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  1. english bulldogs anything will help?
  2. please help someone gave me a 14yr poodle?
  3. I am 13 and would like to no if a border collie fits my descriptive so if u have
  4. My 10 month male shih tzu pees in bits, what should I do?
  5. Dogo Argentino Rescue?
  6. Have a beagle who has lipoma and having it removed. Do I need to watch for...
  7. [Ontario, Canada] Looking to buy a teacup chihuahua...?
  8. what kind of collies are in all this places?
  9. I have a Border Collie cross Kelpie medium sized dog and I am now too scared to
  10. Does anyone own a Havanese dog?
  11. Has anyone heard of a Tibetan Spaniel (breed of dog)?
  12. naming 2 boy lhasa apso pups?
  13. Help! walking insect on my Pomeranian..?
  14. Our 9 week old pug is constantly sneezing and has a runny nose. He also wakes up...
  15. What do the coins on Staffordshire Bull Terriers collars mean ?
  16. Seeking Pomeranian or Pom-Mix for free adoption for my daughter...?
  17. I just asked a question about getting my pug neutered...and i was just wondering..?
  18. My new roommate wears his boxers in the shower. Why? I've found them twice soaking
  19. My chihuahua is not shaking in a normal way. She is shaking from left to right. Do
  20. i am 13 and would like to no if a border collie would get along with a
  21. Does anyone own a Pomeranian dog?
  22. Can you buy a greyhound ticket without parental permission?
  23. are white chihuahuas rare?
  24. Boys, when wearing boxers, sweats around the house does it bother you if your
  25. Help me find a Parils Hilton wig or something similar. Also looking for a stuffed...
  26. how do pro boxers get paid if there average rank do they still get paid good ?
  27. Are Papillons a great breed?
  28. Yorkshire terrier - Breeding?
  29. I have another questions about my long haired Chihuahua?
  30. anything about french bulldogs?
  31. What should i name my chocolate dapple dachshund?
  32. I recently adopted a chihuahua papillon cross "Chion" from my shelter, and....?
  33. where is the nearest greyhound station to orneville maine?
  34. How can i get my Dachshund to play in her pen and not bark?
  35. What is the Pekingese dog a mix of?
  36. what country has the best boxers?
  37. What do you think of the Boston Terrier?
  38. Is it weird to let a guy know his boxers are hanging out?
  39. From the top, can you tell the difference between briefs and boxer briefs?
  40. German Shepherd or Golden Retriever?
  41. My dog a shitz/poodle is very jumpy,not all the time just the last few days?
  42. how can I get my three Italian greyhounds to stop peeing in the house?
  43. Can you get a mastiff cremated?
  44. I have a 12 week old Boxer, he looks so skinny is this normal?
  45. is my basset hound too small?
  46. pit bull....or boxer?
  47. is iit normal for a terrier chihuahua to do black poop after 1 day of...
  48. Why does my 1 year old Siberian Husky chew things while we're not home when he...
  49. Have your kids tried the Boxer Style Goodnites? If so what did you think?
  50. Are shih tzu dogs good with babies.?
  51. chihuahua pregnant help.?
  52. Chihuahua GLUED to my hip and yippy outside. Normal ChiHavior? How can I break her
  53. My Big Mastiff Allways Has A Dry Crusty Looking Nose! ?
  54. Should i get a Beagle or a Dachshund?
  55. my 5 month old shih tzu pees when he sees people. How can I train her not to do this?
  56. Can someone please give me list of Pitt bull terrier facts and myths,I know...
  57. can my 4 year old staffordshire bull terrier bitch have puppys?
  58. What should I feed my 24 pound shih tzu?
  59. Guys: Which do you prefer, boxers, briefs, or boxer-briefs and why? Girls: which
  60. Is white a normal color for pekingese?
  61. my one year old chihuahua?
  62. Blue Buffalo Food for 3 month old Golden Retriever puppy? ?
  63. which is a better dog? German shepherd or lab? ?
  64. Boxer has issue with walking on a leash...?
  65. I was wondering what the best food type is for a great dane?
  66. What should I name my white female chihuahua?
  67. how do i stop my 10 week old staffordshire bull terrier from bitting me and...
  68. Boston Terrier, I am thinking about getting one....what is your experience?
  69. How does the climate affect Beagles and why do they have short fur??
  70. Does anyone else see how stupid it is to take a chihuahua to the movie
  71. Is it true that older Labrador Retrievers slobber a lot?
  72. my pug dosent stop crying ?
  73. Are bull terriers hyper dogs....?
  74. how to train a collie to be protective?
  75. training tips for my 3 year old english springer spaniel?
  76. Neutering my 6 month old toy poodle?
  77. how do you tell if a female pomeranian is pregnant?
  78. what genes make up the American bulldog?
  79. how much aspirin should a 8-10 pound dachshund take? ?
  80. Is Potevkin the next boxer who will unify all belts in HW?
  81. Bernese Mountain dog?? My friend has one and I noticed that he has a
  82. What does brittany mean? ?
  83. I have a lazy pug and I want to teach him a trick plz. help?
  84. how much to feed my chihuahua?
