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  1. I need to fly from CA to FL with a 1 yr old 50 lb golden retriever - which airline...
  2. where can i get turkish kangal dog in UK? ?
  3. Bathing my Komondor?
  4. How Much And What Should I Feed My Lhasa Apso A Day?
  5. Predict Score: Queretaro vs. Indios Chihuahua?
  6. my 4 month bull terrier is sick?
  7. how can i train my 10month old chihuahua how to sit and other cool stuff?
  8. lhasa apso... is she too active?
  9. Our Shiba Inu is lazy and aggressive. What do I do?
  10. For the past 2 months, My boyfriend and I have been spoon feeding our 1 year old
  11. Who's your favorite boxer?
  12. boxer brief wedgy.....................?
  13. Am I making my Rottweiler puppies too kind?
  14. My Chihuahua died, what did it Die from?
  15. Is my Chihuahua the actual size of a pure chihuahua?
  16. help with puppy!!!papillon?
  17. Do you let your weimaraner sleep in the bed with you?
  18. Papillon or Pomeranian?
  19. How do i stop my golden retriever jumping up while she is being walked?
  20. My Siberian Husky Won't Eat?
  21. Chihuahua - lead or harness?
  22. Information of Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  23. My dog is a year old, he is a male yorkshire terrier, and he has awful breathe.
  24. About Siberian Husky and Samoyed? ?
  25. Doberman puppy and Old English Sheepdog puppy?
  26. Help! any of you know where to get a staff bull terrier? ***PLEASE ANSWER***?
  27. French Bulldogs in CT?
  28. Travel Via Rail Train or Greyhound Bus cross-canada?
  29. Where can i find a cheap poodle skirt ?
  30. Why is the Bullmastiff considered to be the number one Guard dog:-?
  31. What puppy food would u recommend for my lhasa apso puppy?I STAY IN INDIA?
  32. Liver spotted dalmatian name- Pluto or domino?
  33. female american bulldog?
  34. My beagle is very ill. Help! Vet doesn't know what it is!?
  35. My Rhodesian Ridgeback is 10 years old.....?
  36. SHIH TZU do you think this is a purebred puppy?
  37. Are english cocker spaniels fragile dogs?
  38. emergency pug question?
  39. Help! I canīt think of a name for my black miniature poodle puppy!?
  40. Schnauzers Questions?
  41. Is my dog a Skye Terrier?
  42. Question about my rottweiler puppy?
  43. Staffordshire Bull Terriers?
  44. My lhasa apso being left alone!?
  45. HELP...my 6 month old lhasa apso got neutered today...?
  46. how many calories in chicken chow mein from the chinese takeaway?
  47. Pit bull Terrier and Great Pyrenees Mix?
  48. Do boxers ''damage'' your scrotum?
  49. the pros and cons of a dogo argentino?
  50. Why does my beagle seem to get along with all breeds but her own?
  51. what size should a boxer's tail be?
  52. WHAT do i need,& HOW do i do it 2 help my (CHIHUAHUA) have her pups?
  53. how much exercise does a brittany spaniel need?
  54. English Setter heath?
  55. Is there a difference between the pekingese and pekinese dog name?
  56. cute names for a border Collie puppy ?
  57. what are the wrinkles in an english bulldog for?
  58. are Chihuahuas good with kids also ?
  59. i dont get it, why is chinatown bus so much cheaper than greyhound?
  60. Is there a harness that is made just for dachshunds because of their broad
  61. At what age does a labrador retriever reach full size?
  62. what is cuter a basset hound or a golden retriver?
  63. Which should I get english bulldog,french bulldog,american bulldog,boxer or golden
  64. can a Weimaraner Puppy be able to be train to like other pets as family?
  65. How to get my Finnish Spitz mix to stop being so aggressive with Pit Bull Puppy.?
  66. Poll- Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward island, or Quebec?
  67. what are some good food to feed a toy poodle?
  68. I have 2 pug male brother puppies they wont stop fighting?
  69. What Should I Pick Out Of These 3 Names For My Male Chihuahua?
  70. what basic supplies does a toy poodle need?
  71. i will be staying at Holiday Inn , Midtown and will be arriving by greyhound in...
  72. I Have A 3 Year Old Neutered Male Chihuahua. . . .but . . . .?
  73. why wont my boxer eliminate outside.?
  74. What possible illness or disease could this english bulldog have if any?
  75. Shiba Inu Ate Chocolate?
  76. Is my puppy a Skye Terrier?
  77. why doesnt my chihuahua spend time with me?
  78. What is the breed of dog that looks just like a Keeshond, but has the
  79. Best Dog Food For Shiba Inu?
  80. Imagine if politicians were Pro Wrestlers/UFC Fighters/Boxers, what would be their...
  81. I have an important question about a puppy...english mastiff?
  82. when does a silky terrier usually changes its coat color?
  83. boxer/bulldog question?
