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  1. Best shampoo for a Great Dane puppy?
  2. Boston Terrier breeders?
  3. OK, my chow/ husky mix is driving me insane. ?
  4. Names for a female poodle?
  5. Poll: Do you like English Bulldogs?
  6. What can I do to stop my 2 chihuahuas from peeing on things left in the floor?
  7. Is it Normal for my Border Collie to stay up late at night crying and...
  8. Why does my golden retriever spin in circles until his food dish is set in front
  9. Does 44lbs. sound a little heavy for a four month old old?e english bulldog?
  10. Is Smiley Miley Cyrus A Vanessa Or A Brittany?
  11. Boxer seperation anxiety?
  12. I have a jack russell terrier...?
  13. Shoulder shrugs for somebody that is a boxer?
  14. How long will it take for my Yorkshire Terrier to use his leg after his luxating
  15. Advice on raising border collie/sheltie puppies?
  16. American, English, or what breed of Bulldog has the best temperament?
  17. Fur Shedding on a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  18. Can My 1 yr old Boxer eat jicama?
  19. Dachshunds in new jersey?
  20. My newly adopted Saint Bernard attacked my other animals...Help!?
  21. Snow trip with Boxer? 10 PTS?!?!?!?!?
  22. Has anyone ever bread a Labrador-Retriever mix with a Pit Bull-Boxer mix?
  23. can you breed a pure male French bulldog mixed with a pit bull? ?
  24. I want to make a doggy diaper for my Silky Terrier. Anyone know where to find...
  25. I have a 10 month old Great Dane that I am having trouble keeping weight on her.?
  26. what if my chihuahua ate sudafed?
  27. is my chihuahua rare?
  28. I have a 7yr old Boston Terrier female that was given to me by somebody off
  29. !!!dogo Argentino!!!?
  30. Is my border collie underweight?
  31. Anyone have a border collie/lab mix?
  32. Suggestions to help my Boxer pup?
  33. Dalmation Chihuahua Mix????????????
  34. My 1 year old boxer!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!?
  35. Golden Retriever dog breeders in california?
  36. my boxer is out of control?
  37. why does my chihuahua puppy whine when excited?
  38. How can I get my pug to stop "barking" all the time?
  39. Komondor x Pitbull ?????????????
  40. How to teach a pomeranian to fetch?
  41. My toy poodle puppy...?
  42. Famous people of Newfoundland?
  43. Help with a chihuahua puppy x[?
  44. are boys boxers supposed to be big on you?
  45. Do you think the back of the Greyhound bus has unloaded tonight?
  46. I have a golden retriever puppy and have a question about house training.?
  47. New Great Dane puppy issues?
  48. How to stop Shiba Inu from eating my walls.?
  49. Is my chihuahua too fat?
  50. I think this dog is lab/dachshund what do you all think?
  51. 9 month Border Collie Male?
  52. i have two modems can i still pug other things into my second?
  53. Whats wrong with my Pekingese?
  54. What color of poodles have you had and do you have a favorite color?
  55. have sharpays and boston terriers ever mixed? if so, what would they be...
  56. What is the best way to care for my pug?
  57. What names can I use for my WHITE pomeranian puppi?? ?
  58. My Golden Retriever is sick ?
  59. My Mastiff has the runs, not sure why?
  60. How much does your shih tzu or golden retriever weigh?
  61. my Chihuahua has 4 balls, is this dangerous?
  62. I want to buy an Airedale Terrier..?
  63. Good name for a chihuahua?? (pic included)?
  64. Which name do you like best? Holly Carol, Savannah (Vanna) Brittany, Ava Brittany,
  65. My 1yr old pug/boston terrier mix has peed on my mattress and it's
  66. i have a year and half old pomeranian female and we just got a eight week old
  67. Naming a chihuahua for his AKC registration....?
  68. tibetan terriers................?
  69. Should I put a collar on my 8 week old Boxer right away?
  70. My english bulldog will not eat what can i do?
  71. What is the best way to pluck a toy poodles inner ear hair?
  72. I have a teacup AKC Chihuahua pup. ?
  73. Anxiety Attacks of Boxer when we leave him alone?
  74. Does anyone know why my boxer would get a crusty ridge on the upper part of her
  75. any newfoundland breeders in austin?
  76. english springer spaniel question ?
  77. Where can I find wide-leg men's boxers?
  78. Question About My Beagle?
  79. Why does our Boxer eat grass then throw it back up?
  80. Anybody ever heard of Daddy Rabbit in Royston, GA? He trains beagles to track &...
  81. How do I teach my pomeranian to fetch?
  82. What can i do if one of my chihuahuas ears doesnt stand up, can i fix it?
  83. 8 month old Golden Retriever has a slight limp and it sounds as if his hip may be
  84. My border collie seems really scared of me at times iv never once hit her,...
  85. why are Irish Wolfhounds so short lived?
