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  1. anyone with a Rottweiler that is too friendly ?
  2. What kind of security measures does Greyhound have? Can people easily bring...
  3. border collie or golden retriever?
  4. Are Daschunds or Whippets outdoor dogs (read all the extra detail)?
  5. reply to bull terrier poopin in house...?
  6. i am looking for a cane corso italiano female puppy in michigan?
  7. i have a chinies Shar-Pei and around 21:00 she began to scratch the nose and eye.?
  8. i have a bichon frise and im getting another but...?
  9. American Staffordshire Terrier, Doberman, Rottweiler, Boxer, or Bull Terrier?
  10. Puppy Chow Food Help??
  11. What can I feed my 1 year old Belgian Malinois to make him eat more?
  12. 5 month old beagle problems?
  13. I'm getting a Bichon Frise and I picked out the name Simba for him I need...
  14. why wont my Rottweiler feed her puppies ?
  15. how do i go about cropping my miniature pinscher puppy's ears?
  16. I wanna buy St Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dog?but confused!?
  17. For everyone who adopted a greyhound?
  18. my bigger lab (1 year) seems to play a little rough with our brand new american
  19. dog name for one eyed king charles spaniel puppy?
  20. whats the best car to get, when you have a newfoundland dog as a pet? ?
  21. My boston terrier has bumps that turn into bald spots!?!?!?
  22. Purina?? Puppy chow GOOD OR BAD?
  23. does anyone know where i can get greyhound coupon codes? please help!?
  24. Names for my new Chihuahua anyone??
  25. Whats the difference between a labrador retriever and a labrador?
  26. Japanese Chin VS. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?! Cost?
  27. do you think everyone is being too hard on brittany spears?
  28. How do Basset Hounds handle stairs?
  29. I am a first time dog owner and am considering a german shepherd?
  30. are bichons and poodles really hypoallergitic?
  31. Why do my miniature doberman pinschers bite at his rear end?
  32. How can I train my kennel aggressive Miniature Pinscher?
  33. How is my doberman pinscher pup?
  34. bernese mountain dog vs bull mastiff?
  35. rottweiler and bullmastiff?
  36. Does Anyone Know All The Puppies Names of Disney's 101 Dalmatians?
  37. Is there a boston terrier plush breathing dog?
  38. how much should a beagle go outside?
  39. what is the average weight of a 7 week old dalmatian?
  40. My bullmastiff always looks sad...?
  41. How can I make my Newfoundland Pup enjoy being groomed?
  42. My 4 year old shar-pei has lymphoma!!?
  43. If my bullmastiff weighs 60 pounds at 5 months, about how much will he weigh
  44. I have a Saint Bernard with puppy's what should I feed the mom to help her replenish
  45. What is APA reg.? Someone is giving me a purebred Bichon Frise male, 8 months w/...
  46. What's the difference between an American Pit Bull and an American Bulldog?
  47. Boston Terrier year old that is starting to bite or just nip when picked...
  48. What is a good name for a female Rottweiler?
  49. I want to take a big dog (German Shepherd Size) in the cabin when I fly. How do I...
  50. We are looking for a weimaraner breeder.?
  51. How do I house train my 15 week old Bearded Collie puppy?
  52. How Much Do You Know About Jack Russell Terriers?
  53. Miniature Poodles, advice please?
  54. can somebody PLEASE explain the difference between the American Foxhound and
  55. good great dane breeder in/around Houston, TX...price is not an issue?
  56. i have a jack russell terrier, she is 2 years old... she is stressing me out
  57. what is the difference between an australian cattle dog, a queensland heeler
  58. What do you think a cavapoo cross pom/schnauzer will look like?
  59. Are belgian malinois cute??
  60. how are 'papillon' dogs with children?
  61. what should a beagle and a dachsand look like?
  62. What is the best way to house train my welsh corgi puppy???
  63. at what age can a male english bulldog start mateing?
  64. Bullmastiff early aggressiveness - over protecting bone from humans?
  65. lookin for an english bulldog?
  66. Hey anyone know is Brittany Spears going to preform tonight at the VMA's?
  67. how can I keep my white French bulldog white?
  68. My basset hound looks bloated?
  69. My shih tzu had puppies 8 weeks ago, her milk was dry and the puppies left now its
  70. I have a 4yr old yellow lab, and we may be adopting a jack russell...
  71. Do you think Miley will be the next Brittany?
  72. How much do you feed a 8 lb poodle she prefers canned food?
  73. Which dog is better border collie or american eskimo ?
  74. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - coat care?
  75. Does anyone know where I can get a whippet in central CA?
  76. my boxer dog has a boil type lump?
  77. Welsh Corgi Cardigan?
  78. The KC's bull terrier and miniature bull terrier interbreeding program?
  79. How do you tell if your dog has a bruised leg? I have an English Bulldog.?
  80. Can Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus, and Yorkshire Terriers have short hair?
  81. Dog Food for my German Shepherd Puppy?
  82. Do boxers lick people a lot?
  83. What should I do for my pregnant Dachshund? ?
  84. my staffordshire bull terriers ears?
