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  1. weimaraner, doberman, german shepherd or rhodesian ridgeback? pleease help?
  2. what is the difference between a Bichon Havanese and a Havanese dog?
  3. How long can i walk my Labrador for?
  4. My dog hates her collar?
  5. any one know of cheep full blooded golden retriever pups for sale in indiana?
  6. How to stop whining at night from a Dachshund?
  7. How would i find another dog to breed with, wich is registerd with the kennel club ?
  8. What is the best small dog?
  9. My Husbands jack russell is driving me crazy. She is 5 years old and wants my
  10. Pekingese or Pug? Can anyone give me broad ideas about these breeds?
  11. What is the best food brand for yorkies?
  12. when do yorkies change to there adult colors?
  13. My pet hedgehog fell off of bed!!?
  14. Designer mutt names that's crossed with a Bichon Frise?
  15. I got a new dog, What should i name it? Your answer is greatly appreciated!!!...
  16. My English bulldog has dermatitis?
  17. How much do you have to pay to adopt a dog from the RSPCA?
  18. Is it bad if my pet corn snake accidentally ate bedding while i was feeding it?
  19. what should i name my bichon frise its a female?
  20. What is the best camera for photographing very active dogs?
  21. My dog likes jazz music and is classically trained. Should i send her to a
  22. I just got a poodle what should I do?
  23. Why are Some dog breeds supposedly more vicious than others?
  24. Our 2 & 1/2 year old recently adopted small dog licks us excessively, why...
  25. Question for rottweiler breeders or enthusiasts.?
  26. If Ron's patronus takes the form of a Jack Russel Terrier, does that mean
  27. my weimaraner is 7 month old and he does not listen to a word i say !!!?
  28. For anyone who owns a pug which is better male or female?
  29. Papillon or Long haired chihuahua?
  30. My 16 month old Havanese is asking for more food at meal time?
  31. REPUTABLE and cheap golden retriever breeders in florida?
  32. Does anyone have any teacup yorkies for sale?
  33. what to name my maltese puppy :)?
  34. well i have a 3 mnths ola chihuahua and today was his first day of...
  35. Names for teacup yorkies?
  36. POLL:Do you adopt/rescue dogs or get them from Pet Stores?
  37. We got a puppy 1 month old, lab/golden retriever mix. It wont stop yelping.?
  38. Runt tea cup chihuahua puppy help please?
  39. which is better a Yorkie poo dog or a Yorkie?
  40. i have a 6 month old german shepherd pup and he barks at people?
  41. Havanese vs mini poodle?
  42. Where can I find doberman puppies for sale in Delaware?
  43. Are yorkies smart and easy to train?
  44. German Shepherds biting nails off by the day, may be allergic to beneful. Can you
  45. How do I stop my Cairn Terrier from barking?
  46. What to name a small maltese puppy?
  47. Jack Russell x behaviour reaction to spay?
  48. why would my dachshund just start hiding and not come out when he was very sociable
  49. Where can i get a white Pomeranian puppy mutt?
  50. how much could i sale a Chihuahua terrier mix pups for?
  51. Where can I find a Pomeranian breeder in the uk?
  52. Can my pitbull puppy die if hiz outside in the cold day and night?
  53. Can I get worms from my dog if he lays on my bed ?
  54. When your at the RSPCA, how can you choose 1 cat out of millions?
  55. How do you train a 1-year old pug mix breed to potty outside?
  56. 6 month old female un-spayed olde english bulldog will not potty train! HELP!!?
  57. Is it healthy for teacup yorkies to have babies?
  58. i need to look for a home for my pitbull puppy can someone help me?
  59. Can Maltese, Zuchon, Yorkie, and Pomeranian puppies live together in one house?
  60. are yorkies good with guinea pigs or other rodents ?
  61. can a cockapoo compete professionally in agility?
  62. i have 4 dogs that live in my house thinking of taking in a maltese
  63. How to travel with a small dog?
  64. (MORE INFO)We got a puppy 1 month old, lab/golden retriever mix. It wont
  65. maltese dog ,what does this dog look like. Where do they come from?
  66. Help with picking a tea cup puppies?
  67. How to calm a jack russel terrier?
  68. How do you feel about the American Kennel Club allowing mixed breed dogs to
  69. does anyone have a heeler,jack russell terrier mix?
  70. Why does my Boston terrier rub her butt up and down non stop on the corner
  71. i gave my puppy dewormer and the worms stopped but they came back what can i do?
  72. my puppy is 6.5 months old, he is a springer spaniel and a very happy active
  73. a Yorkie or a Chihuahua?
  74. Puppy limping on left leg can walk but not jump?
  75. My yorkie will be 9 weeks. Can I give him worm tablets myself?
  76. brands and types of dog beds?
  77. What does it mean when an add for puppies says Tiny Tea Cup?
  78. Does anyone know where to find beagle puppies for sale?
  79. Whats the best large dog breed for my family?
  80. planning on getting my male chihuahua neutered?
  81. Im wanting to start breeding english bulldogs... LOTS of questions..?
  82. collie or labrador for a dog?
