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  1. How difficult is it to groom a Shih-Tzu?
  2. Why does my mini dachshund, after she's been asleep for awhile (read on)?
  3. I have a question about Great Dane History.......?
  4. HiI have a boxer dog who has just come out of quarantine & has developed a cough
  5. i have a 10 week old rottweiler puppy who partly lie's down?
  6. I am crate training my toy poodle/maltese mix?
  7. Pug growls and snaps at times while sleeping?
  8. I am getting a chihuahua in 2 days what will I have to buy for it how much...
  9. How do I properly groom my lhasa apso?
  10. Why does my Shih Tzu pup smell so bad!?
  11. 4 month old Dachshund/Chihuahua puppy has swollen face. Allergic reaction, maybe?
  12. I have a boy golden retriever and I want a chocolate labrador but don't know
  13. Border collie or German Shepherd?
  14. Does anybody (males) wear briefs underneath there boxers?
  15. boxer brief, vrs boxer short?
  16. my 4 month old, old english bulldog... Is it normal to hear them snore really loud ?
  17. POW film, a young man is trained in prison camp to become a boxer after being
  18. women which would i look better in boxer shorts boxer briefs or briefs?
  19. Does anybody here have a WHITE BOXER..?
  20. does anyone know where i can get a copy of Newfoundland's most famous ghost photo?
  21. Chihuahuas tell me about them?
  22. My great dane was diagnosed with pancreatitis/ ?
  23. My English Mastiff puppy, Stella, will be graduating from Basic Obedience...
  24. How much money did Canada promise to give newfoundland if they joined
  25. Breeding Westie with Cairn terrier?
  26. Are siberian huskies a good dog to get ?
  27. does anyone else have a boxer/ Spaniel mix or like my cousin a lab/ boxer mix...
  28. Do boxer briefs ride up your legs?
  29. What does it mean to have a Fawn Pit bull or Boxer?
  30. My 7 month old Lab/Beagle mix will not stop jumping on people!!?
  31. Who owns a dog? How about a siberian Husky?
  32. are teacup chihuahuas mean?
  33. I think my pug is pregnant with newfoundland?
  34. Where can I find a whippet puppy in the metro NY area?
  35. what dogs can you unlock on nintendogs dachshund ?
  36. I am crate training my toy poodle/maltese mix?
  37. Golden retriever , St bernard or mix of both.?
  38. Annual checkup costs for a dachshund? ?
  39. Shetland Sheepdog afraid of walk or too lazy?
  40. Can my 8 yr old chihuahua still learn tricks?
  41. Do Chihuahuas normally have more than 4 canine teeth?
  42. English Staffordshire Bull Terrier ?
  43. English Bulldog Farts?
  44. english bull terrier?
  45. Need some suggestions pertaining to my great dane?
  46. 20 Mth Old Pug Is Losing Her Balance And Has Vomit 3 Times Shes Been Drinking...
  47. How much should i feed my boxer puppy?
  48. Whippet owners - can you let your's off lead and how?
  49. My pekingese i need to know!!?
  50. Aggression or Not? when playing with one year old beagle?
  51. are you supposed to wear compression shorts above or under you underwear/boxers?
  52. Boxer/pit bull dogs shedding Problems?
  53. What can I do to introduce my new 2.5 months old Rottweiler to my 6 months GSDs?
  54. question about the australian cattle dog?
  55. Golden Retriever Help?
  56. What is the best way to housebreak a Yorkshire Terrier?
  57. My 11 yr old F beagle was thought to have Cushings disease, but my vet did not
  58. I adopted a 3 month old Pitbull/Bull-Mastiff and he is very, very hyper. I also
  59. Any tips??? About Puppies (Beagles)?
  60. I have a RUNAWAY pomeranian..!?
  61. what grooming tools to use on a Dandie Dinmont terrier?
  62. How do I train a Australian Cattle Dog to herd horses?
  63. My beagle won't stop barking?
  64. Malamute owners: Do you also have a Bichon Frise?
  65. Can you make a gore name outta brittany?
  66. Which of these Siberian Husky breeders would you say is the most reputable?
  67. Bullmastiff/boxer crossbreed?
  68. How do I train my Papillon to be quiet on command?
  69. Question about English Bulldogs?
  70. How can I tell how a puppy Beagle will looks when it is full grown?
  71. border collies and doors?
  72. What is it like to take a 1100 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  73. who's the best defencive boxer of all time?
  74. Are davey havok and Brittany Bowen still together ?
  75. why does my 1 yr belgian malinois tear up things when left alone in the house?
  76. My 5 mo. old mini schnauzer always eats like she's starving!?
  77. My pugs eyes are runny, cloudy, and now closed more than usual. Hopefully...
  78. Poll: Pugs or boxers?
  79. My 7 yr old Golden Retriever has been chasing his tail constantly?
  80. Any muay thai & kick boxers out there ?
  81. What should I dress my dachshund as for Halloween?
  82. Irish Wolfhound and Airedale Terrier?
  83. which is the nearest light train station from greyhound station(2110 haines st,...
