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  1. Newfoundland breeders/owners...can you answer this question?
  2. American Pit Bull Terrier dog book...look at the cover?
  3. How are Shih Tzu's with children?
  4. How old is to old for a teacup poodle to have puppies?
  5. What do you think of the name "Sadie" for a golden retriever dog?
  6. bad breath in 6 yr old greyhound,5 teeth removed still stinks ?
  7. Pregnant mini-schnauzer has sticky discharge?
  8. are you a boxer or breif guy?
  9. Where can I buy a Mastiff stuffed animal?
  10. does anyone know of a good map of brittany, france, available online?
  11. Can you break a toy poodle from being skiddish?
  12. Does anyone have a brittany spaniel?
  13. What is the term for this shih tzu haircut?
  14. What can I do about Dry Skin on a Basset Hound?
  15. How long can an 8 week old Boston Terrier puppy hold their pee?
  16. Can I use a regular collar on a Siberian Husky?
  17. Dry Kibble or the yummy looking wet chow?
  18. A cheap teacup poodle?
  19. my pug was attacked by another dog and is in a lot of pain?
  20. I have a question about papers on Boston Terriers?
  21. the difference between a teacup and mini chihuahua?
  22. How do I know I'm feeding my Dalmatian puppy enough?
  23. My Border Collie is in season and not sure if her brother has got to her...
  24. What is a good hip score for a Weimaraner?
  25. Newfoundland breeders/owners....can you answer a question?
  26. i want to get a saint bernard...?
  27. How much do Bearded Collies shed?
  28. is yougart good for a poodle ?
  29. Anyone have a Greyhound? What do you feed it?
  30. Grooming Routine for a small 1 yr. old Lhasa Apso?
  31. 3 year old Whining Chihuahua...HELP!?
  32. how can i find a good pomeranian breeder with still affordable prices?
  33. Looking to breed my dachshund with a male?
  34. I have a siberian husky , and I want to find a apartment at Long Beach, CA
  35. were can i get a pomeranian im desprate!!!!!?
  36. For the mutt haters, bichon frise?
  37. witch boxer had a mild heart attack during a fight???????????? HELP!?
  38. How Long Of A Walk Should I Give My 4 Month Old Toy Poodle?
  39. joke: a naked blonde walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm and a 2 foot
  40. My 5 month pomeranian ate about 4 little worms. Will he be ok?
  41. pubs near shelbourne park greyhound stadium dublin?
  42. What if the greyhound bus leaves without me?
  43. Dalmatian Puppy vs Siberian Husky Puppy?
  44. Pregnant Shih-tzu .......... Help ?
  45. I have a 13week old english mastiff and i've been noticeing he has been...
  46. wanted: Does anyone know where I could get a Papillon puppy in Phoenix?
  47. Names for a Bull Terrier?
  48. Neutering a dachshund?
  49. Ay Chihuahua...if you had a chihuahua dog what mexican name would you name it?
  50. Mini dachshund potty troubles?
  51. I have a beagle who is neutered and I just got one that isn't. They aren't
  52. Have you ever seen a movie with the main star is a Jack Russell Terrier?
  53. can a german sheperd kill a little chihuahua ?
  54. What dog should I get...a yorkie or toy poodle? ADVICE?
  55. BOXERS: Have you ever almost feared to kill someone?
  56. One more question about my new Chihuahua puppy.?
  57. do you like brittany spears?
  58. Questions about my Boxer/Lab?
  59. why is my german shepherd dog scared of me!?!?
  60. Has anyone out there ever heard of any outcomes for ureter surgery for an English
  61. how often do u walk a border collie pup? (HELP.PLZ)?
  62. Where can i buy a shih tzu?
  63. how do you get a Miniature Schnauzer to quit biting you ?
  64. Anyone have a Greyhound dog or know much about them? ?
  65. Can I mate my 9lb chihuahua girl with a 4lb chi boy?
  66. is an irish setter right for me?
  67. Would it be dumb for me to get a great dane and have him live w me in my 900 sq ft...
  68. im training to be a boxer?
  69. Help! My 3 year old English Bulldog/Beagle mix is driving me crazy! She is
  70. I just got a male chihuahua 10 wks old and he might have parvo can he pass it...
  71. My pomeranian doesn't drink at all?
  72. Why won't my beagle stop drooling?
  73. Greyhound fare from San Fran to Reno Roundtrip labeled "casino." Is there a catch? ?
  74. how to stop my 18 month old pomeranian to urinate on our bed ?
  75. grass allergy in irish setters?
  76. Anyone have any current Greyhound Bus discount codes?
  77. How long and how wide is a jack russell terrier?
  78. What do you think about Rottweiler/Chihuahua cross breeds?
  79. What is the history of Chateau Tremblant in Rennes, Brittany?
  80. Thinking of getting a Border Collie or Aussie Shepherd?
  81. What are the acne like bumps on the top of my Boxer's head?
  82. Beagle/Bulldog pup: Another question?
  83. women which do you prefer on a guy boxers or briefs?