  86. whelping box for my bichon frise!?!?
  87. My 5 month old Shih Tzu adores carrots?
  88. I have a 14 week old boxer puppy with floppy ears, but they don't flop forward like
  89. 85lb Male UnNeutered Pitbull introducing to a 25lb Male Neutered...
  90. do you like brittany spears?
  91. Have you had a Poodle or Yorkie, which do you prefer of the two?
  92. idk why but i think my chihuahua is special or sumtin ?
  93. boxer dog crossed with a staffy ?
  94. would a boston terrier male and female jack russell get along?
  95. when will my chihuahua/dachsund mix be full grown? he is 5 pounds at 3 months...i...
  96. how can i train my rottweiler to obey?
  97. Chihuahua or Yorkie?! :] ?
  98. My pug is very stinky i bath her 3x a week?
  99. I am interested in breeding my dachshunds...anyone know about the process after
  100. what is the stud fee for a shih tzu?
  101. What is wrong with my Border Collie? Help!?
  102. What is causing my 9 month old boxer to scratch?
  103. I recently went to a dog shelter and adopted a bernese mountain and st.
  104. I just got a 6 week old male american bulldog and need help choosing a name....
  105. how do i go about studing my 1yr old Great Dane?
  106. German blockhead Rottweiler?
  107. I have two 14 months boxers puppy's,I have had them about ninety days,?
  108. help me find a teacup chihuahua breeder in colorado?
  109. staffordshire bull terrier puppy's testicles.?
  110. Did John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) discover modern day Newfoundland?
  111. Mastiff personality change?
  112. My sister's Pug has super brittle nails.?
  113. How long does it take a Papillon's fur to grow?
  114. I just got a puppy last week and I was told he was a min-pin pomeranian mix.?
  115. Which dog is better to get a bichon frise or bolognese?
  116. Can anyone tell me how much amoxicillan I should give a 2 day old chihuahua puppy?
  117. I have a Brussels Griffon with a strange coat....?
  118. My 6 month old poodle has 2 teeth side by side on bottom.he hasn't lost...
  119. Information on the Beagle?
  120. chihuahua puppies in san deigo?
  121. boxer dogs tail tip ?
  122. When can a boxer start being in heat (Like the months old) and how do you tell if
  123. My 5 month old chihuahua has been sick with parvo. She is still
  124. How popular are pugs?
  125. How well to Yorkshire Terriers get along with other small dogs?
  126. five weeks pregnant boxer, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!?
  127. My boxer is tender in the tail about 4 inches from his bum. Any ideas on what
  128. Welsh Corgi Question? ? ? ?
  129. my chihuahua in human years is about one years old.and i still cant get him to pee
  130. I have a problem with my labrador retriever?
  131. Is this dog a Shih Tzu?
  132. I think my basset hound is pregnant. ?
  133. I might get a Pomeranian soon and I was wondering if 5-6 hours is too long for it...
  134. Does my Great Dane have worms?
  135. Rottweiler or Bullmastiff?
  136. Boston Terrier pregnancy?
  137. POLL: does any have a jack russell terrier?
  138. Newfoundland or St Bernard? wich of this 2 dogs is better for apartment living?
  139. My Beagle ate a grasshoper?
  140. ratting with a lakeland terrier.i would like to kn?
  141. Dogo Argentino help and information?
  142. Why do people make fun of individuals from newfoundland?
  143. Do Vizsla dogs shed much?
  144. I would like to buy a shih tzu but I heard they are delicate to heat...?
  145. my great dane is panting all the time for the last week or so..he eats ok?
  146. Where Did Chihuahuas Come From?
  147. Do Chihuahuas shed much?!?
  148. What is the difference between American Staffordshire Terrier and a Pit bull?
  149. What Breeds on Nintendogs Dachshund & friends ?
  150. English mastiffs for sale or free in or near san diego?
  151. i want a pug or wenier dog?
  152. What would be a good name for our new female Welsh Corgi puppy?
  153. Does anyone have a pomeranian that acts like a ferret?
  154. Greyhound bus help please?
  155. How can I calm my Whippet Junior?
  156. Shih Tzu puppy sleeping problems?
  157. Anyone know of a reputable breeder for a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?
  158. beagles or labradors?
  159. End of my tether with aggressive shih-tzu male!!!?
  160. these 3 mexican boxers were awsome?
  161. When Should My New Chihuahua Puppise Get Their First Shots?
  162. Chihuahua Mating Stress....?
  163. How do I raise my kitten to bond with my dachshund? ?
  164. I have a 5 yr golden retriever who recently ran thru invisible fence to...
  165. Why do Border collies eat so very little?
  166. My Chihuahua Puppies are about 3 1/2 wks. with fleas?
  167. Is it true that only boxers can wear boxer underwear?
  168. My 1 year old Golden Retriever is chewing our 2 year old cherry tree, how can...
  169. URGENT! how can i potty train my chihuahua.?
  170. Help indentifying this thai boxer please..?
  172. Help with a shivering poodle?
  173. rottweiler friendly with elders, but he detests children?
