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  1. 6 moth great dane with reddish poop?
  2. My Boston Terrier is loosing hair?
  3. Who will sell me a Newfoundland in California for 50 bucks
  4. a Labrador keeps confronting my rottweiler how do expect my rottie to deal with this?
  5. anyone know if pug's are prone to seizures??????? please my dog just had one?
  6. Chocolate Great Dane?!!!!!?
  7. What size female should I mate to my 2 lb extremely healthy male chihuahua?
  8. why do people want a shih tzu for?
  9. Can a professional boxer compete in the olympics? ?
  10. How do I convince My Girlfriend to Crate Train our French Bulldog Puppy?
  11. Are Pomeranian Shih Tzu mixes hypo alergenic? Which type of dogs are?
  12. Would we be the right kind of people to own a Beagle?
  13. what is the normal weight for king charles spaniel puppy?
  14. Will a monster energy drink kill my border collie?
  15. A question regarding the pants and the boxer hanging out?
  16. Bison frise mixed with toy poodle?
  17. Should i be running around more with my shih tzu?
  18. I have a pug and out of the blue one day I noticed he started limping. He
  19. How often can you bathe a toy poodle?
  20. How long will it take for my new female terrier and male Schnauzer to get used to
  21. We have a beagle with blue eyes and I would like to know if she would be
  22. Should I buy a golden retriever or a boxer to guard my house?
  23. Which Dog is better? Maltipoo Vs Bichon Frise?
  24. My 7 year old boxer is extremely nervous and cowers at the slightest noise and
  25. Gentle leader + American Pit Bull Terrier..Ok??
  26. my boxer has the same promblem ?
  27. looking for basset hound meets or clubs.?
  28. i have a 7 month old rottweiler and i know hes teething a bit but hes biting and...
  29. I have a dog which is 1 and is a beagle, I want to get a rabbit, do u
  30. Do you think a Golden Retriever would survive as a apartment dog?
  31. I have an english Bulldog. He has some type of rash under his tail.What do you
  32. My dad says I am not responsible enough to get a puppy, a small, non-hyper...
  33. doberman or rottweiler?
  34. Greyhound Dog Socialization Tips?
  35. my chihuahua is looks like a mini rottweiler what type of chihuahua is she?
  36. a labrador retriever health question ?
  37. My dachshund puppy is 8 weeks old and has itchy, watery and mucus in his eyes. ?
  38. How long do poodles live?
  39. who's heard of a white boxer puppy?
  40. How long does it averagely take to teach a shih tzu to play dead?
  41. Were can I buy cool designed Boxer-Briefs?
  42. Coyotes waiting outside to eat the chihuahuas inside!!!!!!!!!!?
  43. Skinny poodle! Skin and bones!?
  44. My border collie has suddenly starting nipping my teenage daughter?
  45. Whats with all these kids owning bull terriers?
  46. Why do the Cubans & Mexicans produce great Boxers?
  47. My chihuahua's eyes are swollen & all around them it's all red and crusty looking.
  48. My border terrier mix (pitt bull?) is always so stinky! ?
  49. what is it like to tkae a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound??
  50. hi, i have an american bulldog and she is 4 months and about 27lbs is that
  51. Barking boxer pup at night?
  52. What's the time difference between Newfoundland, Canada and Florida?
  53. How do I get my Beagle Puppy to follow me everywhere?
  54. How do i get my 9 y.o g/s to play with our newly adopted chihuahua?
  55. Would like solid contacts on blue French Bulldogs from Champion lines. ?
  56. Shar Pei X Staffy Pup and Tried and tested toilet training techniques
  57. When do french bulldogs ears stand up?
  58. Some questions about Greyhounds...?
  59. about my basset hound - opinion and advice?
  60. Should I keep feeding her Kitten Chow?
  61. are beagles disobedient?
  62. My golden retriever is sick. She is 9 and when she uses the bathroom its...
  63. Guys, which do you prefer to wear, boxers or briefs. Why?
  64. A few questions about my new Pomeranian puppy.?
  65. My chihuahua is sneezing blood, what could be wrong?
  66. what is good name for female collie?
  67. Great Dane not acting like usual self
  68. Any body have a great dane? if so i wanna know if you think there awesome dogs?
  69. 10 month old chihuahua-too old to get spayed?
  70. what is the difference between nintendogs& bestfriends and chihuahua and friends? ?
  71. Jack Russell and Basset Hound?
  72. whats a cool myspace name for brittany?
  73. Please help i think my 15 yr old yorkshire terrier is dying?
  74. how to get from washington dc greyhound bus station to Washington Ronald Reagan
  75. how much does a pro boxer get paid at the start of his pro career?
  76. Where can I find a miniature schnauzer in Charlotte, NC?
  77. my english bulldogs penis?
  78. toy poodle or yorkie?
  79. Horse Jumping is an olympic sport but not poodles jumping hoops? Whats the
  80. Who are these boxers fighting next?
  81. I bought my Chihuahuas KONG bones and they dont chew them they lick them. How...
  82. Rottweiler Eye Infection????
  83. Why is my boxer dogs chin pink some days and not on others?
  84. great dane owners or just eagle pack holistic feeders?