  85. My 10 year old Shiba Inu can 't stop itching, and chewing himself raw. We took...
  86. What is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard greyhound?
  87. How to potty train a 4 month old weimaraner?
  88. What is the difference between blue/red heelers and australian cattle dogs?
  89. Pekingese dog in severe pain.?
  90. How do I train two outdoor great pyrenees puppies?
  91. Why is my miniature Italian greyhound having trouble jumping on the bed, is
  92. Any advice and/or tips for a beagle?
  93. Help: Bullmastiff Owners - Can you tell me about the Female -?
  94. My nephew screams thinking my 8 month old Basset Hound is going to bite him...
  95. What kind of puppy food should I feed my 9 week old lhasa apso puppy?
  96. I have a sick Schnauzer. I?
  97. how many hours a day should a 7-8 year old cairn terrier sleep?
  98. my bloodhounds ears itch and constantly bother him? why? what can i do?
  99. Which Dog Is Better Labrador Or A Bernese Mountain dog?
  100. Where can i find a cheap silky terrier breeder in California?
  101. I have a 4 lb, 8 week old teacup Chihuahua and she has hair missing from certain...
  102. my 3 months old great dane has little bald spots the size of a pencil top...
  103. Why won't my Pomeranian ?
  104. I Recently Caught My Male English Bulldog Wearing A Dress What Should I Do?
  105. at what age does a Pomeranian ears stand up?
  106. I had a 11 week old Mastiff and two days ago we found her dead outside...
  107. Anyone have or know anyone with a Airedale Terrier?
  108. Looking for French Bulldogs!?
  109. 5 reasons why pugs are good pets?
  110. Whats a good name for a Boston Terrier?
  111. dachshund's ears kinked?
  112. My saint Bernard very easygoing and relaxed. How to make him little bit...
  113. are welsh corgi's generally good or bad with kids..particularly new babies?
  114. How much do I feed my boston terrier?
  115. Safe to mix an American Pit Bull with my Boxer?
  116. What type of food should I feed my young chesapeake bay retriever puppy?
  117. Can two short haired Jack Russell Terrier parents produce a long haired puppy?
  118. Australian terrier, how do I get the pick of the litter?
  119. Does anyone have problems with their west highland white terrier?
  120. what is it like to take a 1300 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  121. Is there a website that lists all the human foods that a mini dachshund can eat?
  122. what name for our Bullmastiff female pup?
  123. My shiba inu wouldnt eat so i put water in his food to soften it up?
  124. what does your great dane or saint bernard look like?
  125. What might be wrong with our basset hound?
  126. Italian Greyhound good for allergies?
  127. Wolf Vs Bullmastiff? ?
  128. Thinking about getting a Boston Terrier?
  129. english springer spaniel bumps?
  130. I need help with my shih tzu!?
  131. Name ideas for a male Boston Terrier?
  132. Can you paper train an English Bulldog?
  133. Keeshond eats bushes?
  134. My Pug is Hurt.. went to the vet and is crate bound for 5 days?
  135. Does anyone know where to get a German Shepherd / Collie mix dog?
  136. Weimaraner hunting book, please help.?
  137. Jack Russell Terrier?
  138. How about a bull terrier or a Shihtzu? for my 13 & 9 YO kids? ?
  139. what vegetables are safe to feed my labrador retriever?
  140. How do I teach my chihuahua mix to say words?
  141. i have a 2 year old lhasa apso and yday bought an 8 week old german shep?
  142. getting rid of rhodesian ridgeback mix?
  143. Are Boston Terriers troublemakers?
  144. How much should my english bulldog way?
  145. What are the requirements for taking a Saint Bernard to Guatemala?
  146. What is my pug mixed with?
  147. are italian greyhounds nothing but a trip to the hospital?
  148. What to name a female German Shepherd dog?
  149. Havanese Dogs?!?!?!?!?
  150. How bad does a Golden retriever, Labrador retriever, and a Cavalier King
  151. Miniature Pinscher pregnancy test?
  152. boxer or a little toy poodle?
  153. How does my Boston Terrier puppy look?
  154. 670,000 Native American Eskimo, What has Palin done for them?
  155. My 7 month old English Bulldog Pees in his crate every night, please help!?
  156. Nose collars for American Bulldogs...?
  157. Another Pug? Age difference a problem?
  158. Whats a good name for a female puppy Weimaraner? ?
  159. Can anyone give me some info on Breeders of Labrador retrievers in Kentucky.?
  160. West Highland White Terrier mix with Dachshund?
  161. Having problems with a Rough Collie...?
  162. is my papillon sick !!! :( shes 2months and 2 weeks?
  163. I have just been given my first Italian Greyhound!?
  164. How much would you expect tp pay for a long haired shih tzu x chihuahua, not
  165. What is the difference between a Yorkshire terrier & a Silky terrier?
  166. who has an american cocker spaniel and what do you think about them?
