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  1. new puppy pug........?
  2. Boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs?
  3. Neighbor's barking beagle wont shut up, please, need advice!?
  4. Why does my great dane have two different eye colors?
  5. We are getting a papillon puppy I have heard they are easily litter box trained, ?
  6. So i have a 7 week old chihuahua... HELP :[?
  7. I have a chihuahua.what should i give him to eat?
  8. How do you get a chihuahua to quit drinking your coffee?
  9. What is sexist on guys? Boxers, thong, or Jockey? And why?
  10. my beagle has done something she has never done before?
  11. What temperment effect could a chow have on a labrador if crossed?
  12. chesapeake bay retriever and cats, do they get along?
  13. Miniature schnauzer ?
  14. My dog has areas of little fur/hair...is this normal? (Staffordshire/boxer cross)?
  15. does it really hard to raise a pug?
  16. Strange licking behavior in Cairn terrier? My dog is licking the air!?
  17. How can I train my Shih-Tzu to go to the bathroom on the paper?
  18. Women which should i wear boxer shorts or briefs?
  19. great pyrenees, polish tatra mountain dog, slovensky cuvac, maremma shepdog,...
  20. I want to book a trip to Mass for Dec.20 with Greyhound.I'm 17 and I...
  21. Anyone have a labrador/newfoundland dog mix?
  22. which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  23. Games/Challenges for my Jack Russell Terrier Mix?
  24. I have a Great Dane with a genetic disorder that needs a diet to gain weight....
  25. Shih tzu - princess type?
  26. Miniature Schnauzer question?
  27. DOG SHOWING- Is my 10 week old cavalier king charles spaniel show quality?
  28. Is my beagle-lab mix bipolar?
  29. Is this crate big enought for my beagle puppy? ?
  30. women would i look sexier in boxer shorts or boxer briefs?
  31. how do you take very good care of a pug dog?
  32. my baby chihuahua help?
  33. 1 year old pug with swollen testicle. ?
  34. What dog is better... Lab or Golden Retriever?
  35. we are naming our mini schnauzer schatzi, meaning treasure/sweetheart in
  36. Is my teacup Chihuahua sick?
  37. Why does my beagle roll in poop?
  38. does the papillon in the movie quarantine die? ?
  39. Should I give joint supplements to my Mastiff? ?
  40. my 5 year old pug sometimes pees while sleeping with slight seizure /jolt....
  41. What's a good name for a Chihuahua?
  42. teacup yorkshire terriers?
  43. chihuahua foot stung by bee?
  44. My Pug Pup has a pimple above her eyelid.........?
  45. Are Boxers good with other pet's?
  46. Intestinal Cancer in 2 1/2 year old beagle?
  47. Registered name suggestions for a Great Dane? Please vote!?
  48. Shih Tzu Estrous? My 3.5 year old shih tzu mated on the 8th for the first time this
  49. What to name my male pug?
  50. My boxer has been waking up 2-3 times a night and crying?
  51. Any body know where I can find a cheap jack Russell terrier for my friend?
  52. My family and I just adopted a 1 year old male dachshund from our local...
  53. Should a Pomeranian be frightened after being neutered?
  54. how long is a beagles life spane?
  55. Who were the pictures of the boxers on Rocky Balboa's championship belt?
  56. i have a rottweiler with papers but i dont no how much i can sell them for?
  57. I have many questions about Bull Terriers here?
  58. Is Innova ok for my 3 mo. old beagle?
  59. Golden Retriever;dog walker or companion dog?
  60. Should i euthanize my siberian husky?
  61. where can i get a pug?
  62. My golden retriever dog is always sore in his legs why?
  63. which breed of dog should i get? chihuahua beagle mini pincher or...
  64. What is the best food to put an overweight mini dachshund on? She is not
  65. I have a 6month old golden retriever, I'd like another. ?
  66. What do you think a female american eskimo and a male miniature yorkie will produce?
  67. 6 mo. Poodle Potty Help ASAP!!!?
  68. Breeding Bullmastiff?
  69. I tried to run down my friend Sarah's street in my boxers to overcome my...
  70. how do i know my 10 week old mini schnauzer is eating/drinking enough?
  71. Should I get a Lhasa Apso or a Pomeranian when I move out?
  72. Good name for a pomeranian dog?
  73. Can someone answer my great dane question?
  74. cavalier king charles spaniel experts out there! is my 10 week old puppy
  75. What makes a Dachshund special? ?
  76. name for my blue/white male whippet puppy?
  77. Bichon frise or labrador retriever?
  78. What kind of dog complements a rhodesian ridgeback well?
  79. Why do my mini dachshunds vibrate?
  80. Have you ever met a mean, aggressive English Mastiff?
  81. Some Great Pyrenees questions?
  82. Which name do you like better for a female German Shepherd Dog? Rylie or Chloe?
  83. Do you think it is right how news critics are commenting on how viscous
  84. Boxers or Boxer briefs?
  85. Could This Be A Sign To Become A BOXER?
  86. What is a good shampoo to get rid of a stink on a poodle?
  87. List your top 5 favorite Boxers of all time?
  88. It's been 3 years and my beagle keeps urinating in the house.?
  89. my 25lb boston terrier ate a tampon 3 days ago.still eating and pooping is he...
