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  1. Chihuahua question plz help?
  2. what would be a good breed meduim to small for a lab/boxer mix? ?
  3. The Boxer poem by Emma Payne?
  4. What gets bigger faster a boxer or pitbull?
  5. Great Dane is biting family.. what would you do?
  6. What is so appealing about a man wearing boxers?
  7. which dog do you think is better, an american pitbull terrier or an american
  8. HELP! My Pomeranian ..?
  9. What do I do when my toy Chihuahua had puppies?
  10. boxer dog won't eat in the am ,but will eat in pm?
  11. how can i teach my belgian malinois dog personally the basic obedience?
  12. What breed is my puppy? She's half Pomeranian half something else.?
  13. What are the key differences between a Norwich and a Norfolk Terrier?
  14. How long does it take Saint Bernard's to ...........?
  15. I have a 9 week old shih tzu. Should I take him outside in our
  16. Why does it say "dog chow" twice in the song "When I Grow Up?"?
  17. what kinds of boxers are there?
  18. Our 7 yr old Weimaraner has droplets of blood from his penis - what can cause this?
  19. best TV chow character ever! is.......?
  20. Under Armour Boxer Briefs - Asking for cheap source or inexpensive replacement....
  21. American bulldog question?
  22. The Boxer Emma Payne Poem?
  23. Shih tzu and kitten don't get along?
  24. Why is my toy poodle's hairs grow very slow suddenly?
  25. So Bella is a good name for a Beagle, got it. Now I have another question...?
  26. English Bull Terriers, do you love them or hate them?
  27. What are elevated kidney levels in a Boston Terrier?
  28. siberian husky bad breath?
  29. does anyone knw da normal body temperature of a Labrador retriever? ?
  30. Why is my Yorkie-Poodle losing hair?
  31. its a chihuahua dog 3 years old?
  32. My silver dappled dachshund excretes a foul-smelling liquid. Is this normal?
  33. About Dogue De Bordeaux French Mastiff?
  34. whats the difference between american bulldog and american pit bull?
  35. is there anything over the counter to help with my shih tzu's allergies?
  36. Who is "your" favorite boxer of all time?
  37. boxer/pit bull mix ? i need to know everything so pleaze help?
  38. siberian husky acting wierd?
  39. pugs?!?!?!? need to know everything?
  40. Shiba Inu or Rat Terrier?
  41. My pug puppy has green mucus in her eyes and a runny nose that crusts?
  42. How much excersise/food does a 4 month old pomeranian need?
  43. Rottweiler Bitch:- Need help understanding the breed?
  44. Great Dane's Ears - long or cropped?
  45. My miniature pinscher dog has pimples on one leg only.Can anybody tell me...
  46. could you help me to know that my dog is really a jack russell terrier?
  47. Looking to adopt a Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) mix?
  48. Is Greyhound Bus Really As Bad As People Say?
  49. A male poodle name that goes with Lexi?
  50. trying to bond my golden retriever and wurmaraner?
  51. Why do boxers trash the house when they are left on their own ?
  52. doberman pinscher vs boxer?
  53. what boxer colour looks nicer Flashy Dark Brindle or Flashy Fawn? ?
  54. i need to rehome a pitbull/rottweiler 3 month old female in fayetteville NC?
  55. Who are the greatest in-boxers and best out-boxers of all time?
  56. i have a 15 years old lab and chow mix?
  57. My golden retriever puppy gets very territorial when people visit. What should I do?
  58. Boxers Or American Bulldog?
  59. Does anyone know where to get a yorkie or a pomeranian or a chihuahua.?
  60. If a man married conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel, would it be
  61. Is it ok to leave my pug alone?
  62. I want to get my chihuahua into doggie modeling,?
  63. Do SHORT HAIR dachshunds shed and which gender is more cuddly and playful?
  64. my chihuahua/dachsund mix is 5 pounds at 4 months..i'd appreciate any help about...
  65. Looking for Pug breeders?
  66. need to know everything about pugs?
  67. I'm about to pick up a little 10 week old short-haired miniature black/tan
  68. should i get a amstaff american bulldog or boxer ?
  69. boxer or bullmastiff? which one and explain and why?
  70. Great Pyrenees question?
  71. I Have A Pregnant Pomeranian,She Is Due OCT.10th ?
  72. My german shepherd was out in the field and an american white boxer got at...
  73. what if your on BAS but you go to the chow hall?
  74. Border collie x cocker spaniel?
  75. My shih tzu is shedding. Alot! I thought they don't shed.?
  76. Advice for training 8 week old Golden Retriever ?
  77. Beagle................?
  78. what kind of dog is small yet very sturdy to wrestle with a boxer?
  79. Irish Wolfhounds info?
  80. Beagle or Bull Terrier?
  81. I have just bought a golden retriever pup and it wont stop play fighting with me. ?
  82. 12 week old beagle pup sick?