  167. My shiba inu is 5years old and everytime we take him to the dog park he always...
  168. Dog Aggression with German Shepherd Puppy?
  169. King Charles Cavalier spaniel spayed female 2 years old: itching biting
  170. My Dachshund puppy is 4 months old. How do I stop him from biting everything
  171. how heavy is your shih tzu?
  172. What should I name my Webkinz Samoyed?
  173. Where can I find a female Pomeranian for breeding?
  174. Dalmatian vs. skunk. How much longer will she stink?
  175. Naming my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Must start with 'W'?
  176. Does anyone have a Jack Russell Dachshund cross?
  177. I petroleum is so bad for the body, why do boxers rub Vaseline right into...
  178. 8 year old female bichon frise won't eat and will only drink a little water out of a
  179. Does anyone know where I could find a saint Bernard in Gulf coast area?
  180. What do you think is the cutest American Eskimo mix?
  181. basset hound webkinz name?
  182. I live in NYC and am looking to buy a miniature dachshund...?
  183. Interested In A Great Dane But Don't Want A Dog That Sheds A Whole Lot...?
  184. My chihuahua has a pee problem what could I do?
  185. The cost of a great dane.?
  186. Border collie owners, IMPORTANT question for you! Please help!?
  187. Where Can I Find Ethical French Bulldog Breeders?
  188. What is the difference between a american Staffordshire bull terrier and a pitbull?
  189. Is it possible for a Jack Russell Terrier and Maltese mix to be black?
  190. How do I help a hurt Basset Hound Dog?
  191. I just bred french bulldog puppies ?
  192. Nautical Pet Name for a French Bulldog?
  193. Is it possible for a great dane to mate with a dachshund. ?
  194. Y!A Tournament: Final (Da Great Dane vs ADIDAR)?
  195. which dog breed is better -St Bernard or Bernese Mountain Dog?
  196. My Female Boston Terrier is Bleeding more that normal at the end of her Heat?
  197. What Kind of puppy food does Bichon Frise eat?
  198. Have you ever heard of a Dogo Argentino? ?
  199. Are their any breed rescues for belgian malinois?
  200. Are chow chows really dangerous?
  201. An embarrassing question about boxer?
  202. I want a American Bulldog. My wife wants a Pomeranian. Can we have both safely?
  203. I just started trailing in agility with my 2 english springer spaniels. ?
  204. Great Dane please help?
  205. how long for bichon frise?
  206. what is your opinion on Australian cattle dogs??
  207. where can i find canaan dog breed (puppys)?
  208. Australian Cattle dog or Cannon Dog???
  209. I have one female american bulldog puppy left out of a litter of 8.She...
  210. 7month old American Bulldog too small?
  211. What to do about a severe fracture in my 8 month old Chihuahua.?
  212. Is a Brittany right for me?
  213. Why do boxer dogs never show that they are hurt and always act young and playful?
  214. I am a first time owner of a american bulldog/am staff mix and I want to know...
  215. who is the best boxer alive p4p today??
  216. where to find an english mastiff? ?
  217. My shih tzu's front 2 paws are HUGE!!?
  218. I am thinking of getting a pug puppy-any advice on what they are like etc?
  219. Basset Hound information!!!!! 10PTS TO MOST INFORMATIVE ANSWER!!!!!!!!?
  220. What is wrong with my chihuahua?
  221. Teacup Chihuahua! HELP ME!!?
  222. Is my Old English Bulldog overweight? ?
  223. What do you think of people who wear boxers over briefs?
  224. Switching from briefs to boxers?
  225. My 13 yr old Border Collie is extremely restless, barking loudly, and...
  226. Do Chihuahuas need much exercise?
  227. I have 2 male chihuahuas that got along now they fight tooth & nail when...
  228. Pomeranian watery eyes?
  229. How to tell difference in tiny toy poodle, and toy poodle?
  230. is there any risk of getting caught by immigration when you travel on greyhound bus?
  231. iv seen boxers and mma guys wear just the uper, the top and bottom and just
  232. Golden retrievers and fetching?
  233. How frequently do I need to feed a 8 wk Pomeranian puppy?
  234. pregnent/mating yorkshire terriers?
  235. Age of my Pekingese?
  236. basset hound howl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?
  237. Ok, MUCH shorter question about English mastiffs: How much exercise do they need as
  238. Read Pls! Shih Tzu Pup!?
  239. Younger Shih Tzu healthier than the older one?
  240. How do I train my poodle to say out of the trash cans?
  241. Looking to buy a English Bulldog...?
  242. I adopted a two year old Pomeranian that wants to attack anyone and anything...
  243. Chihuahua Puppy Shaking ?
  244. please help my beagle :(?
  245. My chihuahuas are throwing up and moping around!?!?!?
  246. Any good name ideas for my chihuahua?
  247. I have a small boxer Female and a large bull mastiff Male is it possible for
  248. stud service-toy poodle?
  249. Neighbors bulldog killed my sisters chihuahua 2 days ago. Any Legal Advice?
  250. how effective are invisible fences for larger dogs? ie; Labrador retriever?