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  1. my older boston terrier is said to have gloccoma in one eye why is this so painful ?
  2. How long does it take for chihuahua to go through labor?
  3. what breed of dog should i get? mini schnauzer?
  4. is there such thing as a purebred chihuahua?
  5. Can you suggest coffee table style books about horses or chihuahuas?
  6. Please help! Valid Greyhound Coupon codes!!? ?
  7. How do I get my Sharpe to stop eating my chihuahua's food?
  8. are chihuahuas expensive to own?
  9. Is my labrador retriever sad or happy?
  10. Can you give me some pictures of the REAL American Pit Bull Terrier?
  11. How much should my MALE boxer weigh at 7 months?
  12. Shih tzu puppies!! Anyone know of legit breeders?? ?
  13. My chihuahua/rat terrier?
  14. Is it too late for me to neuter my 5 year old shih tzu?
  15. my beagle puppy has bad eye gunk?
  16. Toy Poodles somebody help me with this one?
  17. Should I get my Rottweiler Neutered?
  18. boxer dog smells HORRIBLE!?
  19. Saint Bernard with broken Leg?
  20. Where can i buy brittany snow's dress from the movie prom night?
  21. Should I get an English Bulldog ? ?
  22. Why are boxers are the majority fashion of mens underwear?
  23. Girl boxers.... where?
  24. Boxers are a special breed?
  25. chihuahua lost weights?
  26. Is some type chihuahua?
  27. Can I still train my toy poodle control her barking?
  28. in stephen chow film from beijing with love what was the name of the song he sang...
  29. I have a one and a half year old Pomeranian, recently she have been shedding alot?
  30. Get a golden retriever?
  31. Does anyone have any good tips on taking care of a 6wk chow chow pup?
  32. I have a 13 year old Shih Tzu who has elevated levels of calcium in her
  33. Beagle 8 weeks old dont wanna eat?
  34. Who would win in a street fight b/w a pro bodybuilder and a pro boxer?
  35. chihuahua broken leg 1 day ago!!!!!!?
  36. Barking Shih Tzu!? Help.?
  37. would you recommend traveling on greyhound ?
  38. Any good names for malchis (maltese chihuahua mixes)?
  39. What are some good names for dalmatians?
  40. Can u tell if someone is wearing tighty whities or boxers?
  41. How Can I Train My Shih-Tzu Not To Bark At People?
  42. how to breed boxers?
  43. Dalmatian Molly secreting blue liquid?
  44. Why won't my Mini Dachshund eat?
  45. Hi Pet Lovers... My 11 month old Golden Retriever is loosing hair drastically... ?
  46. What material would you use if you had a Rottweiler puppy and you need to
  47. Will a Chihuahua jump on furniture and mess up the house when you are not...
  48. Toy Poodles or Cocker Spaniels?
  49. do you think that a Black Lab/Blue Heeler Mix Breed looks like a Rottweiler ?
  50. I have an agressive chihuahua and i need a name for him!?
  51. greyhound bus coupons?
  52. scottish terrier (moulting)?
  53. Shaky Italian Greyhound?
  54. Can I have a local vet fired for letting my pug die in his care?
  55. Chihuahua Dog Clothes?
  56. I have a 14th month old Caviler king charles spaniel that smell really bad?
  57. Why does my Saint Bernard....?
  58. Beverly Hills Chihuahua or High School Musical 3?
  59. How Should I Care For My Chihuahua?
  60. Is he a purebred golden retriever?
  61. tennis wearing briefs or boxers?
  62. Do you know the retired boxer .....?
  63. Our golden retriever is driving me mad please help?
  64. if you have a mini poodle..how much does he weigh?? at full maturity?
  65. my pugs nose wrinkle on his face stinks?
  66. My 2 year old Boston terrier was diagnosed with fluid in the brain.?
  67. hi, new doberman x bullmastiff puppy names?
  68. i think my 14 week chihuahua is sick?
  69. Is a Chow Chow/ Black lab mix good for protection?
  70. my 4 month old mini dachshund weighs 8 lbs is that right? Should she weigh less?
  71. Are Siberian Huskies nice dogs to have?
  72. Best name for a Scottish Terrier/Chihuahua mix?
  73. Can Chihuahua's/Dogs get Boils?
  74. HOD in Boxer Pup.........?
  75. How do you keep shih tzu's face clean? ?
  76. Can anybody tell me where i can adopt a shih tzu or bichon?
  77. American Eskimo/Spitz?
  78. Chihuahua barking at people?
  79. Two Mini Dachshunds....................................?
  80. A movie about a infamous former boxer?
  81. Is my two dogs accepting to my new pug?
  82. Where do you find a life size stuffed irish wolfhound?
  83. Is there an appropriate name for a Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix? ?
  84. Pomeranian vs.Chihuahua?
  85. women would i look sexier in boxer shorts or boxer briefs?
  86. boxers break alternative cast?
