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  1. Hi, I live in Michigan, do you know anyone that breeds Bullmastiff or Greatdane
  2. Golden or Labrador retriever?
  3. New kitten, and it HATES my very friendly pomeranian. What should I do?
  4. What is a "chow" pit bull?
  5. who is your fave boxers in these eras?
  6. Pregnant Chihuahua question!!! Someone help me please!!?
  7. Yo...it's a poll...what do you prefer, boxers or briefs?
  8. How long could braxton hicks last for a chihuahua dog?
  9. Why does my Bichon-poodle mix scratch/chew constantly?
  10. Beverly Hills Chihuahua Toys...?
  11. i have a neutered male pekingese?
  12. My shih tzu keeps running in my room and peeing on my rug..?
  13. Is the Great Pyrenees one of the world's biggest dogs?
  14. How do you like you German Shepherd Dog?
  15. I have an akc registered english bulldog that I am wanting to stud out he...
  16. underweight poorly looked after english springer spaniel?
  17. Chihuahua marking his territory, what do I do?
  18. my doggie- whippet/beagle mix? or something else?
  19. How to get my year old rottweiler to stop jumping.?
  20. How do I know if my Pomeranian has Heartworms?
  21. Help! My 5 month old Boxer has Diarrhea?
  22. I have a two month old puppy. She is half beagle and half basenji, i am...
  23. Beverly Hills Chihuahua! Rating?
  24. Basset hound saggy butt?
  25. Brittany Spaniel? Anyone familiar with the breed?
  26. i have a yorkie ad dachshund ad , still wondering wot other do to get and
  27. Pitbull cross German Shepherd or Boxer cross German Shepherd?
  28. If Kimbo is such a good boxer then why isn't he a Boxer?
  29. What is Beverly hills chihuahuas like? ?
  30. My Rottweiler Is Acting Like A Human!!?
  31. How long does it take for my two cats to get used to our friend's Great Dane?
  32. English Mastiff - Show Faults?
  33. Viszla-Boxer temperament?
  34. Does anyone know of a breeder of Farm Collies/Scotch Collies?
  35. Question about Yorkshire Terriers?
  36. HELP!! My pug just came in with a dead mouse and I think he ate it!! What should I...
  37. How much should i save for a GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY?!?
  38. my boxer is pull me a lot when we walk what can i do?
  39. What should I name my pet Pomeranian?
  40. border collie barking and biting the family?
  41. Why Is my Rottweiler Acting Like A Pussy Cat?
  42. How much excersise should a Pomeranian need a day?
  43. 3 month old Male Pug coughing and sometimes spitting up undigested puppy food,...
  44. Why are labrador retrievers pesky?
  45. I Have a chihuahua terrier mix....?
  46. What color is my dachshund?
  47. My standard size poodle bolts and will *not* come back when she gets outside,
  48. are rawhide bones safe for toy poodles?
  49. Beverly Hills Chihuahua Toys...?
  50. i have a boy yorkie ad a girl dachshund i dont know wot to call them any ideas on
  51. Australian Cattle Dog mouthing everything!?
  52. My friends 10 year old yorkshire terrier is voiding his bowels?
  53. Bullmastiff with skin rash?
  54. what happens if you get water in pomeranian dogs ears?
  55. i need a Chihuahua please read!?
  56. my boxer is pregnant....?
  57. Tiny yellow egg like things in chihuahua's bed?
  58. Who thinks its sad that beverly hills Chihuahua did the best in the box office?
  59. We just Adopted a 3 year old boxer who was pot-tie trained we thought but
  60. Cut on my face from Beagle?
  61. which is generally more aggressive? male or female rottweiler?
  62. Poll: American Pit Bull Terriers or Staffordshire Bull Terriers?
  63. Chihuahua (4yrs old) won't eat hard food.?
  64. My Pomeranian having difficulty breathing and vomiting after choking?
  65. Should I get another Pomeranian?
  66. Why do some chihuahuas eyes pop out?
  67. Dachshund throwing up.. Should I worry?
  68. Well i have a golden retriever and he twitches when he sleeps. Help?
  69. Do girls like it when guys show their boxers?
  70. Who agrees with me as to what TRUE American Pit bull Terrier's are?
  71. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Names!?
  72. Can I have 2 female and 1 male boxer in the house together when 1 of the...
  73. My moms three chihuahuas got sprayed by a skunk?
  74. How do I convince my fiancee' that my son and I need a Great Dane?
  75. We have a 5 month old Golden Retriever Puppy who is the most beautiful little girl
  76. How do I fatten up my 6 month old boxer?
  77. Considering a Siberian Husky...any pointers?
  78. girls: boxers, briefs man thongs?
  79. how many days is the boxer pregnancy?
  80. Akita/Chihuahua don't get along...help...?
  81. My 3 year old Pomeranian has Kennel Cough or Heart Worms?
  82. 2 hamsters and a toy poodle on air china?
