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  1. Can I be a boxer for The Olympics?
  2. What should I name my new Shiba Inu dog?
  3. I need puppy help with boxer pup?
  4. How do I teach my border collie mix (9 months old) to roll over?
  5. My Boxer girl is 8 wks old, when is the best time to have her spayed?
  6. What kind of personality does a Jack Russell Terrier have?
  7. Really big jack russell terrier?
  8. So... about my pug.... ?
  9. where can i get the lyrics for lil boxer-no more tears?
  10. is it true that chows only bond to one person?
  11. What is a good name for a Chihuahua puppy dog?
  12. What can I do with a household with a dominant male rott/mastiff and a dominant...
  13. I was wondering about Chihuahuas?
  14. Can a 16 year old ride a Greyhound roundtrip from VA to NY unaccompanied?
  15. are yorkshire terriers good with children?
  16. Chihuahua names?????????
  17. Where to find a Samoyed breeder?
  18. Labrador retriever with not so good of an appetite?
  19. anyone have anyways how to train a 3 month old toy poodle...basic training?
  20. great dane x mastiff ?
  21. I just received a 10 month old Shiba Inu dog, and I have a few questions..? ?
  22. whats the name of a film about 2 boys, 1 black 1 white who become boxers,
  23. Why is my boxer slowing down on runs?
  24. is bubbie a good nickname for a pug?
  25. I have a 5 month old chow chow and she bit me while taking her treat away from
  26. Girls: does it gross you out when a guy's boxers are sticking out?
  27. would a border collie be sad if he lived indoors?
  28. Do you remember the Taco Bell Chihuahua?
  29. does ant one no wat to name a great dane?
  30. Has anyone seen a dachshund and english bulldog mixed?
  31. peed on my boxers, slightly.......?
  32. What is a better name for my new Pug?
  33. Extreme Kong or Regular Kong for my chihuahua?
  34. I have a bichon frise and he has a these"hot spots" where he will itch so bad...
  35. Dachshund clothes...? ?
  36. When does a Cairn Terriers ear stand up?
  37. How can I get my beagle to stop barking?
  38. PLEASE HELP!!! Collie in desperate need!!?
  39. Tricks to teach my border collie mix? (9 months old)?
  40. how many people on here are named brittany?
  41. When you hear collie which breed do you think of...?
  42. My pomeranian is 8 years old. He sometimes has episodes where his legs,body lock
  43. My 8 mo old Shih Tzu started menstrual ?
  44. um... can some one please give me GOOD,NICE facts about bull terriers?
  45. Why is my Pug not eating?
  46. Runescape greyhound help!?
  47. One of my 2 week old chihuahua pups have been continously whining, what could it be?
  48. i saw my boss in his boxers?
  49. Calling collie owners?
  50. My 7 month old pomeranian got into the garbage last night and since then...
  51. Teacup Yorkshire Terriers!!?
  52. Male or female golden retriever?
  53. English Bulldog???????
  54. what would happen if a samoyed dog pregnated a chihuahua woulnt the chihuahua die?
  55. What to expect from a whippet?
  56. Are Airedale Terriers good dogs to have?
  57. Why are boxer dogs so expensive?
  58. how to stop my dogs tail(greyhound) from bleeding he nicked in the traps
  59. who likes pugs?! i think they are cute. how about you?
  60. a few questions about border collies and labs?
  61. What are the qualities of being a good boxer?
  62. Greyhound Bus help???????
  63. 7 yr old beagle with thyroid problems?
  64. rottweiler has big cut on paw can i give 250 mg of penicilan & what can i do...
  65. What are some good names for a female boxer?
  66. What age does a standard poodle get the largest amount of puppies?
  67. I just bought a Pug Webkinz?
  68. My pug has nightmares and attacks at night when we are sleeping!?
  69. My poodle about 10 yrs old had what I thought a red rash inside his left
  70. What is the average number of puppies a standard poodle can have? What is the...
  71. My Boxer dog is eating and eating non stop and crying for more?
  72. hi i have a 2 years old bichon frise ?
  73. is it wrong to wear boxer briefs?
  74. Hy guys what do u think what should i wear brief or Boxer.?
  75. were to find boxer puppies?
  76. the pit bull terrier?
  77. what's the name of the song in the music video by brittany?
  78. Does anyone have information about premature graying in the Italian Greyhound ?
  79. Would a female golden retriever get along with a female silky terrier even if the
  80. would a akita chow mix be right 4 me?
  81. English bull terrier?
  82. Im a 14 year old boy who likes to look at guys boxer shorts or just underwear...
  83. Whats the best way to burn off body fat and all the flap i got on me for a
  84. Shih Tzu scratching a lot?
  85. are french bulldogs a good breed?
  86. pug 306 starter motor help?