  84. I am moving to Moscow and want to take my Shih-Tzu dog back with me, ?
  85. How to get a layed back 5 month old Siberian husky to play with you somtimes?
  86. My pugs eyes are runny, cloudy, and now closed more than usual. Hopefully...
  87. Boxer puppy - cost of one no AKC?
  88. Where can I buy A Breed Apart Rottweiler figurine's!?
  89. What were Chihuahua's bred for? their purpose? history? ?
  90. How can I train to become an amazing defensive boxer like Kernell Whitaker?
  91. would a beagle dog be a good choice?
  92. women which do you prefer on a guy boxer shorts or briefs?
  93. everytime this cute girl walks into class white goo comes out of my penis
  94. What would be the best food to make for a boxer?
  95. New England Maltese-Shih tzu's ?
  96. My miniature dachshund just ate a WHOLE pack of gum what do i do?!?
  97. basset hound training?
  98. Why did boxers used to spit in their hands before a fight?
  99. Why does my female (fixed) Chihuahua do this strange behavior?
  100. What's the stuff called that is put on fighters (boxers, mma, etc.) on their face,
  101. What should I look in a Chihuahua breeder?
  102. what is the best type of poodle breed?
  103. Is an English Bulldog puppy a good idea to get for my 1 year old?
  104. I was talking to a lady who does rescue and she thinks my dog might be a Jack
  105. why will my old border collie not accept the new puppy?
  106. Do chihuahuas eat people food? My chihuahua does help!!?
  107. Cav King Charles Spaniel Help?
  108. problems with my american bulldog when he meats other dogs?
  109. found a shih tzu out side my 8 ft fence whinnin.I ed the gate and he came right
  110. serious question!! 9mos boxer with "problem"?
  111. one of my two pugs only has one testicle. do you think this makes him feel inferior?
  112. Which boxer has the best/strongest chin in boxing today?
  113. My dog paws are turning black. He is 2 yrs old and is a American bulldog...
  114. Is this normal for a Dachshund puppy?
  115. I have a pomeranian who is 2 years old. He is pretty skinny. ?
  116. Where are these Dalmatians in Kingdom Hearts 1?
  117. Walking my two miniature pinschers in the winter?
  118. male/pug female/ golden?
  119. Pug/Pomeranian with Brittany Spanial?
  120. I have a 2 year old male pomeranian, who is pretty skinny?
  121. My weimaraner has a wound on her back paw in between 2 toes; what home remedies
  122. chihuahua vaccination help?
  123. How high does my English Mastiffs bowl need to be?
  124. How do I train my Shetland Sheepdog?
  125. Chihuahua Weather Help?
  126. Does anyone know about the computer virus 'beagle pi'?
  127. what is the diffrence of a beagle and a blue tick beagle?
  128. What has happened to all the Fugly Pugs?
  129. Dog boundary issue. okay, we have 3 dogs, 2 boxers and a rescue dog aged 1, 2, and
  130. Brown/Or White Border Collie's?
  131. Getting a Boston Terrier...Male or Female?
  132. R&P, what do you think of the band Earl Greyhound?
  133. how can i stop my dachshund digging im my garden?
  134. Does anyone know how to find a Pembroke-Welsh Corgi breeder?
  135. Will getting my male boxer fixed calm him?
  136. Anyone have Labrador Retrievers?
  137. My 1 year old boxer boy weighs 34 kg. Is he still growing?
  138. 7 mth.old boxer pup who is having bone/joint issues. cal.naturals is only avail. to
  139. Cropped ears on Doberman Pinscher?
  140. where could i find a housebroken chihuahua puppy in Toronto, Ontario,Canada...
  141. Help! I need tips on how to raise a Pomeranian!?
  142. My 9 month old chihuahua's vagina popped out? why?
  143. what is better for me boxers or briefs?
  144. What is a Boxer dog like?
  145. Why Wont Groomers Take In Chow Chows?
  146. Question about English Bulldogs?
  147. What dog will get along with a Golden Retreiver x Brittany Spaniel?
  148. I have adopted an abandoned border collie?
  149. I have chihuahuas without registration papers .. Is there a way to get them...
  150. Which Video Is Cuter? Do you like the Video? (not my video. just pick!) Shih Tzu
  151. I got a new scottish terrier puppy, and she is sleeping alot ?
  152. will i be able to fight after a boxer's fracture?
  153. My 3 yr old shih tzu hits me is that normal...?
  154. why is my toy poodle pottying on my bed?
  155. What is the best kind of brush to use on a Yorkshire Terrier?
  156. hey, my collie just had a litter of pups can some1 answer my question?
  157. I have a female Boston Terrier. She loves to "paw" at me. She paws at me...
  158. Should I get a great dane puppy or a wolf hybrid puppy?
  159. what will a miniature schnauzer weight if she is 5months old ?
  160. My bichon Frise just ate about 7 buffalo wing wings chicken wings...?
  161. I have a shar pei/ Lab mix 4 year old female. I took her to the vet at
  162. anyone know to find a cute girl boxer halloween costume?
