night long?
  235. I have a poodle that does not know how to walk on a leash, how can i train her?
  236. What is the average price to groom a shi- tzu poodle who is 12 pounds?
  237. doberman poodle mix?
  238. I have a border collie puppy 5 weeks old that has sores that look like...
  239. Greyhound racing cruelty?
  240. Should I get a Pomeranian or a Yorkie?
  241. pekingese potty training
  242. My purebreed Spitz mated with a male beagle, now the Spitz already gave birth, (pls
  243. american eskimo mini male for sale or adoption
  244. How do I know if My English Mastiff is Pregnant? ?
  245. 5month Border Collie puppy?
  246. My 13 week old Lab is attacking my 6 week old Great Dane?
  247. English mastiff owners or anyone with experience with the breed? just a few...
  248. I am getting a Shar Pei, i want it to be a chunky wrinkle one when its...
  249. What is it like owning a Shiba Inu?
  250. Will my timid/submissive dachshund mix take well to a second dog?