  87. Standard poodle temperament question, owners only please?
  88. Beagle, Jack Russell Or Boxer?
  89. Why all these boxers ,avoiding fighting adrian diaconu?
  90. is my dog a Pitbull/Jack Russell Terrier MIX?
  91. We're thinking of getting a pug puppy?
  92. I have a 4 month old poodle?
  93. I want to get either a gerbil or a hamster but I have 9 Chihuahuas.......?
  94. how do you make chow mein?
  95. Help! My male Beagle is way too fat, 9 yrs.old. How can I get to loose wait? Eats 1
  96. Why does my shih tzu not come to me when I call her?
  97. Chihuahuas? Please help me?
  98. how do you get hair dye (possibly human) out of a poodles fur?
  99. My pug has huge pink lump with black on it?
  100. Hello i have a poodle thats 14yrs old, just baught a little poodle puppy...
  101. Could you please help with my aggressive lactating rottweiler bitch. ?
  102. Would a female golden retriever get along with a female silky terrier...
  103. I Need To Find Out All I Can About Staffordshire Bull Terrier? 10 Points...
  104. Is a Samoyed dog right for me? please, help?
  105. How can i stop my 9m boston terrier from peeing in her crate?
  106. Boxers or Briefs???(GUYS ONLY)?
  107. Is a Collie a good dog for me?
  108. Are basset hounds protective of their owners?
  109. What is it like to take a 1100 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  110. Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness OR Stadium Arcadium?
  111. where can i find clever brand mens boxers in ontario canada?
  112. is there such a thing as seasonal greyhound ticket? ?
  113. My chihuahua puppy has 3 loving people in our home?
  114. boxers under compression shorts yes or no?
  115. I am getting a great Pyrenees?
  116. I adopted a pomeranian from the APL, now I need advice?
  117. What boxers do they sell at tj maxx?
  118. Do girls like men in boxers or briefs?
  119. Boxer & Feinstein want a Congressional Medal of Honor for an Hispanic. Do
  120. Can i give my chihuahua honey for her blood suger?
  121. chihuahua's are stupid, arent they?
  122. ARTHRITIS!!!! My 10 year old boxer has a joint problem. I need to know if...
  123. I don't have dog food for my Toy Poodle. What can I feed him?
  124. For All Great Dane Owners ?
  125. Why are all the African American boxer losing titles to white russians?
  126. I have a 4 year old beagle/shiztu mix and the area below his nose turned from...
  127. yorkshire terrier advice?
  128. well my cousin just gave me a little 4 month old poodle?
  129. What is the cat equivalent to a golden retriever, lab, or husky?
  130. Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or?
  131. What would you call cross between a Dashound and a Chihuahua?
  132. what happens if i buy a french bulldog [female] when i already have a dachshund
  133. Boston terrier In new jersey?
  134. Bloodhound.Exploit.196 ow no :( help!?
  135. my chihuahua is due to welp this week.tday she is very moody when the other
  136. My beagle is being spayed?
  137. My male pug is neutered and still marks in the house, why?
  138. Why does my poodle make an accident when she's happy?
  139. Why does my chihuahua like to...?
  140. Good work out for boxer, limited equipment?
  141. big dog syndrome for a male chihuahua?
  142. my grandfather died and left me his 7 year old pug dog. The dog is not...
  143. Is there really a difference between boys XL and men M when it comes to boxer-briefs?
  144. When crossing into Canada from USA by motor coach (i.e. MegaBus, GreyHound) what
  145. Boardshorts and boxers.?
  146. Is it possible to keep an American pit bull dog a doberman dog and a rottweiler...
  147. giant pug and mini pugs?
  148. Do some girls enjoy going to strip clubs? Im considering taking a girl I just met...
  149. shih tzu puppy question?
  150. Do greyhound buses always have toilets on board?
  151. my 6month pure breed rottweiler puppy has a cist looking thing in th...
  152. My Chihuahua is peeing and pooping in my sons bed?
  153. Looking for a great dane/border collie mix! Help!?
  154. Are Jack Russell Terriers good mothers?
  155. How much does a pug cost?
  156. i just got my shih tzu and i need help!!!!!?
  157. Yorkshire Terrier vs. Maltese?
  158. OK again...WHY is my Chihuahua like this?
  159. Where to find "Chow Fun" in Huntsville Alabama?
  160. Toy Poodle Yeast infection?
  161. House Training my pug puppy?
  162. What is the back of the Greyhound bus?
  163. What is better,boxers or briefs?
  164. Poodle has large dog issues...real progress is being made..any other helpful
  165. Border Collie... in an apartment?
  166. Who is a must see boxer right now?
  167. are English mastiffs aggressive?