  85. where can i get a free siberian husky for free in Aurora, IL?
  86. how long can a 6 mnth shih tzu hold its bladder?
  87. where can i adopt a free golden retriever or yellow labrador in florida...
  88. Hi to all, i am wanting to breed 2 shih tzu's.?
  89. Did 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' beat 'W' at the box office because it's more...
  90. What year exactly did the poodle skirt become popular?
  91. What cities are in the movie Chihuahua? ?
  92. My dachshunds back disk slipped, how do I pop it back in?
  93. boxers or breifs or both?
  94. i need to know how to get an adult rottweiler and a teenage cat(both sort of...
  95. does anyone know how much a teacup or regular Chihuahua costs?
  96. I having trouble of what i should be a green beret or a boxer? which one should i be?
  97. Do yorkies and king charles spaniels get along?
  98. Chow/sharpai is dripping urine and dark brown stuff.?
  99. My Great Dane got fixed and just died need help please!!!!?
  100. My Italian Mastiff is sick.?
  101. How do i get my 6 yr old Pekinese to accept new 11 week old boxer pup?
  102. Has anyone heard of Aquilegia & Ditherwell Whippets in Nottinghamshire.?I can...
  103. our 8 month old border collie "nutzes" all the time?
  104. Where can I get a blaze orange vest for my 4 pound chihuahua?
  105. Has anyone heard of a Tibetan Spaniel (breed of dog)?
  106. how do yu get the headlight bulb out of a pug 2001?
  107. Hi to all, i am wanting to breed 2 shih tzu's.?
  108. My Boston Terrier is sick in the hospital. ?
  109. Traveling with a Miniature Dachshund?
  110. How would you make a Chinese dragon costume for a pekingese dog?
  111. Is a Great Dane energetic like a labrador?
  112. what's the best dry puppy food for a boxer x rottweiler 12 week old puppy?
  113. 2 young dachshunds! One just loves to play with the other? Dachshund tips?
  114. great pyrenees wont stop barking?
  115. Any name suggestions for a tiny black and white male Chihuahua?!?
  116. Why does my Border Collie cross keep scratching at the walls and floors?
  117. Dachshund (Wiener) Dog Poop Problem?
  118. where can i buy a siberian husky or a malamute?
  119. if two black miniature schnauzers had puppies could they be black and silver?
  120. What size crate is suitable for a siberian husky?
  121. How Do Greyhound Trainers Make Money In The Sport Of Greyhound Racing?
  122. 10 year old Golden Retriever losing weight?
  123. where did miniature schnauzers originate?
  124. How do greyhound race organisers make money?
  125. I just adopted a paper trained shih tzu..? help pls.?
  126. How Much Does a Full Grow en 1 yr, 1 pound Chihuahua Sell for?
  127. Puppy [samoyed] training tips?
  128. which is a better name for a Siberian husky?
  129. My 9-year old beagle keeps ?
  130. I'm planning to get a Papillon, any tips and how much do they cost?
  131. what happened to my pomeranian? (sick) please help!?
  132. about how big do west highland white terriers get?
  133. white pomeranian breeder in sydney?
  134. boxers? got 3 Questions?
  135. Our new border collie pup is aggessive towards our 5yr old small cross
  136. What is the name of the song at the end of the movie "Prom Night" with Brittany Snow?
  137. Briefs or Boxer Briefs?
  138. Is it possible to start toilet training my shih tzu?
  139. i just got a Chihuahua dachshund mix, how often should i feed him?
  140. What does everyone think about greyhound racing?
  141. Does My Golden Retriever have Hip Dysplasia? Please Answer, this is Urgent.?
  142. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2008 Movie Online Streaming?
  143. shiba inu or akita inu?
  144. My 5 month old Chihuahua is acting strange. Please Help !?
  145. how long does the first stage of labour take with a yorkshire terrier ?
  146. What should I name my White female chihuahua?
  147. Who has Doberman Pinschers?
  148. beagle help me prepare?
  149. Dutch Shepherd or Belgian Malinois?
  150. Have I missed anything out in diet for my 9week old. American bulldog?
  151. what if my pomeranian has gooey stuff come out when she needs to pee?
  152. Poll: Can you poodle-tee-do on the flip side of the scrosh a mosh posh?
  153. help with border collie puppy's ears?
  154. I have a male Chihuahua and his private slightly peeks out constantly like red...
  155. Lynx set with boxer shorts - where have I seen it?
  156. How Do I Stop My Chihuahua From Chewing Bald Spots On Herself?
  157. Is a Beagle Dog friendly with children?
  158. Do you like Brittany Spear's new song?
  159. Where can I buy/adopt a Bichon Frise puppy?
  160. Has anyone crossed an American bulldog with American staffy ?
  161. Which is better for a Man, Boxers, Briefs or PanTies?
  162. Which is a better dog? The Siberian husky, Lab, or boxer?
  163. i'm thirteen, and i love peeing in my boxers before i take a shower. Does anyone
  164. Where can I get a Bichon Frise?
  165. How do I get my 5 year old Chihuahua to stop whining? ?
  166. chihuahua problems please help?