  84. My chihuahua ???? ?
  85. Lhasa Apso Help???????????
  86. will my staffy/collie cross look....................?
  87. Is it possible to train a 2 1/2 year old bull-mastiff ,who hates cats, to leave...
  88. My dogs favorite film is 101 Dalmatians is it normal or really
  89. Names for a female harlequin Great Dane?
  90. My Pekingese is mean and bites me.?
  91. Best Dog For Me...Maybe a Pug?
  92. lurcher cross collie pup?
  93. how can i stop my border collie biting? ?
  94. Can I take a Pembroke Welsh Corgi jogging?
  95. another whippet for my 5 month old whippet?
  96. Jack Russell Terrier HELP! 10 points!!!!?
  97. American Bulldog adoption?
  98. My 9 month bichon frise has been scratching his ears, ?
  99. I am buying a crate for my Lhasa Apso Puppy. I want it to be big enough
  100. does any one have pics of a english bulldog pitbull mix?
  101. What should I name my Shiba Inu?
  102. Why do guys always have there boxers hanging out?
  103. where to get a Norfolk Terrier from ?
  104. Norm Chow vs Gus Malzahn...?
  105. Shiba inu owners, or experts on shiba inu...?
  106. Help With My Lhasa Apso?
  107. Help me name our new bichon frise puppy!?
  108. my beagle has sores on his paws help?
  109. Adult pug has started soiling her crate!!!?
  110. Just Got A Basenji (5 Months)?
  111. my Pekingese went into my neighbors yard and they have a basset, he's a boy
  112. I am looking for a good Mini Dachshund breeder. Does anyone know of any. NO PUPPY...
  113. Companion for Dachshund?
  114. Does anyone else think English bulldogs are lump of genetic soup and a inhumane
  115. Who would win: a top, professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter against a top...
  116. Are Boxer briefs good?
  117. Should the wife and I adopt a 13 yr old Welsh Corgi mix?
  118. I need a name for a buff colored pomeranian?
  119. Brittany Apartments, St. Charles, mn near Rochester!!!!!!HHEELLPP!!!?
  120. Good name for a female Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  121. Why does my 2 year old Lab/Chow male dog only growl at my 13 year old daughter?
  122. Any Pembroke Welsh Corgi owners?
  123. bedlington terriers info and puppy training?
  124. My vet has suggested removing the 2 bottom canines from my 7 yr old toy poodle ?
  125. How to stop my Papillon fron peeing on the couch?
  126. Advice about Lakeland Terriers?
  127. Who would win: a top, professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter against a top...
  128. What is my pug mixed with?
  129. Chows and other long-haired dogs...?
  130. What is the monthly expense of having a dog like a Maltese or a shih tzu?
  131. Why won't my mastiff puppy eat? She is almost three months old and has to...
  132. Lhasa Apso puppy-dog?
  133. My Staffordshire Bull Terrier Is Having Leg Problems! Any Advice?
  134. what's the best way to get from St. John's Newfoundland Canada to New York City?
  135. What's a unique name for a male Rottweiler?
  136. Pug Problems: name-a-thon...?
  137. Beagle training. Help!?
  138. At what age do Jack Russell terriers settle down and so full of energy?
  139. im looking for an american bulldog?
  140. Is a Golden Retriever a Good Family Dog?
  141. i need help finding a puppy (west highland white terrier)?
  142. Is it possible my Great Dane has pyrometra????? O_O?
  143. Shar-pei skin problem?
  144. my pug puppies wont stop fighting, i have tried bitter apple spray?
  145. Anyone have advice on Jack Russell Terriers?
  146. Is it possible to get a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog in Australia?
  147. What age does an English Cocker Spaniel become an adult?
  148. Who agrees that the Siberian Husky is the MOST BEAUTIFUL DOG, EVER?!?
  149. How old do Silky Terriers have to be before they can start breeding?
  150. Tips on Yorkshire Terriers?
  151. Guest messed up my Boxer?
  152. English bulldog or american bulldog ?
  153. My chihuahua has been losing weight?
  154. unfrtunatly our saint bernard passed away of old age. Any ideas of what...
  155. My 9 yr old Jack Russell and yr old Cairn terrier have just started fighting...
  156. info on papillon dogs and pomeranians? ?
  157. Shar-Pei not eating, please help?
  158. What Is price for a mini Dachshund?PLZ HELP!?
  159. how early can you breed a rottweiler?
  160. Brittany Spears' lip gloss?
  161. The Players Might as Well Play In Boxer, Agree or Disagree?
  162. If I were to get a beagle>?
  163. Questions about Boxer from beginner dog owner?
  164. Where do i find the best golden retriever breeder in the north texas area?
  165. Should I adopt a Bloodhound?
  166. Need help with mens underwear (guys who wear boxer briefs)?
  167. Just got a new Chihuahua, I need a name!?
  168. Bull Terrier Pups Questions?
  169. How Much Would You Pay For Pedigree Yorkshire Terrier Pups?
  170. biscon caliver king charles spaniel are they?