  87. Why does my mini Dachshund shake her toy?
  88. Who would make a better leader, a Hippy, or a Boxer?
  89. Help w/ a shedding Shih Tzu?
  90. My chihuahua is really aggressive.?
  91. Is Sadie an Italian Greyhound or a Whippet?
  92. 1 year old Chihuahua potty problem?
  93. Any suggestions on how to get my boxer to stop chewing her feet?
  94. i'm scared my english cocker spaniel is getting old?
  95. What is wrong with my Great Dane?
  96. My chihuahua wont eat/drink and all she does is sleep. Help!?
  97. Why is my Pomeranian so big? lol?
  98. Question about pomeranian temperment?
  99. Help please my great dane is hurt really bad?
  100. Schnauzer/Beagle Mix? Training problems!!! Help!!?
  101. what is faster a beagle or a house cat ?
  102. Where can i meet Mohammed Ali the Boxer ?
  103. is my border collie stupid?
  104. is it ok to leave a saint bernard without water from around 11pm till about 7am?
  105. I'm moving from Sunny Orange County Ca to Chicago Il. I have a 3 year
  106. What is the prefect weight and height of a Jack Russell Terrier?
  107. What colour puppies should I look for if I want a gold/cream Lhasa Apso?
  108. My boxer baby is sick i need help!?
  109. Where do I look for a reputable French Bulldog breeder?
  110. Airedale Terrier breeders?
  111. Whippets - do they need to eat from a raised food bowl?
  112. french bulldog for sale in alabama?
  113. Imagine if politicians were Pro Wrestlers/UFC Fighters/Boxers, etc. what would be...
  114. How long does it take for a collie to grow their hair?
  115. Beagle with a serious howling issue s ?
  116. I have Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends. I can't find any rare items even...
  117. Oldest Age For Breeding Male Female Pug?
  118. Female boxer movie...?
  119. What are your thoughts about Greyhound racing?
  120. How do I get my 16 month old beagle to stop chewing the carpeting?
  121. is it ok for my female pug to leak milk from tets when she has 3 weeks to...
  122. French Mastiff with stomach ache.?
  123. my border collie got attacked today by a staffy dog for no reason,..?
  124. Need advice, I want a chow or GSD mix....?
  125. Which underwear would i look better in boxer shorts or boxer briefs?
  126. Halloween Costume Idea For 1 Year Old Male Rottweiler?
  127. PLEASE HELP ME!! have any of you guys read Marigolds- by Eugenia W. Collie?
  128. what do they do with the greyhounds?
  129. how can I tell if my chihuahua is okay?
  130. How long does a person have to stay on Greyhound...?
  131. How do you prepare a mastiff to show in the ring? ?
  132. Chihuahua question "subluxation of the patella" help?
  133. How do I make my Beagle Baby unafraid?
  134. Shih Tzu is sick and needs his eye removed?
  135. Cairn Terrier vs. Norwich ?
  136. My boyfriend constantly annoys my chihuahua...?
  137. Why does my chihuahua's tail curl?
  138. Does anyone have any good tips on taking care of a 6wk chow chow pup?
  139. I started my 5 yr old pug on Phenobarbital and KBr 3 weeks ago for...
  140. Need a name for a yellow Labrador retriever?
  141. Does anyone have a Weimaraner they need to re-home?
  142. pekingese pregnancy complication?
  143. is it normal for a papillon dog to be 5lbs?
  144. Where can i find a Yorkshire Terrier breeder around Nebraska?
  145. how can i get to trenton mo..from st louis mo..is there a greyhound ..i dont have a
  146. West Highland White Terriers?
  147. do silk boxers give off static?
  148. My Lhasa Apso has a red ear! is it an ear infection?
  149. Is Sentinel Safe for my Greyhound!?!?!?
  150. which food should i feed my toy poodle?
  151. How do I housebreak my 3 month beagle mix?
  152. Golden Retriever with Thrombocytia?
  153. Honestly, Can a Rhodesian Ridgeback live happily in a small area?
  154. My beagle pees on everything and hes 13 years old?
  155. playing Tennis wearing briefs or boxers?
  156. Where can I find Tea-Cup Pomeranian Puppies?
  157. tennis wearing briefs or boxers?
  158. what kind of dogs should i get a teacup maltese,bichon friser or a toy poodle?
  159. If my Shih Tzu is 6lbs at 5 mths, how much should she weigh as an adult. Thank You.?
  160. What is the difference between the two different puppy chows?
  161. Native American Indian dog breeders california?
  162. Chihuahua boys names?
  163. What could be causing my 4 yr old border collie to have shaking episodes -...
  164. Is my dog a proper border collie?
  165. My Schnauzer is Salt and Pepper in color, and he just developed black spots
  166. looking for a boxer hes name was billy greley from the 1930s and come from bolton
  167. Is Scrappy Doodledoo a good name for my chihuahua?
  168. How safe is it to travel to Mexico via Greyhound?
  169. Are Dachshunds stubborn dogs I also need breed information please!!!?
  170. How big will my Lhasa apso-Pomeranian be?
  171. how to clean a pugs wrinkles?