  84. collar for an italian greyhound?
  85. Are you a boxer (not a pro) who is over 40? How do you keep in shape and under...
  86. Does anyone know where I can find good Italian Greyhound Breeders in...
  87. Go ahead with english bulldog?
  88. Cairn Terrier Help????
  89. beagle owners only!!!?
  90. How do I get my golden retriever to stop jumping on other dogs?
  91. Have you ever participated in a Basenji riot on an astral plane far from your home?
  92. What color stud would increase chances of my chihuahua having a chocolate pup?
  93. Pomeranian aggression?
  94. How do I housebreak a Pomeranian?
  95. My 4 year old Great Dane has a incontinence problem. He just goes without realising
  96. Chocolate lab or golden retriever pup(hard choice)?
  97. My chihuahua just gave birth today? (part II)?
  98. How to be a good boxer?
  99. Do i really look like Brittany Murphy?
  100. What movie should I go see between eagle eye, blindness and beverly hills Chihuahua?
  101. what are the pros & cons of owning a shiba inu?
  102. Chihuahua pottying in the house?
  103. Shiba Inu or a husky? Great dane or a doberman?
  104. Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  105. what are the good and bad thinks about GOLDEN RETRIEVERS?
  106. Who owns a Bichon Frise and whats it called?
  107. What Is a better name for a boy boxer?
  108. Luggage on the greyhound bus?
  109. Where can i find Tea Cup Chihuahua breeders in hawaii?
  110. I have a dachshund puppy for 3 days now and he is constantly peeing
  111. My 1 yr old English Bulldog is Humping EVERYTHING?
  112. Pregnant Shih-tzu .......... Help?
  113. Boxers or briefs on a teenage boy?
  114. When can I breed my chihuahua?
  115. type of harness for a chihuahua?
  116. beverly hills Chihuahua?
  117. what would be the tbest type of traingin for a rouigh collie?
  118. boxer briefs question?
  119. Can any dog besides a Chow have purple spots on their tounges?
  120. Is this normal for my border collie?
  121. Does it affect cops if they are a professional boxer and a black belt if they
  122. What happens during a Greyhound bus transfer?
  123. My 4 week old Shih Tzu is showing signs of aggression with litter mates?
  124. i have a tiny toy poodle that is 8 ins in height but small built some would say a
  125. how much would a english golden retriever ?
  126. My MIL has a 7.5 year old yorki-poodle mix and she wants to have his teeth...
  127. Thinking About Getting an Italian Greyhound?
  128. I have a rough collie,blue merel female, 3mnth old pup and was wondering if
  129. My chihuahua is getting into the litter box and trash can...?
  130. Great Dane Lovers! I have a question.?
  131. Are Yorkshire Terriers hard to house train?
  132. Have you lost your Chihuahua in your bum crack lately.?
  133. Neutering male pug to stop marking territory?
  134. Question on my dog Golden retriever?
  135. Wee pad training for my pug pup?
  136. How safe is taking Greyhound?
  137. my chihuahua puppy got stung by a bee..?
  138. Do you like Great Pyrenees?
  139. Girls, what do you prefer on men "Boxers" or "Boxer Briefs"?
  140. How long will my beagle live?
  141. will my staffordshire bull terrier live in harmony with her pup?
  142. Which Dog would be best advised for me... Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute?
  143. My Chihuahua is going to the bathroom everywhere in the house, help?
  144. if you have a maltese or boston terrier dog answer this!?
  145. So my Pomeranian is sparring with my Pit Bull...?
  146. Is it bad to have a 10 week chow outside?
  147. Which dog would you prefer Lab or Boxer?
  148. First time Pomeranian mom. I would like to know?!?
  149. do you feel safe using greyhound bus?
  150. OMG I need help with my Pomeranian!!!!!?
  151. My first time owning A long haired Chihuahua! Any advice?
  152. What is the best dog for a mini poodle cross?
  153. My American mastiff 8month old has bumps all over him. Bathed him last
  154. why is my healthy 7 mo old beagle limping? I can't find anything visibly wrong w/
  155. Which is better for a 5 month old Toy Poodle Can or Dry Food?
  156. Are chows a good dog?
  157. I have A Pomeranian wolf sable I was wandering? +?
  158. Do you recommend a Yorkshire Terrier for a family pet?
  159. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Question?
  160. If You Could Put Two Boxers in the same Ring? ?
  161. Merle Great Dane Pups-California?
  162. why wont my poodle won't go to the bathroom?
  163. will a rottweiler and a pitbull be ok living in the same house?
  164. what chanel is network tv for newfoundland?