  83. I really like Brindle Boxers, but my breeder will only have fawn untill his...
  84. Are there any German Shepherd dogs for sale in Tucson, AZ?
  85. i have a kinda aggressive poodle?
  86. Would a bull terrier be a good high energy companion for an AmStaff?
  87. i am thinking of getting a pug ?
  88. Where do you go to get a free Golden Retriever Puppy?
  89. What do you know about Red Nose Pit/Boxer?
  90. on my pug 406 there is a warning light and I have no idea what it means can you help?
  91. Do Dalmatians make good pets to keep?
  92. in which nintendo dog game can i get a husky,golden retriever,jack...
  93. Is it safe to walk your German Shepherd dog with a backpack?
  94. What makes Boston Terriers different colors?
  95. How do Greyhound Buses work? Traveling U.S. to Canada?
  96. how much do purebreed quality rottweiler puppies cost...?
  97. How much would one expect to pay for a purebred irish wolfhound?
  98. Can I bring a guitar on a Greyhound bus?
  99. Is a papillon a good breed for me?
  100. how much do chihuahua leashes cost?
  101. How can I get a discount on australia greyhound website?
  102. Did anyone go see or take their kids to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  103. When will my bullmastiff quit eating my house? (I think that I need to be...
  104. I am getting a jack russell terrier?
  105. Boxer vs Devil for halloween?
  106. I have a 18month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has the most amazing temperament?
  107. Need advice on Shih Tzu training?
  108. female chihuahua pees on bed...?
  109. Best online retailer for a jacket for a Boxer?
  110. Why are calvin klein boxers so expensive?!?
  111. dose ACA recognize a chihuahua mixed with a dachshund and if so what do
  112. What Should I Call My Chihuahua?
  113. What type of dog is in the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  114. i have a poodle,pitbull,and a great dane the pit bit my poodle?
  115. My 10 year old Pug's tail is suddenly droopy...?
  116. I'm about to buy a mini dachshund and have a few concerns...?
  117. Long hair dachshund with short (ish) hair?
  118. How much excersise should a 5 month old Pomeranian get a day?
  119. best place to insure a saint bernard?
  120. My 4yr old english bulldog just started scooting his bottom on the
  121. Info Need on the Great Dane "Charmbred Angelica Lass" Harlequin bitch (W)1082409?
  122. smooth fox terriers?
  123. Amir Khan (boxer) has a girlfriend called Aqeela from Blackburn. She is from a...
  124. Suggestions on making a Pug figurine out of polymer clay?
  125. why is my Chesapeake Bay Retriever so small?
  126. How do I make a man thong using boxers or boxer-briefs?
  127. In theory what would a pitbull mixed with australian cattle dog personality be?
  128. Hello my girldriend and I just got a 8 week old Pug. When should we deworm it and
  129. I have a 5 month old Chihuahua and i wanted to know what shots are needed for him.?
  130. Shih Tzu? Purebred or Not?
  131. I have a toy poodle he is 7 months old. I have checked him almost everytime he
  132. Rottweiler ----------vicious Or Victim?
  133. My Older Beagle Is Cold and In Pain. Answers? Anyone?
  134. Is anyone here allergic to toy poodles?
  135. what can i do if my pug has pink eye?
  136. My english mastiff puppy drinks alot of water is this normal..?
  137. i have a caramel and white beagle on my nintendo but stuck 4 a name any ideas ?
  138. pedigree rough collie prices?
  139. How can I teach my African Grey to stop teasing my American Staffordshire Terrier?
  140. My shiba inu is acting very strange...?
  141. Pomeranian Tear Stains?!?
  142. My 3 year old Pomeranian has a really bad case of Kennel Cough. ?
  143. do labradors and golden retrievers are good duard house?
  144. Can a 11 month old siberian female husky get parvo ?
  145. Jack Russell Terrier or Miniature Schnauzer ?
  146. why is my Pomeranian's hair flat????!?!?
  147. Does anybody know where I can find a Boston Terrier breeder in South Carolina?
  148. How can I make my pugs lose weight?
  149. I hv a golden retriever.....he is 2 years old and is aggerssive with other...
  150. My shih tzu puppy is 12 weeks old. When can she get a haircut?
  151. What name should I pick for my papillon puppy?
  152. What are Border Collie's like?
  153. Where can I buy a bloodhound puppy in Wisconsin?
  154. which is better boxers or briefs when you have a catheter.?
  155. When will i know if my beagle is pregnant?
  156. There is a girl brittany in my spanish 1 class. Does she like me?
  157. Why do people think that Chihuahuas look like rats?
  158. Which is taller? GREAT DANE or IRISH WOLF HOUND?
  159. Shih tzu has a small lump on the side of her face?
  160. Schnauzer fell over dead in the front yard w/ blood pouring from her mouth &
  161. How do I fix my one year old boxer puppy's habits?
  162. how much are miniature dachshunds?
  163. Help with my Chihuahua's weight gain?
  164. my boxer losing hair has bumps what is wrong with her?
  165. Is Goodlife recipe good to feed my Chihuahuas? Or what is?
  166. how tall is the tallest professional boxer and what is he's name?
