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  1. I want to learn how to do the Lutz, Axel, Sal-chow any kinda of jump really with out
  2. Do boxers have better fitness levels than footballers?
  3. What to name pomeranian?
  4. Any Dachshund owners find that their "low-riders" tend to get a lot of...
  5. Are there differences in temperament between the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the
  6. My new puppy pomeranian?
  7. Will my shih tzu/pug mixes hair grow?
  8. How do I train my dominant english bulldog?
  9. Weight of a dachshund?
  10. does anybody know anybody who wants to buy a brown poodle?
  11. Is Pinhead Palin more like a poodle than a pitbull?
  12. How to treat Shih Tzu Arthritis?
  13. Please Help Potty Training A 31/2 Month Old Boxer?
  14. Julius Francis(BOXER) ?
  15. Hello, please help. My chihuahua. . . seizure?
  16. beagle being sold for free?
  17. I just bought a pair of tight jeans and my boxers are to baggy, what type and brand
  18. I want to file a lawsuit against the Greyhound Bus Lines. I don't have an
  19. Smallest species chihuahua?
  20. Aggression over bones, food, and toys? ( my poodle)?
  21. How much will a 2 pound 8 week old chihuahua weigh full grown?
  22. Brittany electricity pylons ?
  23. does anyone know about pure bread pomeranian breeders with a female pomeranian with
  24. Holloween costumes for mastiffs?
  25. i want a english bulldog i have ?
  26. Should I get my 3 Year old Pomeranian a playmate?
  27. housebroken pomeranian pup suddenly peeing everywhere?
  28. We had to give our Golden Retriever away because he has bitten my children 4 times,
  29. I have a 6 mth old toy poodle that has never been crate trained, when i...
  30. Boxer Brief .Boxer .Thong or ?
  31. English Bulldog Puppy?
  32. Why does my Pug drool when she poops?
  33. I saw a dog which resembles a German Shepperdog, but it has short hair with
  34. I have a 4 months old 1/2 boxer & 1/2 black lab...?
  35. What do you think of english pointers?
  36. standard poodle verse golden retriever?
  37. Bassent Houndu Schnauzer?
  38. What should i do about my 4 month old pomeranian?
  39. What song was playing when brittany spears got her award?
  40. positives/negitives of dipping and being a boxer?
  41. Brittany Murphy's hair in the movie 'Love and Other Disasters'...?
  42. My boxer dog and rain?
  43. pug trouble breathing?
  44. Is the Boxer (dog) a good dog for kids?
  45. Does my Pitt Bull look like he's mixed with Dalmatian? Link?
  46. I'm getting two beagles what should i name them?
  47. fawn bullmastiff pup female ?
  48. Why does my dachshund always roll on back and urinate?
  49. Adopting A Beagle....?
  50. What is the biological classification of a golden retriever?
  51. My 7 month old chihuahua has suddenly stopped using her litter box.?
  52. what should i know before getting a border collie?
  53. My poodles have become aggressive towards each other. What can I do before one
  54. Why hasn't my pomeranian grown his hair?
  55. What are some good boy chihuahua names, (named after alcohol/mixd drinks?) ?
  56. S.O.S. This question is for vets or the like. My pug threw-up outside this morning,
  57. Are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels aggressive?
  58. Briefs or Boxer Briefs?
  59. will my border collie get along?
  60. West Highland White Terriers? look here if you know anything about them please.?
  61. A question about pugs health?
  62. does any one have a golden retriever for sale?
  63. Napolean Complex in Mini Schnauzer?
  64. Can i give my beagle a half a pill to prevent and to treat heartworm ?
  65. ever seen a pouting chihuahua?
  66. should i wear thongs, briefs, or boxers?
  67. My 5 month pomeranian has lots of hair but is not furry?
  68. skinny jeans- boxers styles/colours tips needed?
  69. I'm looking for a good place to check out pomeranian pup's in ARIZONA?
  70. Do you think Brittany Desirved It?
  71. Where to find fully trained German Shepherd or Golden Retriever in California?
  72. What collars look best on Doberman Pinschers?
  73. where to buy a cheap chihuahua?
  74. PUG Question!PLEASE ANWSER!?
  75. How much bigger should my german shepherd/chow chow mix get?
  76. How do I teach my 9 mth old shih tzu to potty ouside, after being able to use...
  77. What kind of different sizes of Boxers (dogs) are there?
  78. How long before my Pug gets back to normal?
  79. Have you an explanation for my chihuahua's odd appetite?
  80. Baby pug has breathing problems and may die!!! Help!?
  81. I have a pregnat chihuahua and what do I have to do when she goes into labor?
  82. Doberman or English Bulldog?
  83. 14 year old male seeking bulldog or beagle?