  165. Which of the following Boxers can be introduced to the hall of fame when they get
  166. What is it like owning an English bulldog?
  167. My Diabetic Chihuahua going for cushing test!?
  168. I wanna buy yorkshire terrier!! just one question!?
  169. I have a Chow and a chiauau mix and I was wanting to know if you can leave it out...
  170. Doberman Pinscher's??? Good dogs?
  171. My dog needs a girl dog. Help!What kind of breed should mix with a shih-tzu boy?
  172. Does anyone currently own or has previously owned a Scottish Terrier?
  173. I want a Chihuahua. Where to find one?
  174. Are golden retrievers a good family dog?
  175. what do you call a toy poodle and daschund mix?
  176. My pit bull terrier PRADA does not want to eat..?
  177. teenage boys, do you like these boxers?
  178. Where would you stay for 4 nights in Brittany? (towns / hotels?)?
  179. Which country was England's chief rival in Newfoundland?
  180. Are tennesee walker horses good around boston terriers?
  181. do chihuahuas get morning sickness?
  182. if i breed my male golden retriever, will i get to keep a puppy?
  183. what are some facts on dachshunds?
  184. do american bullies play a toll on why people want to beef up their ameican pit
  185. Who wants a needy Basset Hound?
  186. How can I tell the age of my rescue dog (Great Dane)?
  187. My boston terrier seems very gassy! ?
  188. how much food do i feed a 1 year old great dane?
  189. Is it possible for me to own a Siberian Husky?
  190. saint bernard health problems?
  191. chihuahua puppies for sale?
  192. My chihuahua hasnt been acting normal for two days, nor has had a solid poop.?
  193. I have an 8 week old chihuahua..she weighs 2 lbs, im confused about the growth...
  194. Help! Labrador Retriever has bad gas!?
  195. How much does a purebred border collie cost?
  196. I got a weimaraner yesterday...DOES ANYONE have ANY suggestion on how to get
  197. how do i get my pit/boxer buff?
  198. I just got a baby pit bull, my bf has 2 chihuahuas, will my pitbull kill them when
  199. 10 month old Chihuahua, how to potty train?
  200. Looking for a good name for a female bernese mountain dog!?
  201. Pug has a tight belly, lathargic. He has had 2 bawl movements and has urinated...
  202. my pug farts all the time?
  203. boxers or briefs.....?
  204. Do boxers feel that they are destined to be Champions? ?
  205. Is my Boston Terrier pregnant?
  206. Old english sheepdog groomer?
  207. My 8 yr old boxer is drinking lots of water?
  208. could a shiba inu and a chihuahua live together peacfully?
  209. Should I get a beagle or an american cocker spaniel?Why?
  210. My boston terrier snores.....HELP!!!!!?
  211. For anyone who owns a Boxer?
  212. How do I get my chihuahua to accept strangers?
  213. Can a beagle dig under a fence and escape? If yes how can i stop them ?
  214. Is Ollie a good name to call a labrador,golden retriver or beagle??
  215. Siamese Dream vs. Mellon Collie and the Infinte Sadness?
  216. i have a 3 yr old healthy boxer and today I noticed inside of some of his nails
  217. What is the difference between a bull mastiff, an english mastiff and a...
  218. My Cairn Terriers jumping? Thanks!?
  219. Is there a AR code for Nintendogs Chihuahua and Friends for absolutely no money? ?
  220. do you own a scotch/rough collie?
  221. How do I stop my pomeranian from peeing everytime iI try to pick him up?
  222. dog expert advice! chihuahua or papillon?
  223. Greyhound bus tickets..... help?
  224. Dogs: the cross between jack russells and collies, Border Jacks?
  225. My boxer got into a bag of bird seed last night. Is she gonna be ok?
  226. I tried to run down my friend Sarah's street in my boxers to overcome my
  227. 3 month old Chow Chow- trouble with poo?
  228. Floppy Chihuahua ears?
  229. My dog is a boston terrier. ?
  230. What are schnauzer bumps?
  231. HELP!!!!! MY DACHSHUND IS SICK!~10 pts!?
  232. Are American Bulldogs good with children?
  233. just go my birthday card from Adolf the yorkshire terrier that i sponsor...
  234. French Bulldog owners: How do you keep them from getting skin fold infections on...
  235. What is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  236. I want to try on some silk boxers but i dont wanna buy a pair and then not like...
  237. how old should a chihuahua be before becoming pregnant?
  238. would my chihuahua survive on a plane for 15 hours?
  239. I need information on pugs ?
  240. My Mini Schnauzer was at my Mom's house for a week and he has a swollen right eye,...
  241. How do i keep my 12 week old teacup chihuahua puppy from peeing on my bed durring
  242. Where can I find a Girls' XL 50s Poodle skirt Outfit?
  243. 4 1/2 Month old black lab great dane mix, Barking problem controll?
  244. How big is a papillon supposed to be at 11 weeks?
  245. My 1 year old Beagle pooped out some long pink stuff?
  246. Who is the Champion Boxer murdered by the nazis in Germany?
  247. Basset Hound Chocolate?
  248. I've bred an long haired dachshund with a short haired dachshund. ?
  249. Halloween Help!!! How do you become a girl boxer?
  250. Do you prefer long haired or short haired Chihuahuas? Also, do you prefer teacup...