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  1. Does a toy American Eskimo dog get poop stuck to them after they use the bathroom?
  2. Yorkshire Terrier Crisis!?
  3. hows it like turkish kangal dog with kids? ?
  4. What is the intelligence level of a 2 year old full grown Saint Bernard dog?
  5. Any Boston Terrier owners?
  6. could she be a basset hound Mix? PICS ?
  7. toy poodle or yorkie?
  8. Can you walk a great dane while its a puppy?
  9. Where can I find a Saint Bernard breeder in Southern California?
  10. How to stop boxers showing?
  11. Anyone else have a Brittany?
  12. On webkinz which on should i get the pink dragon or the samoyed?
  13. i have a chihuahua puppie ?
  14. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Puppy)- Sore Eyes ?
  15. Bathing my 9 week old beagle.?
  16. Question about Staffordshire bull terriers?
  17. How does a Portuguese Water Dog hunt?
  18. Do you own/ever owned a poodle?
  19. My Chihuahua terrier mix was vaccinated and now screams in pain when touched....
  20. What are Samoyed's like as pets? ?
  21. Do dalmatians get along well with other dogs?
  22. can u give me a website with a Pekingese and a Basset i was thinking of mixing
  23. Velvet/Rust on Dalmatian Molly? You Call the Ball.?
  24. puppy papillon is a toe biter. how to discipline?
  25. Does anyone have a picture of Brittany Snow's short hair?
  26. Price of Samoyed Puppy?
  27. What should I do with my chow mix ?
  28. English Bull terrier or Mastiff?
  29. Are Miniature Pinschers ears naturally pointed or... ?
  30. Help! My pug dog is a picky eater?
  31. i need help naming my new chihuahua PUPPY?
  32. She's like a Labrador retriever! Help?
  33. My Papillon's 6 months and 5 lbs?
  34. Two beautiful baby Boston Terrier boys, what to name them?
  35. Chinese Food: Sweet & Sour? or Chow Mein?
  36. My Labrador Retriever seems to have a funky smell all the time. What can I do?
  37. alaskan malamute vs staffordshire bull terrier?
  38. yorkshire terrier training?
  39. question for rottweiler owners?
  40. Do male Labrador Retrievers get along if they are not neutered?
  41. How to bring a second new dog home when I already have a 2 year old doberman...
  42. my great dane is a "runner"?
  43. Where can i buy Irish Wolfhound puppies?
  44. what is the differences between pit bull and American Staffordshire Terrier?
  45. How Much should My pomeranian weigh? And, he's sleeping alot!?
  46. I have a nine weeks old pitbull, how can u tell if he is the american...
  47. My husband's Jack Russell Terrier can't stop licking the deck?
  48. prembroke welsh corgi?
  49. Price of Samoyed Puppy?
  50. my border collie puppy wont walk?
  51. portuguese Water Dogs? Tell me about them?
  52. What Are Good Female Rottweiler Names? ?
  53. Can I get from feed back from any bernese mountain dog owners?
  54. The movie with the golden retriever and the monster?
  55. Do Boxers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Get Along Well?
  56. teacup yorkshire terrier?
  57. Can a bloodhound track something 3 days ahead?
  58. samoyed dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !?
  59. what can i give my dog for pain or swelling til i get him to vet in morning,he's a
  60. ORIGINAL names for a female golden retriever puppy?
  61. Know any good Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders?
  62. What is the difference between a "Manchester Terrier" and a "Miniature Pinscher"???
  63. What is my dog? Whippet and what?
  64. Golden Retriever puppy losing teeth?
  65. can a 6 month old Labrador Retriever socialize with the "big" dog areas?...
  66. How can i get my 7 wk old pomeranian puppy to sleep in her own doggy bed...
  67. Eskies?? American Eskimo Dogs??
  68. dog breeds, opinions? American Allaunt, Dogo Argentino?
  69. How do I train my Newfoundland to get her leash by herself?
  70. Any dog allergy sufferers with poodles ?
  71. Do you see any Shiba Inu in my dog?
  72. What aussiebum boxer de chose?
  73. she is a 3 year old chihuahua?
  74. How much do you feed a american bulldog?
  75. Why do French Bulldog puppy's cost 4 times the price of a Pug puppy?
  76. Pregnant Lhasa Apso sleeping.....?
  77. my toy poodle is pooping blood help!?
  78. where can i find a basenji?
  79. I want to get a Great Pyrenees dog......tips?
  80. help descirbe a bichon frise?
  81. pekingese..................?
  82. When can i give my toy poodle a bath?
  83. what kind of tricks can i teach my dachshund?
  84. Bloodhound Gang (((:?
  85. Can A Saint Bernard Survive In Hot Temperature.?
  86. Should I neuter my Pomeranian?
  87. Breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  88. lhasa apso jekyll and hyde?
  89. German Shepherd Dog, Pampanga Breeders...?
  90. basset hound training?
