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  1. My schnauzer had calcium oxalate stones and pancreatitis. This is what I did...
  2. Behavior issue w/my Great Dane?
  3. Anybody have a french pug?
  4. Feeding My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  5. Is this normal for pug pups?
  6. I'm getting a teacup poodle tomorrow, she's black. What are some good "teeny
  7. My dog ran away and he has never done that before. Why did he run away? He's a...
  8. if your a professional boxer in the philippines can you fight in american also?
  9. Are satin boxers on your man a turn on for women?
  10. Can a Great Dane use a spring pole?
  11. Is the vet technician right about my pug?
  12. Boxers or briefs ?
  13. i have a 9 week old pomeranian puppy and he is starting to lose his hair around...
  14. Dachshund help please!!!?
  15. poll: do you like chihuahuas?
  16. Guys, Tidy whiteys or Boxers?
  17. pregnant chihuahua no babies yet?
  18. Is my Dachshund cute?
  19. My 5 year old boxer Missy is shivering. and hubby says it could be arthritis...
  20. What's the deal with pugs?
  21. Every one can answer breifs boxer or thong or bikini?
  22. My penis always "pops-out" of my boxers?
  23. Do you know where Newfoundland is?
  24. What should I name my little chihuahua puppy she is a girl please help with
  25. What do you think is a better name for a Doberman Pinscher?
  26. i just got my 1 yr old golden retriever dog neutered... can i get it groomed?
  27. knee high boxer boots?
  28. what can you say of having a mix breed of mini - pincher and chihuahua?
  29. Can a Great Dane weight pull?
  30. GIRLS: guy's boxers showing?
  31. The Bloodhound gang re-did an old theme song and produced their song, "Vagina". ?
  32. Dogue De Bordeaux x Rottweiler ( Female )?
  33. Why do the German Shorthaired Pointer and the Weimaraner look so much alike?
  34. How should i introduce a new bunny to my miniature schnauzer?
  35. chihuahua help please?
  36. How are Great Pyrenees with children?? We're considering one for adoption. Thanks.?
  37. A question about boxers?
  38. My Vizsla pup has Hills Science but I am thinking of changing him to James
  39. Dogue de bordeaux x bullmastiff?
  40. how much to sell a great dane for?
  41. which boxers are cooler and sexier on a guy?
  42. I have a Lhasa Apso with bad pollen allergies. Help!?
  43. i have a 100 percent crazy chihuahua shes not the alpha we have other dogs...
  44. Is my dog a shiba inu? Shiba mix?
  45. Rottweiler breeder and Golden Retriever breeder?
  46. Pimples on my 3 year old boxer?
  47. Does any one know if the breed of "Great Pyrenees" dog drools or not?
  48. I have a 1 y/o Border Collie who barks constantly...?
  49. i need to sale thee female poodles?
  50. why is she so small,a female standard poodle?
  51. My sweet great dane isn't so sweet?
  52. Help!!i Need A English Bulldog!!! By Sunday!!!!?
  53. golden retriever puppy wanted?
  54. my 1 and a hailf month old pug is having some problen with dandruff is it common ?
  55. How can I fatten up my beagle?
  56. Pugs. How Much Do They Cost In Vets Bills Considering They Have Breathing...
  57. Is this common for my border collie?
  58. Great Dane and a Chihuahua?
  59. Are the Manchester Terriers ears Naturally erect? ?
  60. About how long would 17.5 pounds of dry dog food last a Rat
  61. I have a pomeranian and I had her fixed now...?
  62. Basset hound won't listen to me! Aggressive behavior...?
  63. I had my Shih Tzu sped yesterday?
  64. Do I have an albino chihuahua ?
  66. My 14 year old Border Collie gave out a long, wolf-like howl tonight...
  67. my 1 year old boxer cant hold down no food for 3 days now?
  68. my golden retriever has diarrhia because i swithced him from blue rhino to
  69. What's the difference between Japanese Spitz and Samoyed?
  70. Standard poodle vs Toy vs. Mini ?
  71. guys-Boxer v.s. Briefs?
  72. what do people think of bull mastiff cross great dane with young familys...
  73. Chihuahua has Bald spots?
  74. My Brittany is acting strange not wanting to walk and cries.?
  75. Is three golden retrievers to much?
  76. Help for my Great Dane?
  77. How would one know if a chihuahua was on meth?
  78. can anybody give me advice on what my 16 week rottweiler pup should weigh and...
  79. Samoyed or German Shepherd. which breed makes a better pet?
  80. Starting to Breed Shih Tzu?
  81. how likes pugs as their favorite dogs?
  82. Pitbull and American Bulldog mix?
  83. Why does my Pomeranian eat worms?
  84. "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" R U Going 2 C It..?
  85. How to make make my 8 yr. old rottweiler dog's hair not so oily and greasy?
  86. What's the most rounds ever boxer by a professional boxer? Also what is a...
  87. Is this a feasible training method for my pug?
  88. GDS and Siberian Huskies?
  89. How do you housebreak a 2yr old and a 1 yr old brussels Griffon?
  90. dog food for our pomeranian - what can we feed him?