  90. how do i traine my rottweiler to be calm around some people without losing her
  91. What do you think about these rottweiler breeders?
  92. ive never seen this in a chihuahua?
  93. why must boxers wear same color gloves?
  94. Do You Own a Pomeranian? Have you every owned a one? Do You Wish You Could? Why?
  95. PUG OWNERS!!! What's the funniest thing your pug does?
  96. Papillons and Phalene?
  97. Are Siberian Huskies house friendly?
  98. How intelligent are beagle dogs?
  99. Why is my golden retriever crying?
  100. diarrhea in my chihuahua?
  101. bull terrier advice from an owner?
  102. My 2 year old Boston Terrier has fluid in his brain. Has anyone else ever had this
  103. How long can a border collie last at home? Can it last for 9 hours?
  104. Great Dane as a first pet?
  105. 11 mo old Beagle/Lab mix pawing, licking and nibbling to get treats out of my
  106. English Bulldogs couple of questions?
  107. What is a good couple costume for my chihuahua and me?
  108. The black on a RED shiba Inu's snout?
  109. poll :why do people hate yorkies ,chihuahua, or put bulls or the bully breeds?
  110. How big will my black lab golden retriever mix be full grown?
  111. Sudden aggression in 8 year old Miniature Pinscher?
  112. My Pug Pup is not herself..........?
  113. how long does it take to know your pomeranian is pregnant?
  114. Did Jack Nicholson wear the whale boxers in Cuckoo's Nest?
  115. help!!!!how to train miniature schnauzer at around 9 months?? ?
  116. Advice on breeding my pekingese female dog in NYC.?
  117. Presa Canario or Bull Mastiff?
  118. Chesapeake Bay Retriever, does anyone any a pup in tennessee?
  119. How can I get my chihuahua to stop crying and barking when I put him in his area?
  120. I have a 6 month old Yorkie/Pug. I have tried everything, but can't potty train her.
  121. I'm a LH Dachshund mix! Can you tell me what I'm mixed with?
  122. Whats the difference between European boxer, and american and German boxer?
  123. Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  124. i have a 10 mth old mini poodle that we all love-problem is that I am the...
  125. Staffordshire bull terrier puppy question?
  126. I wish I could be a boxer?
  127. Do most men wear underwear or boxers, which is normal?
  128. Buying a Chihuahua ?
  129. papillon dog (butterfly dog)...cost?
  130. I will be getting a half golden retriever half Doberman puppy?
  131. Women/Girls, do you prefer your fella/guy/man/partner to wear jockey or boxer...
  132. How do I take care of my Dachshund?
  133. about the bichon frise?
  134. When will my pug have puppies?
  135. when was d pfp rankings for boxers started? anybody got a list of who holds...
  136. Are Shih Tzu's A Good Breed? Do You Like Them?
  137. How big would a shih tzu/bichon frise get?
  138. My English Springer Spaniel with be getting pregnant in december for the first time?
  139. Bull mastiff X Pitbull?
  140. my 6 month old pug has recently started to lift his leg to pee?
  141. my chihuahua never stops licking .. 10 points ?
  142. Stray Pug, May have been abused.....?
  143. Bad Press Rottweiler's get?
  144. Fire Water Burn by Bloodhound Gang?
  145. boxer dog when do they reach full size ?
  146. are siberian husky good pets ?
  147. Friend amazing boxer looking to go Pro?
  148. Over all how much money in the US does it take to get a pug?
  149. We are getting a Boston Terrier Puppy, any suggestions?
  150. the dog breed pug, does it get its name from pugnacious?
  151. I have a Chihuahua and I need to train him to use the paper.?
  152. How can I tell if my boxer has a cold?
  153. Border collie average size?
  154. Pregnant Boxer 68 days!!!!!!?
  155. I have a sick Basset Hound?
  156. Why won't my siberian husky bitch mate?
  157. does anyone know how big a mastiff gets?
  158. Chihuahuas and sneezing fits?
  159. How can I keep my two greyhounds happy without making them jealous of each other?
  160. Papillon Excessive shedding?
  161. Please help!! My boston terrier chews everything!?
  162. Why does my English Pointer scratch?
  163. Boxer-briefs pro's and con's?
  164. My english setter is covered in fleas. he is on frontline and it worked great...
  165. I want a border collie but I'm afraid it will shed a lot. Can there be
  166. Hi, does anybody know about kidney problems in boxer dogs?
  167. Name for Staffordshire bull terrier ?
  168. why do my two beagles lick their feet?