  167. Is it bad for a 2 mths GSD to play with a 4mths Golden Retriever too much?
  168. what to do with a beagle..?
  169. Is it inapropriate to do yard work in boxer shorts? ?
  170. how do i house break my Shih-tzu (oreo)?
  171. How much does a healthy purebreed Beagle from a reputable breeder cost?
  172. my 6 mo. old boxers tooth?
  173. Looking to buy a Yorkshire terrier?
  174. Pomeranian Puppies 4sale??? (AUS)?
  175. Poodle and Pomeranian mix are consider a hypoallergenic dog?
  176. joint supplement for old large dog (rottweiler, 11 years old)?
  177. Going to be bringing a dachshund home what do I need to know?
  178. My new boxer puppy just turned 8 weeks, but keeps peeing on the floor repeatly.?
  179. Trying to breed my female chihuahua.?
  180. can my chihuahua be alergic to a certian kind of shampoo?
  181. Why is my Beagle doing this ?
  182. I have A Shetland Sheepdog-Mini Australian shepherd mix I would like to know...
  183. Retired racing greyhounds?
  184. Is it true that Big Headed Boxers is owned by R&B/Pop singer Chris Brown and where
  185. hi, my chihuahua is due to have puppies , i've done everything to help her into...
  186. Our English Bulldog is 7 months old and is very aggressive towards my two...
  187. how much should a baby boxer me fed?
  188. My Boxer is leaking a clear fluid?
  189. HELP! Beagle Ate Toadstool on Friday!?
  190. In your opinion, Black Russian Terrier or South African Boerboel?
  191. Hunting in Newfoundland Canada?
  192. Poll : Boxers, Briefs or Commandos ? ?
  193. 8 Week old Golden Retriever growling at family?
  194. Why is my toy poodle not eating lately?
  195. Newfoundland in the Confederation Debate?
  196. Anybody know Chihuahua names?
  197. my Pomeranian dogs tail?
  198. Are toy poodles usually bad with people?
  199. Why does my 1yr old beagle eat her own poo? She used to have diareah and we
  200. My Shih-Tzu has hair in her eyes?
  201. stop 10 week old chihuahua?
  202. what are good and bad thing about labrador retrievers?
  203. Beagle puppy ear pain?
  204. Needy Shih-tzu mix puppy?
  205. 9 yr old boxer, possible reaction to Fish Jerky?
  206. should i get a labrador or a pug?
  207. Not sure if 4 month old boxer has gotten his vaccination, is it ok to get it again?
  208. Beagle Dog Information?
  209. I'm moving into a two story house and I just happen to have a dachshund. I know...
  210. About how big do you think a border collie lab mix will be full grown?
  211. to dog groomers: what do I need to be able to groom my poodles and bichon?
  212. Flea advise for chihuahua?
  213. i have a poodle and i am wondering what age can i get her pregnant ? oh and my
  214. BFF just bought a siberian husky PUPPY...BIG MISTAKE?
  215. Housetraining a Miniature Dachshund.?
  216. Whats the songs name that comes out in the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  217. miniature poodle grooming ?
  218. What to expect with an English Bull Terrier?
  219. Boxers, Briefs or Boxer Briefs, whats your prefrence?
  220. My Bull Terrier Puppy Keeps Biting?
  221. Our pugs hate their dry dog food?
  222. Does anyone wear knit tricot nylon boxers?
  223. Where Can I Find a Toy Poodle?
  224. my chihuahua shaking severely and stand up still?
  225. I got a Miniature Schnauzer a month ago he is now 10 weeks old but his personality...
  226. Help I need info about my new dog she is A shetland sheep dog mixed with A mini
  227. I have a crazy dog she's a chihuahua. Around other dogs she seems to be o.k
  228. I think my 4 year old Chihuahua is sick!?
  229. Best Shedding Products For A Golden Retriever?
  230. After much research and asking around, we found a siberian husky we'd like to...
  231. How can i calm my beagle down?
  232. any info on neo mastiffs?
  233. **Hey Which sports Do you like? Any Kick Boxers?**(=?
  234. How big will a 6 month old beagle be?
  235. What does this mean in the Weimaraner standard? ?
  236. Just bought a female mini schnauzer...any name ideas?
  237. my brittany will not stop jumping?
  238. Are you a Brittany Spears Fan?
  239. Any Good Golden Retriever Breeders Near Me?
  240. Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback a good dog, and where can i get one?
  241. Black lab great dane female mix. How big might she be?
  242. how do you pronounce this breed, Bichon Frise?
  243. Papillon Puppy: Male or Female?
  244. we have a small Dog he's a Rat Terrier Chihuahua mix.?
  245. which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs ?
  246. Found Shih Tzu in KY?
  247. My boston terrier eats his poop is that normal?
  248. great dane looks very thin why but i have seen many faty great danes?
  249. How big can a siberian husky get?
  250. where can u buy a Teacup yorkshire terrier in Ireland?