  91. What size boxers should I wear (Girl wanting to wear boys boxers, in the UK)?
  92. what do you think of golden havanese?
  93. please i am a boxer and i just need a chance to contact someone to help me to fight
  94. I want a papillon puppy and i want one that reasonably priced does anyone know
  95. How can I stop my puppy chihuahua from being aggressive?
  96. What Name Should i name a male Golden Retriever?
  97. 8 year old dalmatian bleeding from his penis.?
  98. A few questions about baby chihuahuas?? :)?
  99. R u dog lovers going to watch the new movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"?
  100. my guy friend told me he had a pomeranian,keeshond, chow chow, does this
  101. German Shepherd or Rottweiler?
  102. I have a 5 month old pug, & im not sure when he shld be switched to adult food?
  103. How do i get my Border Collie to play with another ball?
  104. Would a Pug and an English Bulldog get along?
  105. personal beagle advise and answers PLEASE?
  106. One easy Quesiton, poodle or pomeranian?
  107. Chihuahua for sale europe?
  108. I recently just had my male beagle neutered...?
  109. what country does pugs come from?
  110. i have a 6 yr old rottweiler and i'm engaged to my boyfriend of 4 years,
  111. I know this is a weird question but do male golden retrievers and female
  112. does anyone know about the old game of pippy ? That was once played in Newfoundland.?
  113. How much does it cost monthly to keep a collie?
  114. Names for my 3-month old female Shetland Sheepdog?
  115. How do i make a poodle...?
  116. 5 and half year Golden Retriever with Lymphoma Cancer.. PLEASE HELP! :(?
  117. Chihuahua throwing up.?
  118. Has anyone ever heard the name for a peek-a-poo and a chihuahua?
  119. where can i get boxer briefs?
  120. What type of personality does a Shiba Inu have?
  121. good food for a saint bernard ?
  122. Is there such thing as a Grey/Silver Labrador Retriever? Or is it just a Weimaraner?
  123. How big will my ?/Beagle puppy get? (Details inside)?
  124. Itchy Cairn Terrier? What do I do?
  125. What are some good window treatments in a house with an over active golden retriever?
  126. Does anybody have a picture of a pitbull/golden retriever mix?
  127. Price of West Highland White Terrier in chennai?
  129. My Border Collie mated on the 15/16th July is she over due?
  130. does anyone no a really nice pair of designer boxers under 25 ?
  131. Have a newfoundland, about 8yrs old?
  132. are beagles my kind of dog? im not very sporty but would take him a walk every
  133. Are Chihuahuas by nature more difficult to train?
  134. brother got sister pregnate, their chihuahuas, will they come out deformed?
  135. is there any ufc fighters or boxers that have a bad background?
  136. my skinny jeans expose my boxers- is it a problem?
  137. i have a dog thats crazy shes a chihuahua shes really atached with me but...
  138. My Chihuahua has a half swollen face...?
  139. Where to find bows that stay in a short hair chihuahua's hair?
  140. What should I name my pekingese puppy?
  141. Who thinks Barbara Boxer is a jerk? ?
  142. How do you know if you have a deer Chihuahua?
  143. Im going to adopt a black and white beagle...?
  144. i have a59 day pregnant chihuahua, she has loose bowels , should i be
  145. I have schnauzer pups that are 5 weeks old. They have scabs around the ears
  146. When will you be taking the grand kids to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  147. How long should a Golden Retriever Puppy be left in a crate/kennel? ?
  148. Do anyone sell Yorkshire Terriers ( Yorkie ) in Folkston Georgia?
  149. Pug indoor training.?
  150. How can I make my 9-week old rottweiler pup from biting everything she sees?
  151. any bullmastiff owners who want to share their experiences?
  152. My Beagle Puppy Will Not Stop Biting Me!!!?
  153. What things do i need for my chihuahua? Checklist, How to train him, how to make...
  154. Names for a Bichon-Poodle mix?
  155. What is the difference between a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd?
  156. Dog Breeds-Great Pyrenees?
  157. male doberman pinschers?
  158. Chihuahua Collapsing Trachea and Torbutrol...?
  159. My best friend just bought a great dane & teacup chihuahua...bad idea?
  160. What was Darwin's hypothesis in the Voyage of the Beagle?
  161. Dandie Dinmont Terrier puppy, $500, should I get him?
  162. Okay can you tell me a bit of info on Min Pins and Pugs?
  163. my 4 mos old lhasa apso puppy just got his anti rabbies vaccination last...
  164. do kick-boxers actually kick innocent cardboard boxes or kick' boxers' the breed of
  165. i have 2 3 year old dogs boxer and york got new pup boxer and they just dont get...
