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  1. 4.5 year old dachshund vomiting, diarrhea?
  2. Tracking a greyhound?
  3. Is this dog a Pomeranian?
  4. Could a newfoundland hurt a little dog like a westhighland terrier?
  5. my dad really wants a french bulldog?
  6. Just got a shih tzu and would looove some "real" help!?
  7. Would like info on Leonberger Owners or Breeders?
  8. How do great pyrenees stand up in az weather?
  9. When my male shih-tzu cries,scratches on stuff,and sleeps alot does that mean hes in
  10. Boxers, Briefs, or Boxer Briefs?
  11. I am in desperate need of advice ! I have a 7 year old mini schnauzer...
  12. my boxer dog smells really bad and the house stinks?
  13. Should I have my Chihuahuas anal glands removed?
  14. i want to train my bullmastiff towards SchH or IPO, is it possible?
  15. How much do Welsh Terriers weigh?
  16. do toy poodles bark alot if they do is it hard to teach them not too?
  17. I have a 2 year old female chihuahua and want to mate her,but how do i know
  18. Can I give my boston terrier aspirin?
  19. bichon frise...Why is she humping?
  20. Wanted: Great Dane For Adoption Or Sale?
  21. need help with my beagle?
  22. Mini (or Pocket) Beagles?
  23. I have four chihuahua's and I need to know how to teach them to come when I...
  24. How much daily exercise do you give your English Mastiff?
  25. Are American Cocker Spaniels still used to hunt?
  26. Chihuahua question. Please help?
  27. Can German Shorthaired Pointer pups be judged at 12 weeks of age? I'm wondering...
  28. What is the difference between an English Cocker Spaniel and an American
  29. I just got a month old Shih Tzu and on Monday im going to have to leave him...
  30. What are good activities about beagles?
  31. Training a miniature schnauzer help...?
  32. what are the good things and bad things about beagles?
  33. can my siberian husky be of the lead???? ?
  34. Sleeping habits of 14 wk. old Dachshund?
  35. I tried to run down my friend Sarah's street in my boxers to overcome my
  36. colorectal cancer in newfoundland?
  37. Why does my mouse pointer show Spanish equivalents of whatever English
  38. I tried to run down my friend Sarah's street in my boxers to overcome my
  39. what is the difference between a lurcher and a greyhound?
  40. how do i get a chihuahua to stop being mean to a puppy pit?
  41. American or English Golden Retriever?
  42. How old can miniature schnauzers get to? ?
  43. I have a question about brushing a pug's teeth.?
  44. Can you tell me some info about Chihuahua's?
  45. what are some cute names for a baby Pomeranian ?
  46. How do Chihuahuas sleep so long? ?
  47. Chihuahuas? If you know a lot about dogs please comment!?
  48. Boston Terrier has become agressive. What can I do?
  49. Chihuahua/Pit Bull mix....?
  50. Is my cockatoo making my Chihuahua sick?
  51. please help me with aggressive beagle?
  52. Spiritually speaking, what's the matter with that bumble beagle??!!?
  53. Dogue De Bordeaux or Bull mastiff or Rottweiler Which is better guard dog?
  54. Is a female boxer pup(17wks)more difficult to train than a male? My 11mth...
  55. Why do some Jack Russell Terrier's ears stick up?
  56. I just got a 10 week old Great Dane?
  57. How can I teach my 1 year old Pug to jump up onto the couch?
  58. What are Papillons like?
  59. 7 Week German Shepherd/Rottweiler/Beagle/Cocker Spaniel Mix?
  60. Wirey Haired Jack Russell Terrier?
  61. Does the Mini boxer exist? yes?
  62. Irish Wolfhound and horses?
  63. How are English Bulldogs as pets?
  64. border collie ISSUES... training?
  65. 4 1/2 Month old black lab great dane mix, Biting problem?
  66. My basset hound is under weight, why?
  67. i have a question about my chihuahua?
  68. Are pugs worth buying as a pet?
  69. Girls only! Do you like a guy with only boxers or briefs (a.k.a tightie whities)?
  70. How do you groom a Siberian Husky for shows?
  71. Male Rhodesian Ridgeback Names?
  72. Who all on here has a male Pomeranian?
  73. what to give chihuahuas for allergic reactions Help!?
  74. Miniature Pinscher - Hypoallergenic?
  75. looking for a minuature chow-chow?
  76. I found a pair of boxer shorts under my girlfriends bed last night.?
  77. 4 1/2 Month old black lab great dane mix, how do i get her off the furniture?
  78. Breeding a dachshund then having her spayed after one litter?
  79. where in Scotland can i buy a Bearded Collie dog?
  80. Name of "droopy" rottweiler ornaments?
  81. Male Dachshund Names?
  82. wanting to buy Yorkshire Terrier, know anyone?
  83. is it normal for a poodle to wheeze when he breathes?
