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  1. How old Great Danes have to be before registered dog breeders can sell them ?
  2. Dog breeds similar to Coton De Tulear?
  3. Miniature Schnauzer question...?
  4. Can I mate my female miniature schnauzer 8 month old?
  5. What are the best clippers for a Miniature Schnauzer?
  6. where is the closest amish dog breeder in ky?
  7. My 3 year old maltese has suddenly become very aggresive?
  8. What is the maximum height and weight for Black Labrador Retrievers ?
  9. Which of these two toy poodles should I buy?
  10. Can a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy & an Alaskan Malamute puppy grow up together?
  11. Whats the best small dog?
  12. What breed do you think my dog is?
  13. Why would my Shih Tzu do this?
  14. What should I name my pomeranian puppy?
  15. My 16 year old Maltese just died from GDV and she was also yelping from time...
  16. Sims2 Pets PC Game Dog Breed?
  17. Advice For (Very Tired) New Pomeranian Owner?
  18. Re: Banned dog breeds in Australia. Can only smply breed all "dangerous...
  19. Is the English Bull Terrier a dangerous dog breed?
  20. Why is it that some Black Labrador Retrievers have their tails cut ?
  21. What breed is my dog?
  22. Black Labrador Retriever or Rottweiler ?
  23. My family is thinking about getting a Bernese Mountain Dog / afraid other
  24. My dog has had a litter of six one is ALOT smaller than the rest is she ok?
  25. How can I fake my dogs breed in paperwork to let them allow to live in my
  26. Does anyone have any idea why the fur on my 5 month old Pomeranian shih tzu...
  27. Looking for a good Maltese breeder close to Boston, MA?
  28. Im going to cut my toy poodles hair with human clippers what numbers can i
  29. Can you guess what mixed breed my dog is?
  30. What size is a Bernese Mountain Dog?
  32. I have a pomeranian rat terrier mix.....what is the likely hood of her growing
  33. Should I let my shih tzu rest & sleep because she has cold or do I still need to...
  34. Bernese Mountain Dog breeders In Ontario?
  35. Which breed of dog is bigger, the Bernese Mountain Dog or the Greater Swiss...
  36. Pomeranian owners, please help! Will her hair grow back?
  37. Can someone please tell me the breed of this dog, large, short curly hair I...
  38. How do you know when a pomeranian dog is going into labor?
  39. My female dog is bleeding heavily from her vagina. leaving small puddles...
  40. Why is it that some Black Labrador Retrievers have their tails cut ?
  41. Pomeranian or Golden Retriever?
  42. Worried about My Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy :/?
  43. would a pomeranian be right for me?
  44. I think the dog rescue worker that has been interviewing me has a crush on...
  45. we rescues a white bull dog and was not sure the age she is in heat and wonder...
  46. Should I get a saint bernard or bernese mountain dog?
  47. REPOST: My family is thinking about getting a Bernese Mountain Dog / afraid other
  48. Can anyone suggest a small non-shedding dog that can be home alone for 8 hours a day?
  49. i have a germ shepherd male who is fine with our smaller dog but is very...
  50. Akc registrared Toy poodles?
  51. my labradoodle eats everything?
  52. Bernese Mountain Dog or English Bulldog?
  53. Neutered toy poodle, questions...?
  54. Why do small dogs live longer than big dogs?
  55. If the owner is applying for breeding rights why can't the dog have papers for
  56. Teacup pomeranian breeders in NC?
  57. Bernese mountain dog, golden retriever, st bernard?
  58. Bernese Mountain Dog or Goldendoodle?
  59. How do you stop a Pomeranian from peeing on carpets?
  60. What should I name my new chihuahua/pomeranian puppy?
  61. The Maltese Falcon book?
  62. Yorkie or Maltese, Please Help?
  63. My 12 yr old female maltese cannot tolerate anesthesia. Is there another...
  64. What are the dogs called on the front of the little ceasers soft dog food?
  65. pure wolf puppies or hyprid wolfs for sale?
  66. My small shih tzu wears a sweater in the house during the day?
  67. What is a dog breed that would meet my requirements?
  68. What do i need to get with an andis clipper for a shih tzu and bichon?
  69. my 2 week old pitbull puppy has a lump under her throat?!?
  70. what's wrong with my shih tzu puppy?
  71. Why does my Labradoodle shed?
  72. what are good dog names?
  73. Is there a dog gayer than a labradoodle?
  74. Pitbull Puppy: First time owner... do I need to know anything?
  75. what should I call my labradoodle?? :D?
  76. what is a good website that i can go to to train my 7 week old shih tzu /
  77. LABRADOODLE Puppy Conformation???????
  78. my new shih tzu puppy cries when we go to bed?