  91. I have a question about breeding...Dalmatian Dwarf Hamsters?
  92. SHould we get another dog for our Miniature schnauzer?
  93. do staffordshire bull terriers make good pets?
  94. im thinking of getting a boxer-saint bernard mix..?
  95. Price of Yorkshire Terrier puppies, Essex UK?
  96. American Eskimo vs Samoyed?
  97. Any tips I should know about Tibetan Spaniels?
  98. I am looking for american bulldog owners to answer some questions I have. ?
  99. Which filter should I use to snap a white poodle in b&b film?
  100. 15 101 dalmatian names?
  101. My great dane's teeth?
  102. i have a 6 yr old bullmastiff bitch who id due in season.will she come on
  103. My Pekingese is growling and barking at me what should i do?
  104. Does anyone know of American Eskimo Dog breeders?
  105. How do I convince my dad to get me a dog (german shepherd puppy)?
  106. Anyone in Washington selling mini english bulldogs?
  107. Does my dog look like a Finnish Spitz to you?
  108. Great Dane with Diarrhea?
  109. Native American Indian Dog good for allergies!?!?
  110. My boxer dog is too excited by my new puppy and is not eatingt or
  111. What do you think of the Weimaraner Breed for a dog?
  112. My pug is 4 months old and his skin is getting worse. eats royal canine,
  113. how much exercise is too much for a newfoundland dog?
  114. My 3 year old female great dane hasn't come into heat and i've had her in with the
  115. What are the differences between a Pomeranian and American Eskimo Dog?
  116. If 2 white German Shepherd Dogs mated and had puppies would all the puppies be white?
  117. My chihuahua doesn't burrow under blankets and whines a lot?
  118. Cute/cool miniature Schnauzer name?
  119. How can I stop my one year old Golden Retriever from chewing my shoes?
  120. What are some fun things i can do with my Chihuahua?
  121. How do I prepare an Australian Shepherd for a dog show?
  122. What is your experience with chihuahuas?
  123. Pembroke Welsh Corgi! Couple of QUESTIONS need answering! (10 pts. will be given)?
  124. How do I make chow mein minus the MSG?
  125. What do I feed my great dane?
  126. My 7 month old whippet is taking Metacam for a pulled muscle. Is it safe
  127. My Schnauzer is shedding a lot?
  128. Are German Shepherds and other breeds Wolf-Dog Hybrid?
  129. Dog Question (Lhasa Apso)?
  130. weimaraner, sick dog?
  131. how can i house break a papillon 5 month old puppy?
  132. can pugs stay in a cage for 8 hours.?
  133. Fall is coming that means my Great Dane is going to have great big messing paw...
  134. boxers???? what should i do?
  135. Poll/survey: Who has The Highest IQ, Brittany Or Lindsey L?
  136. Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever or Crossbreed of the two?
  137. Is Brittany Spears performing at the vmas on mtv?
  138. should my 6 week old american bulldog be growling while playing whith my 1...
  139. are king charles spaniels?
  140. American Bulldog Training?
  141. Breed in the family as the Saint Bernard???
  142. bichon frise training?
  143. Can I cut a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's coat short so he will look like a puppy?
  144. 10 week old picky eater toy poodle ?
  145. Does anyone know where I can find a Boston/Jack Russell Terrier mix?
  146. I'm trying to find a Maltese cross Yorkshire terrier breeder in Melbourne,...
  147. My Shih Tzu is in heat and a Maltese got her. What to do?
  148. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel??
  149. how much are staffordshire bull terriers worth?
  150. How much will my pomeranian weigh? He's Sleeping alot.?
  151. What should I call my black miniature schnauzer?
  152. I'm 15, male and I want to try on my dad's silk boxer shorts?
  153. how are schnauzer dogs for pets?
  154. anyone know where to find beagle puppies for sale in maine?
  155. home made drag/lure for greyhound?
  156. Question about a Jack Russell terrier?
  157. Miniature Pinscher uterus lumps?
  158. I rescued a German Shorthaired Pointer. On walks, she often runs ahead
  159. How many times should a great dane eat per day?
  160. How can i stop my papillon from chewing on everything?
  161. Super shy mastiff girl?
  162. Is it true what CA Sen. boxer said tonight about Alaska?
  163. My 3 year old Border collie dog is completely freaked out by fire works & loud
  164. Our collie is loosing weight and has constant diarrhea now..what can we do?
  165. My 2 boxer 9 week old Boxer rescues have Parvo. We are on day 3 of treatment.
  166. What age can a male border collie mate?
  167. My little 7 yr. old poodle and my 7month ?
  168. Where is the bloodhound placed in the order of acceptance?
  169. How is the Presa Canarios temperament vs. Dogo Argentino?
  170. help poodle grabbed by pit bull in neck?