  85. if Rocky were an olympic boxer?
  86. Name Ideas For Basset Hound?
  87. my golden retriever question for dog owners and golden retriever owners?
  88. my shih tzu is getting annoyed with something by his bottom he wont walk and is
  89. Do Golden Retrievers have a lot of health problems?
  90. How often do you have to wash an lhasa apso?
  91. Is IAMS Smartpuppy puppy food for puppies1-24 months old, good food to feed my 10
  92. Does anyone know long a female golden retriever lives?
  93. POLL: Yorkshire Puddings or Yorkshire Terriers?
  94. beagle dogs....???? help?
  95. My 12 week old Basset hound, will not eat and is vomiting... ?
  96. I really want to get a yorkshire terrier! Is the mataince for this dog really hard?
  97. my Jack Russell Terrier is making funky hacky, coughy noises...what the heck?!
  98. HElp me find a name for my schnauzer... 10 POINTS!!?
  99. Boston Terrier Lovers ........?
  100. my girlfriend looks similiar to her greyhound in one of her photos..?
  101. My dachshund is limping????
  102. My Rottweiler Keepp Gaggging/Coughing What Do I Do ? Please Help !! Im Worried?
  103. Name the only pro boxer that have a similar style to Roy Jones Jr?
  104. A few questions about the new beagle pup?
  105. How many times a day should I take my chihuahua out for a poo?
  106. my chihuahua is 12 weeks old but is not even close to be potty trained, help?
  107. My 3 month rottweiler's loosing hair!?
  108. Shih-tzu Question?(grooming)?
  109. I need a newfoundland or pyrenees please?
  110. How cute is my Pug ?
  111. What should I dress my two dachshunds up for Halloween???
  112. CAN I GET PREGNANTT? BOXERS UNDER and stretchy pants?
  113. which one a labrador retriever or a doberman ?
  114. 5 year old beagle...
  115. What is with my labrador retriever's coat?
  116. What TIME of the day should be *best* to shampoo my Great Dane?
  117. whats more expensive to keep, a great dane, or a cat?
  118. Anybody Know Of A Touring Caravan Site In North Brittany.....?
  119. i am considering getting a chow chow?
  120. Why does my rottweiler puppys urine destroy my lawn when he urinates,is it ACIDIC
  121. can a french bulldog puppie drink too much water?
  122. my boxer dog is pregnant she is due in two days, she has had a yellowish...
  123. What do you think?? a German shepherd or a rottweiler (any experience)?
  124. Havanese puppys...?????
  125. Does anyone else out there have a picture of a mixed maltese, bichon frise...
  126. Pomeranian shedding??
  127. My Golden Retriever keeps biting?
  128. Boxer puppy question.. first thing in the morning when my pup wakes up?
  129. can you fly? please email back thank you and have a nice day chow.okay bye now...
  130. What is a King Charles Spaniel?
  131. anyone knows GREYHOUND DISCOUNT CODE?
  132. I have just got a Basset Hound 5-7 years old he seem to be very low on energy vet
  133. how do I put my golden retriever to sleep at night?
  134. i have a 4 week old english bulldog how many ounces of milk should he be
  135. would you put an ex retired greyhound racer back into racing?
  136. Chihuahua Potty Training?
  137. Do you own a SA Boerboel or other mastiff? Please advise
  138. Rottweiler puppy with hip displasia at 9 weeks old?
  139. Basset Hound owner question?
  140. Should I neuter my Pomeranian now?
  141. My Yorkshire Terrier will not eat.?
  142. greyhound bus? carry-on items?
  143. I need a name for my male pomeranian!
  144. Is a Pug the right dog for me!?
  145. My Long hair Chihuahua that has a Bladder Stone pees inside the house constantly?
  146. Do you think Brittany Spears is making a come back?!?!?!?
  147. I'm fostering a Great Pyrenees in a large apartment with a park five minutes away
  148. GIRLS: guys boxers showing?
  149. How much is a Pug puppy?
  150. Would some one make me their apprentice for Pomeranian Breeding?
  151. My Pug Puppy.... UGH?
  152. what is possibly the hardest thing when training a american pit bull terrier?
  153. What are some strong and durable chew toy for my golden retriever besides the kong?
  154. is it rare for a pomeranian to have a black snout/nose?
  155. How can I get my boxer dog to like to swim?
  156. my great dane is getting ready to have her pups..how will i be able to...
  157. Dachshund - Best Small Dog EVER!!
  158. recently sold by remax realitorscommercial/residentail home in bayroberts...
  159. Shiba Inu Color Change?
  160. I want a Shiba Inu are theyre any breeders in or near Ohio?
  161. Poodle dog questions?
  162. do u think a great dane mix would hurt a chihuahua?
  163. Which is better suited to my lifestyle a Pembroke Corgi or Border Collie?
  164. Do You Know Of A Vet That Has Experience With King Charles Cavalier Spaniels In
  165. Poodle Hair! Please Help!?
  166. are Teacup Chihuahua's hard to take care of?