  84. Cairn terriers??????????????????????
  85. What should I name my black and white male border collie he's three mths?
  86. Issues with Boxer Beagle mix?
  87. I have an Olde English Bulldog that I want to breed? ?
  88. Is my boxer sick? He's making a weird noise..?
  89. Brittany (Bretange) Information?
  90. My 9 month old Boxer/Mastiff mix has started chewing inappropriately! He has eaten...
  91. What type of dog looks like a Doxie (dachshund) but has longer legs?
  92. Why do my schnauzers scratch themselves so much? ?
  93. What are the best boxers for a man?
  94. American Cocker Spaniel Service Dog?
  95. Where can I get custom printed flannel boxers?
  96. My Pug/Shih tzu stinks. ?
  97. sick miniature pinscher... maybe parvo?
  98. How to become a better boxer boxing?
  99. My Boxer has a lump on his leg, any advice?
  100. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross with a minature poodle?
  101. Plese Help! Question about heat in boxer?
  102. My Weird Dachshund...?
  103. Pug Names .. Anyone know of some cute / silly pug names ?
  104. My Mastiff killed my Min Pin and I don't know what to do, I think it was an
  105. For beagle families only! please?
  106. I am buying a boxer puppy and i was wondering...?
  107. Bretange (Brittany) Facts?
  108. I need a very warm winter coat for my dachshund. Where can I get one?
  109. Where are some Border Collie breeders in Northern California?
  110. what is brittany byrnes fan mail adress?
  111. my pug is very stinky i bath her 3x a week?
  112. Is it normal to see a greyhounds ribs, spine, and hip bones?
  113. 5 month old pomeranian potty training problems?
  114. American Cocker Spaniel Service Dog?
  115. Considering getting a beagle.?
  116. Will 3 Year Old Black Lab Get Along With Shih Tzu Puppy?
  117. i need a lakeland terrier cuddly toy making?
  118. I am sat here in boxer shorts?
  119. boxer bitch seperates one pup from the rest of the litter?
  120. tips on running faster(sprinting) and good running men's gear (shoes, socks,
  121. What is wrong with Purina Puppy Chow?
  122. I mean is my shih tzu dumb or stuborn?
  123. Border Collie, aggression issues keeping him from agility, children and crowds?
  124. While I wasn’t home, my niece slapped my German shepherd dog on his ear so it...
  125. American Bulldog Menancing Bark From Within Yard - Do you know the laws or
  126. Boston Terrier Question?
  127. what should i name my beagle? (boy,or girl)?
  128. My Chihuahua puppies are 6 1/2 weeks old, can they be without mom?
  129. Does anyone know the World Record for Fattest Chihuahua?
  130. What should I name my White/Cream Pomeranian Pup?
  131. My very large Rottweiler just farted and it stunk up the whole living room. ?
  132. Girls wearing guy boxers?
  133. Looking for a flat-coated retriever near Rochester,NY. Hoping for adult dog,
  134. my shar pei is extremely possessive of my daughter help!?
  135. Best mp3 player for a boxer?
  136. What does a Bichon Frise / Shih Tzu mix look like as an adult?
  137. We have just got a pug puppy,it is just 1 month and a few days old.how to make a...
  138. i have a dog- bichon frise to be exact?
  139. golden retriever care?
  140. Would a yorkie get along with a standard poodle?
  141. Yorkshire Terrier Questions! It's worth TEN POINTS!?
  142. 5 month old pomeranian behavior problems?
  143. How much does it cost to get a chihuahua puppy his shots?
  144. I was thinking of trying to get a scottish terrier?
  145. How can I stop my adopted 6 month old Great Pyrenees from eating my sofa?
  146. How big do shiba inu's get?
  147. Do most rottweiler's have sensitive skin and stomaches?
  148. Where do i get a toy poodle?
  149. I have a 6mnth old boxer with IBS. I have tried differant diets and vets...
  150. Lab rottweiler mix how big as an adult?
  151. How much should a 12 week old boxer (male) weigh?
  152. I lost a bet & have to run across the quad in my boxers,but my friend Jess
  153. How can i stop my pug from going into the road?
  154. We have a sick 6 day old mini dachshund. ?
  155. How do you breed beagles?
  156. What is A poodle and a Collie mix called?
  157. I have 3 wonderful boxers that I love to death but?
  158. Am I going to be the strongest Boxer?
  159. Aren't Most Boxers Gay??
  160. Do Shiba Inu's and Rottweiler's get along?
  161. What should I dress my chihuahua up as?
  162. I'm having trouble bathing my 5mon Saint Bernard...?
  163. do you think having a golden retriever is good idea?!?
