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  1. How do i get my Cairn Terrier to listen to me?!?
  2. is protein powder good for 4 month old saint bernard if given one table spoon...
  3. is anyones husband in the navy uss boxer here or the service?
  4. how to become a better boxer?
  5. Where can i buy glow in the dark boxer shorts?
  6. Why don't chicks dig my bedazzled rhinestone Hello Kitty boxers?
  7. GIRLS: guy's boxers showing?
  8. how did the bloodhound get its name?
  9. Dachshund playpen help?
  10. Funny Cartoon Boxer shorts?
  11. Is there a Shar Pei breeder in BC?
  12. my 5 yr boxer is spitting up & gagging nothing is caught in his throat.
  13. my yorkshire terrier keeps getting red sores that go green and then...
  14. Sad & Worried Chihuahua Mommy?
  15. King Shepherd/German Shepherd - are they good watch dogs?
  16. my mom has a 8 year old minature schnauzer. he has recently started peeing on the...
  17. Animal Farm: Boxer The Horse?
  18. how do i know if my chihuahua is pregnant?
  19. What are the negative aspects of owning a chihuahua?
  20. Who is the greatest H2H boxer of all time?
  21. is a shih tzu a good pet?
  22. Parents of Preschoolers and THe Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie?
  23. Who is your favorite boxer?
  24. Please Help Me Out With Boston Terriers?
  25. A neighbors dog attacked my chihuahua, what can I do?
  26. Does anyone own a Siberian husky? Any tips on owning one?
  27. Rottweiler Pumpkin carving pattern ?
  28. I want to sale my Golden Retriever. Where can I sale him at?
  29. Manufacturer/wholesalers for boxers?
  30. We have just taken in a two year old female resuce jack russell to live with
  31. What is a good age to start breeding a male chihuahua?
  32. are dalmatians really bad?
  33. Golden retriever prob.....9 months plz help?
  34. whats a chihuahuas favorite food?
  35. my 1 year old Chihuahua not eating help [maybe worms ,,but he is very skinny]?
  36. Some questions about miniature dachshunds?
  37. Why wont my 10 month old, 70 lbs weimaraner let me cut her nails?
  38. 6 year old breeder Chihuahua is retiring to my house. HELP!?
  39. whats a chihuahuas favorite food?
  40. Can you make puppy chow with something besides chex cereal?
  41. i have a staffordshire bull terrier 7months old and i want him to guard my...
  42. chihuahua ownerssss!?
  43. Boston Terrier Pups, How much should I pay for one without papers?
  44. Does it bother girls when a guy's boxers are showing?
  45. worried about c- section on my boston terrier?
  46. Beverly Hills Chihuahua and points of rescue were you impressed? (Regarding Rescue)?
  47. Survey Regarding Touchy Rich Girl Issues Like Chihuahuas and my.....?
  48. What kind of diet and exercise for overweight miniature pinscher?
  49. Do dachshunds get cold easy?
  50. Beagle Owners: How Does Yours Act With Children & Babies?
  51. how long does it take for my bichon frise to feel better?
  52. Boxer puppy got vaccinations on Sunday and now not eating well?
  53. What brand or type of silk boxers are the best?
  54. Bull Terrier...? Yes, or no?
  55. what dogs are similar to a Dogo Argentino?
  56. my 1 year old Chihuahua not eating help [maybe worms ,,but he is very skinny]?
  57. Italian Greyhound Question?
  58. chihuahua lovers, im sick with bad breeders doing this?
  59. I want to adopt a bull terrier/lab mix...but I have an apartment so I am
  60. I need pics of really cute German shepherds?(or pics of mean looking mini
  61. Why is it that when a boxer wins a title he gets a belt and not a medal or trophy?
  62. I'm in college, really want a Rottweiler...is this a good idea?
  63. my boy Chihuahua follows my girl Chihuahua?
  64. what would be the best training method for a scotch collie?
  65. do you think small fluffy poodle's are cute? ?
  66. Is Solid Gold Wolf King a good food for my English Mastiff?
  67. great dane help please?
  68. Okay, chihuahuas..? need answers soon plz?
  69. Which is more hyper: a Jack Russell Terrier or a Dalmatian?
  70. My female boxer is on her 63rd day how can you tell a real contraction?
  71. MY pomeranian was bred on aug.7&8th so that made her due oct.10th.?
  72. Do you know where i can pay less for a bull terrier?
  73. I am looking for a Irish red and white setter photograph. For $12.00 to $19.00.?
  74. i have a 12 year old beagle the last few months he has been drinking a lot of
  75. to be a complete fighter, does a boxer have to learn to box right handed &
  76. Should I breed my English Cocker Spaniel?
  77. how do i switch from boxers to briefs?
  78. why Pitt bull terriers?
  79. My female beagle dog has a smelly fish odor what could it be? She gets groomed
  80. Why do Boston Terriers have bad gas?
  81. golden retriever or australian shepherd?
  82. tips for owning a great dane?