  171. bullmastiff info please?
  172. my toy poodle is sick?
  173. My beagle has suddenly become fearful and scared when we go for walks and even
  174. I live in South Korea (Osan Air Base) and want to add a Yorkshire Terrier (or
  175. any one know where i can get a collar for my rottweiler?
  176. do you think pitt bull terriers are ugly?
  177. Where to adopt or buy for cheap price a puppy Boston Terrier in or near Troy,Al?
  178. what breed is better a bichon frise, a toy poodle, or a minature poodle?
  179. Boston terrier that has started biting and needs to stop?
  180. Are there any hotel chains that allow two dogs in the rooms? I've got a jack...
  181. Can my Pug have demonic spirits inside of her? Help!!!?
  182. Ninten Dogs Dachshund and friends?
  183. Can you take a chihuahua jogging with you?
  184. I need a name for my border collie puppy.?
  185. My bullmastiff always looks sad, what can I do to make him look more happy?
  186. Do Bull Mastiffs and Rhodesian Ridgebacks usually get along?
  187. Which is better for a 3 year old, a beagle, a Jack Russel or neither?
  188. Greater swiss mountain dogs,Question?
  189. did brittany spears?????
  190. How do you know if your Labrador Retriever is a full blood?
  191. I cant decide whether to get a Whippet or Greyhound? ?
  192. How did you feel about brittany getting video of the year?
  193. Sick female bull terrier following desexing?
  194. How to tell if hand has a boxers (brawlers) fracture?
  195. Is the american eskimo dog a good dog to buy?
  196. My 15 week old papillon has roundworms!?
  197. My neighbor's dalmatian mix dog growled and barked at me when I tried to talk
  198. Is this a Papillon or mix?
  199. Is this a am.bulldog or a white boxer (pic included)?
  200. how much is the maximum a mastiff can cost?
  201. Good male english bulldog name?
  202. chow aggression can it be changed ?
  203. would you like to adopt a greyhound in the uk? if so, read this!!?
  204. Does it seem like Brittany only won the VMA's out of pure pitty?
  205. My 5 mo. old Komondor is starting to get mats on his legs and beard. Do I brush
  206. My neighbor just got a Cane Corso Mastiff puppy. Should I be concerned?
  207. Have you ever had or do you have a Shetland Sheepdog? Do you know someone...
  208. About my pregnant Chihuahua....?
  209. Do you breed a schnoodle with another schnoodle? OR poodle, or Schnauzer??
  210. help puupie help shes a papillon 2 moths and two weeks?
  211. should i get a shih tzu, chihuahua or a toy poodle?
  212. I have 2 dogs a newfoundland and a husky the newfoundland growls at my husky...
  213. The Person Next to Brittany Spears at the VMA's?
  214. Would you let your Border Collie suffer or would you find a new home where she
  215. Does anyone know where to find a reputable whippet breeder in Melbourne,
  216. 9 week old whippet wont stop whining?
  217. Have you had experience owning Airedale Terriers?
  218. i am looking for a english bulldog runt!!?
  219. My chow mix just attacked my bernese again, but waited till I turned my back?
  220. How big does a miniature pinscher get?
  221. whats the difference in english cocker spaniels and american?
  222. Why does my French Bulldog lay on his back so often? ?
  223. Can a bichon frise sleep outside?
  224. Poll: Samoyed or Husky?
  225. What to name male Red/White Shiba Inu?
  226. miniature pinscher puppy names?
  227. my american bulldog is having issues...?
  228. how much does it cost (in Ģ) for me to have my pug neutered?
  229. Any good Names? Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies?
  230. Will the Native Americans vote for McCain-Palin because Palin's husband is...
  231. I just bought an american pit bull terrier...?
  232. Bringing a Boxer puppy into the family with a Min Pin who thinks he's the...
  233. My 4 mth old Pomeranian bites only when he is on leash playing in the...
  234. How do I get my cat and my new 10 mth chow chow mix to get along?
  235. I Recently Got A Shar-pei Mixed Puppy... How Do I Take Care Of His Rolls And...
  236. Doberman and Saint Bernard??
  237. Is it okay to feed Great Danes and Mastiffs on...?
  238. what is the appropiate size and weight for a 5 months old female american
  239. Problems with my Jack Russell Terrier....?
  240. Any ideas on wat my chow is mixed with?
  241. Where can i find bull terrier puppies for sale in Los Angeles?
  242. Is a border collie right for me?
  243. from where can i get a white doberman pinscher?
  244. My shih tzu sucks and chews on her feet mainly the rear, no odd smell. Seems like
  245. Is there a Brussels Griffon web group?
  246. do you like bloodhound gang?
  247. Miniature schnauzers and allergies?
  248. golden retriever or border collie?
  249. .How much excersize does a cairn terrier need?
  250. Im wanting a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy...tips?