  163. I have an 11 year old Chihuahua has blood coming out in its stool and I am
  164. URGENT Mini Dachshund Help???? I need to know if he is hurt or something?
  165. looking for german shepherd dog?
  166. Kitten and puppy boxer grow up as friends?
  167. I need help house training my chihuahua?
  168. My boxer licks her lips/nose soooooo much.. why~?
  169. Is a pug a good dog for me?
  170. Greyhound bus terminals near Delaware County, Pa?
  171. My 7-year-old Beagle mix has red lump between nails.?
  172. Is it a double dapple dachshund from two red parents?
  173. Why is my jack russell terrier crazy?
  174. i have a 3.5 lbs dachshund 8 weeks old not sure if he ate a 1mg Xanax i
  175. Is Sadie an Italian Greyhound or a Whippet?
  176. Do you consider labrador retrievers a cheap breed of dogs?
  177. where can i find a boxer costume for halloween i actually just need the...
  178. Good Maltise-Shih tzu Breeder in New england?
  179. If you could swap places with your hero (boxer) who would you be?
  180. What are some good tips with breading my female Chihuahua?
  181. Whats your thoughts on Curtis Woodhouse quitting football to be a boxer?
  182. Man my english bulldog got kennel cough somehow? So I have to keep her in the
  183. boston terrier frequent vomitting?
  184. Stinky Smooth Collie with sensitive skin?
  185. Boy talking to Basset Hound TV Commercial?
  186. Whats a good name for a chihuahua puppy?
  187. which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  188. Why are do people dislike chihuahuas?
  189. I was just wondering if a poodle cross(probably Cavoodle) would get along...
  190. You and I trade clothes. What am I wearing now? You'd be in faded comfy
  191. What's a good replacement for Nutro Large Breed Lamb & Rice for my Labrador
  192. were can I find english bulldogs near portland or.?
  193. Looking for some name ideas for my Mastiff?
  194. i cant come up with any names for a malchi (maltese chihuahua mix). any ideas?
  195. Thinking Dalmatian? ?
  196. I just bought an english bulldog and he's dark brown tiger stripped any...
  197. i think my beagle got my Chihuahua pregnant?
  198. Eating problems with an 11 week old bloodhound and 71/2 month old golden retriever?
  199. Is snoopy a dalmation or a beagle ?
  200. border collie, 5 months old, wets herself everytime someone comes round?
  201. How often should you bathe A Shetland sheepdog? + others?
  202. Does anyone own a Great Dane?
  203. Border collie questions!!! please help!?
  204. What are some good tips with breading my female Chihuahua?
  205. How much should a 3 month old female Chow Chow weigh?
  206. how much does a labrador retriever cost?
  207. what size kennel should a beagle have?
  208. Is my English Bulldog having puppies, tried 3 heat cycles never locked?
  209. whats an expected life span for a pomeranian?
  210. Worst ever haircut on a pro boxer?
  211. guys with c-in2 Boxer i need your help!?
  212. pug problem? please help!?
  213. Would an American Bulldog make a good pet for a family with a toddler?
  214. does anyone find the new brittany spears song womanizer that they play 50 million
  215. Did Newfoundland ever have the option of joining the US rather than Canada?
  216. Is our labrador retriever pregnant or just developing like normal?
  217. My Shih tzu puppy is sick what to do?
  218. PS3 timezone Newfoundland 3:30 is off by 30 min.?
  219. Poodle information please!!?
  220. Who's the best British boxer of all time?
  221. Different types of shih tzu?
  222. thinking of getting pomeranian?
  223. Should I register my pug with the AKC?
  224. Shiba Inu/Pit Bull crossbreed?
  225. Can u give me some ideas on how to make a poodle costume for halloween...
  226. Bichon/Yorkie Mix named Tonka?
  227. boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs?
  228. cairn terrier trouble with back legs?
  229. Chihuahua Puppy ? Need Advise?
  230. english bull terrier?
  231. What are some pros and cons to having a West Highland white Terrier?
  232. The eleven month old boxer mix hurt his left back leg and?
  233. What kind of temporary fencing can I use for a great dane and a bullmastiff?
  234. My border Collie dog is obsessed!!!?
  235. pomeranian help please...?
  236. My border collie is scared of water?
  237. How can I dress up as a sexy dalmatian for Halloween?
  238. greyhounds or poodles?
  239. My English Bulldog is 9 months old. He's about done growing according to the
  240. How can I get my adult pug to stop marking his territory? Is it too late?
  241. Adult English Bulldog problems?
  242. Is there a difference between a toy and a mini dachshund? ?
  243. I own a Pug and i noticed that she is not growing any hair on the
  244. Halloween Make-up for a "Boxer Girl"?
  245. 2 Year old Shih Tzu girl Adopting to New Home/Family.?
  246. A question about pure bred Boxer dogs...?
  247. is it possible to clip the ears on an old english bulldog?
  248. Why has my pugs behaviour changed?
  249. Greyhound overhead bins, need to know if my duffel bag will fit.?
  250. GIRLS: guy's BOXERS showing!?