  83. what are boxer dogs like with children?
  84. How long does a rottweiler/blue healer stay pregnant for?
  85. Why is my beagle chewing her hair off?
  86. should i wear boxers or briefs?
  87. My Schnauzer's cornered a black snake and barked until I got out there how do...
  88. Dachshund Shivering...?
  89. Old English Sheepdogs?
  90. good Tibetan Terrier Dog Breeders in Canada...?
  91. bull terrier pup in the 209 area?
  92. Were Can I Find A English Bulldog Puppy..?
  93. 9 week old golden retriever won't stop biting.?
  94. Was Prince naseem one of most gifted boxers in boxing history?
  95. Trying to breed pugs but female to fierce?
  96. Why was the Boxer Rebellion considered anti-dynastic at first?
  97. Name for a fawn male greyhound?
  98. How much would a Siberian Husky cost?
  99. Help! My beagle is scratching!!?
  100. I have a 9lb chihuahua...?
  101. Please tell me if I should travel from Seattle WA to California using
  102. is this enough exercise for a golden retriever?
  103. Good name for a rottweiler?
  104. Limping Bullmastiff need advice?
  105. Boston Terrier Breeders in ACT/NSW regions?? PLEASE HELP!!?
  106. Is Rimadyl safe for my chihuahua?
  107. how much do shih tzu dogs weigh as a adult? I need to Know!?
  108. I've got a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (9wks). When can She have a bath?
  109. Is my Chihuahua Pregant?
  110. Where to Order Collie Concept in Australia?
  111. Would brittany spears be pretty again if...?
  112. Why does my Chihuahua smell like fish when scared?
  113. My Boston Terrier?? (pics!)?
  114. Can anyone help on information about an English Bulldog?
  115. A pomeranian named Mufasa?
  116. How do I get my Dachshund back in shape?
  117. at what age should a cavalier king charles spaniel male be neutered?
  118. TWILIGHT FANS!!! READ!! Boxers or Briefs?
  119. about buying a english bulldog through the internet!?
  120. What is a good name for a female black & white shih tzu?
  121. Basset hound with a Pink growth on the nose?
  122. Does your long haired chihuahua shed alot? And also..?
  123. Naming a Boston Terrier after a Boston "Favorite"?
  124. What joint medication would be best for my 4 year old Rottweiler?
  125. i have a 2 year old lakeland terrier,he is farting all the time and really smells
  126. does any one have any dog names for a female pomeranian thankyou?
  127. Is an American Staffordshire Terrier a good dog?
  128. how do do you keep and maintain a labrador retriever during the winter?
  129. where can i get an inexpensive teacup chihuahua that is already fixed that is...
  130. does anyone know the best way to potty train a shih tzu?
  131. What do you think this Finnish Spitz puppy is mixed with, any name ideas?
  132. So I have a male and female pomeranian,I just got the female.?
  133. Oh no..... Chihuahuas?!?
  134. Can two male mastiff live together?
  135. Is my beagle underweight?
  136. where can i find a siberian husky for cheap in texas?
  137. I know the Greyhound doesn't move your baggage to the next bus, is this the same...
  138. Border Collie? Breeders? Or Experts?
  139. I am about to adopt a mixed breed of chi-jack russell and chi-pug mix does that...
  140. why is my dog (boxer) dog loosing too much weight?
  141. i want a chihuahua but .......?
  142. Women : What type of Boxer Briefs do you prefer guys to wear ?
  143. How much weight should my chihuahua gain during pregnancy?
  144. yorkshire terrier or shih tzu?
  145. Can you keep an American Bulldog primarily outside in the winter?
  146. My friend just got an American Bulldog and it has cherry eye and it shedding
  147. Anyone love The Bloodhound Gang?
  148. Where can i find Either Shiba Inu or Japanese Akita puppies for sale in the Bay Area?
  149. Im wanting to buy a Miniature Pinscher but....?
  150. Why did McCain vote against the Boxer Amendment?
  151. Retired Greyhound adoption?
  152. Does anyone no of any POMERANIAN breeders in the U.K (show quality)?
  153. Are shetland sheepdogs hard to groom?
  154. Can you name the best mexican boxers of all time?
  155. Do you like Brittany spears new song?
  156. How many times a day should you feed a 7 month old chihuahua puppy?
  157. How on earth did Beverly Hills Chihuahua make it to the top of the box office?
  158. what is the diff between American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull...
  159. Helping A Lab And Chihuahua Get Along?
  160. Lump on my Boxers breast, please some advise, thanks.?
  161. shih tzu separation anxiety?
  162. Where can i find Either Shiba Inu or Japanese Akita puppies for sale in the Bay Area?
  163. our 8 yr. old chihuahua has had reddish poop for about 3-4 days now. what could be...
  164. Is Fresh Step crystal cat litter safe if eaten by a chihuahua?
  165. who agrees that "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" sucks?
  166. i am looking for a pug, boxer,min. pin.,bulldog mix breed i have one now looking...