  166. I am thinking about getting a Shih Tzu?
  167. What color Chihuahua do you like best?
  168. I have a Boston Terrier min pin mix can i use a little peroxide and a...
  169. I adopted a young chihuahua who was abused?
  170. Help with a pug puppy please?
  171. Are Japenese Inu Akita Dogs Ilegal In The UK?
  172. what can i name my 6wk old little boy black schnauzer?
  173. is it ok if i leave my 6 week old chihuahua in a crate for like 6 hours?
  174. My 3 day old Collie puppy I think is dying?
  175. Anyone else own a Cairn Terrier?
  176. what is another name for 'long boxers' ?
  177. What kind of dremmel do I need to trim my boxers nails?
  178. What boxers are cooler blue ones, white ones, plaid ones, or ones with...
  179. i have a 3 year old chihuahua i want to die her into a differnt color shes blonde
  180. ohio teacup chihuahua breeder?
  181. English Bulldog or a Shiba Inu?
  182. how long is you dachshund?
  183. should j.c.chavez be rated the best p4p boxer in history?
  184. Almost 3 months ago, we adopted a second chihuahua. Now my first dog has...
  185. need help with a kennel name for a male rottweiler ?
  186. At which store can I buy the cheapest boxers for guys?
  187. i have a 7 year old cat...but i want a golden retriever.?
  188. what should i do about my golden retriever biting?
  189. My 8 week old boxer puppy has snotty nose/ breathing ?
  190. my 2 yr old 7 lb Pomeranian ate 1/3 a box of tic tacs is there danger
  191. Breifly describe the Coat of Arms for the province of newfoundland.?
  192. bullmastiff hairs all over?
  193. Books on German Shepherd Dog'?
  194. Cute names for a girl chihuahua puppy?
  195. for guys is it cool to sleep in boxer briefs?
  196. Do girls Like it when Guys wear their pants low with boxers showing?
  197. how long dose toy poodles live.?
  198. Who else thinks English Bulldogs..?
  199. bullmastiff in need of re homeing ?
  200. dogo argentino or german sheperd?
  201. how do i get my lazy 7 month old basset hound get more active?
  202. Which is a harder dog to own? German Shepherd or Husky?
  203. whats better a japense inu akita or a rottweiler ?
  204. 8 week old pug sleeps alot?
  205. Why do so many people spell Dalmatian wrong?!?
  206. WHy is my smooth fox terrier shedding so much all of a sudden?
  207. I have a couple of female miniature pinscher issues...?
  208. My 9 1/2 Year old English Bulldog JUst had a seizure?
  209. If anyone has a chihuahua can you tell me where you got it. ?
  210. How do I stop my Beagle from eating everything in sight!?
  211. Greyhound has a new slogan?
  212. What is the difference between a border collie and a normal collie?
  213. Should I neuter my full bred French Bulldog? ?
  214. Dogue De Bordeaux x Rottweiler ( Female ) ;-?
  215. can i register my boxer puppy without the parents being registered?
  216. Dogs. Dogs. and..Dogs? Beagles? Dog info ppl plz!?
  217. I have a 7 week golden retriever and we're having a hard time training him?
  218. I might be getting a pug that is part shih tzu does that mean it will be...
  219. My Dachshund has bumps all over!!!!?
  220. Can a 13 year old handle a cairn terrier?
  221. What Jack Russell Terrier is this?
  222. I need help house breaking a Labrador Retriever.Read the details.?
  223. I am worried about my American Eskimo...We have had him for 3 years and he
  224. Dog Behavior: Can my 1.5 lb yorkie Play with a 15 lb Bichon?
  225. I got a chihuahua puppy! ?
  226. I just adopted a chow mix? :)?
  227. Why does my package look larger when I wear white boxers?
  228. American Bulldog Puppy Weight?
  229. How to download beverly hills chihuahua?
  230. what is a good name for a Chihuahua?
  231. what breed is this, we think shes half golden retriever but we dont know...
  232. My 7 month border collie is becoming agressive.?
  233. What should I buy my spoiled Lhasa Apso for Christmas?
  234. Is my English MAstiff puppy fat enough?
  235. I have a broken hand (boxer's fracture). When will i be able to play certain sports
  236. Names for a classic fawn male boxer. Here's a revised list?
  237. ive just brought a alfaromeo boxer 33 1987?
  238. Please give some names for Bernese mountain Dog names for males!?
  239. Shih tzu and new kitten don't get along?
  240. my poodle puppies are chewing everything, how do I break them of this habit?
  241. Help. Our family dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and it's suicidal. . . ?
  242. How do i train a very sensitive silky terrier?
  243. Traveling on Greyhound or Amtrak?
  244. our new (12 week old) male border collie pup wont play outside unless we are
  245. chihuahua/yorkie mix wont stop biting my feet! any help?
  246. pomeranian mouth twitching?
  247. Long-haired Miniature Chihuahua?
  248. How long will my mini-schnauzer be in season for?
  249. puppy chow will get you ahead of the party?
  250. Do you think the best pound for pound boxer in Manny ala "PACMAN" Pacquiao has a