  84. About my 5 yr old chow Chow?
  85. Why is my Beagle growling at my cousin?
  86. my boxer has a little tuff of hair which stands up i have tried brushing
  87. I have a 5 month old long-haired chihuahua who weighs 3 pounds. When is
  88. why does my shih tzu hate my daddd?
  89. Labrador Retriever........?
  90. Weight of A Pomeranian?
  91. Chihuahua puppy name?
  92. Will Greyhound check my ID if I'm really 13?
  93. Does anyone know of any rottweiler rescues near phoenix?
  94. A few questions about boxers?
  95. the best 30 boxers of all time?
  96. Would a Golden Retriever be a good dove hunting dog.?
  97. How to train a beagle X spaniel puppy?
  98. 55lb English Bulldog and Coyotes?
  99. Where can I learn to knit a sweater for my wife's poodle ?
  100. i have two labrador retriever dogs.they are 7 months old but still they din learned
  101. Does anyone know if it is possible for a female Chihuahua to mix with a...
  102. what is the difference in appearance with a Staffordshire bull terrier and a pit
  103. My Pug just had a litter of 8 puppies, NEED HELP!!?
  104. My chihuahua just had her puppies?!?
  105. My 8yr old male pug has been extremely itchy and appears bloated could this
  106. Ever been to the basset hound parade in Ocean city NJ?
  107. Having chihuahua potty problems?
  108. My chihuahua is pregnant help me?
  109. schnauzer puppy food?
  110. average price of a beagle with papers?
  111. I have a Teacup Chihuahua and i have questions!?
  112. Some questions about a pekingese? please help?
  113. Would u rather watch: "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" or "Nick and Norah's Infinite
  114. Boxer/German Shepherd mix being more aggressive towards us (his owners) lately.?
  115. HELP!!!! I need help on re training a 4 year old chihuahua dog?
  116. well its about my chihuahua?
  117. Does greyhound bus check ID if your 15?
  118. How long does it take to potty train a Pomeranian puppy and how?????
  119. I have two dogs that are sisters one is full pit one is pit and chow and
  120. how to potty train a chihuahua?
  121. i need a name for my webkinz pug?
  122. Why are chihuahuas so attached to one single person?
  123. I Need Help...with My Dachshunds!?
  124. My New Mini Schnauzer bites!?
  125. is Miley Cyrus turning into the new Brittany Spears?
  126. Border Collie like Calico Color?
  127. How can I get the tips of my Boston terrier's ears to stand up?
  128. What should I sell un-registered pug puppies for?
  129. UPDATE to question about french bulldog/boston terrier dog - Link to pics added!?
  130. Border Collie Puppy - Exercise?
  131. i am currentley trying to train my beagle....he is able to sit,come,stay...
  132. Help my boxer dog jumps up and hes 10 months ive tried shouting at him
  133. Chihuahua puppy odd blue eyes? ?
  134. I recently rescued a toy poodle who will only go potty outside on grass.?
  135. Why has my 1.8 yr old boder collie lost her stamina and overheats after a short
  136. where to buy a chihuahua (what types of dogs r the cutest) and should i move to...
  137. Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  138. Do you think a copy of this article should be handed out to every family at
  139. Do you find guys who wear boxer briefs?
  140. What is a dudley/or butterfly nose in Brussels Griffons?
  141. First Aid for a Pug? What can I do?
  142. Bull Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  143. Jake t Austin use boxers or briefs?
  144. if brittany spears was a teacher what would she teach?10 points?
  145. tear stains on shih tzu.?
  146. Is it safe for my English Mastiff puppy to come home at 8 weeks? ?
  147. Boxer with webbed toes?
  148. male or female poodle?
  149. 7 week old German Shepherd/Rotty/Beagle training classes.?
  150. dose anyone know the movie title about a retired boxer i think goes to
  151. How can i become a good boxer?
  152. Should I name my new English Bulldog puppy Sad Sack or Cavity Creep?
  153. Where can I get a Golden Retriever for my husband FREE?
  154. Best DRY food for my itchy borded collie?!?!?
  155. im from the Philippines and i live with my golden retriever & no mattr how...
  156. Whining Miniature Schnauzer Puppy...HELP!!!?
  157. Do miniature poodles have jealousy problems?
  158. how to make make puppy chow?
  159. about how much longer can i expect my dachshund to live?
  160. Does Greyhound bus check ID on 15 year olds?
  161. i gave my golden retriever penut butter on his new kong can this cause diarrhea ? ?
  162. Why does my Boston Terrier have pink fur?
  163. Where can I adopt/buy a Pomeranian (teacup)?
  164. Do Brittany Spaniels point?
  165. My chihuahua coughed all night?
  166. if i get my male american bulldog fixed would it make him less of a hunting dog?