  167. Would a pomeranian be the right dog for me?
  168. golden retrievers or german Shepard's ?
  169. My Boston terrier's cherry eye came back, what should I do?
  170. I am sleeping in my boxers everynight, i share a house with woman?
  171. For all you poodle experts...?
  172. My iPod Touch won't show up when I pug it in to my second computer?
  173. is an english bulldog okay for apartment living? with walks of course!!! :)?
  174. Shiba Inu puppies 4 sale?
  175. Can an English Bulldog sleep in the Garage if its 48 degrees outside?
  176. American Bulldog Breeder Website: What do you think?
  177. What is the best bed for a dog to give birth in? I have a pregnant dachshund dapple.?
  178. my 6 month old schnauzer has bumps on his head.What should i do?
  179. I 6 month old pomeranian jumped off my hand, will he be fine?
  180. Does anyone have any negatives about Maltese/Shih Tzu's?
  181. Expert advice on chihuahua puppy!?
  182. What is the best dog food for a siberian husky?
  183. 8 Month Old Mini Schnauzer Puppy - Seems Unsure?
  184. How often should my 7 month old boxer have to pee?
  185. What;s the difference in American Staffordshier terrier and an American Pit
  186. Will a Female Chihuahua and Male Boston Terrier get along?
  187. English Cocker Spaniel Question?
  188. golden retriever stories please!?
  189. hi i am building agility equipment for my rough collie and o would like to know the
  190. Are pug seizures an indication of something serious?
  191. why does my 8 month old chihuahua pee on my bed? It drives me crazy. How do I
  192. What kind of dog would be the best fit for a beagle mix?
  193. My boxer cross lab has a poorly stomach?
  194. Dog booties for Greyhounds?
  195. good nail polish for poodle?
  196. <------ Question about my blind baby Chihuahua?
  197. My 10 Month Old German Shepherd Dog is a Picky Eater..What do u recommend?
  198. what is the name for a tall beagle?
  199. What one skill would make a boxer a proffessional the quickest?
  200. Most loyal breed of dog, Doberman or German Shepherd?
  201. Why is my chihuahua so skinny?
  202. how do I get my french bulldog to gain weight?
  203. Is my female beagle pregnant?
  204. Siberian Huskies in Texas?
  205. Fiance and I are about to adopt 2 young dogs from a shelter, American bulldog and
  206. do boxers drool a lot?
  207. Great Dane for cheap.?
  208. WHERE can i watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua online for free?
  209. my dog is 3 yrs old pomeranian is Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) very
  210. I just got a new puppy. She is boxer mix and has blue eyes very adorable?
  211. My Boxer Chews His Feet Constantly?
  212. what would i use to groom a pomeranian ?how often do they need to be bathed?
  213. how do u house break a beagle?
  214. What did people in the 50's wear? (besides poodle skirts)?
  215. How Can I Tell If My Mastiff Is Pregnant Early Like 3 Weeks?
  216. What is the best flea medicine for small dogs, like a chihuahua?
  217. How can I tell if my mastiff is pregnant?
  218. To anyone who's adopted a dog? Or anyone who has a Chihuahua?
  219. which are cuter yorkie/poodle or bichon/poodle?
  220. My weimaraner has been having health issues?
  221. English Bulldogs Third Eye?
  222. Are Great Pyrenees dominant?
  223. Paying $250 for a 1 yr old pug?
  224. Lump on my Boxers breast?
  225. what dog would win in a fight a doberman or a boxer?
  226. How much (approximately) do beagles cost to buy?
  227. Greyhound bus from San Francisco Transbay Terminal?
  228. What Can I Do So My Own Toy Poodle Dog Won't Bite Me?
  229. Jack Russell terrier prices?
  230. How can i train a Pitbull/bull terrier mix.?
  231. I'm just wondering what this finnish spitz puppy is mixed with?
  232. Naming my Chihuahua puppy!?
  233. My chihuahua has one red eye What is the cause and treatment?
  234. How to train a beagle to be quiet and not pull on the leash?
  235. My pugs' eyes keeping watering...what should I do?
  236. Should I get another Golden Retriever?
  237. What's the difference between a Labrador Retriever and a Newfoundland?
  238. When do you think Beverly Hill Chihuahua will come out on DVD?
  239. Samoyed Companion Problem :(?
  240. HELP ME PLEASE!! where can i find a purebred english bulldog $500 or less?
  241. Names for a Chihuahua?
  242. Mini Dachshund...Age? ?
  243. How can I get an address of someone from Chihuahua,Mexico,they have no phone !!!...
  244. Question about Chow Chow training?
  245. Who recommends a golden retriever for a house dog?
  246. What are the names of the first two dalmatians in the movie one hundred and
  247. I need Serious help with my chihuahua!!! ?
  248. When do most Boston terrier's stop turning brindle?
  249. Bichon Frisť x Maltese?
  250. Watching chihuahua need help?