  168. Help me pick out a name for my fawn male boxer. See below for what we have.?
  169. What do you feed your pug? ?
  170. I got a new Beagle Puppy! Help!!?
  171. A Question about Toy Poodles?
  172. What would be a good diet for a dachshund/cocker spaniel hybrid?
  173. good dog food for a lab-border collie mix?
  174. Help from anyone in Chihuahua, Mexico.?
  175. Has anyone see any studies on Dogue de bordeaux ( French Mastiff) jaw strength?
  176. Are you Excited for Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  177. What should i provide for my pregnant Chihuahua ?
  178. pink poodle strip club?
  179. My mastiff is still skinny at 1 1/2 years old. How much food shouls i feed
  180. Dalmatians are mainly white with black spots but how do some have brown spots?
  181. Shih-tzu breeding what age can she have puppies?
  182. My chihuahua doesn't love me?
  183. Overly Hyper Chihuahua?
  184. what should i name my boy chihuahua?
  185. How much do English Mastiff pups cost?
  186. Is Miley Cyrus a Good little Girl or is She a Bad little Girl like Brittany
  187. what race has the best boxers?
  188. What would a red merle border collie x blue merle border collie look like?
  189. You know you own a dachshund when....?
  190. Why are there so many Germans in Chihuahua, Mexico?
  191. is it ok for my shih-tzu to eat sticks? she also likes plastic, but i take...
  192. what should i do with my chihuahua mix dog during the winter?
  193. When is too old for a male chihuahua to mate?
  194. Where can i buy a maltese, bichon frise or toy poodle online?
  195. What is the best way to cook a beagle?
  196. Shar Pei losing hair, possibly food?
  197. Reply If You Wear Boxer Briefs (tight Boxers) !they Are The Best!?
  198. What does it mean when your boxers "Ride up"?
  199. Help My Sick Poodle!?
  200. Boxers... Clipped ears?
  201. Are Beagles Water Friendly?
  202. English Bulldog issues i need help with !?
  203. I have a 1 year old pug. We've bought a no-pulling harness and it doesn't work...?
  204. Basset hound with bare patch on tummy - possible allergies?
  205. Great Pyrenees growth?
  206. 7 1/2 month american bulldog...?
  207. Any Saluki owners out there?
  208. Anyone have pictures of puppy/adult American/English Cocker Spaniel Mix?
  209. POLL: Black&Tan Coonhound or Dalmation?
  210. Is this normal for Beagles?
  211. greyhound strike!! im stranded!! how to get to vancouver airport?
  212. cheap basset hounds in illinois area?
  213. My 9 month old Boxer is becoming more and more aggressive toward people?
  214. How would a Yorkshire Terrier/Pitt Bull cross look?
  215. What's the difference between a chow chow and a chow dog?
  216. What kind of a dog is a half chihuahua and half french poodle?
  217. My pomeranian isn't fluffy?
  218. what are the top 5 good looking boxers of all time?
  219. help me to start a movement in canada to ask danny williams from newfoundland
  220. should I wear Boxers or Boxer Briefs ?
  221. Is my Rottweiler too fat?
  222. Should I allow my 10 month old pug to roam free while Im not home.?
  223. anything aboout heavy wight boxers ?
  224. im a 16 year old boy ... should i keep wearing my boxers or go to briefs?
  225. a static lullaby does brittany spears toxic?
  226. Are jeans with rips high enough you can see the boxers in style?
  227. what should i call my new pug x shitzu ?
  228. Tricks to teach my basset hounds?
  229. Your opinion on female toy poodle name?
  230. i love wearing tight boxer and all things in trend like plimsoles and skinny jeans
  231. How much larger will my American Bulldog grow?
  232. Advice on walking my rottweiler on a leash.?
  233. Do you think chihuahuas are hideous?
  234. how resistant are beagles to the cold?
  235. Can a 4 month old collie use interceptor and advocate for heartworm prevention?
  236. names for a poodle please?
  237. hard black lump on Female Shih Tzu -- help!?
  238. my boxer pup just ate to packs of gum i this bad?
  239. Any Toy Poodle breeders in near Mira Mesa?
  240. Where can i get a English Bull Terrier Figurine?
  241. are boston terriers yappy or hyper in any way?
  242. German shepherds boxers, dobermans rottweilers and labs info!!?
  243. Are dachshunds good at killing snakes? Any other small/medium sized dog good
  244. Does anyone know any keeshond rescues in Michigan? ?
  245. Are boston terrier's good dogs?
  246. My Horse nearly died he was shot and know i cant ride him because he is scared of...
  247. I have several pairs of boxer briefs (tight boxers) ?
  248. i have a pug puppy 7 months old?
  249. 4yr old English Bulldog with Hairlip\Cleft Palate. Surgery?
  250. Is Secret a good name for my female Weimaraner puppy?