  167. Ok. i have a baby Teacup Chihuahua. and we got her from petland, and now
  168. Should I get 2 English Mastiffs 2 weeks apart?
  169. German Shepherd or American Staffordshire Terrier ?
  170. Does anyone in the dog section show German shepherds in the UKC?
  171. Pugs, Beagles, or Puggles?
  172. Looking To Purchase Toy Poodle or Yorkie?
  173. Boston terrier owners please respond if you have had this experience?
  174. Female Chihuahua heat cycle?
  175. My Shiba Inu is full grown and smaller than standard AKC size?
  176. name for a male pug?
  177. I recently purchased a english bulldog but it does not have alot of wrinkles ?
  178. my 2 year old french bulldog might be pregnant?
  179. my Shih Tzu is 12 years old. I think she is getting senile, Is this possible?
  180. Is real food such as veggies, meat, good for a havanese dog?
  181. I have a 6 month old male miniature poodle pup. What other dog should I get (I
  182. What is a cute dog name for a chihuahua ?
  183. What genre do you think a story with the name "The Garden Boxer" seems like to you?
  184. What to do for a Lethargic Greyhound?
  185. boston terrier housebreaking problems?
  186. have a pit and want a chihuahua....?
  187. American Eskimo Dog breeders in Australia?
  188. whats a nice name for a female flashy fawn boxer please no names like sarah or...
  189. dangerous dog rottweiler?
  190. What is the life expectancy of a Great Dane?
  191. im gettin a border collie puppy today what do i need to get for her?? ?
  192. Early America: a description of when Leif Erikson reached Newfoundland?
  193. I need help w/ Great Dane and water, they don't mix, any tips?
  194. hi , my chihuahua is 63 days today , i took her temperture last night, it was
  195. what is the average weight of a chihuahua ?
  196. i'm sorry this is sugars 5 again i meant my chihuahua is 63 days pregnant her...
  197. My Pomeranian has blown her undercoat.?
  198. do all poodles jump really high?
  199. is my chocolate Labrador retriever ok?
  200. How long do Boxers usually live for?
  201. Is Tito a good name for a male Pomeranian?
  202. Breast lumps in chihuahuas ?
  203. Chihuahua with REALLY bad teeth?
  204. I used flea and tick shampoo on my 3 year old dachshund 4 days ago. Since...
  205. Is it okay to bathe my golden retriever in beer? Apparently, beer makes the...
  206. What do poodles do for fun?
  207. Where can I find a Poodle applique or patch for a skirt?
  208. what are good names for a male toy poodle?
  209. My 9 year old chihuahua male has been licking his butt a lot help!!!?
  210. Should i forget about getting a border collie if..?
  211. STUBBORN 8 month old scottish terrier? (pics)?
  212. Pomeranian or Chihuahua and why?
  213. how do i stop my 1 year old vizsla pup pinching things?
  214. Best training tools to train a beagle?
  215. My 2 year old female shih tzu seems constipated but has done her poop regular. ?
  216. dachsund or pug.....?
  217. can someone give me all the information i need to know about a great Dane, shots,...
  218. Why is my min. schnauzer so stingy with his toys?
  219. Where do I go to find ticket information for Greyhound bus?
  220. How much do beagles whine/cry/bark?
  221. chihuahua had kennel cough for the 1st month i had him, hes been over it but...
  222. Stripping a Min. Schnauzer?
  223. When my 8 month old Chihuahua drinks water she seems to cough.Is this normal...
  224. why does my shih tzu hate my dad?
  225. Need help finding a teacup chihuahua?
  226. Where to buy DSLR's in Newfoundland or online?
  227. American Bulldog Training?
  228. Can German Shorthaired Pointer pups be judged at 12 weeks of age? I'm
  229. Are Dachshunds hypoallergenic?
  230. How much dry food should i give my 10 month old boxer dog answers from
  231. what should my bf and i name are Chihuahua?
  232. My Rottweiler has bad arthritis, and I'm taking her to the vet on Thursday?
  233. White face border collie, so many different opinions!?
  234. My dachshund gets little attention!?
  235. what kind of competitions are available for youth boxers?
  236. shar pei's? anyone with experience?
  237. Border collies peeling?
  238. Can someone give me some info/advice on boxer briefs?
  239. Doberman Pinscher allergies?
  240. how do you pervent a shar pei from getting rashes?
  241. How much will a phone call to Newfoundland, Canada cost from the UK?
  242. What makes up the Golden retriever?
  243. What is the real truth boxers vs briefs?
  244. Can labrador retriever be black and with spot on chest? ?
  245. Do you like the maltese or bichon frise better?
  246. English Staffordshire Bull Terrier Muscle Growth?
  247. Rat Terrier/Chihuahua?
  248. how can i become a better boxer ?
  249. My 15 month old min Schnauzer has begun chewing on his back legs. HIs good...
  250. i have a little shih tzu and wanna get a german shepherd will they get along?