  171. 8 year old Labrador Retriever has dime size bubble on foot that appears to be a
  172. German Shepherd Dog help. Strange behavior?
  173. Please recommend a good/cute dog breed? Beagle or Jack russel?
  174. do you think a shar pei..?
  175. guys : brittany murphy or britney spears now?
  176. looking to buy myself staffordshire bull terrier was wondering how much do...
  177. I'm going blind, and I want to apply for a guard dog. And I already own a...
  178. where can i buy a border collie puppie in northants?
  179. Newfoundland owners...what should I do?
  180. Cairn Terrier Questions?
  181. I just got a pineranian today(pin-pom)Which is a min-pin pomeranian mix ?
  182. Tell me all you know about Havanese puppies?
  183. I have a Double dapple dachshund. We are possibly wanting to bread her....is...
  184. My Question about Cairn Terriers... pls answer!!?
  185. What is your favourite dog and why??? I am a big fan of Golden Retrievers and
  186. a question about english mastiffs?
  187. is there a taxi stand at the 4111 NW 27th St Miami Greyhound station?
  188. My beagle puppy has a cits right on the spot she got her 1st and 2nd temperament
  189. Letting a whippet run?
  190. SERIOUS QUESTION! should i get a male beagle or a female beagle?
  191. how long female American Staffordshire Terrier have their Cycle?
  192. I have a purebred pomeranian that is 11 weeks old and is peeing and pooping in...
  193. My Dalmatian molly was laying on the bottom with her fin curled up to her mouth,...
  194. Golden retriever barking on leash?
  195. Trojan Horse and Bloodhound.Exploit.193?
  196. What should I name my Miniature Pinscher puppy?
  197. I want to breed my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but I need an adult female...wanna help?
  198. will a king charles spaniel?
  199. What size category is my Beagle?
  200. About a feeding schedule for my Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix (pictures included)?
  201. Shih Tzu Puppies for sale?
  202. I have a Jack russell Terrier who whines all the time?
  203. Australian cattle dog in an apartment?
  204. Why does my 7 month beagle use the potty when she gets in from being outside?
  205. my pomeranian wont let me brush her hair she is year and half.?
  206. Why is there a strong smell of ammonia from my newfoundland?
  207. getting rid of rhodesian ridgeback mix?
  208. How many Australian Cattle dogs are owned in the united states?
  209. My 10 yr 9 mo old Lab/Golden Retriever who has Arthritis very bad has a hematomo
  210. why do my french bulldogs fight
  211. My 3 year old Basset Hound rolls in dirt after giving her a good bath?
  212. My 8 month golden retriever has a big bump on her nose. Will this go down or
  213. Canada Used to have one of the best fishing grounds in the world off of...
  214. What is the average price of a toy poodle?
  215. Is it ok to give a 3 week old rottweiler puppy yogurt?and how much?
  216. My bullmastiff's coat looks like swiss cheese?
  217. i want a chihuahua like coco of that's so raven any ideas where i can get...
  218. so uh...english mastiff and food?
  219. How do I know if my 37 weeks old chihuahua is pregnant?
  220. I'm thinking about breeding my male Saint Bernard...?
  221. Where can i find n inepensive toy poodle?
  222. how to make a greyhound drag?
  223. Which dog do you guys prefer Jindo or Shiba Inu?
  224. For people who own/have owned/know people who have owned Shetland Sheepdogs?
  225. I switched my french bulldog to Natual Balance lamb and rice.?
  226. Advice on getting 2 Weimaraner puppies?
  227. Are there different types of beagles?
  228. Black Lab/Basenji mix?
  229. Greyhound bus stops in ontario?
  230. Is he a Lhasa Apso? (pic included)?
  231. What is a better dog bichon frise or american eskimo dog?
  232. Why does my pomeranian dog "sable" lay on her side and do some type of
  233. How do I train my 21 week old border collie to be with our new chickens without
  234. How much would it cost to send a snowboard from Newfoundland to Edmonton?
  235. I have a female miniature pinscher and she has developed a bald spot on her back...
  236. Labrador Retriever rescue near Mississippi area?
  237. Are Pit Bull Terriers more vicious than other breeds of dog? ?
  238. Belgian malinois that is up for adoption?
  239. teacup yorkie (yorkshire terrier) puppy? looking for a breeder?
  240. american staffordshire terrier owners plz read?
  241. Is a 2-mile walk too much for a miniature Dachshund?
  242. Poodle at 5 months? Please help me!!?
  243. how can I stop my german shepherd from barking a other dogs?
  244. Does any one know of an Akita Inu breeder in the USA?
  245. Golden Retrievers...?
  246. Breeder of Affenpinscher & or Shih Tzu & or English Bulldog, prices under
  247. Adult Cairn terrier who still occasionally pees in the house - what can I do to
  248. how much fluid should come out of a shih-tzu's anal glands?
  249. Is it rude to ask someone to change seats on a greyhound so you can sit with
  250. Boarder collie problems!!! HELP?