  169. I am 18 and want to become a boxer, how do I start?
  170. Help my chihuahua has a toe nail falling out. ?
  171. My 7 yr. old pembroke welsh corgi has horrible skin allergies from Sept....
  172. long haired chihuahua?
  173. Probability Question please help!! its called the Beagle Problem what ever that is!!?
  174. I have a diabetic yorkshire terrier, is there a brand of food to buy at the
  175. does any body have a rottweiler and there name and age please Thank you?
  176. We lost our shih-tzu? =(?
  177. I am getting a new pug what should I name it?
  178. my chihuahua pup is acting funny is he sick?
  179. Do male or female beagle puppies sell for more?
  180. How can I punish my 6 month old german Shepherd dog? ?
  181. Can I buy a greyhound ticket without parental permission?
  182. Clipped our pug's nail, now he's bleeding?
  183. Need a name quick for 9 week old Pomeranian! Ideas?
  184. So Senator Kerry says if McCain were asked "boxers or briefs," he'd say Depends?
  185. my 8mo boxer pup has lick granuloma any ideas on how to deter his urge to lick
  186. how much will buying a chihuahua cost with every shot and stuff he will need?
  187. Are 5 Yorkshire terriers too much?
  188. looking for a female great dane?
  189. Siberian Husky mix???????////?
  190. How to litter train a chihuahua?
  191. Can pomeranians and border collies live together?
  192. Who would win in a fight american staffordshire terrier or APBT?
  193. maltese/shih-tzu gave birth still curious?
  194. Who Thinks the Bloodhound Gang has a kind of genius?
  195. a ? for Lhasa apso dog owners or people who know about the breed!?
  196. can i get a bordeaux dog while owning a great dane?
  197. Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever Mix?
  198. Havanese puppy ears? Whats normal?
  199. How do you potty train a very difficult chihuahua?
  200. is there one type of beagle that makes a better house dog than another.?
  201. I have a 4 month old dachshund with a UTI...?
  202. just purchased a 11 wk poodle This dog can pee every 10 min--all over the...
  203. Do greyhound buses allow guniea pigs?
  204. can a pomeranian get luxating patella by jumping off something that is 3 foot?
  205. Greyhound from DC to NY?
  206. are chihuahuas really hard to handle? and also...?
  207. Shih tzu changing colors?
  208. Get built like a boxer?
  209. Whats a good name to name my new male beagle?
  210. the difference from a male or female Chesapeake Bay Retriever?
  211. Problem with my 1-year old chihuahua. Help?
  212. If U No Flat Coated Retrievers Plz Help Me ?
  213. get use to wearing boxers?
  214. West Highland White Terrier/Glen of Imaal mix?
  215. Mini Dachshund Trouble?
  216. How much for a good beagle pup?
  217. West Highland White Terrier/Glen of Imaal mix?
  218. What do you think about the name Piper for a female Pomeranian?
  219. briefs or boxers?!?!? What do you think?
  220. so sounds gross but my boston terrier 25lbs ate a tampon 3 days ago he
  221. Any info on being a Chihuahua for Halloween?
  222. Chihuahua potty question?
  223. Does anyone know the date of the Boxer of Quirinal?
  224. 10 week old boxer puppy has weird diarrhea?
  225. what should I get my border collie for his b-day or do for his b-day?lol?
  226. How old do you have to be to purchase a greyhound ticket without parental permission?
  227. My little shih-tzu is 10 years old and started having a minor bladder problem. She...
  228. If I were to get 2 baby male mastiffs would they be good watchdogs or would they...
  229. help with boxer dog allergies?
  230. My beagle has been given anti anxiety pills by my vet have you ever had
  231. i was in gym and in the middle of warm ups i pulled down my pants and
  232. My Cardigan Welsh Corgi is intimidating my Pembroke Welsh Corgi. How do I stop this?
  233. How can I effectively train my 1-year-old Dachshund to walk on a leash?
  234. Show Stance - Welsh Springer Spaniel?
  235. My Shih-tzu is teething, and when she bites me it really hurts! How can I
  236. My 15 week old chihuahua?
  237. I'd like to buy a Golden Retriever, but I live in and apartment...?
  238. Boxer Briefs or Briefs?
  239. we had a golden retreiver and beagle, the golden passed away in May,...
  240. Boxers or brefis or both?
  241. How can I teach my Shih-Tzu to stop biting?
  242. whats the difference between a flat coated retriever and a golden retriever plz
  243. I just rescued an abandoned american bulldog and needed help with some bad skin...
  244. What are the risks of breeding a chihuahua? ?
  245. How old do you have to be to purchase a greyhound ticket?
  246. whaa? is this really a chihuahua?
  247. Pugs with collars and a problem?
  248. how much do I feed my 2 year old 9lbs. poodle - schnauzer mix a day?
  249. How do male pugs act once they get "fixed"?
  250. My three year old dachshund is always hungry. Why is she so hungry?