  164. I want to breed my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but I need an adult female...wanna help?
  165. How much should a 12 week old boxer (male) weigh?
  166. Does anyone have a shar-pei?
  167. Looking for dog snowsuits to fit 2 English Springer Spaniels?
  168. American Cocker Spaniel ?
  169. rehoming retired greyhounds question ?
  170. How do I get my 1.5 year old boxer female to quit trying to interfere with me
  171. What would a Minature Schnauzer X Yorkie terrier look like?
  172. I shot a crossbow at my neighbor's chihuahua because it barked...?
  173. Blood in my mini dachshunds urine....?
  174. are beagles hyper dogs?
  175. Do you think she is fullbreed beagle? with pics?
  176. Buying a pug puppie, what should i look for?
  177. Should I get a beagle?
  178. Looking for a Boston Terrier Pup or young Adult in MA?
  179. What is the price range for Chihuahuas?
  180. Which one Poodle or Maltese?
  181. How can I get my portuguese water dog to not fear my car?
  182. Dog owners please HELP? How do i train my Toy Poodle?
  183. Bernese Mountain Dog - macabre questions?
  184. how to stop my silky terrier from incessant barking?
  185. Pomeranian peeing alot would this help?
  186. Wanted a Giant schnauzer?
  187. im looking for a pug breeder in the tri-state area?
  188. I want to get a dachshund, but there are so many types! Which one do I pick?
  189. boxers or briefs? (men only)?
  190. My New Chihuahua !!!!!!!!!?
  191. I found this chihuahua who turned out to be pregnant..She ended up having a C
  192. is it okay to give my ferrets a little bit of kitten chow?
  193. Should i wear boxers to the camp residential trip?
  194. What would be a good Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute male name?
  195. Beagle with behavioral problems?
  196. How much should I feed my golden retriever pup and how often?
  197. how long do west highland white terriers take to grow to adulthood?
  198. my weimaraner almost bit someone today... what should i do to prevent her...
  199. What can I do about my golden retriever?
  200. what do you need to get when you first get a dog ie american hairless terrier?
  201. Sick 5 month old Boxer - wont eat or drink and vomits yellow Flem?
  202. Vizsla, Vizsla, Vizsla?
  203. Name suggestions for my pomeranian poodle?
  204. How Do I Get My Collie to Stop Wiping Herself On The Furniture After A Bath?
  205. How come professional boxers don't compete in Olympics?
  206. which of these collars (link below) are the best size for a staffordshire
  207. Golden Retriever... Help!!?
  208. How much should puppies weigh at 4 weeks, American Cocker Spaniels?
  209. How do ppl who have female indoor dogs (like Yorke's or poodles)?
  210. So if a Basset Hound were hitting on you and?
  211. Scottish Terrier on Lady and the Tramp?
  212. what causes my pomeranian to cough so much lately?
  213. My mother has a golden retriever and he had ear problem. Is the vet right?
  214. What can I do about my shih tzu scratching all the time?
  215. Has anyone litter trained a Chihuahua?
  216. Question about Siberian Husky?
  217. What is wrong with my chihuahua?
  218. How serious is tight lip syndrome for a shar pei?
  219. What are the behavior differances between the genders in a tibetan terrier?
  220. how old does my chow need to be before I can breed her (safely for her
  221. My Beagle recently showed aggression toward children?
  222. advice for training Boxer pup?
  223. My 13 month male Chihuahua keeps mounting my 15 month male Japanese Chin...HELP!?
  224. Does anyone in Las Vegas want a 3yr old Chihuahua?
  225. How can I stop my beagle's aggressive behavior?
  226. What is is like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  227. exercising a whippet ?
  228. Please help with chihuahua names? ?
  229. Beagle name???????????
  230. What Should I Name My Male Chihuahua Out Of These Names?
  231. what does blue-eye Siberian Husky mixed with black-eye Alaska Husky look...
  232. Siberian Husky Question!!!!!?
  233. Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in rescued greyhounds ?
  234. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is on heat when is the best time for
  235. why is my pomeranian puppy vomitting foam?
  236. Question about my miniature dachshund.....any help would be great!!!?
  237. Allergies and Shiba Inu?
  238. Would u rather of seen Brittany Spears the VMA with a performance rather...
  239. Beagle Rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  240. I think something is really wrong with my Boston Terrier.?
  241. How do you protect yourself from roving packs of Chihuahua's ?
  242. Doberman pinscher right dog for me?
  243. Help Me FInd a Site for Toy Poodles?
  244. What is wrong with my Italian Greyhound?
  245. OK, this is a long one so bare with me. My Chihuahua has stopped eating and is...
  246. Poodle mix? Please advice, thanks!?
  247. Help me with my shih tzu?
  248. What can I do for my Boston Terrier ?
  249. I need everything on Papillons!?
  250. My dachshund ate silica!?