  83. I have a havanese dog, and she keeps profusely salivating in the car... why?
  84. Golden Retriever Puppy Fur?
  85. Yorkshire terrier temperment?
  86. I really want a golden retriever or yellow lab, but I have some questions.?
  87. Im getting a male dog but i have no idea what to name it?
  88. what can I give my dachshund for his soft stools?
  89. my mom want a bichon frise but she does not know where to get one?
  90. Is this a good pomeranian breeder?
  91. My 5 months old Rottweiler tries to take a bite of my hand everytime I pat on his
  92. Does anyone have a alakin huskey pup for sale?
  93. I have a male miniature chihuahua who is slightly bigger than the female, are...
  94. in Conroe Texas Akita pups for sale?
  95. My male yorkie won't stop trying to hump my female yorkie how do I stop it?
  96. Questions about a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd?
  97. My dog barked at my bf but not my best friend?
  98. My dog won't get out of his bed, he is eating but not drinking. When I pick him
  99. HELP! My male maltese puppy is becoming aggressive. How do I fix this!?
  100. Are there any reputable maltese breeders in Sydney?
  101. My dog won't get out of his bed, he is eating but not drinking. When I pick him
  102. What is the best way to train a 3 year old yorkie?
  103. Which is the better dog a Sheltie or a Miniature Schnauzer?
  104. Are basset hounds unnaturally strong dogs?
  105. what dog food is best?
  106. my toy poodle has matted fur.. can i use some of humans conditioner like? just for
  107. Returning dog to the breeder but how(the dog isn't mine)?
  108. Dog Breeders within 50 miles of Chesapeake, VA?
  109. what do you call a jackadoodle crossed with a toy poodle?
  110. Any advice on appealing against an RSPCA complaint?
  111. Do golden retrievers, shiba inus, dalmatians, and wire fox terriers shed a lot?
  112. Everything i need to know about being an RSPCA officer!?
  113. Do you have a beagle or hound dog?
  114. What's the maximum number of pups a pomeranian will have?
  115. If a dog is a man's best friends what is a womans?
  116. can you please tell me which kind of dog food is best for newfoundland male?
  117. I'm going to get a dog, which breed is best for me?
  118. My 11 month old King Charles Cocker Spaniel bolts if door or gate is left ...
  119. What is the worlds best dog treat?
  120. Can I take my 3 month old Labrador puppy on super long walks/runs?
  121. How big will my maltese/chow mix puppy get.?
  122. My cocker spaniel had pups 4 weeks ago and developed mastitis she was
  123. my dog (a 8 year old grey hound bitch ) stopped eating?
  124. Who would care to donate to RSPCA Queensland.?
  125. what dog food do dogs like best?
  126. What dogs get along with Bernese mountain dogs?
  127. i am looking for a maltese puppy breeder in the milwaukee wisconsin area?
  128. Do female dogs reach an age when they can no longer conceive, specically Basset...
  129. best type of dog to get?
  130. What is the the best guard dog?
  131. Why won't my Pomeranian go intohis dog house?
  132. Rate these dog foods from best to worst. Easy 2 points!?
  133. What is the best vitamin for my dog?
  134. breeders in ga for miniature schnauzer?
  135. why do we medically test on mans best friend, the beagle dog, and not his
  136. Jack russel x Maltese puppy?
  137. My dog is humping his bed???
  138. Why would my 11 year old yorkie be throwing up so much?
  139. How much does a 8 wk old maltese puppy sleep?
  140. Where can i find a Maltese Breeder in Mississauga, Ontario?
  141. My Maltese puppy keeps pooing and peeing outside her pee pad!?
  142. Is a golden retriever a lot more hard to handle in terms of grooming when...
  143. Black Labrador Puppy?
  144. my 9 month old golden retriever has been really sick help ?
  145. Maltese Puppy Problems?
  146. Do breeders call and check on the puppies or dogs they've already sold?
  147. Finally got a brand new male Labrador puppy!!! Great tips,suggestions,etc.?
  148. Our 8 week old Labrador Puppy keeps eating her pooh? What do we do to stop it?
  149. Which dog is bigger when fully grown a German Shepard or a Labrador Retriever?
  150. House Training Pomeranian?
  151. What happens to a miniature schnauzer with skin disease?
  152. Why do pet owners buy Iams when it is banned by the RSPCA ?
  153. Help with my male pomeranian?
  154. How to housebreak my toy poodle and teach it to bark to go out?
  155. my dog will not come out under the bed. help please?
  156. how can i find out if my puppy is a real breed maltese?
  157. how to make hound dogs stop howling so much?
  158. Why does my dog push me off my bed?
  159. Names for a Maltese puppy?
  160. why does my dog overturn its bed?
  161. Current news event Can your dog do any better than this hound?
  162. Where are the RSPCA caring for Prince Edward's missing gerbil Cyril? I would
  163. Unique male Maltese puppy names?
  164. my dog peed in my bed twice in a matter of ten mintues.?