  83. French Bulldog owners tell me what you think of your dog? Should I get one?
  84. My 5 year old golden retriever is dying of cancer..?
  85. Is Fluke a good name for a golden retriever?
  86. Boxer in an apartment? Good idea or not?
  87. Do teen girls care if a guy's boxers show sometimes?
  88. Which guard dog is better? A doberman or a rottweiler?
  89. I'm considering getting a Yorkshire Terrier. Please let me know your personal...
  90. Is Dock Jumping a good dog sport for Bedlington Terriers?
  91. My Yorkshire Terrier is shedding, why is this happening?
  92. Name suggestion for brother and sister black toy poodles.... please....?
  93. Thinking of getting a beagle?
  94. What are some good names for a male Doberman Pinscher?
  95. Any Irish Wolfhound Lovers Out There?
  96. English Pointer information sources? ?
  97. Keeshond question! Preferably 4 those who know the breed!?
  98. how long should i wait until i take my boxer puppies a bath?
  99. pug?????? ewww look at this!!!!?
  100. What is the price range for a pure-bred pug?
  101. Rat Terrier/ Chihuahua Mix Puppy Names? Anyone can answer! 10 points!?
  102. english bulldogs?!?!? i want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly?
  103. My dachshund is always licking HIS arm pits. What causes this, what can be wrong?
  104. Why can't Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, & Diane Feinstein look gorgeous like Sarah...
  105. How can I get my Pug puppy to stop pooping in her crate?
  106. What should my female boxer do when she is in heat ?
  107. I have a chihuahua and labrador...?
  108. German Shorthaired Pointer + Toys?
  109. Cairn Terriers in Denver?
  110. Could switching my shih tzu puppies food from Purina puppy chow, to Beneful...
  111. My great dane and our stove?
  112. What should I know before getting a Siberian Husky?
  113. How long will it take my mini poodles hair will grow?
  114. Which Dachshund is better (that has the least amount of shedding)?
  115. 2 of my 6 day old english bulldog pups dont eat as much and dont hold their
  116. Mr. Chow??I know this sounds funny but I want to?
  117. do you think dachshund's or bassets can swim?
  118. Can you help me figure out what the growth on my beagle's head is? ?
  119. Does anyone know if their are any pugs, puggles, or yorkies for sale in...
  120. WHere can i get information about GReyhound tickets at?
  121. Lump on my chihuahua dogs?
  122. Pomeranian had some of mint chocolate chop ice cream... is he gonna be okay?
  123. Toy Poodle Need Advice!?
  124. I'm 14, Will it turn girls off if i wear boxer briefs, instead of boxers?
  125. a problem with my lhasa apso/poodle?
  126. my shih tzu swallowed two chicken bones?
  127. Are Boxers good dogs to have as a family pet???please help.?
  128. A question about pregnant Chihuahua?
  129. Does anyone own a Shih Tzu?
  130. Who hit's the hardest from these boxer? in order.?
  131. How much money a month must be spent on a Great Dane?
  132. LGBT: Boxers, briefs, boxerbriefs?
  133. What is this Virus Bloodhound.Exploit.193?
  134. were can i buy i pug ? in yorkshire area !!?
  135. How do you keep a chihuahua's breath from becoming gross and stinky?
  136. how common is it for a pomeranian to wet himself in his sleep?
  137. suggestions for a new boxer puppy?
  138. how do i stop my aunt's shih tzu from bitting me!!?
  139. why do boxers gain weight after the weigh in?
  140. My pomeranian is crazy. Please Help! How can I get him to calm down?
  141. Poodle or Bichon Friese or maltese?
  142. Any greyhound discounts?
  143. Boxer (dog) in an apartment? Good idea or not?
  144. If you breed a black and a red Dachshund ... ?
  145. is there a collar for barking chihuahuas?
  146. Trivia poll: What animal have Siberian Huskies been used to herd ...?
  147. lhasa apso puppy soon HELP?
  148. My Shih Tzu Got Into A Chocolate Bar!?
  149. New beagle from the shelter?
  150. can some please show me the recipe for chicken chow mein?
  151. In which ways can I excersise my 4 month old pomeranian?
  152. I am worried about spaying my English Bulldog?
  153. Irish Staffordshire bull terrier ?
  154. a year or so ago my pomeranian went fairly bald she was 10?
  155. my 6 month old chihuahua won't come out of the corner, he is very shy. Is...