  167. Dachshund ears smell weird
  168. when can a boston terrier sire a litter?
  169. Does anyone have any experience with the cavalier king charles spaniel breed of dog?
  170. how often do i bathe mt shih tzu?
  171. What should i expect when i go to take my 4 month old maltese X shih tzu to the...
  172. Problems house training my Mini Schnauzer?
  173. Do you own an English Bulldog?
  174. BARF Diet for Dalmatians...?
  175. what is the coldest temperature a border collie can withstand?
  176. How to care for a teacup poodle dog ?
  177. is my greyhound dreaming or having a nightmare?
  178. Pug Cocker Spaniel Mix?
  179. My 1 1/2 year old golden retriever is so ramuncious. Help!
  180. is there a web site where i can find my name as an amateur boxer?
  181. I need chihuahua names...?
  182. does anybody know where i can buy a chihuahua?
  183. I'm getting a male Shih Tzu. He has White and Light brown fur. Name...
  184. Can a yorkshire Terrier get a Goldren Retriever Pregnant???
  185. HELP my pug has a barking problem?
  186. I have an Old English Bulldog at 6 months of age. He's already 60 pounds.?
  187. you know that song when i grow up by pussy cat dolls does it say duck chow in it??
  188. Breeding Labrador Retriever?
  189. Are rottweiler's always mean?
  190. What is a good registration name for a boxer?
  191. I have a male beagle who is 8 mnts old he is neutered, why wont he hike up?
  192. Where Can I Find Out About Pheasant Beating In Southern Brittany, France?
  193. I have a three year old male lhasa apso,
  194. how much will people pay for my rottweiler,pit bull,german shepard,and saint
  195. Nintendogs Dachshund and friends?
  196. Newfoundland dog swimming?
  197. I really want a yorkshire terrier...?
  198. *****Greyhound Tantrum******?
  199. Does anyone know of any good Border Collie breeders in Texas?
  200. in which brands can i find boy shorts&boxer briefs?
  201. What is a clever and humorous name for a lil pug dog?
  202. How can I tell if my pomeranian is pregnant?
  203. Any Poodle Rescues In CA?
  204. I have a 5 month old english bulldog puppy and he always urinates in the
  205. pug's barks then stinks?
  206. i just got a boston terrier puppy should he be lazy? ?
  207. Pomeranian peeing everywhere
  208. Anyone in the UK know where I can get a Yorkie Poodle Cross puppy from?
  209. doberman pincher vs staffordshire bull terrier?
  210. my yorkshire terrier pees eveytime somebody picks him up or makes a loud noise and
  211. is this a "good quality" rabbit chow?
  212. Is There Going To Be A Pomeranian Webkinz?
  213. How are Brittany Spaniels?
  214. Does brittany spear's song mean... ?
  215. What can I feed my toy poodle if she has diarrhea?
  216. what would a goldren retreiver and a yorkshire terrier puppy look like?
  217. Basset hounds in London Ontario!!!!!!!!?
  218. Question about dogs-beagles mainly
  219. Newfoundland Push Button Accordion Music
  220. My Border Collie is producing milk does this mean she is pregnant?
  221. Where can I get a great looking pomeranian in TX.?
  222. Is my 10yr old min schnauzer going to be alright? ?
  223. Bichon Frise..walking tires him out really quickly?
  224. Should i buy a white maltese or a coffee colored toy poodle?
  225. i have a 8 month old weimaraner just recently i have noticed pimple like bumps...
  226. is this a good living condition for a toy-poodle?
  227. Boston terrier weight?
  228. I have a basset hound and whenever I try to play fetch with her she never gives...
  229. Does anyone have a black labrador retriever? Do you have pictures of it?
  230. how can i keep my pekingese from peeing on our rugs??
  231. I have a 12 1/2 year old German Shepard Collie and he recently stopped eating ?
  232. I am trying to make alvin and the chipmunks/Brittany chipettes remixes of songs with
  233. need help naming a male rottweiler pup something with a african or german...
  234. Does anyone know of special Rottweiler toys?
  235. I'm thinking of getting a male dachshund, but i've never had one before, so
  236. Is a west highland white terrier good for allergy people
  237. American Eskimo?????
  238. Is it safe for a Husky to breed with a Pekingese?
  239. Question about a 5 1/2 month old Great Dane
  240. How can I teach my mini schnauzer to balance a bone on his nose?
  241. Why does my schnauzer like to rest on a shelf?
  242. How do I get my dachshund to stop her barking???
  243. My chow puppy's paw was bleeding a little and now the blood is dried up and he...
  244. Thinking about breeding my american bulldog, any information would be great. ?
  245. 2 yr old Boston Terrier losing his toenails?
  246. Could someone help me make a custom tin-foil hat for my pug dog?
  247. out of control 7 month old yorkshire terrier - help?!?
  248. Questions about my toy poodle puppy?
  249. Removal of bandage from spayed bichon frise
  250. How long can a dog be left alone (beagles)?