  165. Is this normal for a bernese mountain dog?
  166. Purchasing a Maltese puppy?
  167. Compare Big Mama Thornton or Little Richardís recording of Hound Dog with that of
  168. Does this Maltese breeder seem legitimate?
  169. Which ex-minister is a bit of a hound dog where women are concerned?
  170. What kinda of dog bed should I get for my puppy?
  171. How to train golden retriever to shake hands?
  172. i have just been given a puppy she is not eating much or drinking she was
  173. Which dog is more active? Labrador or a Golden Retriever?
  174. prairie dog breeders?
  175. cocker spaniel or jack russell?
  176. I kicked my cat and the RSPCA took it away, how should I get revenge?
  177. what dog breed best fits my family?
  178. My 5 month old Labradoodle is showing contradicting symptoms and test
  179. Wart on maltese puppy paw?
  180. If you had a beautiful dog like an Afghan Hound, and people stopped you to say how?
  181. How do I potty Train my 7month old Pomeranian?
  182. golden retriever or labrador retriever?
  183. just a few questions about the english cocker spaniel puppy?
  184. what is the best dog breed to have in Texas hill country?
  185. Toy poodle pooping white?
  186. Why is my dog soiling is bed?
  187. Cocker Spaniel X Poodle (cockapoo)?
  188. What is happening to my Pomeranian chihuaua?
  189. whats the best name for a dog?
  190. Why does my cocker spaniel bark at birds?
  191. Labrador Husky mix puppies?
  192. Can a Pomeranian dog have her puppies before the 63 day expected time?
  193. good idea or not to take 4year old on a walk w dog before bed?
  194. Do Labradors Retrievers Need To Wear A Coat?
  195. My 6 month old Miniature Schnauzer...?
  196. My pomeranian dog likes to pee on the bed?
  197. Does anyone know where there is a "Bio" on Michael Wolf the "dog breeder"?
  198. 9wk old Yorkie acting out?
  199. Do you think it's right to have 38 cocker spaniels in a puppy mill and that...
  200. My yorkie terrier????
  201. Should I get Braces for my Yorkie dog?
  202. What (Small) Dog Breed is the Best to Have?
  203. What is the relationship between labrador and golden retrievers?
  204. What is your LEAST favorite breed of dog and why?
  205. your opinons on cocker spaniels /west higland terrier/ springer?
  206. How do i teach a cocker spaniel to not pull on the lead?
  207. Do silver Miniature Schnauzers start of gray in color?
  208. Pomeranian with separation anxiety?
  209. What can I do about my neighbours dog, small spaniel attacking my
  210. What are some common dog breeds that dont shed?
  211. How can you keep a 9-month old Yorkie from deciding when it's time to wake up?
  212. In dogs what is the difference between hair and fur. Just read about the Coton
  213. Yorkie or Chihuahua?? :)?
  214. What kind of small breed dog should I get?
  215. What do you know about the coton de tulear breed of dogs?
  216. i have a pomeranian! what kind of haircuts look best on them?
  217. My 2 year old Yorkie was frightened by a loud explosion and no longer wants
  218. Can a miniature schnauzer do a handstand?
  219. Any (less expensive) dog breeds similar to coton de tulear?
  220. Is there any dog breeds that look like the coyote?
  221. when do toy poodles have menstruals?
  222. What can I name my Yorkie?
  223. what should i get my miniature schnauzer for his first christmas?
  224. What is the size of a Yorkshire Terrier. Is this a full Yorkie? (pic)?
  225. how many of you are dog breeders?
  226. Why do the apartments have that accept dogs have "breed restrictions" then not ask
  227. 11 year old Miniature Schnauzer peeing in the house?
  228. How Much Does A Cavalier King Cocker Spaniel Weigh?
  229. I just got a 10 week old cocker spaniel work all day 5 days how do i toilet...
  230. Miniature Schnauzer First heat 10months old..?
  231. can miniature schnauzers and chihuahuas mate on their own?
  232. Do Boston Terriers get along with Miniature Schnauzers?
  233. besides the newspaper are there other ways to purchase a yorkie?
  234. where to get a Pomeranian puppy?
  235. I'm looking for information, ANY at all, on miniature schnauzers?
  236. -poll- Do you like Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit milk chocolate bar?
  237. Why does my miniature schnauzer weez?
  238. Is it a good idea to get a dog shipped to you from a breeder offline or...
  239. how much cost puppy of miniature schnauzer?
  240. Curious - Good dog food to feed 1 year old miniature schnauzer?
  241. Are dog breeders interested in this offer ?
  242. I cant seem to keep my maltese bright white?
  243. If the rapture happened today, would I be able to take my cocker spaniel in
  244. My miniature Schnauzer had first heat at 10months so and she hasn't had another yet.?
  245. What's a reasonable temperature to put a sweater on a Cocker Spaniel that sleeps
  246. Do Cavalier King Cocker Spaniel Shed?
  247. Can my Male german shepard mate with my 9month female cocker spaniel even...
  248. What is a spider leg yorkie?
  249. Need lots of help with my Miniature Schnauzer 5months old :(?
  250. why does my husband play with our Maltese, feed him and then fuss when he pees