  174. How often should I bath my tibetan terrier?
  175. do i look like Brittany Snow?
  176. Saint Bernard puppy-health issues?
  177. Greyhound bus help anyone? Please!?
  178. Dogs.. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel....?
  179. relish called chow chow, found at red rock springs farmers market in sedona...
  180. My shih tzu puppy has a lot of mucus, what should I do?
  181. Webkinz - pug named coco?
  182. We are going Europe for 2 weeks, can we take our pug?
  183. What are some good ways of training a boxer puppy or dog?
  184. chihuahua back legs jerking uncontrollably?
  185. Whats the name of a show where people faced pro kick boxers or stand in goal
  186. Do all yorkshire terrier dogs hair grow realy long or do they stay short?
  187. I'm not really happy with my shih tzu puppy, will he be okay if i give him up?
  188. Recipe for monkey munch/ puppy chow without peanut butter?
  189. Hey, where can u get poodle cuts for your poodle for cheap? but a good job? ?
  190. Dog Owners, Especially Jack Russell Terrier owners. What do you think they
  191. What can't poodles eat?
  192. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Q??
  193. help me with my chihuahua problems?
  194. My 2 yr old chihuahua has clear diarrhea and he's drooling- very unlikely
  195. I am having ACL surgery next week and I have a Great Dane....?
  196. Where can I buy Chihuahua cheese or Asadero cheese in the St. Louis area?
  197. My chihuahua is always excitng. ?
  198. How do I become a boxer?
  199. Why do the beards of Old English sheepdogs turn brownish in color when its
  200. Boxers or briefs.....??
  201. My chihuahua dogs in heat again and I think they tied (but she only had...
  202. Why did my 5 yr. old male boxer start urinating on furniture to mark his...
  203. Help with dog crate sizing for my Golden Retriever puppy?
  204. Any way to register with AKC if my chihuahua doenst have papers?
  205. Food for my great dane...?
  206. a question about border collies and fetch?
  207. How much do miniature poodles generally cost?
  208. sudden lethagry in a 9 week old golden retriever?
  209. why dont boxers drink Gatorade?
  210. Should I adopt a 6yr. old Saint Bernard? Please read the reason why!!?
  211. i am getting two Beagles do you like the names i have chosen?
  212. Questions About my Border Collie?
  213. Are Greyhounds good dogs?
  214. What do you think of a spiked collar on a Boston Terrier?
  215. What is the legal age to move out in Newfoundland?
  216. Questions about my Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  217. American Eskimo Breeders Please!!?
  218. Whats the best way to train miniature Dachshund puppies to tell you when
  219. how do you get a dalmation on the dachshund and Friends game for the ds?
  220. Is it true that poodles explode ?
  221. Neapolitan Mastiff. Where can I get one?
  222. Should I name my male Pug YoYo ,even though a long timt ago I had a ferret
  223. I have a 16 wk old Rhodesian Ridgeback, after she been 2 toilet outside she
  224. My 5yr old dog is a mix Bejon and pekingese. ?
  225. Beagle has a messed up tail?
  226. Boxers for a birthday gift... what do you think?
  227. How do you make chow mein with the noodles?
  228. dog websites to buy mal-shi (shih tzu crossed maltese)dogs on (UK)?
  229. Yorkshire Terriers in North Florida!?
  230. my pomeranian has green eyes and is not too fury?
  231. who are your top 10 p4p boxers of all time?
  232. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel keeps biting at her bottom?
  233. How to distract bloodhounds?
  234. beagles being given for free?
  235. 16 month old rottweiler 1 month pregnant by accident..what should we do?
  236. Why do Labrador Retrievers....?
  237. emo skinny jeans. my boxers show are they supposed to?
  238. How do i switch from boxers to breifs?
  239. how to make my Rottweiler aggressive? he is too friendly with strangers.?
  240. had a cyst removed under my boxer's tail last week. Sutures came undone next day....
  241. Orphaned Chihuahua Puppies?
  242. Mastiff has bumps all over his snout and a lump on his head??!!?
  243. Why do Chihuahuas run their mouth so much?
  244. Skinny jeans- boxers styles/colours tips needed?
  245. Where can yooh find poodle skirts like the ones in "grease"?
  246. I want to get a Weimaraner but not sure about my living situation?
  247. Potty training an adult Chihuahua?
  248. My Dachshund puppy always pees... help!?
  249. HELP with my american bulldog!!!?
  250. All of the mud-slinging by the Dems and Pugs is very counter productive!...