  167. Need some Help with my Boxer?
  168. About Newfoundland and Labrador, Happy Valley, what should I know?
  169. Does anyone know what my boxer is mixed with? (pics)?
  170. My Boxer has a constant bloody nose any way to stop it?
  171. guys,what's better boxers or underwear briefs?
  172. Where can I find the songs to download from the movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"?
  173. Should I breed my beagle?
  174. what human food can i feed my 7 week old beagle puppy?
  175. my golden retriever has an ear infection. can I spray his ear with a mix of...
  176. to look at im covered in tattoos, im a boxer? what are your judgements?
  177. does your chihuahua stink up your entire house?! ?
  178. How do I keep my 1.5 yr old chihuahua from excited peeing?
  179. i adopted a basset hound, and i was wondering how do i get the "dog" smell...
  180. What do you think? Boxers or Briefs?
  181. my dachshunds are very noisy and tend to bark at the man who lives behind
  182. my friend has a pug and she drop some super glue in the floor and did know it...
  183. TEEN GIRLS: Guy's boxers showing!!!?
  184. Help on new yorkshire terrier?
  185. my chihuahua is in heat therefore the male is after her, he doesnt stop
  186. can chihuahua get pregnant by pit bull?
  187. how beagles grow up to.?
  188. how can i stop my english bull terrier being lazy.hes nearly 3 and so lazy.hes not
  189. what type of dog should i get saint bernard or border collie or lab or beagle boy...
  190. Men, boys would you rather have the fly in boxers, pajamas despite the loss
  191. How Much Do Pugs Usually Cost?
  192. We have a new mini Dachshund puppie.?
  193. my chihuahua has thrown up but he still has an appetite and still running around
  194. Hyper saint bernard question?
  195. Somethings wrong with my chihuahuas eyes?
  196. does anyone, but me, remember 'weather forecasting poodle' figurines from the 60's? ?
  197. Should I buy a English Bulldog that has had a gland removed due to cherry eye?
  198. How to exercise a boxer in extreme cold.?
  199. Why cant i house break my 7 month old Papillon?
  200. cute names for a male chihuahua (he is white)?
  201. my rottweiler tries to stop me from going to work. why?
  202. how do i take care of a Australian Terrier?
  203. female chihuahua trying to hump and hurt male chihuahua?
  204. What age does a normal female shih tzu start going in to heat?
  205. Poodle Help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  206. About to get a Labrador retriever, what should I expect, easy ten points?
  207. how long do i walk a 12 month old mastiff cross greatdane?
  208. my 10 months old dachshund just died of parvo, how common is this?
  209. boxer briefs? or boxers?
  210. Is part girl & part english bulldog a stupid halloween costume?
  211. what is the best insurance for an english bulldog?
  212. How much exercise should a 8week siberian husky get?
  213. New Toy Poodle! Advice? ?
  214. my 5yr old beagle has started losing her hair and has large sores in the bald...
  215. how to stop my 6month old whippet? ?
  216. About boxers dogs and the weather?
  217. Is it safe to let a toy fox terrier off leash if you are outside with it?
  218. does french mastiff (dogue de bordeau) require muzzle by law?
  219. My about 8 week old chihuahua puppy...people tht know something about them please..?
  220. what is a good name for a 1 year old male puggle ( pug/beagle mix)?
  221. siberian husky shes 8 weeks Help?? 6 questions ?
  222. what was the first song of the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua ?
  223. What do I need to know about my chow/retriever mix?
  224. This may be a dumb question but is there any difference in personalities
  225. How can I tell the difference between a boxer puppy and a bulldog puppy?
  226. Why do women look like poodles?
  227. Can Newfoundland (dog) be spotted?
  228. Does anyone have toy pomeranian puppies in the illinois area?
  229. My English Bulldog (Samantha) has taken over my favorite leather chair!! What do I
  230. pug and a cocker spaniel mix?
  231. Is this why Newfoundland joined Confederation?
  232. American Bulldog Puppy...?
  233. How do you stop a chihuahua from barking?
  234. is my chihuahua a pervert?
  235. I'd like to get a beagle but i live in the city?
  236. I need a name for my Yorkshire terrier!! ?
  237. What's some good costumes for a Belgium Shepherd and a Border Collie? ?
  238. Is It OK to get a shih tzu from a pet store?
  239. which dog is better a yorkie or a Chihuahua?
  240. I would like to know if there is puppy basset hound dog closer to Gaylord, Michigan
  241. Help with breeding a yorkshire terrier that is 2 years old?
  242. What would happen if a toy poodle got a mini poodle pregnant?
  243. Yorkshire Terrier Name?
  244. My boxer had a huge bump form almost overnight in between his jaw and
  245. Breeding my Chihuahua?
  246. What's the best training method to get my chihuahua puppy to stop barking?
  247. I have two jack russell Terriers. Please help.?
  248. Is it normal for boxers to look very thin?
  249. Place to get cheap and nice boxers?
  250. German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois?