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  1. Does anyone have a picture of a rottweiler with a rare coat coloring (i.e. gray,
  2. Tiered Pomeranian drinking tons of water?
  3. Is the Chow Mein Monster the brother of the Great FSM?
  4. I had a Bull-dog / Shih Tzu cross when I was younger! People laugh at me when...
  5. Isn't Sarah Palin really like a political Brittany or Paris?
  6. We have two Dachshunds. Our male is acting like something is wrong with...
  7. my mini dachshunds are at home outside and it started to snow. im worried about them?
  8. How Much can I sell my APRI registered Shih Tzu's for?
  9. poll: when u see someone with "rap style" low slung trousers/belt with
  10. My Chihuahua is overly aggressive.?
  11. Cavalier King Charles spaniel with runny eyes?
  12. How can i house train a escape artist border collie pup?
  13. Dachshund curved spine problem...?
  14. My 15 month weimaraner chews up my only my shoes but leaves my husband alone. ?
  15. Prey drive in English Mastiff?
  16. How to get to greyhound station from JFK ?
  17. Lump on Dachshund Ear?
  18. Is it normal for a Shih tzu to have sores on her nipples?
  19. How much should i feed my 7 year old beagle lab?
  20. Can Ice Cream Hurt a poodle?
  21. My Chihuahua Puppy is already 4 pounds! Is that normal?!?
  22. Good Dog Names? For Black & White Female Chihuahua?
  23. I am about to adopt a French bulldog mixed with a Bichon-Frise...does...
  24. I have a long haired Chihuahua that pees whenever hes excited! what do i do?
  25. Need some girl names for a Dalmatian. Pic included = D?
  26. Mini Dachshund breathing rate fast?
  27. Why is my 6 1/2 year old Boxer (Buster) coughing?
  28. Socializing fear in my great dane pup who is 4 month old?
  29. Potty Training Tips for Stubborn Boxer Pup?
  30. English bulldog~ Pit bull?
  31. question about a pug?
  32. My chihuahua is wheezing and dry heaving.....?
  33. Flea Bitten Tail on 7 week old Beagle?
  34. RE: The difference in Shih Tzu and Maltese?
  35. my 3 week old american pit bull terrier has a swollen paw. yelps to the touch but...
  36. Where can i find a yellow lab or golden retriever in massachusetts for adoption
  37. R: Difference in Maltese and Shih tzu?
  38. Miniature Schnauzer, Cairn Terrier, or Westie?
  39. My 12 week old boston terrier has a new cough could it be harmless?
  40. I am going to get an American Eskimo dog and I have a question.?
  41. I would like to know if I can registrant my Siberian Husky if both parents are ?
  42. Have a question about French Bulldogs?
  43. Papillon in heat for first time?
  44. What would they look like (chihuahua puppies)?
  45. Why does my Pug lick my fiance from one ear, across his face and to the other ear...
  46. Can I feed my mastiff Canidae even though it isn't a giant breed formula?
  47. pom pin toy terrier poodles info?
  48. how old do you have to be to buy a greyhound bus ticket?
  49. My mixed bichon frise / maltese / lapso apso keeps fighting with my female shih...
  50. My Mother In Law is giving us a Boston Terrier this weekend, and i am totally
  51. Chihuahua with long legs....?
  52. im planning to buy a male pomeranian because of my female pomerania,, ?
  53. Can anyone recommend a good Boston Terrier Breeder in my area?
  54. my chihuahua is constantly crying for my neighbors dog?
  55. travelling by greyhound?
  56. Dachshund Ultrasonic training? ?
  57. whats a better 2nd language to treat my belgian malinois?
  58. I got a golden retriever, what should I name him?
  59. Would it be better to get one American Eskimo Dog or two.?
  60. Boxers or Boxer Briefs?
  61. Should I wear Boxers or Tidey Whities?
  62. Would a whippet do well in our household?
  63. How do I go about selling 2 Pug puppys in spain?
  64. PUG seems to have hurt his leg or his hip this morning.?
  65. My 15 month old female bichon frise hasns't gone into heat for the first time...
  66. How big will my Shar Pei/Rat Terrier Mix get?
  67. Why is Brittany snow so hot?
  68. How Jack Russell terrier dogs get?
  69. Whiney Chihuahua, Why?
  70. Would you be interested in joining a poodle/horse yahoo group?
  71. Bichon Frise or Chow Chow ?
  72. Pomeranian's Hair Loss after birth?
  73. My 17 week old Bernese Mountain Dog seems particularly shy of people. What
  74. My boxer is acting really strange...?
  75. We found a toy poodle in the street with no collar. We put up signs but...
  76. How can I get from the Detroit greyhound station to the Detroit airport?
  77. What is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  78. How much would you say it costs to own a 5 pound miniature dachshund each month? ?
  79. Are miniature poodles hyper?
  80. How do I introduce Yellow Labrador Retriever to new ferret?
  81. bichon frise hip problem?
  82. red gelitan feces in my 5month old Great dane?
  83. My english bulldog puppy just got off antibiotics for a infection he had. BUT...
  84. What is the issue with wearing boxer briefs?
  85. rescue pup- lhasa apso?
  86. How long should I take my Chihuahua for a walk?
  87. Female all black miniature schnauzer puppy names?
  88. Is My Golden Retriever Mad at me?
  89. please help with my 3 year old male pomeranian/terrier/Chihuahua mix ?
  90. Is anyone familiar with the Norwich or Norfolk Terrier breed? Are they very...
  91. Are Chihuahuas easy to take care of and train ?
  92. should white boxers be desexed?
  93. Does anyone else love beagles as much as I do?
  94. American Bulldog????
  95. how knows what a newfoundland accent is?
  96. Can I Still Train My 5 year old beagle to do tricks?
  97. Our 10 month old chihuahua started bleeding "period" yesterday. What should we do?
  98. is it okay to pair the soft-haired dachshund with the long-haired dachshund?
  99. WHat are the downsides to a golden Retriever?
  100. Teeth Removal - 6yr Greyhound?
  101. Shih-Tzu Mix Puppy not listening...?
  102. My Dachshund's face is really swollen. Whats wrong with her?
  103. All black Irish setter?
  104. I know my dog is a beagle mix, but mixed with what else?
  105. who was the boxer who dipped his wraps(gloves?) in icewater?
  106. is there a golden retriever in labrador and friends?
  107. Why is my Pomeranian dog humping her 6 month old son?
  108. My yorkshire terrier female is 4 years old, is it advisable to get her
  109. How long will it take to Greyhound from S Carolina, to Iowa?
  110. Were can i find a English Baby bulldog that looks like this?
  111. i need help with my Rottweiler puppy ?
  112. Is Adams™ Flea & Tick Shampoo with D-Limonene a good flea product for my
  113. What is some good food to feed a Yorkshire Terrier?
  114. I’m like a Golden Retriever, I just need love…but somehow I can’t seem to
  115. i have 2 chihuahuas. that sleep and live togeather 24/7, one of them itches quite...
  116. My mini schnauzer's ears were not cropped, but they stand straight up.
  117. dog named chichi she is a boxer mix?
  118. Golden retriever or Labrador?
  119. Female or Male Vizsla?
  120. Final intresting confession in between Brittany-Adam?
  121. does a pomeranian x chihuahua bark alot???????? help!?
  122. I have been inspired! Look at my pairing for teacup poodles, I can breed them right?
  123. What are the symptoms of boston terrier breast cancer spreading to the lungs?
  124. About How much is a Shih Tzu?
  125. Do Gordon Setters Drool?
  126. I have a 1 and a half yr old Chihuahua ( Max) and hes too skinny, what can I do
  127. Could any one tell me more about German Shepherd Dogs?
  128. My scottish terrier has gone from a yellow crust in his eyes to his urine.?
  129. im trying to get my 8 month old dachshund to stop whining and barking when
  130. Are American Staffordshire Terriers Banned in Ontario too?
  131. My boxer/pit/american bulldog mix is very shy towards strangers. Help!?
  132. Dogue De Bordeaux or Rottweiler:-?
  133. I have a male jack russel/chihuahua mix, and I have a BIG problem!!!!!!!?
  134. help name our new weimaraner?
  135. How much can i sell for a rottweiler puppy?
  136. My 13 year old Chihuahua has a cataract, what can I do?
  137. Help I have a 4mth old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.....?
  138. male chihuahua doesn't know how to be walked?
  139. I have ten questions about my miniature pinschers.?
  140. Sick Australian cattle dog HELP!!!?
  141. Is a border collie a good dog?
  142. which shape do you trim your poodle or ask a groomer to?
  143. The price of a pug I need help!?
  144. My 12 year old golden retriever has a horrible underbelly itch.?
  145. Why does my bull terrier chase its tail?
  146. I Just Got A Pug From The Spca He Has Red Eyes Is That Normal. I Am
  147. Symptoms in Weimaraner, and vet doesn't know?
  148. Toy Poodle Breeding then Neuter?
  149. My dog (Chihuahua) has a spot where his rabies vaccine was administered.?
  150. Can 6 months old toy poodle still be trained a little more?
  151. Cute female pug name!?
  152. What do men prefer to wear at beaches? brief, trunk or boxer?
  153. Is yorkie terrier smaller than toy poodle?
  154. What's a brindle doberman pinscher?
  155. Why does my 6yo old beagle pick up a toy & start running around the house moaning?
  156. My poodle is having puppies, the first came 3 hours ago, called the vet and
  157. Rhodesian Ridgeback or Vizsla? ?
  158. I want a teacup maltese or chihuahua!!!!?
  159. My bloodhound wont stop barking!?
  160. how to train my black lab rottweiler mix?
  161. My 10-year-old collie is coughing and trying to bring something up - like a cat with
  162. HELP! English bulldog or not?
  163. Is it normal that two welsh corgi puppies fight so much together?
  164. Attn. Greyhound, whippet and italian greyhound breeders or those knowledgable in...
  165. My older shih tzu is annoyed by my new shih tzu puppy...?
  166. Name that dog! 10 points for the best name. What is a good name for a girl...
  167. What is the difference between Michael Jackson and racing greyhounds?
  168. Would getting a boxer in an apartment setting be a bad idea? ?
  169. Beagles vs Dachshunds or neither?
  170. What should I wear? Boxers or other?
  171. can you get pregnant if the guy comes with his boxers on?
  172. How can I have my overweight Rottweiler become more healthy?
  173. When will my 15 week Olde English Bulldog stop biting?
  174. What are the traits or characteristics of a pure breed yorkshire terrier "yorkie" ?
  175. what store sells boxers by and1?
  176. My beagle attacks me when I eat food?
  177. Should I get a Shiba Inu?
  178. how many puppies can 2 mixed chihuahuas have?
  179. Appropriate toys for a Labrador retriever cross?
  180. What is the difference between an Irish Wolfhound and a Scottish Deer hound
  181. German shepherd or Siberian husky?
  182. I have a 3 yr. old female boxer ~?
  183. whys my chihuahua changed his mind ? ?
  184. My chihuahua has a lump on her skin. Is it a side effect from her rabies vaccine?
  185. Tuff dog names for a male german shepherd?
  186. I have a Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix and he is great. He is 10 months old and
  187. New collie just brought home at 18 mos old?
  188. I have jack russell cross chihuahua puppies and i don't know if I want...
  189. Is my puppy a full or mixed Basset hound?
  190. Shih Tzu thinks he is running the place?
  191. My Dalmatian puppy always bites!?
  192. When will my bullmastiff quit eating my house?
  193. how do i convince my parents to get me a golden retriever? ?
  194. does anyone know how late you can buy a ticket at the greyhound station...
  195. What About a Pomeranian?
  196. Should I be concerned of my Basset Hounds teeth falling out?
  197. Name of song in Beverly Hills Chihuahua?!?
  198. Why is it in the Yahoo Avatars are all the poodles girls?
  199. What age does the second coat come in on a Shih Tzu?
  200. Anyone know about Beagles?
  201. Does my chihuahua have a bad liver?
  202. how old should a a chihuahua puppy to not drink moms milk?
  203. is a bull terrier right for me!!?
  204. What does it take to be a real boxer?
  205. Is it bad to get my long haired german shepherd dog shaved/trimmed for summer?
  206. Dogue De Bordeaux x Rottweiler ?
  207. The newfoundland puppy I babysit is so bad! I don't know what to do!?
  208. How do i get my Cairn Terrier to eat his food?
  209. Are german shepherds good dogs?
  210. Halloween costume for a Bichon Frise? 10 pnts best?
  211. How Small Is A Papillon?
  212. A question for Boxer owners- Do your Boxers whine when they want attention?
  213. my collie sometines chokes or cough?
  214. Golden Retriever Supplies?
  215. staffordshire bull terrier?
  216. Are rottweiler puppies born with their brown spots?
  217. Our cousins Yorkshire Terrier vomits, what could be wrong?
  218. I just adopted a beagle mix and would like to know what he might be mixed with. Help?
  219. If a boxer killed their opponent in a match, would he get arrested?
  220. How long does it take to become a decent beat boxer?
  221. My chihuahua never lost her canines (teeth)...?
  222. my beautiful baby roxy is a 9 week old boxer. We have had her for three weeks,
  223. Chihuahuas in obedience and/or agility?
  224. Any tips for house-training my mini dachshund?
  225. My chihuahua get like these attacks; what causes this ?
  226. Should I get a Great Pyrenees or a Samoyed?
  227. Why do so many people hate Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  228. Can someone give me some information mathematician Chow Zhen?
  229. i have a boy yorkie ad a girl dachshund but struggling for a name ad any ideas...
  230. Boxer puppies 4sale in or around West Virginia?
  231. Where can I get a Siberian Husky?
  232. Great Dane && or Saint Bernard or GIANT?
  233. My chihuahua dog can not pee properly!!!?
  234. Boxers or Briefs? That is the question.?
  235. After getting my chihuahua desexed her temperment has changed, is this normal?
  236. Should I get a Great Pyrenees or a Samoyed?
  237. Info On mini dachshund?
  238. Is a Siberian Husky easy to take care of?
  239. What breed would be good with a Tibetan Terrier? ?
  240. What breed of dog should a get as a companion to a very large cocker spaniel...
  241. Pomeranian Pups Please?
  242. How can i contact professional boxers?
  243. About roundworms in boxer pups?
  244. hi, new doberman x bullmastiff puppy names?
  245. Where can I find American Bulldog?
  246. Should i get a German, Rough Collie, Golden Retriever Or BoxeR?
  247. Is there a certain type of brush I should be looking for to groom my poodle mix?
  248. What happens if i were to breed a short hair minature dachshaund with a long
  249. Oh No. Here comes Beverly Hills Chihuahua...?
  250. where in the NC triad can I buy a Bloodhound cheap?