  156. My Dachshund started sneezing a lot when I moved into my new apartment...?
  157. Italian Greyhound Adoption?
  158. My 3month old beagle is coughing?
  159. Chihuahuas 2nd heat already?
  160. How do I distinguish back problems in a dachshund?
  161. I am looking for a doberman pinscher?
  162. Boxer DOG Help! Please.?
  163. Where can i find a newfoundland, golden retriever cross breeder in ontario?
  164. Do poodles and yorkees get along?
  165. How much does Greyhound bus tickets cost from Orlando to Chicago?
  166. Rottweiler x bull mastiff?
  167. my dog is a beagle and the father is a puddle and a cockaspaniel what will it
  168. What size collar should i get for my 9 month old boxer dog?
  169. New Chihuahua Please Help?
  170. ACL surgery $4000 to $5000 for 190 lb. great dane?
  171. Why won't my golden retriever retrieve?
  172. German shepherd police dogs?
  173. How do I get my 8 month old Brittany to focus on me and walk nicely on his...
  174. Training a 2 yr old pomeranian on a litter box?
  175. What was more popular in the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s, Boxers or Briefs?
  176. My little toy poodle has just had his lungs punctured during surgery -...
  177. i have a golden retriever who is about 6 and my sister has bought a wourmeriner who
  178. I have a coupl equestions about my pregnant chihuahua?
  179. Could a Dachshund become a service dog?
  180. Can a beagle puppy and rabbit get along?
  181. Rhodesian Ridgeback information ?
  182. Staffy and lab? Boxer and greyhound?
  183. Toy Fox Terrier/dog diet question?
  184. Standard poodles do you know how big they can grow?
  185. Help Please! I need cheap shots for my chihuahua mix ?
  186. 7.5 month american bulldog male...?
  187. how old do you have to be to work at brittany's sports bar in woodbridge, VA?
  188. We are feeding our Border-Collie Iams food and want to change her brand due to...
  189. My chihuahua's nose is always stuffed up?
  190. My shih tzu has dry skin how can i fix this?
  191. Do baby pugs normally have fat stomachs?
  192. need to know everything about pugs?!?!?
  193. my boxer puppy is really skinny?
  194. what is a cute name for a black boy teacup poodle?
  195. Moving Injured Beagle to the Cold?
  196. How much are Greyhound bus prices from Troy, IL to Iowa City, IA?
  197. Norton detected a virus called "Bloodhound"?
  198. At what age will a male golden retriever become sexually active?
  199. Help!my GF really likes me and now she's like tickling me and wants to see my
  200. i need your help so can any body help me im brittany by the way?
  201. Halloween poodle skirt what colours?
  202. Grooming for a silky terrier?
  203. if a pitbull go against a rottweiler which one would win?
  204. do chow chows play with toys?
  205. Do you think that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are really the ultimate lap dog?
  206. staffordshire bull terrier?
  207. DO all boxers have pointed sticky up ears?
  208. whats a kong dog toy??? and need lhasa apso info.?
  209. Puppy Weight Gain Maltese X Chihuahua?
  210. How much to feed beagles?
  211. I have a 9yr greyhound who keeps gagging / urging. Anyone know what this is?
  212. HELLLLP! My Miniature Schnauzer's neck..!!?
  213. Teacup Chihuahua's! Please Answer!?
  214. where to but lifestyle brand boxer briefs?
  215. Can anyone tell me some information about Cairn Terriers, please?
  216. Boys boxers in UK, any helpful suggestions?
  217. Which is better a siberian husky or a german shepherd the TRUTH!!!!!?
  218. my 6 month old American bulldog puppy doesn't bark ?
  219. Is Rosco a good name for Male Toy poodle?
  220. I want to get a gerbil or a hamster BUT I HAVE 9 CHIHUAHUAS...............?
  221. Is my dachshund over weight?
  222. Dachshund dog and seizures survey?
  223. pittbull terrier or english bull terrier?
  224. Chihuahua pup coughing?
  225. Are female boxers or male boxers best to have around kids?
  226. i have a 8 month old boxer puppy how long is their growth spurt ?
  227. How do you train a pug to sit and do other tricks?? ?
  228. Are Chihuahuas okay with kids?
  229. Why does my male chihuahua treat a little stuffed cat like its his baby?
  230. Yorkshire terrier puppy sick.?
  231. anyone who is a boxer or knows infomation please help?
  232. Is a pug a clean dog?
  233. Chihuahua help??????????????????????????????????
  234. i need hunting dogs names fast!!!im getting my brittany spaniel next week...
  235. shih tzu eye ulcer??
  236. what age to brush chihuahua teeth?
  237. Pain relief for shih tzu??????????
  238. Boxers under swim shorts for Salts lake city?
  239. golden retriever puppy help?
  240. Looking for a golden retriever or a german sheppered...?
  241. got new 8 week old boxer x rottweiler puppy. any useful training tips?
  242. I Am trying to sell my 3 dachshunds puppies!?
  243. Why do chow dogs have blue mouths?
  244. do you thinks she's chi/dachshund?
  245. greyhound !!!! i need help ?
  246. My Pug Just Doesn't Want to Be Potty Trained?? Help?
  247. Pregnant Shih-tzu...?
  248. My former USMC son has trained his chihuahua to bark loudly at the words:...
  249. Soft palate surgery hasn't helped my english bulldog, what can I do?
  250. should i wear boxerbriefs or boxers?