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  1. Dyou think Simba is a good name for a Golden Retriever?
  2. Can I register a Brindle Boxer with no papers?
  3. Where should I get married in Newfoundland Canada?
  4. 8 month male pomeranian eats everything off the floor on walks?
  5. Boston Terrier and French Bulldog?
  6. What shih tzu is cutie? 1st or 2nd? ?
  7. wat would be a cute Halloween outfit for a Chihuahua?
  8. My Pug Has Bald Spots on his legs?
  9. Should I get a Pug or a Labrador?
  10. Ear Infection Medicine for Poodles?
  11. In Need of a cute puppy name for schnauzer/ cocker spaniel mix.?
  12. What are shih tzu's like as pets?
  13. my pug has extra skin?
  14. are Chihuahua's good dogs for beginners? ?
  15. A good dog hair comb? (beagle?)?
  16. How can i keep my Silky Terrier's hair straight enough so it does not curl back
  17. why do ppl say the living legend j.c.chavez always had problems against slick boxers?
  18. How do I learn to look the other way when my beagle, because of new diet, is hungry?
  19. Where can I buy a wire-haired dachshund?
  20. What should my Chihuahua be for Halloween?
  21. How far must I walk my large golden retriever (7 months) per day?
  22. Do you think Nikky is a good name for a boy shih tzu? ?
  23. Where can i get So You Want To Be A Boxer mp3 free?
  24. How to make a cheap temporary fence for a great dane and a bullmastiff?
  25. could you have a long haired dog( german shepherd) if you have asthma?
  26. Ever seen a French Bulldog that is Black Brindle with silver or white
  27. my mom says beagle's are stupid?
  28. My Shih Tzu has thrown up and has white thick boogers!?
  29. My 8 month Siberian Husky is spotting blood, is she in heat?
  30. Great Pyrenees - in really cold weather?
  31. how much do tea cup poodles,yourkies or chihuahuas cost?
  32. How can I get my Chihuahua to mate?
  33. Has anyone taken a Greyhound bus from Montreal to Virginia?
  34. 2 ?'s can i breed my min. collie mix with my german shepard mix?
  35. Do Greyhounds know their own names?
  36. Should a 5 week old Rottweiler puppy eat soft or dry food?
  37. when breeding a chihuahua?
  38. i need help with my chihuahua she started yester making grunting snorting, trying...
  39. Does anyone have tips for me with my adopted boston terrier?
  40. pros and cons of boxers and briefs?
  41. i have a miniature/'toy' poodle and he is getting really big when do they stop
  42. How to get from the St. Louis Greyhound bus station to Lambert airport via metrolink?
  43. how can i help my pug breathe better?
  44. Could I breed my Maltipoo with a poodle and still call the puppies Maltipoos?
  45. What can I do to make sure my shar pei gets rid of itching and dandruff?
  46. How can I make my beagle be less treat aggressive?
  47. Shih-tzu jealousy issues helppp!?
  48. What is a good name for a Rottweiler?
  49. Is this good for a beagle?
  50. My 8months old silky terrier have campylobacter, what medication should he take? ?
  51. Where to get wholesale boxers?
  52. What is the best collar for shar pei's?
  53. I'm thinking of buying another Chihuahua.?
  54. Whats needed for a beagle? !?
  55. My chihuahua ate chocolate!?
  56. Would a Brussels Griffon puppy be able to live with two budgies?
  57. Are shar pei's historically the parent breed to pit bulls?
  58. Where would I be able to buy a french bulldog from?
  59. Does anyone own a pug or a maltese?
  60. Help with Large Standard Poodle?
  61. I was told that once I breed my Maltipoo with the poodle, it will always...
  62. Is Sadie an Italian Greyhound or a Whippet?
  63. Any advice on a Pekingese dog?
  64. Do Greyhounds know their own names?
  65. Mini Yorkshire Terrier...how much straight from a breeder?
  66. Introducing 4yr old pug and 8week old kitten?
  67. We need a girl name for a dachshund (wiener dog) puppy. Suggestions?
  68. How much should my 3-month-old English Bulldog puppy eat?
  69. If I said I knew 2 Golden Retrievers named Bo and Izzo would you know why they were
  70. Where could I find a Chihuahua breeder in my area?
  71. Chihuahua mix barks and growls at everyone?
  72. boxers in the lockerroom?
  73. metal crate for beagle and what is crate training?
  74. Beagle house training / shedding 10 points!!!?
  75. Can dogs like chihuahuas and pembroke welsh corgi mate?
  76. a friend is giving us an olde english bulldog?
  77. how do change the day & night in nintendogs Chihuahua And Friends ?