  172. Native American Indian dog breeders california?
  173. My 8 month old beagle won't stay asleep at night?
  174. Cocker Spaniel or King Charles Cavalier?
  175. dog section-how do I correctly fit and use this for my great dane-please read on?
  176. Do wives notice their husbands underwear ? Like if we switched from boxers
  177. What to do about my Fat Chihuahua?
  178. Combonation of mixes with the Yorkie breed. Preferably smaller, fluffier
  179. Does greyhound check your baggage?
  180. How can I tell if my Pug is pregnant?
  181. What could be wrong with my 2 year old female beagle?
  182. my female beagle she will bark at other people but as well as people she knows...
  183. What Is your Fav Breed Mine Is Poodles & Rottweilers?
  184. Miniature Schnauzer with muscle loss and thinning hair?
  185. Whats The Name Of That Mexican Boxer??(read details)?
  186. Why do so many people hate poodles?
  187. why does my yorkshire terrier have odour problems?
  188. Need answers from Great Dane breeders and owners!?
  189. is it hard to adopt a rottweiler?
  190. Does anyone here own a chow chow dog?
  191. My Old English Sheepdog has a huge lump- the size of a tennis ball in his "armpit"
  192. Help with my new chihuahua please. I work and have to leave him alone. What do I do
  193. my 6 week old chihuahua fell from my sisters arms ?
  194. Help! Chihuahua Choking Issue!?
  195. Who is the Funniest Boxer? ?
  196. My Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier/Maltese Mix) is soooooo cute?
  197. My Toy Poodle was groomed yesterday and now acting up?
  198. I pre-cumed on my boxers wiped it off and fingered my girl friend could this...
  199. in ontario, how much do u pay (per year) on your chihuahua for vet visits,shots, ect?
  200. How to measure a (mini) dachshund?! ?
  201. How do I shrink boxers?
  202. 7 month old Frenchbulldog/pug mix ?
  203. im getting a yorkshire terrier?
  204. Questioner's avatar What would win in a race? Vauxhall Astra 1.6 sxi 2000 or a pug
  205. what is a good name for this beagle?
  206. looking to get a new dog - is a boxer a good breed?
  207. Why does my english bulldog attack my Pug?
  208. Should I foster a Saint Bernard? I have a day job...?
  209. How best to handle two adversarial beagle pups?
  210. My shih tzu is little over a year old. Why doesn't he have the classic,...
  211. who on here likes golden retrievers?
  212. My lhasa apso's name is Muppet and shes 3yrs.?
  213. three year old american bulldog question?
  214. Great Dane or Gordon Setter?
  215. My great dane puppy is sick...?
  216. Chihuahua vs. chiwawa?
  217. My toy poodle is losing his hair and he has black spots on his coat, took to...
  218. when i give my bichon frise puppy treats she hides them?
  219. Poodles - what's with that?
  220. 6 month old Beagle is peeing in his crate..?!?! Help!?
  221. How much to feed Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix?
  222. Why do Shih tzu's have a small snout & long coat?
  223. How do i train my new Great DAne puppy! HELP!?
  224. my boxer boy pepper is terrible off lead, any advice?
  225. The black on a RED shiba Inu's snout?
  226. POLL: What colour are the boxers you are going to wear to bed tonight???...?
  227. what kind of dog should i get a teacup maltese,toy poodle or a bichon friser?
  228. I went to chinese restaurant and ordered a chicken chow mein.?
  229. I have a 12 pound chihuahua and he was attacked by another dog. He has been
  230. Do homosexual boxers get beaten around the ring to much?
  231. I have a mini poodle whos chewing her bum?
  232. Housebreak or Paper Training a Pug?
  233. If i get a rottweiler....?
  234. I have a 14 year old mini dachshund. She had crystals and now she has a stone. I...
  235. How old does my boxer have to be before i can breed him?
  236. Pembroke welsh corgi pups eyes?
  237. beagles??????????????????????????????????????/?
  238. can a chihuahua reproduce with a wolf or a larger dog suck as husky?
  239. chihuahua foot bee sting?
  240. my dog,Bear, he's a mix of border collie and german shepard, ?
  241. Great Pyrenees - help please!!?
  242. My sister and mom want a merle Chihuahua ?
  243. Lhasa apso's- Biting the air? ?
  244. How do I help my chihuahua deal with separation anxiety? I've only had him 2 weeks. ?
  245. Chihuahua with reflux?
  246. How much should I be feeding my Weimaraner a day?
  247. do u girls feel sexy when u see guys in boxers or ofcourse nude? ?
  248. I need some advice on my chihuahua?
  249. Is there a safe, temporary black dye that I can use on my poodle?
  250. Does anybody know how much Benadryl I should give an 7 pound pomeranian?