  79. Maltese/Yorkie crossbreed or Maltese/Shih Tzu Crossbreed which one should I get?
  80. Where can I buy a Maltese pup online?
  81. What should i do, my shih-tzu has a cut?
  82. What should a shih tzu's daily diet consist of?
  83. I am looking for recommendations on a good quality dog food.?
  84. my new shih tzu puppy?
  85. Best shampoo for shih tzu?
  86. Can I make my Shih Tzu's hair long?
  87. How many pounds of dog food is made yearly?
  88. my nine week old pitbull puppy just ate way to much food and now seems very...
  89. Can a male shipoo mate with a shih tzu?
  90. My pug has black spots (looks like dirt) under her front legs. Is this due to...
  91. where do i find puppys for sale not exspensive for sale in maryland or virginia?
  92. Why does my dog poop on my bed?!?
  93. Maltese pup cries for everything?
  94. I just got a female labradoodle puppy and i don't know what to name her? any...
  95. What breed is my dog?
  96. How far can a 6 year old pet labrador run?
  97. How to stop a pitbull puppy from nipping?
  98. Need a Name for my dog?
  99. What breed do you think my dog is?
  100. Why is my Labradoodle Growling?
  101. What breed of dog would be best for my family?
  102. Know any small sweet dog breeds?
  103. English Bulldog puppies for sale?
  104. English bulldog puppies for sale?
  105. looking for puppies for sale?
  106. Why won't my dog jump? Not even on my bed or couch.?
  107. Where can I find a blue 100% miniature English Bulldog puppy up for sale?
  108. Good Games to play with your dog inside?
  109. what are some good/cute names for a girl dog?
  110. Pitbull/lab mix puppy?
  111. labradoodle...If you have one please comment?
  112. Where can I find chihuahua puppies for sale in BC?
  113. I have a LabraDoodle and its really smart.?
  114. Whats the best breed of small dog/toy dog?
  115. My dog has slept in my bed for 2 years but now I want it to sleep in the...
  116. Dog chews bed in crate?
  117. What breeds do you see in this dog?
  118. Pure wolf puppies or hyprid wolfs for sale?
  119. Dog Food Question?????????????
  120. Would the U.S.A. prison system benefit from a standard dog food like (for
  121. How do I break my dog from being food aggressive?
  122. Can i bring a 7 week old Bichon Maltese Pup outside?
  123. Can i bring a pitbull puppy out in cold weather?
  124. I need dog names!!! Please help !?
  125. is it possible i/d dog food is what made my dog sick?
  126. what to do with a playful biting part pitbull puppy..even when we disipline...
  127. I rescued an American Pitbull Terrier puppy?
  128. is purina pro plan puppy an appropriate dog food for puppies?
  129. Mini Labradoodle question!!!?
  130. Help Naming our New Dog...?
  131. What dog breeds that are silent and don't bark much even as puppies?
  132. where can i get a maltese pup?
  133. What is your dog name?
  134. what do i do when i want a puppy pitbull and my mama dose not want a puupy at all?
  135. what breed do you guys think my dog looks like?
  136. What is the name of the dog breed that is white in color and has...?
  137. what is my dog's mother name if my dog's name is Tyson?
  138. I thenk mai one year old yorkiepoo is pregnent by mai labradoodle how do i
  139. Can dogs identify other dog's breeds?
  140. What brand of dry dog food is ideal for a West Highland White Terrier?
  141. what are the dominant breeds in my dog?
  142. What are some good hippie names? For a dog?
  143. Which breed of dog are they?
  144. Whats a good small breed dog for my family?
  145. 6 months pitbull puppy eating a deer?
  146. Does anyone know how big a Minature Goldendoodle/Labradoodle gets?
  147. Where can I find Siberian Husky puppies for sale in Wiesbaden, Germany?
  148. Anyone got German Shepherd Puppies for sale?
  149. why aren't foods labeled poisonous to dogs that have that artificial sugar in them?
  150. what small dog breed stays tiny?
  151. My dog likes to run himself on the sides of beds and couches constantly.
  152. Female pitbull puppy names?
  153. where to get cheap dog food?
  154. -_- puppys for sale ?
  155. Is there anything wrong with using a small dog bed as a co-sleeper in an adult bed?
  156. One dog on the bed - one dog in the crate? Advice needed.?
  157. where can i advertise my puppies for sale?
  158. I am desperatley trying to find a doberman puppy for sale in wales?
  159. Labrador and Pitbull Mix breed?
  160. dog name? is it good?
  161. ******Labradoodle owners and other dog owners**************?
  162. Neapolitan mastiff puppies for sale!?
  163. Why does my dog carry his food out of his bowl to eat it?
  164. Where can I find teacup or regular yorkie puppies for sale in kansas?
  165. dog breeds? please help.?
  166. My 8 week old german shepherd puppy has a bloated stomach?
  167. My 10 month old maltese pup has a purple testicle. Is this normal?
  168. Does a dog taste spicy food?
  169. Are my other smaller pets OK with my labradoodle puppy?
  170. My labradoodle was attacked and bitten last night by an Akita. Why did the
  171. Good VALENTINES DAY themed Names for registered Show Dogs ?
  172. my brother has got a pitbull puppy?
  173. Does anyone know who is selling maltese pups in houston texas?
  174. were to find a small puppy for sale in long beach?
  175. were can i fine puppys for sale in philadelphia pa?
  176. My toy poodle hates her harness, how can i get her to stop biting it?
  177. wen does a staffordshire bull terriers head start to split?
  178. Where can I find a mini poodle apricot colored?
  179. Best Dog Site for Clothes..?
  180. How do we stop our 3 yr old labrador from being agressive (jealous) with our 7
  181. Why are people on here so pug?!?
  182. where can i find a puppys for sale?
  183. German Shepherd Ears: UP/DOWN?
  184. Please help with my Labrador dog?
  185. TOK issue for the IB : Dog dies in the name of art.?
  186. need dog names for story dogs in story are show dogs?
  187. Which dog breed would be best for me?
  188. Where can i find cockapoo puppys for sale?
  189. Boy yorkie dog name help?
  190. I'm trying to think of the name of a movie about a dog, it was similiar
  191. What's that dogs name? Did he even have a name?
  192. whats a good place to advertise puppys for sale?
  193. my German Shepherds at eight months.?
  194. Will a labrador puppy born black and brown turn a solid color?
  195. Why do people buy from pet stores?
  196. Is the name shax a good name for a boy dog? ?
  197. I need a male poodle cheap---where can i get one??
  198. What's this pink inflamed bump on my pug (pictures included)?
  199. If those puppys are for sale.....?
  200. R German shepherds a good first dog?
  201. Chihuahua got shots. Can I give human meds?
  202. Where can I find Long Coat German Shepherd Puppies?
  203. whats the best alcohol cleanser for my dogs ears ?
  204. There are german shepherds with longer hair what are they called and where
  205. What was the name of that disney cartoon where there was a rabbit and a dog...
  206. False pregnancy in Pug.?
  207. Safe for my dog to wear a chain collar during the day?
  208. Are there any german shepherd/wolf mix puppies for sale in Modesto CA?
  209. I have a labrador and both his eyes are blue/grey mixed ?both the eyes are
  210. I am looking for a yellow Labrador Puppy, but I dont know where to start.?
  211. My 8 month old pure bloodline German Shepherd?
  212. What dog would win in a fight? Labrador or Pit Bull?
  213. What is the name of the dog in the commercial where the dog is doing a butt rub?
  214. labrador or golden retriever?
  215. how does an 11 year old poodle act? Totally slow or Still playful?
  216. What do I need to buy for my future pug puppy?
  217. Name of a teen-book about a Girl and her dog that get kidnapped by vikings and
  218. is there any pittbulls puppys for sale in manchester, england?
  219. what's the name of a certain dog breed...?
  220. Whats the movie called that has a doberman pincher and a german shepherd as
  221. are labradors really as hyper and boisterious as people seem to say they are?
  222. is it normal for my dog to "test" his bark collar?
  223. my german shepherd chases his tail and whines?
  224. at what age labrador?
  225. New pug puppy questions?
  226. Will a German Shepherd And A Pug or a King Charles Spaniel get along well?
  227. what is the name of the movie where a couple walks their dog through a tunnel?
  228. Are there any pet stores around Atlanta that sell deer antlers?
  229. How can I help my 9yr old labrador/golden retriever lose weight?
  230. maltese pups? experienced breeders help?
  231. What type of dog is this in this picture?
  232. have you got any puppys for sale?
  233. What is the stupidest "Designer" dog name you have ever heard?
  234. Why do so many hate on the Labrador/Boxer mix?
  235. How can i get my 3 year old jack russel terrier to like my 9 month old Yorkie
  236. Labrador stopped eating?
  237. what is the name of the movie with a lady and a dog that seems like it would be
  238. Do you think a German Shepherd is right for my family? *Trying to pick the...
  239. What is the name of the song that sampled Atomic Dog in the 90's?
  240. How much would a pink (dog) collar cost?
  241. What kind of dog is on the left in this picture?
  242. Picture of my dog, Is her eyes a sign of any medical condition?
  243. What is a 'rolled' dog collar?
  244. when is the best time to get my dog a head collar?
  245. Does anyone have a pug or know alot about the breed?
  246. how do I get my pug to not bite?
  247. Who bewitched you? Does Apostle Paul also answer this question "unto the...
  248. Does anyone know a breeder who lives in nj/ny who has maltese puppies?
  249. My pugs loved boiled chicken thighs, the smell makes?
  250. Does my German Shepherd Dog contain Kennel Cough.?