  78. What toy would you get for a 12yrold boxer dog with very few teeth?
  79. Does a boxer fits a skinny person like me?
  80. In beverly hills chihuahua, theres a song...?
  81. Boxer how do they lose al that weight so quick ?
  82. What should I name my new Toy Fox Terrier Puppy?
  83. Do you like English Bulldogs?
  84. My female boxer has a small bump on her side?
  85. Shoud i breed my shih tzu?
  86. I tried to run down my friend Sarah's street in my boxers to overcome my
  87. Why won't my chihuahua go for walks anymore?
  88. How much could I sell my chihuahua/weenie dogs for?
  89. 9 Year old Chihuahua is drinking excess water and urinating frequently, what could...
  90. I have a beagle 2 years old, and she got this pink bump on the side of her nose?
  91. What would you do if you you were T-Pain's English bulldog puppy?
  92. What do think about Cairn Terriers?
  93. Girls- Boxers or Boxer Briefs?
  94. I absolutely love that brittany's hair in that picture. does anyone know
  95. guys are there any (max payne & beverly hills chihuahua) dvd or something...
  96. Why would anyone ever own a rottweiler or a pittbull?
  97. My Pomeranian Just had four puppies and shes not eating and she is very...
  98. is this stuff ok for my soon to be beagle?(male)?
  99. My beagle doesn't like eating his food anymore?
  100. Best way to rid a chihuahua and 3 cats of fleas?
  101. What age should my Yorkshire Terrier have her first season?
  102. I am a boxer, and after every fight, my sternum/chest area KILLS me for several
  103. my dachshund plops his face and neck on mine ?
  104. What are the top 10 largest dogs? Besides Mastiff & great Dane.?
  105. Is it ok for my full grown Saint Bernard to lay on his broke leg in a cast?
  106. the runt chihuahua has'nt gained weight like the others is that normal?
  108. When the Labrador Retriever breeders say "blocky" what exactly do they mean?
  109. 115 lb. weimaraner with irritable bowel syndrome and looking for advice to
  110. Saint Bernard Training Question?
  111. My Pomeranian Howls! Help!?
  112. greyhound online question?
  113. I'm looking for a irish wolfhound photo?
  114. I want honest opinions of English Bulldogs.?
  115. why do they put shih-tzu dogs?
  116. help with my boxer dog? what is she allergic too?
  117. Where to get a shiba inu in Manila?
  118. How do boxers sustain such heavy hits and keep fighting?
  119. What does it mean when the Vet told me that my toy poodle has a lot of air in his
  120. where can i find olde english mastiffs or french mastiffs for sale in florida?
  121. Pomeranian afraid of leash. Help?
  122. Loving Family Looking for a Pug....?
  123. Should my pug have her teeth pulled? Or would it be more humane to euthanize?
  124. Laguna Whippets info?
  125. i have three dogs, mini schnauzer , coonhound, and mix, and the out of
  126. What is the difference between American Pitbulls &Staffordshire Terrier?
  127. I caught my straight roommate sniffing my dirty boxer briefs, what should I do ?
  128. Do beagles shed a lot?
  129. how to take care of a teacup chihuahua?
  130. What is the best toy for a Labrador Retriever?
  131. what are the ways to heal my dachshund's fractured front leg?
  132. Why does my toy poodle whine and cry?
  133. how much should i feed my chihuahua if she weighs 4 1/2 oz?
  134. Sleeping with my 2 month Dachshund?
  135. who are akc boston terrier breeders in indiana?
  136. breaking a bichon frise?
  137. Pekingese heat cycle?
  138. My Boston Terrier is Bleeding almost two months after she ended her first heat!?
  139. what do you think of the dogs- shih tzu?
  140. Do you like new boxers on your guy?
  141. How do I train like a boxer (without actually becoming one)?
  142. Does anyone know if ALL greyhound tickets are valid for a year?
  143. Boxer breed dog vs mix?
  144. Girl boxer shorts question?
  145. Low calorie filler to mix with dog food while Boxer is on Prednisone?
  146. My pug has reverse sneezing? Help!?
  147. my mom says beagle's are stupid?
  148. Why would a young dachshund lose his sight?
  149. Any good costume ideas for my chihuahua?
  150. allergic to poodles? please help?
  151. What are my chances of having a German Shepherd (male) and a Rottweiler (male)...
  152. Where can I find a beagle breeder in Lexington, KY? What website?
  153. aggressive golden retriever?spay her?
  154. GIRLS: guy's BOXERS showing!?
  155. Is my dog pregnant we had a Chihuahua an got rid of it the 1st of this month and he
  156. HELP! HELP! My 11 month old Pomeranian/Bichon Frise mix...?
  157. i have a 9 month old great dane and is has a lit tile bit of red bumps under
  158. How do I stop my chihuahua from biting?
  159. can a bull terrier beat up a pitbull?
  160. Should I get a yorkie, maltese, or a shih tzu?
  161. Is there something wrong with my beagle's legs? ?
  162. Why doesn't my 9 month old pug bark yet? ?
  163. what kind of dog will you get froma chiuaua and a Bull mastiff mixed. Or
  164. how much should i feed my 6 1/2 month old rottweiler?
  165. What is a good game to play with a boxer? Please read details!?
  166. english cocker spaniel help ?
  167. He wont leave us alone!(Old english sheepdogs purebreed+German shepard)?
  168. How cold does it get in Newfoundland & Labrador?
  169. boxers or briefs on a daily basis:?
  170. Can my chihuahuas and wolf mix get along?
  171. Whats a good name for my dachshund/weiner dog?
  172. feeding a bichon frise?
  173. bichon frise crate training?
  174. My husband's pug dog refuses to drink water when my husband leaves.How can I...
  175. What kind of boxers to guys like to see on other guys?
  176. Do you have a Pomeranian? Just wondering.?
  177. To take your Pomeranian that weighs less than 20 or 17 lbs to the groomers...read...
  178. how do i ask my parents for boxers?
  179. anything on french bulldogs?
  180. How do I jump rope like a boxer?
  181. Why do they chop off the tail of boxers, dobermans, etc?
  182. my pug has blood in her urine!!!?
  183. What causes liquid faeces on my boxers an hour after a good shower? Causing an...
  184. yorkshire terriers fur?
  185. i have a dog that we know is part german Shepherd and we are trying to find...
  186. What is the difference between an australian shepherd and a shetland sheepdog?
  187. How long can I leave my new 3 yr old poodle alone?
  188. how to wear boxers....?
  189. I am a professional boxer I have been for 2 yrs. going on 3 do you think I need a
  190. Who is the only boxer to hold the heavyweight world championship without ever...
  191. I'm looking for a irish wolfhound photo?
  192. i have a border collie that hates water?
  193. how do you walk a chihuahua?
  194. Are miniature pinschers gud dogs?
  195. Why does my shepherd/collie mix have diarrhea so frequently?
  196. Is it normal for the havanese dog breed to have protruding lower teeth?? ?
  197. how do you house train bichon frise's?
  198. Im looking for a boxer breeder having a litter before xmas?
  199. my chihuahua is not eating! :(?
  200. is it common for a dachshund to have a seizure and end up paralyzed?
  201. Average weight for an 8-week-old Weimaraner?
  202. Great dane is FARTING!!! A LOT!!!?
  203. My Golden Retriever has dry spots on his forelegs!!?
  204. why does my chihuahua bark at strangers and at the door?
  205. Potential Chihuahua health issues?
  206. my 13 year old border collie has weird bumps on her?
  207. Serious answers only from guys: Did u switch from wearing tighty whities to boxers
  208. Why is my red standard poodle pup's coat turning grey?
  209. Finding a phaline papillon?
  210. hi, new doberman x bullmastiff puppy names?
  211. Does anyone own a papillon?
  212. how can I paper train my longhaired dachshund for the winter?
  213. My Boxers diet .. what do you think of it?
  214. Boxer or briefs???????????
  215. which is bigger, a female westie or a male cairn terrier?
  216. My 9 month old pug started shaking last night when trying to go to sleep. ?
  217. My beagle is kept in a cage at night outdoors for safety reasons, how do i make her
  218. My pug has blood in her urine!!?
  219. golden retriever puppies?
  220. Does anyone own a pembroke welsh corgi?
  221. pocket beagle(mini beagle)?
  222. Help socializing my chihuahua?
  223. How much do you feed your Keeshond?
  224. How can you tell how old a chihuahua puppy is...?
  225. Whats a good name for a Male Cane Corso Dog, an Italian Mastiff?
  226. My 2 year old mini dachshund is house trained, but he always pees when we...
  227. OK so I have two Chihuahuas that are escape artistes but I feel bad about crating...?
  228. What are some good names for a Golden Retriever (male) ?
  229. where can i get a free or cheap chihuahua in new york or long island?
  230. Pomeranian potty training help!?
  231. My Boxers have been off colour since having cooked bones yesterday?
  232. which should i get, mini pincher or chihuahua? and why?
  233. How much to feed 2 yr old Rottweiler?
  234. why do a lot of skinny boxers have one punch KO power, and a lot of big...
  235. Why is my Mom's Dachshund so nervous around me?
  236. do u think this is a good name for this beagle?
  237. shih tzu housebreaking problems?
  238. Tear stains on Lhasa Apso?
  239. How do I train my 11 wk golden retriever pup not to jump and grab clothes?
  240. Will my friend have allergies to a Yorkshire Terrier if she has asma?
  241. questions about Chihuahuas?
  242. A rescued chihuahua? help?
  243. I am thinking about getting a papillon but I just don't know how it is with kids?
  244. Which 101 Dalmatian movie do you like more: The original or the live action one?
  245. Have any of you seen the movie Beverley Hills Chihuahua?
  246. FTM/Transgender!!! Boxers, briefs, or other?
  247. Guy's Riding Breeches And Boxer Shorts.?
  248. My beagle is a little fishy...?
  249. shih tzu 5months eating poop and other dogs poop?
  250. I have a chihuahua female and she is bleeding and read the whole story?